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Negash Ali – Outlaw (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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negash ali
​Negash Ali is ready with the visuals for his latest single ”Outlaw” which serves as the final release from ”The African Dream” EP.

Negash says of the song:
”Outlaw” tells the tale of a romantic relationship of mine with a beautiful yet chaotic woman.
The song also represents the longing for a ”good girl” but ultimately always ending up with a more dangerous lady,
as their energy can be more spontaneous and exciting.
Siff’s sensuos yet dynamic chorus showcases the emotions of the counterpart in the relationship

Tre Mission ‘Stigmata’ Single & Video

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Tre Mission - 'Stigmata' Feat. ThesAmidst a resurgence in grime generally, Tre Mission stands out as one of the genre’s most exciting new stars. A Canadian MC and producer who’s paid his dues via numerous bouts in London, he honed his craft under the watchful gaze of the UK’s most inventive musical maverick, Wiley. Tre invests grime’s visceral thrill with a startlingly cerebral depth, his lyrics ranging over subjects as diverse as childhood, morality, love and death. His production emphasises beauty as much as grime’s thunderous bass brutality, effortlessly expanding the music’s capacity. ‘Stigmata’ is a perfect example of what makes Tre a voice worth hearing. Driven by gripping, urgent drums, a textural, nostalgic melody and a yearning chorus by cohort, Thes, it’s the title track for his debut album. ‘Stigmata’ tells you everything you need to know about Tre Mission, a young artist who’s about to push the whole scene forward.

Tre Mission album ‘Stigmata’ released August 11 2014 on Big Dada.


Elijah & Skilliam Mix FABRICLIVE 75

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Elijah & Skilliam Mix FABRICLIVE 75

Elijah & Skilliam are arguably the foremost ambassadors of grime. Having taken a scrupulous and avant-garde approach to the genre’s output, they have helped raise it to the forefront of the electronic music landscape. Their celebrated Rinse FM show has been representing the best of the scene for 5+ years. Their club nights were some of the first to focus on the talents of the producers, when at the time parties were more about the MCs. Officially returning with a bang last year, their FABRICLIVE residency has brought grime back to the clubs in a big way.

The mix doesn’t necessarily represent how we would play in the club, but it does feature many of the people that you would hear and see playing at a Butterz night at fabric. It was more focused on making a great mix. If you want to hear how we play in a club, come to fabric.” – Elijah & Skilliam

FABRICLIVE 75: Elijah & Skilliam will be out 19th May 2014.Preorder

Danny Brown – Dope Song (Official Video)

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P Money – “Round The Clock” (Official Video)

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Tinie Tempah Feat. John Martin: Children of the Sun (Official lyrics )

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Wiley -“Flying” (Video)

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wiley flying
Wiley returns to Big Dada and to Grime – the genre he invented and loves above all else – with a blistering new single.
Watch the video for the new Wiley single ‘Flying’

Lucy Love – Prison (official video)

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Dizzee Rascal – I Don’t Need A Reason(Video)

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Last Japan -Darsk EP (Stream)

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last japan
Last Japan joins the label, Space + Time (Sony), a roster which already includes Wookie and Alfie. Prior to joining S+T, Last Japan issued indisputably innovative releases on Bullet Train, LNUK, and Signal Life. As a DJ he has appeared numerous times on Rinse FM as well as Mixmag’s Lab Sessions.

Darsk EP is the forthcoming release from garage/grime producer, Last Japan.  5-tracks, inc. 2 vocals, one featuring a vocal from Merky ACE (“the new Prince of Grime” – MTV Iggy), the other featuring 2k (Kris Kiss).