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Download :Kraddy – “Operation Prometheus” [Samples Remix]

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Proud to share the newest of the Anthems of the Hero Remix: “Operation Prometheus” [Samples Remix]. Not only can you stream it below but you can DOWNLOAD it via soundcloud as well
Download :Kraddy – “Operation Prometheus” [Samples Remix]

or Visit
More Kraddy free Downloads at EMN,use search

Download:KRADDY – Heart Anthem [Cryptex Remix]

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From the “Anthems of the Hero” Remix Project

Download:KRADDY – Heart Anthem [Cryptex Remix]

Check out the original Anthems Of The Hero album here:

Kraddy has remixed Wiz Khalifa’s “When I’m Gone” from Wiz’s 2011 album “Rolling Papers.”
Download Kraddy Remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “When I’m Gone”
Anthems of the Hero Remix Project


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