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Diamond Gloss – Bears

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Release Date: January 25, 2011
Bears is the debut album of Gonçalo Pereira, under the alias Diamond Gloss. His sound and melodies incorporate elements of modern classical, electronica, idm, ambient, and post-rock music with live instrumentation.
Pianos, micro-beats, effects-treated guitars, music-boxes, lo-fi strings arrangements and other acoustic instruments such as glockenspiels are the vehicles that shape this carefully produced and layered, non-linear quest. His influences travels among modern composers such as Arvo Pärt and Henryk Górecki, the ambient experiments of Brian Eno or his peers Autechre, Hammock, Sigur Rós, Helios and Múm.
Bears takes the listeners on a journey through landscapes and environments that oscillate between contemplative, tender sometimes mournful symphonic melodies and gleeful, joyful and explosive moments

Track List

1 – I Am Black And Blue All Over
2 – Canadians
3 – Walnut And Trees Tables
4 – Filter Fat Corner
5 – Argyle Square
6 – Glasses
7 – Step Piece
8 – Fawns