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Art of Chaos solo EP ‘Dreams'(Obsession (surrender me)Free Download)

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Formed in Los Angeles in 2005, lead singer Brian Torres and his band mates released their first EP Lucid, and they quickly began to garner a Southern California fan base. After two years of playing locally, they released their sophomore album Crimson and Catharsis. That same year, they entered an MTV2 Battle of the Bands and conquered all challengers. As winners, Art of Chaos performed at the San Bernardino stop of the Projekt Revolution tour, and were so well received that Linkin Park personally invited them to open up seven more dates on the second stage. That summer they played alongside Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, H.I.M. and Taking Back Sunday, evolving their live show and winning fans in every city.

At the end of 2008, Art of Chaos shifted from its original format as Torres’ band mates pursued other endeavors; Brian soldiered on solo under the Art of Chaos moniker. The fans have always fueled Art of Chaos. From showing up to every show to tattooing the band’s name, this fan base is truly diehard.

DOWNLOAD Obsession (Surrender Me)
Brian’s newly released solo EP Dreams is produced by Lee Miles (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Tickle Me Pink, Puddle of Mudd). The sound is “alternative” in the truest sense of the word. According to Brian “its anthemic alt rock meets lyrical confessional pop. There are a lot of electronic textures, and the sound is often very lush. I want to bring atmospheric ambience to that melodic space. It’s a fusion of ethereal elements with mainstream rock.”

Art of Chaos reflects the task of finding the strength to keep yourself going. There’s still room to believe in positive childhood ideals. Make art from chaos. The music comes from taking dark, negative or harsh aspects of life and then finding the more beautiful and positive aspects within those things and chasing them. I want to give people that catharsis and help them feel like they’re not alone in this overwhelming universe. To me, that’s one of the greatest gifts that I can offer the human experience.” —Rick Florino

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