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Mendo “Avalon”

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RELEASE DATE:2013-11-04

David Mendo and his debut album “Avalon” are as ready for the Balearics as a one-way ticket to the White Isle. With endurance-testing tribal house and funk-flicking clubbing making you feel comfortable, it’s as if Mendo is towelling down the throbbing perspiration he’s causing you, putting boogie in your body with sprinklings of disco glitter (“Fever”) and driving, deep and funky house deliverance that has made his sound cross-continental – and this is before you find the title on maps from Australia to Canada, France to the United States.


Vidis – Silence Please!(GPMCD058)

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vidis silence pleaseLithuanian DJ and producer Vidis has a history of strong influence on the worldwide front. Together with his friend and partner Mario they are known as Mario & Vidis. The duo con-stantly rewrite House definitions, setting standards and pushing boundaries in all directions. Vidis’ Get Physical debut is in the form of a compilation, but not like any you’ve heard before. We present: “Silence Please!”.

“This is the first ever international compilation showcasing the Vilnius House scene and its most creative and inspiring personalities and moments in form of musical tracks. The working title is ‘Silence Please!’. The goal is to catch everyone by surprise. Yes! That would be an ultimate goal and achievement – to raise a few eyebrows and to produce some chin scratch-ing. To make people realize a very young, really small, but unique House scene exists hidden somewhere far away from the big noise and hype of New York, London or Berlin.”

“The compilation consists of 100% exclusive material,” explains Vidis, “New and unreleased tracks from top Lithuanian House acts – Mario & Vidis, Mario Basanov, Downtown Party Net-work, Few Nolder and Darius Vaikas. Unreleased remixes and edits of Fink, Jazzanova, Pompeya, Richard Davis and Ernesto. I did my best to represent the finest we have talent wise, to get as much exclusive material as possible, to get the right balance of unreleased and cutting edge stuff with some already “classic” moments of ours, to combine locally pro-duced stuff with remix work and cooperations of Swedish, American, Russian, British, French and German artists, and to show this way extent, potential and appeal of our musical vision.”

“It’s not just another compilation representing some hot tracks of now or a collection of tried and tested hooks and melodies, it’s a document and a statement in some respects – the first proper representation of emerging sound and the scene from the unlikely territory. There were a few more names I wanted to represent and a few more tracks I wanted to include but they wouldn’t fit genre, mood or tempo wise. I like eclectic selections, but this time I wanted it to be a proper House mix with constant flow and integrity. Also something close to a real DJ set of mine.”

“This is the most important fulfillment in my line of musical work so far. For the first and the most I’m a big music fan, a protagonist of nightlife and dance music culture and an apt advo-cate of my own city and the scene behind it. This compilation combines all of these together. I strongly believe that community and sharing are still the most vital and pivotal elements of dance music culture. This is not only about my musical vision, taste or mixing skills here, but also about sharing musical stories of my friends and colleagues, spreading the love for our city, presenting our own version of House – this strange mixture of melancholia, naivety and pop sensibilities.”

So without further delay, we invite you to enjoy “Silence Please!”

Single Release
Mario & Vidis – Warung

Release Date:
04.03.2013 (Beatport)

Artist: Vidis
Title: Silence Please!
Cat.: GPMCD058
Label: Get Physical Music
Format: CD, Digital
Release Date Digi: 08.03.13
Release Date CD: 26.04.13
Style: Deep House

Track List CD:

01. Markas Palubenka – Kill Me (Few Nolder Remix)
02. Fink – Q&A (Few Nolder Edit)
03. Mario Basanov – Machinarium (Darius Vaikas Remix)
04. Darius Vaikas – White Eights
05. Downtown Party Network – Owls Don’t Cry (Vidis Edit)
06. Mario & Vidis – Warung
07. Jazzanova – I Human (Mario & Vidis Dub Redo)
08. Downtown Party Network – Crazy Cow Bell (Vidis Edit)
09. Richard Davis – Self Destruct (Mario & Vidis Redo – Vidis Extended Edit)
10. Pompeya – Power (Mario Basanov Remix – Vidis Percussive Edit)
11. Mario & Vidis ft. Barbarossa – Re: Stacks (dOP Remix)
12. Few Nolder – Private Drive (Vidis Edit)
13. Ernesto vs Mario & Vidis – Care (Darius Vaikas Dub Remix)
14. Mario & Vidis ft. Barbarossa – When Doves Cry
15. mmpsuf – The Sailors (Darius Vaikas Remix – Open Sea Edit)

Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Remixes) Get Physical(Stream+Free Download)

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Compuphonic - Sunset [Remixes]
Beatport Exclusive February 4th, 2013
General Release March 1st, 2013

Released in July, Belgian producer Compuphonic’s hazy, light dappled house track ‘Sunset’, has grown through word of mouth to become one of 2012’s biggest underground hits, watched over 2 million times on YouTube. The track, featuring the plaintive vocals of Marques Toliver (Bella Union), is now set for a full re-release in February on Get Physical, backed with remixes from some of the most exciting names in clubland today.

Fellow Belgian producer, Aeroplane, shows just why he’s one of the most in demand producers around at the moment, delivering a remix that floats from the speakers, expertly capturing the warmth inherent in the original.

Riding high on the back of acclaimed remixes for T.E.E.D. and Disclosure, London duo Waze & Odyssey inject their trademark house/garage bump n’ grind into the track, whilst up & coming UK producers Aashton & Swift provide a sophisticated remix whose subtle dynamics, synths and piano are sure to soundtrack suns both setting and rising throughout 2013.

Released on Beaport – Feb 4th
General release (iTunes etc) – March 1st

1. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Aeroplane Remix Radio Edit)
2. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Radio Edit)
3. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Remix)
4. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Aashton & Swift Remix)
5. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (David Keno Remix)
6. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Fabio Giannelli Remix)
7. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (LPZ Remix) – iTunes Exclusive

Download: Compuphonic – January 2013 Mixtape
Karmon – Take My Hand Feat. Terry Shand (Dub Mix)
Betoko – Before I Lose Control (Original Mix)
Hot Since 82 – Knee Deep in Louise
Hnqo – As I See Feat. Bip (Original Mix)
Jona – Full Pool
Digitalism – Zdarlight (Chopstick and johnjon remix)
A Blind Date – Carajillo (Matthias Vogt Remix)
Fancys – People (Alex Niggemann Stardust Remix)
Erik Christiansen – Cosmic Girl (Fabo Arp Mix)
Cari Golden & Mobius Strum – Vertigo
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Schwindelig (Wanderlust Rhodes Remix)

Compuphonic (Facebook) –

Get Physical –

False Image – Wild Kingdom EP

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false imageBerlin native Tom Clark and Canadian Noah Pred join forces on Get Physical for their new venture – False Image. The duo delivers the stunning, deep EP, ‘Wild Kingdom’ to shake up dancefloors everywhere.

‘Ocelot’ utilizes a nearly funky array of sounds to convey the groove, all laid out over a sexy rhythm. The bassline pushes the track up and down as a sine & LFO take their turn stealing the spotlight and adding depth. The track has a sweaty feel to it, like the damp dark club floors it calls home.

The B side, ‘Anteater’ is a bass groove with an almost jazz inspired percussion on top. The boys show their intentions with almost sporadic synthwork, creating a tense energy. The mixing is very masterfully executed, a sign that False Image are on the right track.

Jay Haze ft. Big Bully-Soul In A Bottle (Remixes)

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jay haze wankelmutMelody, rhythm, groove and soul – these are the qualities to which we abide, we are the night, we are the day, we are Poesie, we are Musik. Poesie Musik is the newest addition to the Get Physical family, focusing on the melodic side of club music. For the first single release, we chose to prepare a beautiful remix package of an old favourite, Jay Haze feat. Big Bull & Sven VT – Soul In A Bottle. We laid it in the hands of some young new German talent, and the results are as elegant as they are energetic. Enjoy.

Wankelmut delivers his latest remix, also included in his very recent ‘Wankelmoods Vol. 1’ compilation. Here he creates a very strong mix, with a thick bass and heavy kicks. The composition build energy and folds it onto a late night vibe machine, proving that he’s here, and he’ll be staying a while.

Jonas Woehl gives us his interpretation, leading with a classic tech house rhythm, raising the pads and entering into a deep club mix. Jonas works the vocals in such a hypnotic fashion, together with the bassline, luring you into its arms and holding you until the sun rises.

Next up is Hufschlag & Braun with an almost 80’s inspired remix. Incorporating various percussion styles to reach a phenomenal point in the evening (day, or even morning!), this is without a doubt another very solid remix you can play with confidence.

Jay Haze opens his own remix with an ambient vocal sample ‘You can’t put soul in a bottle’ – but Jay Haze is out to prove otherwise with this track. Chords and kicks usher us into the mood, a light mix of heavy kicks and infectious percussion. A fresh new take on a classic sound.

Release Date:
30.11.2012 (Beatport)

Wankelmut pres. Wankelmoods Vol. 1 +TOP 10+Tour

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Meet Jacob Dilßner – a 24-year-old student and Berlin resident. At some point he took up DJing, and from there he made a song, you might have heard of it – ‘One Day / Reckoning Song’. Of course we’re talking about Wankelmut; the seemingly overnight underground to overground sensation that took the scene by surprise with a single track, no label and no promotion – proof that music can, in fact, speak for itself.

Fast-forward 8 months; Wankelmut has found himself at the center of a storm; with his track catapulting to number one across nearly all charts imaginable, across 8 European countries and the #1 spot at multiple platforms – Beatport, iTunes and the official single charts, simultaneously – a fact never achieved before, representing a huge step for dance music history.

Then, the 24 year old needed to decide what his next move would be beside constantly djing all over Europe. Musically, he would need to follow his chart killer with something of an art form, an expression, and a statement. So he turned to one of the oldest forms an electronic artist uses to convey their mood: the mix compilation.

Get Physical / Poesie Musik proudly presents: Wankelmoods Vol. 1.

Opening with the relaxed hustle of Acid Pauli’s Dub Mix of ‘El Zahir’, original by Raz Ohara, Wankelmut sets the tone for the 80 minute mix; preparing our mood for the vibe of black light smoke – ‘Lovework (DJ T. Remix)’. The mix continues in this fashion, gliding from one mood to another and pulling us along for the ride. By the time we get to ‘We Don’t Give Up The Boyz’ by Hufschlag & Braun, we’re warmed up and ready for Wankelmuts brand new exclusive remix of Jay Haze feat. Big Bully & Sven VT “Soul In A Bottle”, elegantly blended into one another showcasing his talent and style as a DJ. The mix reflects also his captivating brand of blending genres from deep house to techno into one cohoerent piece of art.

 Release Date:
02.11.2012 (Beatport/ITunes/CD)


1. Raz Ohara – El Zahir (Acid Pauli Acid Dub)
2. Black Light Smoke – Lovework (DJ T. Remix)
3. Marcus Sur – Unlike the sun
4. Hufschlag & Braun – We don’t give up the Boyz
5. Jay Haze feat. Big Bully & Sven VT – Soul in a Bottle (Wankelmut Remix)
6. Rodriguez Jr. – Ocean drive
7. Slackwax – Night out (Jonas Woehl Remix)
8. Findling & Pele – Soul Kitchen (Nico Stojan Remix)
9. Superflu/Andhim – Reeves
10. Andreas Henneberg & SQL – Celsius
11. Marc de Vole & Patrick Muschiol – Movement (Turm 3 Remix)
12. Information Ghetto – Forest Vision
13. Acme – Transition
14. Adam Port – Black Noise
15. Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell – Split (Dub Version)
16. Rashi Dajami – Rule The World (Ramon Tapia Remix)
17. Schleppstigg – Spiral
18. Ry & Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame Remix)
19. Asaf Avidan & the Mojos – One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)

Wankelmut Top 10 – Oktober 2012

01. Hosh und Ost & Kiex – Woohoo (feat. Ost & Kiex) (Dub Version)
02. Nico Stojan – After The Hour
03. No Regular Play. – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar mix)
04. Andreas Henneberg & SQL – CELCIUS
05. Brian Sanhaii – Stereotype (Thomas Krome Remix)
06. Fabio Alampi Confiara (Dapayk 12″ remix)
07. Julien Bracht – Terson
08. Catz ‘n Dogz – They Frontin’ Feat. Monty Luke
09. Acid Pauli – Eulogy to Eunice
10. Zombie Disco Squad – Be Down (Monkey Safari Remix)

Upcoming shows with Wankelmut:


01. Nov – Garage, Basel, Switzerland
02. Nov – WYSIWYG, Berlin, Germany
02. Nov – Raumklang, Berlin, Germany
03. Nov – Bermuda Festival, Berlin, Germany
03. Nov – Stilbrvch, Göttingen, Germany
08. Nov – Weekend, Berlin, Germany
09. Nov – Zwischenbau, Rostock, Germany
10. Nov – Tresor, Berlin, Germany
17. Nov – About:Blank, Berlin, Germany
23. Nov – Schwarzes Schaaf, Augsburg, Germany
24. Nov – Studio 21, Innsbruck, Austria
30. Nov – Butan, Wuppertal, Germany


01. Dec – Parkhaus , Lübeck, Germany
07. Dec – Zollamt, Stuttgart, Germany
08. Dec – Es:state, Bozen, Italy
13. Dec – Rave On Snow, Saalbach, Austria
21. Dec – Waagenbau, Hamburg, Germany
22. Dec – Tower, Bremen, Germany
28. Dec – Kn4st, Landshut, Germany
29. Dec – Batterie94, Ingolstadt, Germany
31. Dec – tba, Freiburg, Germany
31. Dec – tba, Basel, Switzerland

Januar, 2013

03. Jan – Rote Sonne, München, Germany
18. Jan – Showcase, Paris, France
26. Jan – Les Transardentes Festival, Liège, Belgium (tbc)

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