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Roses Gabor – “Stars” (Official Video)

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This is the slick debut single from Roses Gabor on Toddla T’s label, Girls Music. Roses has already had releases on Digital Soundboy and Young Turks through her collaborations with some of the most respected producers going… Buraka Som Sistema, Shy FX, SBTRKT, Gorillaz and Redlight. ‘Stars’ is a song for clubs and night bus journeys alike- both contemplative and energetic. The atmospheric and emotive intro gives way to a rumbling bassline and off kilter drum programming. Roses voice is a perfect fit for the warm synths and moody beats which she shakes up with her feisty chopped up vocals.
B-side ‘Night Sky’ shows off a more downtempo and RnB sound that brings to mind Cassie or Aaliyah on a London flex. Its’s a sultry statement of intent: ‘we don’t play around, doing what we got to’. From jungle inspired tracks with Shy FX to a brilliant collaboration with renowned masked producer SBTRKT- (their track ‘Pharaohs’ was a standout track on his debut album) Gabor’s textured soulful voice dances across genres and is making the music world stand up and take note. Inspired by hip hop legends and Bjork alike, her vocal expression and personality go hand in hand to make Roses a beautful and talented singer to watch- both ‘Stars’ and ‘Night Sky’ justify her growing reputation as a star in her own right.


La Bombe -Blende incl.Louis la Roche Remix(Preview)

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Stockholm electro warriors ‘Blende’ present their latest EP, which is quite simply MASSIVE. What makes it bigger is the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Louis La Roche Remix that has been commissioned (Listen below)

Louis La Roche is super! 4/5 (Bart B More)

HUGE RELEASE. TYP support for sure. Love it love it love it” (The Young Punx)

Blende – One Sided (Louis La Roche Innovation)
With its insistent techie groove and 80s goodtime funk breaks, ‘Egypto’ leads the pack, while ‘One-Sided’ comes on like Hall & Oates let loose with a slew of busted 808s 

With remixes of Chemical Brothers, Gorillaz and Ducksauce under his belt, Louis La Roche, takes the original and adds his own unique brand of lip-smacking Parisien funk in inimitable style.

Blende ‘Egypto/One-Sided is on full release from 16th May
With limited promos on Beatport from 28th March

Dave Spoon: “love this.. on my spooncast for sure!”

Cold Blank: “Great release! Lovin’ these tunes. Will definitely bump the Louis La Roche remix”

Loose Cannons: ” Yeah I like this. Something a bit different but still club-friendly. Breath of frrrrrrrresh air.”
Blende – One Sided (Louis La Roche Innovation)

Cameron McVey’s cirKus to Release “Bells” Single + Video!

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cirKus to Release Single, Video for “Bells”

(Booga Bisquit, March 22nd)

“…chill trip hop glory”
– True Endeavors

A sly no-wave mover, “Bells” is the A-side to last month’s emotional “Drug of Choice” (Download)from the extraordinarily talented family-affair, cirKus .

Accompanying the single is a haunting video for “Bells”


, produced by Sweden’s Deguass and directed by Daniel Annefelt and Fredrick Furstenbach. The video follows a series of cloned men, being spit out of the machines that built them, into another. They continue on in a repetitive, zombie-like existence, as a cog in this other machine, this time enduring more and more abuse. All of this as the legendary Cameron McVey sings “cause we never live / never live / live and learn”. The single is set to be released March 22nd on Booga Bisquit.

Based on an island in Sweden and offering a very punk take on varied musical genres, cirKus merges an extensive musical background with the band’s trademark creative foresight. Cameron built a formidable career helping to launch the careers of Neneh Cherry, Massive Attack (producing their debut, Blue Lines, under his “Booga Bear” pseudonym), Tricky, and Portishead. Wife Neneh Cherry‘s pioneering solo albums are joined by collaborations and involvement with projects include The Slits, Gorillaz, Michael Stipe, Groove Armada, Pulp, Cher, Chrissie Hynde, and Eric Clapton. Adding into the line-up is daughter Lolita’s youthful exuberant vocals and friend Karmil’s luscious guitar stylings, the quartet bridges the gap between Gorillaz, Deerhunter, MF Doom, and Gang of Four, with notes of post-punk, dub, grime and beyond. Their newest release, Medicine, is out May 10th, also on Booga Bisquit.

Download cirKus-Drug Of Choice


*Introducing*The Legendary Cameron McVey (Massive Attack/Por​tishead) Brings You: cirKus+free download

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Introducing the Newest Project From
Groundbreaking Producer Cameron McVey:

New Album, Medicine, Out May 10th!
Mp3 of “Drug of Choice”

“We live, work and move like they do in a circus, and we’re based on an island in Sweden, 

so why not tell it like it is and call ourselves ‘cirKus’ (the Swedish spelling of the word)?”
Cameron McVey

cirKus-Drug Of Choice by extramusicnew

Born out of a series of timely coincidences, and a pressing need for unrestricted artistic creativity, cirKus was formed in London in 2006 as the brain-child of legendary UK producer Cameron McVey and voracious beat smith, guitarist and DJ Matt Karmil (aka Matt Kent). The duo soon expanded into a 4-piece ensemble including McVey’s wife Neneh Cherry and their daughter, Lolita Moon. Bringing together the group’s collective background, it wasclear from the start that cirKus would be the perfect breeding ground (and outlet) for each member’s surging musical ideas and explorations.
McVey built a formidable career helping to launch the careers of Neneh Cherry, Massive Attack (producing their 1991 debut, Blue Lines, under his ‘Booga Bear’ pseudonym), Tricky and Portishead. Karmil was recruited by McVey as an assistant recording engineer and the two began working together furiously in McVey and Cherry’s Camden Town apartment. Neneh Cherry needs no introduction. Her pioneering solo albums, Raw Like Sushi (1989), Homebrew (1992) and Man (1996) are joined by collaborations and involvement with projects including The Slits, Gorillaz, Micheal Stipe, Groove Armada, Pulp, Cher, Chrissie Hynde and Eric Clapton. The bandsolidified with the addition of Lolita and the unified group then moved to Cherry’s country house near Malmö, Sweden where the quartet began recording what would become their 2006 self-released debut, Laylow, a very punk take on varied musical genres.
For their eagerly anticipated sophomore set, Medicine, the quartet has concocted a buoyant musical hybrid, which treats fans once again to a sprawling, fragrant collage given a new cutting edge by the revitalized attack and thrust of their music. Soaking up everything from post-punk, dub, four to the floor, grime and beyond, Medicine bridges the gap between Tricky, MF Doom, Martina Topley-Bird, Gang of Four, Gorillaz, Four Tet, The Specials and early PiL.
Tracks like lead singles “Unattended Bag” and sly no-wave mover “Bells”, as well as the hauntingly cryptic “Drunk and Stoned”, the rattling and dreamy “Grid Lock” and fuzz guitar driven introspection “Johnny iCon” brilliantly highlight the quartet’s dynamic sonic scope, gripping razor-sharp lyrics and refined production. By pairing Cameron’s pensive vocals and visceral narratives with Neneh’s easily recognizable sound and languid raps with Lolita’s youthful exuberant vocals and Kamil’s exotic heady soundscapes, cirKus unleashes a dizzying soundtrack where the sun always manages to come beaming through. 

new Gorillaz – Doncamatic (All Played Out) feat. Daley

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Recorded just a few weeks ago, Gorillaz were so excited about this stunning new cut, they wanted to unleash it onto the world as soon as humanly possible! All bouncing beats, deep funk grooves and sumptuous soothing vocals (courtesy of hot new British talent Daley), this track just makes you want to move. And in case you’re wondering; inspiration for the track and the title comes from The Donca Matic – the groundbreaking Japanese-designed drum machine which started the Korg Musical Instrument Company in 1963!

Gorillaz World Tour – BUY TICKETS NOW

The album Plastic Beach OUT NOW:

Introducing: Unicorn Kid -“Dream Catcher” MP3+Video

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Introducing: Pet Shop Boys and Gorillaz approved Unicorn Kid!

Debuts “Dream Catcher” Mp3

“…it’s basically music you’d fight ninjas to in Second Life, assuming there are ninjas in Second Life. Or Timbaland if he took coding classes with Zomby. Whatever it is, it exists, it’s here, it’s great, and it will make you want to put Hackers at the top of your Netflix cue.”

“Relying on the sounds of vintage computer games mixed with contemporary production stylings, the electro prodigy puts out an eccentric sound that is part dub step, part pop and and part dance music. Listen to “Dream Catcher,” his latest brew that is pretty darn genius.”
Arjan Writes

Still just a teenager and already with remixes for Gorillaz and Pet Shop Boys under his belt, Unicorn Kid can also name Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and BBC-1’s Rob Da Bank as fans. Re-releasing his first single, “Dream Catcher” on Ultra Records, Unicorn Kid gives a chiptune take on bass heavy dubstep. “Dream Catcher” feels breezy and surprisingly organic, a digital departure from dubstep’s current heavier counterparts.

Matching the organic feel to the instrumental “Dream Catcher”, the video takes footage of Unicorn Kid enjoying a waterfront field on a sunny, vibrant day, and digitally modifies it, adding a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effect. Cuts of foliage and water, inverted images of Unicorn Kid in an animal hat, and dancers are spliced together seamlessly, making it difficult to peel your eyes away from the screen.
This Edinburgh native has shared the stage with Kissy SelloutHadouken!, as well as the Pet Shop Boys, at massive festivals such as Bestival, SXSW, and Underage Festival. The future for Unicorn Kid holds more tour dates, along with the release of his next track, “Wild Life”.

Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!

Princess Superstar Launches Pledge Campaign for Next Album+Free Download “Lollipop” Crookers remix

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Princess Superstar Partners with Pledge Music,
 Offers Incredible Incentives to Fans

Princess Superstar is partnering with Pledge Music, the international direct-to-fan platform, to raise the funds for her next album, “The New Evolution.”  They have just launched an innovative campaign that offers fans the chance to cut out the middleman, become her patrons and have some wild experiences with the Princess herself in the process!   Pledge also gives artists the chance to donate part of the money they raise to a charity of their choice.  Princess Superstar will be donating some of her proceeds to PETA. You can see the campaign page here.

She’s just the world a taste of her new material with the Crookers remix of her track “Lollipop” . You can  download the track here 
Fans have the chance to purchase incentives ranging from a signed copy of the album to a yoga session to a private burlesque strip-tease from Princess Superstar! Aside form a world-renowned musician, DJ, and businesswoman, Princess has been a coach on MTV’s MADE and is offering packages of rap lessons, DJ lessons, and music business mentoring. She is also an accomplished cook and vegan, and some of the packages include her cooking a dinner for a pledging fan at either Princess Superstar’s house or the fan’s place-their choice! At the end of the day, it’s her music that makes jaws drop – and fans can get access to demos, a private show for them and their friends, and even the chance to go in the studio with her!
Princess Superstar has been a music business renegade for the past 15 years. She has successfully run her own label, was among the first artists to have their own video games, and was also among the first to start making their own bootlegs and mash ups. Her adventurous business ideas are only rivaled by her inimitable sound. Her tracks were recently featured in the films Brunoand Get Him to the Greekand she was on Grandmaster Flash’s album alongside Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. She is hard at work on the forthcoming album, “The New Evolution”, which features production from The Rural (Gorillaz, Beyonce).  
“”I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to make my next record (the SIXTH ONE!) in partnership with the actual people who support me!
I think a new world is coming and this is a revolutionary, intimate way to make art happen. I am so grateful that your dollars actually get to make my dream materialize. Also I am very psyched to offer all sorts of experiences to you- such as glamorous “Be a Princess Superstar!” makeover; customized birthday songs; meditation lessons; or even private full on burlesque show with my dancers! Can you imagine if this were available in the 1960’s and 70’s? Man I think I would pay anything to hang out with the Beatles or Chaka Kahn! And, since I am an animal fanatic and am active in charity work, I am going to donate some of the money to PETA. This is a revolutionary process for an evolutionary album 🙂 Thanks for being a part of it! Love, Princess Superstar”
How Does Pledge Music Work?
Pledge Music tries to keep its offering very simple – an artist sets a target for an amount of financing they wish to raise to fundthe recording and marketing of their new album or DVD.  The artist then approaches their fans to ask for ‘pledges’ towards the total in return for a digital download, CD or DVD of the resulting project.

The pledges available are tiered so that the fan can pledge, for example, one amount for a simple digital download, a slightly higher amount for the digital download + physical CD, an even higher amount for a bundle that includes the digital download, the physical CD and t-shirt and so on. The artists can determine themselves exactly how they wish toinspirethe pledge money.

Unlike some other fan funded offerings no money is taken from pledger’s accounts until the pledge target has been met.

The key differences between Pledge Music and other fan funded investment models are –

·      No money is taken from the fan until the entire pledge target is met

·      The artist retains ALL their rights forever whether they be recording, publishing, merchandising or live. Pledge Music is not interested in owning any rights that belong to artists.

·      Pledge Music charges the lowest, flat rate commission in the marketplace.

Check out the revamped!