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Forrest. – ‘Shiny Suit Man’ EP

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Beverly Hills (Original Mix) - Forrest.
Since his first single ‘Masquerade’ dropped on vinyl just over a year ago, Forrest’s profile has continued to rise, with releases on Noir Music and Mobilee and forthcoming on Visionquest.

Forrest’s latest release, his debut for Midnight Vision, demonstrates his intense and versatile sound. The lead track ‘Shiny Suit Man’ blends hypnotic, cheeky vocals with dusty drums to create a roller, which sounds great both in the headphones and on the dancefloor. ‘My Factory’ continues on the deep tip and mixes vocal samples and modulating synth lines to create a smokey atmosphere. ‘My Factory’s’ slinky bassline drives the track along and will get any floor moving… ‘Beverly Hills’ teases us with an uncomplicated arrangement of slick house with sustained strings providing the tension and a great use of a female vocal sample. Closing the EP, new kids on the block Bodhi bring a garage swing to their remix of Shiny Suit Man kicks, their introduction of heavy syncopated 808’s paired with shuffling synths bring a new flavour to the EP.

Track List: 
 1. Shiny Suit Man 2. My Factory 3. Beverly Hills 4. Shiny Suit Man (Bodhi Remix)

Download Eli & Fur’s new track ‘Like the Way’ for free

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Eli & FurYou may have heard Eli & Fur’s hypnotic recent single ‘Nightmares’, which was remixed by the fast rising Hackman and Berlin’s Nils Hoffmann. Now the London based producer duo have announced a new EP release by dropping the Balearic-edged title track ‘Like the Way’. The ‘Like the Way’ EP will be released on the 22nd July via NYX Records.

Download Eli & Fur’Like the Way’

Download: FACT mix 193 – Tom Kerridge

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This Friday’s FACT session is packed with exclusives, and comes mixed by the more than able hands of RAMP Recordings boss Tom Kerridge.

The label debuted mid-way through the last decade, releasing leftfield hip-hop from the likes of Count Bass D and Kankick. 2008 saw the label hit second gear in terms of productivity, and with it, a shift in focus to the UK’s underground dance music spectrum, with releases arriving from Zomby, FaltyDL, 2562 and Taz Buckfaster.

2009 was marked by a Zomby album, One Foot Ahead of the Other, alongside singles from Shortstuff, Hot City and Flying Lotus, while 2010 has seen Ramp enter its album stage proper, with P.U.D.G.E’s Idiot Box, Maxmillion Dunbar’s Cool Water and Shortstuff’s Summer of Shortstuff 10” project. Kerridge doesn’t just run Ramp of course, he also handles the few-more-shady BRAiNMATH label, which has spent the last few years peddling one-sided, limited vinyl releases from the likes of Untold, Airhead, James Blake and Bakongo, while his newest venture, PTN, sees him indulge his love of house music, with releases so far from Breach, Hackman, Doc Daneeka and Hypno.

As you might expect, more full-length offerings are pencilled in for 2011; read our interview with Kerridge over the page for an insight into what the label has on the horizon. And while you’re doing that, download his FACT mix, which features unreleased cuts from Brackles, DJ Dom, Hackman, T. Williams and more alongside classics from Two Lone Swordsmen and Pepe Braddock.

Download: FACT mix 193 – Tom Kerridge
(Available for three weeks)


1. NOCHEXXX – Vapour Cruz [forthcoming RAMP Recordings]
2. Computer Jay – ZapBack (feat. AliBaBa) [forthcoming RAMP Recordings]
3. DJ Dom – Sunshowers [forthcoming Blunted Robots]
4. Two Lone Swordsmen – Glide By Shooting [Emissions Audio Output]
5. Nick Høppner – Brush Me Down [Ostgut-Ton]
6. Pepe Bradock – C. U. @ Minna & Lafayette [Atavisme]
7. DJ Dom – Computer Love [forthcoming PTN]
8. Braiden – The Alps [forthcoming Doldrums]
9. Aramac – Hurt Inside [CD-R]
10. Shortstuff – Bumpy Chuckles [CD-R]
11. Brackles – Blo [!K7]
12. Hackman – Daylight Fires, Buzzin’ [forthcoming PTN]
13. T. Williams – People’s Choice [forthcoming PTN]
14. Brackles – Earphone Memories [CD-R]

Hackman -More Than Ever EP (PTN002) 12″ Vinyl(Preview)

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Briskly traveling from Swansea to Leeds, PTN follows Doc Daneeka’s release with an equally hyped EP of fresh material from Hackman, who along with Doc D, featured in FACT Magazine’s top 10 producers to watch for the year. Hackman is one of the exploding Funky movement’s best and brightest producers, rising fast and unleashing unstoppable rhythm after unstoppable rhythm. Profiled by the venerable and influential Blackdown in 2009 Hackman is no stranger to hype even so early in his career. But it’s not all just hype, and if anything, the hyperbole is warranted. Hackman makes music in line with other prominent Funky producers, but his productions have a certain sheen and a peculiarly humid quality that make them unmistakable. His impressive grasp of bass (see the absolutely crushing basslines in “Bodies” and “Surround” off of his EP for Well Rounded, betrays his initial foray into dubstep, and it lends his music a power both more nuanced and more visceral than many of his contemporaries.

Hackman More Than Ever EP PTN002  

a1 Hackman – More Than Ever
a2 Hackman – Nobody Minds
b1 Hackman – Gutterflower
b2 Hackman – Dusk

Listen Clips

Deadboy – Cash Antics Volume 1(Preview)+Original Songs

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artist: deadboy

label: well rounded

cat no: WRND004


For release no.4 Well Rounded Records proudly present Deadboy with his effortlessly hype ‘Cash Antics Volume 1’ EP. Three R&B re-rubs that showcase his adeptness at different styles to suit all. The new tracks he has built to support the accapellas sound fresh, natural and exciting. On the A ‘Way that I luv u’ is a breathtakingly, heartbreakingly epic rework at dubstep tempo. Over pon the flip ‘Unofficial Girl’ is a gloriously anthemic Soca-step bomb that is pure fiyah for the dancefloor. This is followed by ‘Long way 2 go’ – a sultry crunk-hop rebuild with some serious soul. DJ support from Martyn, TRG, Bok-Bok, Hot City, Doc Daneeka, Greenmoney, Ramadanman, Blackdown, Hackman, Ikonika…. This year is going to be a big one for Deadboy.
Preorder HERE

More Deadboy + Mixes

Track 1 :Ashanti -The Way That I Luv U

Track 2:Official Girl

Track 3 Cassie -Long Way 2 Go