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Ikonika-I Make Lists EP

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Ikonika returns with the ‘I Make Lists EP’, the first full extended release since her 2010 debut album ‘Contact, Love, Want, Have’ (Hyperdub). Hum + Buzz present 6 incendiary club ready tracks, her most accomplished and anticipated work to date.

Taking a dark approach with ‘I Make Lists’ and ‘Cold Soaking’, these dubplate anthems have been the highlight of recent Ikonika sets. They both fuse paranoid, intense and ominous basslines with sinister and eerie lead synths. ‘Take Pictures’ melds a languid drum machine strut with reflective but focused melodies. The playful side of Ikonika is present in the Latino Freestyle influenced track ‘Catch Vibes’ and ‘With Your Mouth’, a stripped backed procession. These two tracks employ driving drums, acidic basslines and mischievous melodies.

Bringing us to the finale is the majestic ‘PR812’. Referencing the hijacking of a passenger flight in 2000, Ikonika crafts an emotive dance floor anthem with centre stage given to her original approach to melody and arrangement. Support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Jackmaster, Bok Bok, GIRL UNIT, and Eclair Fifi among others.

Release Date:
16th July 2012
1. I Make Lists
2. Take Pictures
3. Catch Vibes
4. Cold Soaking
5. With Your Mouth
6. PR812

12” vinyl:
A. I Make Lists
B1. Cold Soaking
B2. PR812


Download: Dro Carey – Promothug

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Download a free track from Dro Carey to promote his forthcoming EP Journey To The Heavy on Ramp Recordings

Download: Dro Carey – Promothug

Dro Carey -Journey with the Heavy(Ramp Recordings)

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RAMP is very proud to present the first release on the label from new signing, Dro Carey.

Coming straight outta Sydney, Austraila, the DroC has been actively freaking people out with his Brain So Soft Tumblr for the past 18 months, earning him a place in FACT Magazine’s coveted Ones To Watch in 2011. A few almost impossible to get hold of releases on Will Bankead’s Trilogy Tapes, Templar Sound, and Ikonika’s Hum&Buzz, labels followed, along with an epic 2 hour FACT mix.

Both an audio and visual artist, Dro arrives at RAMP with new EP; Journey With The Heavy, and first real mission statement to the world. Written as a love letter to early House music, Carey’s EP is as unhinged and hazy as his previous work, but showing a new, fresh, focused approach to his sound. His music lands deep in the Atlantic, equidistant from both the frantic rhythms of modern day London & yearning dulcet harmonies of Detroit.

Artist: Dro Carey
Title: Journey with the Heavy
Format: 2×12” & Digital
Label: Ramp Recordings
Release: 05 December 2011

1a. Talk Smak
2a. Tarred Adonis
3b. 958
4c. Motorvibe
5c. Brite Lotion
6d. Journey With The Heavy
7. Velvet mouth (Digital Exclusive)

Download:Ikonika -FACT mix 206

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The London artist will shortly bring to an end the busiest year to date of her musical career, a year that saw her release her debut album Contact, Love, Want, Have on Hyperdub, deliver a string of remixes for labels like Planet Mu, Night Slugs, Thisisnotanexit and LuckyMe, constantly tour and, last but not least, start up Hum & Buzz, the record label she runs with Optimum.

Download:Ikonika -FACT mix 206

1. Ikonika – Rope (Hum+Buzz)
2. Don Morris – In Da Groove (Bok Bok Remix) (Deep Teknologi)
3. Martyn – Shook Up (3024)
4. Ikonika – Off Mode (Hum+Buzz)
5. Karizma – The Damn Dub (R2)
6. Ikonika – Dance There & Back
7. Egyptrixx – Liberation Front (Night Slugs)
8. Distal – Feed Me
9. Ikonika – Fleas
10. Optimum – Light Year (Hum+Buzz)
11. Terror Danjah feat. Baby Face Jay – Breaking Bad (Hyperdub)
12. Ikonika – They Didn’t Bury You Deep Enough (The Last Of The Bleeps)
13. Girl Unit – I.R.L (Bok Bok Remix) (Night Slugs)
14. Optimum – Max Power (Planet Mu)
15. Nu Design – Subsonicfreedomskyank
16. Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles (Warp)
17. Dro Carey – Candy Red (Hum+Buzz)

Download:Brenmar XLR8R podcast 173

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Bill Salas is a Chicago boy through and through. Sure, the producer better known as Brenmar resides in Brooklyn these days, but his tracks clearly demonstrate that the guy brought his hometown’s love of hip-hop, R&B, house, and juke along with him. Over the past year, he’s built a name for himself on the back of bootleg remixes of DJ Deeon, Cassie, and Aaliyah, not to mention a few of his own originals. Early next month, he’ll be dropping an official release—the At It Again EP on Discobelle—but that’s just the beginning; another single is planned for Ikonika and Optimum’s Hum and Buzz imprint, as are collaborative efforts with LA duo Nguzunguzu and Washington producer Cedaa. (The latter project is known as Amber, and the collabo’s first offering appears right here on this mix.) On top of his work in the studio, Brenmar is also in the process of starting up a NY version of London party So Bones. (The UK edition is headed up by Robin Carolan of Tri Angle Records and 20 Jazz Funk Greats.) Given his busy schedule, it’s borderline miraculous that we pinned Brenmar down long enough to put together this exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series, and it’s fair to say that he’s gone above and beyond our expectations. To be honest, we would have been pleased with a standard-issue DJ mix, but Brenmar included several new edits, all of which are exclusive to the podcast and will never appear anywhere else. On top of that, he even took our (admittedly dated) podcast intro and fashioned his own remix out of it! Oh yeah, he also found the time to tour through UK bass, house, hip-hop, R&B, and more. The transitions are quick and Brenmar serves up plenty of different flavors, but we’re happy to taste them all.

Download:Brenmar XLR8R podcast 173

01 Brenmar “Intro”
02 Prince Club “Body Holly”
03 Jay Sean “Like This Like That (Brenmar Edit)”
04 French Fries & Chaos In The CBD “With You” (Young Gunz)
05 JTRP “Moon” (Deep Teknologi)
06 Nehuen “Intriga” (Altobajo)
07 DJ Znobia “Bonus Track”
08 Brenmar “Taking It Down” (Discobelle)
09 T. Williams “Getting Mine” (Enchufada)
10 Amber “Empire”
11 Deborah Cox “It’s Over (Dubbel Dutch Remix)”
12 Brenmar “Boy You Got Me”
13 Christoph Andersson “Tuxedo (Brenmar Remix)” (Hurst)
14 Velour “Booty Slammer feat. Marques Houston (Brenmar Edit)”
15 Brenmar “You Make Me Say (Ikonika & Optimum Remix)” (Discobelle)
16 HeavyFeet “Are You Dumb? feat. Miski (Dre Skull Remix)” (Stamp! Beat)
17 Psychonaught “One Wish”
18 Electrik Red “Put Ya Money On It (Africa)”
19 Twista “Cocaine feat. Yo Gotti” (EMI)
20 Fatima Al Qadiri “D-Medley (Physical Therapy Edit)”

Download: Bok Bok-XLR8R Podcast 165

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Of all the figures in the post-dubstep diaspora, few have been as instrumental as Bok Bok. As most readers of XLR8R probably know, the London-based producer/DJ is also the co-founder of the Night Slugs imprint, which has quickly established itself at the top of the heap when it comes to the forward-thinking house and bass music that continues to spring forth from the UK’s long-running hardcore continuum. His place in the canon of UK dance music aside, it’s worth mentioning that Bok Bok (a.k.a. Alex Sushon) is also a highly skilled DJ who is just as likely to pull out a classic house or grime tune as he is a futuristic dubplate. As such, we’ve been hounding him for the past year to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast, and he’s come through in fine style, littering his mix with unheard gems from Night Slugs brethren (Girl Unit, Jam City, Optimum), fellow UK heavy hitters (Geeneus, Ikonika, Untold, Terror Danjah), and a few unexpected jams that still go down smooth—after all, it’s hard to argue with kwaito, Dam-Funk, or Azari & III in any mix.

Download: Bok Bok-XLR8R Podcast 165

01 DJ Gazzeto “Cruel 22”
02 Egyptrixx “Liberation Front” (Night Slugs)
03 FaltyDL “St. Marks (Cosmin TRG Remix)” (Rush Hour)
04 Royal P “Between Us”
05 S-X x Ramadanman “Woo Glut”
06 Jam City “Magic Drops” (Night Slugs)
07 Geeneus “Unknown”
08 Untold “Come Follow We”
09 Lil Silva “Patience”
10 Ikonika “Sea Synth” (Hum & Buzz)
11 Fis-T x Wookie “Down On My Night Hunter (Martelo Edit)”
12 D1 “ET”
13 Girl Unit “IRL (Bok Bok Remix)” (Night Slugs)
14 Terror Danjah “Minimal Dub” (Hyperdub)
15 Jam City “Aqua Box” (Night Slugs)
16 Optimum “Broken Embrace” (Night Slugs)
17 Slimzee vs. Geeneus “Log Off” (Dumpvalve)
18 Azari & III “Indigo Dub” (Turbo)
19 Cubic Zirconia feat. Dam-Funk “I Got What You Need” (Lucky Me)

Caribou – Swim Remixes (incl.Ikonika,Gold Panda, Motor City Drum Ensemble…)

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Psychedelic pop maestro Caribou has announced details for a full-length remix collection, due for release at the end of this month.

Swim Remixes will be the Canadian artist’s third full-length this year, following his breakthrough album Swim and the recently announced live LP Caribou Vibration Ensemble featuring Marshall Allen. A diverse cast of artists appear on the collection, ranging from indie acts like Junior Boys to experimental outfits like Fuck Buttons. Some European club sounds make it in as well, thanks to DJ Koze and UK bass purveyor Ikonika. The album will be available as a stand-alone release as of October 26th, and an abridged 11-track version will now be packaged with copies of the original album. Head over to Pitchfork for a free download of Motor City Drum Ensemble’s remix of “Leave House.”

01. Odessa (Junior Boys Mix)
02. Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
03. Sun (Altrice’s “Only What You Gave Me” Remix)
04. Jamelia (Gold Panda Remix)
05. Bowls (Holden Remix)
06. Kaili (Fuck Buttons Remix)
07. Leave House (Ikonika Remix)
08. Found Out (DJ Koze Remix)
09. Jamelia (DJ Koze’s Alarmclock)
10. Bowls (Gavin Russom’s Rework)
11. Sun (patten Remix)
12. Odessa (David Wrench’s Drumapella)
13. Odessa (Nite Jewel Remix)
14. Kaili (Walls Remix)
15. Odessa (DJ Koze’s Campfire)

City Slang will release Swim Remixes in the UK on October 26th and November 1st in the rest of Europe. Merge will release the album in the US on November 2nd.

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