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Omid 16B -Rain (Stream)

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John Digweed @ Moonpark XXI, Costa Salguero 07.12.2010
Omid 16B -Rain

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Omid 16B – Rain/Passi​on Of Zorro (Bedrock Digital)

Omid 16B & Demi presents Sounds Like Alola – Volume 1 & 2


Omid 16B & Demi presents Sounds Like Alola – Volume 1 & 2

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Alola Records celebrates 17 years of deepness by making their entire re-mastered catalogue available for the first time at all digital stores through 2011.
The first two instalments of Alola’s past, present and future have been carefully handpicked and mixed to perfection by Omid 16B and Demi. They include tracks by artists such a Trevor Loveys, House of 909, Vince Watson, Mr. C, NAV, Nacho Marco, Idjut Boys, Pete Moss, Omid 16B and many more…
“Alola was one of the finest house music labels coming from the United Kingdom in the past decade. High quality underground music on every release; Vince Watson -Mystical Rhythm is one of my favourites from many, many, great records.”
“Alola was one of THE labels for me… such a consistently high quality of music and a great roster of artists. I still have them all on vinyl – nice to see you back again!!”
“Alola was sometimes deep, sometimes melodic, but always cool. It was never one specific genre, crossing the musical boundaries, yet retaining its core underground sound was always its speciality.”
“The list of dj’s carrying Alola vinyl around the world encompassed everyone and anyone who ever professed to having a decent taste in music. Long live Alola!”
“Alola was a seminal deep house label that broke down the divisions between house & techno with a depth that was & still is extremely hard to parallel.”
“16B Productions – Secrets: one of the best deep house tracks of the 90s. When Omid created this, Trail of Dreams, and Voices all in ‘95 & ‘96 he put the house music world on notice.”

Sounds Like Alola – Volume 1 & 2
Released worldwide 29th March 2011 (Beatport exclusive 1st March 2011)

OMID 16B presents SOUNDS LIKE ALOLA – Volume 1 – ALOD001
01. Omid 16B – The Boy That Never Sleeps (new and unreleased 2011)
02. Pete Moss – Give You Love (back cat. 2003)
03. Eli Nissan – Uplifting Blues (back cat. 2001)
04. Omid 16B – Sky As A (new and unreleased 2011)
05. Omid 16B – Evo Lustation (new and unreleased 2011)
06. Anthony Teasdale – Santa Monica (back cat. 1999)
07. Omid 16B – It Doesn’t Have To End (new unreleased mix)
08. Omid 16B – Re-Arranged (new and unreleased 2011)
09. Omid 16B – Jungle Home (new and unreleased 2011)
10. Omid 16B – 3am (new and unreleased 2011)
11. SexOnSubstance – Leads To Love (new and unreleased 2011)
12. Omid 16B – Who Are You? (new and unreleased 2011)
13. Omid 16B – At Night (new and unreleased 2011)

DEMI presents SOUNDS LIKE ALOLA – Volume 2 – ALOD002
01. House of 909 – Blandford Superfly (back cat. 2002)
02. Pete Moss – Strive to Live (Omid 16B Mix) (back cat. 2003)
03. 16B – Secrets (Late Night Mix) (back cat. 1999)
04. Remote Control – Tranquility Base (back cat. 2003)
05. The Novak Project – Testament (back cat. 1997)
06. Marco Da Mata & Matthew – Dancing With Elephants (new and unreleased 2011)
07. Vince Watson – Beneath The Sound (Powder Beats) (back cat. 2001)
08. Remote Control – 4pm In Frisco (back cat. 2003)
09. Remote Control – Reflexions (back cat. 2003)
10. 16B – 2 Cold (back cat. 2003)
11. NAV – Space Chase (Demi’s Back To The Future Edit) (back cat. 1996)
12. Trevor Loveys – The Live Track (unreleased 2011)
13. YMC – Jazzamatic (back cat. 2000)
14. Eli Nissan – Uplifting Blues (back cat. 2001)
15. Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythm (Omid 16B Rmx vs Original Mix) (back cat. 1999)
16. SexOnSubstance – Cactus (new and unreleased 2011)

“When I started ALOLA back in 1993 with £500 I’d borrowed from my dad, it was an outlet to release my own music and slowly, music by like-minded artists whom I admired… After 17 years it’s time for the past, present and future to fall in sync.” Omid 16B Nourizadeh
The idea is that the ALOLA back catalogue will be slowly introduced to the digital world through 2011, along with new material. It would be pointless to just throw it all out at once; this is music to be savoured; in a disposable world this is music to be treasured for a long, long time.
Omid’s desire to present so much music in a coherent way has led to the decision to release a series of mix compilations, combining forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by ALOLA artists to add something fresh to the whole concept.
“I’ve approached some of my favourite DJs who have had some affiliation with the label and some who were part of the label to mix a variety of comps with me through 2011. Who better could I want to do the first one with than Demi? He did his mix unintentionally when I gave him all the old ALOLA vinyl a while back, which made me realise again how much music had gone through my ALOLA heart! He’s put a mix together what showcases some of the moments in the label’s history when things couldn’t go unnoticed, even if you tried; the pure elements of house music through to jazz and electronic bliss.” Omid 16B
“As the late, great Jimi Hendrix once said, ‘our music is like a jar of candy, everything’s all mixed up!’ And to substantiate that wonderful anecdote with one of my own that I adhere to, ‘expect to be given what you want, not necessarily what you expect’, founded on two words that encapsulate this school of thought: Relevance and Significance. The past is the future of the present and the relevance and significance of the re-launch of ALOLA quite simply ticks all the boxes that need be. This is my debut solo mix for an official release and I would happily leave it to be my last, because if ever I wanted to encompass all that I represent as a DJ, then what I present to you here is my blueprint. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Omid, whose labour of love is a continued source of inspiration to myself and to many who choose to follow their dreams. And a special mention to all the artists whose music was selected to represent and reflect my perspective on a label that continues to represent music in its highest and purest form. This really was a labour of love and a joy to put together. Long live ALOLA!” Demi
Omid admits that being totally blown away by Demi’s mix meant he had reservations about doing one himself, so decided to do one that showcases mostly his own material that’s set for release in the future on ALOLA, allowing the past, present and future to fall in sync.
“I did use a few tracks by other artists like Anthony Teasdale, Eli Nissan and Pete Moss, which accidentally added another idea to the concept: you can do whatever the f**k you want, as long as it sounds like ALOLA!” Omid 16B
Check for further information about all Alola releases.

Classic Alola albums available digitally for the first time…
Trevor Loveys presents 2nd Nature – Era
Pete Moss – In Your Dreams
Omid 16B – Everything All Of Them Every Year
Omid 16B – How To Live 100 Years
Omid 16B – Sounds From Another Room
Various Artists – More Space To Dance
New EP coming…
Omid 16B – At Night EP (Alola)