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Addison Groove “I Go Boom / DJ Rashad & Doc Daneeka Remixes” (preview)

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50WEAPONSRMX02 follows the much sought after Shackleton, T++ and Headhunter Remixes of Moderat, released as well as a hand stamped white label on 50 Weapons in summer 2009. 3 years later comes only the second remix record on Modeselektor’s rapidly expanding 50 Weapons empire.

Addison Groove’s “I Go Boom”, taken from his recently released “Adventures In Rainbow Country” EP, get’s reworked by Chicago’s finest Juke producer DJ Rashad, as well as Swansea house ambassador and Ten Thousand Yen owner Doc Daneeka.
Release date: Nov 9, 2012


Download:Turbo Turbo – Headhunter Mixtape (09.2012)

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Addison Groove “Beeps” (50WEAPONSCD06) (preview)

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Addison Groove “Bad Things” (50WEAPONSCD06) – Out on March 30

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Addison Groove “Sooperlooper”(Preview)Out March 30

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Addison Groove (aka Antony Williams) started life under a different pseudonym altogether. Recording as Headhunter, with an LP and 12” releases on the influential Tempa label stretching back to 2007, he achieved legendary status within the dubstep scene. His work at the deeper end of the spectrum graced the label an impressive 7 times, a figure matched only by Skream. This work looked set to continue until 2010 when, seemingly out of nowhere, he crafted one of the biggest bass music tracks of the decade, ‘Footcrab’, under the new name of Addison Groove.

The response to ‘Footcrab’ was phenomenal, receiving critical and commercial success in equal measure across the dance music scene. Getting plays not only from the dubstep DJs that Williams was used to reaching, it also found its way into the record boxes of techno and house heavyweights such as Aphex Twin, Surgeon, Ricardo Villalobos and Mr Scruff, bringing an enormous new audience to his music in the process. Taking influences from the Chicago ghetto tek and juke scenes, Addison Groove’s impact on UK bass music has been colossal and unprecedented, sparking a huge interest in these styles from his peers and the listening public alike.

Transistor Rhythm“, Addison Groove’s debut album, is a rare example of a release where the description “much anticipated” is not just a fantasy of some PR agent. The expectations are high, but we are convinced nobody is gonna be disappointed. Hear for yourself!

Addison Groove -Work It Out /Sexual Out (preview)

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Out on swamp 81
28 February 2011

Sexual Out

Arkist & Komonazmuk – Outbreak / Until Next Time – 12″ Vinyl(ISP005)(preview)

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Ever-versatile, Komonazmuk has seen varied releases on labels including Combat Recordings and Apple Pips, as well as a number of legendary remixes alongside Appleblim, including Brian Eno and Bonobo. His hotly anticipated album is due out on H.E.N.C.H in 2011. Arkist is a fresh face with a fresh sound straight out of Bristol’s creative melting-pot. Newly released from beneath the mentoring wings of Komonazmuk and Appleblim, his slick productions have already been slated for release on DecaRhythm, Apple Pips and Subdepth Records. A. Arkist & Komonazmuk – ‘Outbreak’ – Is it a bird, is it a plane? Arkist & Komonazmuk’s collaborative effort sticks to ISP’s ‘it’s-impossible-to-pin-down’ mantra, dipping its beak into the waters of electro, robo-funk, dubstep… possibly even harking back to a long-forgotten time when breakbeat was interesting. Straight up, no messing, ‘Outbreak’ comes with its weighty, synthesised beats from the go. After the drop the bassline strolls along playfully below a mirror of the same in light-footed melody. Around the halfway mark the ghosts of former rave stabs and an acid synth line add to an already eclectic sound. Watch out for the growling switch-up in the second drop. DJ support from: Appleblim, the Foreign Beggars, HENCH, Maryanne Hobbs etc AA. Arkist – ‘Until Next Time’ – The spikey breakbeats and spliced vocals of the intro give little warning of the rich sonics and warm compression of the track that follows the drop. It’s dubstep Jim, but not as we know it… not a wobble in sight but smooth sub-bass pulses position this track firmly on the dancefloor, while a fluid, saturdated melody and glistening top end show exactly why Arkist’s production standards have been turning heads in the scene recently. Never one to sit back and ride the loop, ‘Until Next Time’ is no different, with Arkist repeatedly shifting through gears of sub-heavy groove. If Ibiza was built for bass-heads, this track would be wearing the needles out at the Cafe del Mar. DJ Support from: Scuba, Headhunter, Appleblim etc.

Listen to sample of Outbreak / Until Next Time

A Arkist & Komonazmuk – Outbreak
AA Arkist – Until Next Time