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Download:ENA – Mule Mouth (Extended Version) 7even Recordings

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ENA - Mule MouthFREE DOWNLOAD: For standard 320mp3 download via the player // For the WAV version head here:
ENA – Bilateral LP is released on @7evenrecordings on Ltd Digipack CD on 17th April 2013.
Tokyo, Japan: 2013. In a city where time and space can easily become uncontrollable factors, the underground electronic music scene has built its own culture and society for more than 30 years. Taking and incorporating influences from all over the world, the creations born from Japan’s underground continue to stay highly unique and maintain a clear sense of being deeply Japanese. ENA has been a multi-instrumentalist artist, studio engineer, DJ and producer for more than a decade now. The author of three acclaimed 12” releases over the past three years on the 7even Recordings imprint, his rare output has always impressed by the uniqueness of his sound and the high level of studio technique in his production. ENA has been tying the old to the new by blending diverse influences such as Dub music, early Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno and Abstract Hip Hop. He’s gained support from major players such as Surgeon, Laurent Garnier, A Made Up Sound, Pangaea, Goth-Trad and Peverelist to name but a few.

This first full-length album, “Bilateral”, is a visionary piece of music emerging from the studio of a very unique creator. Uncompromising, the 12 original tracks which compose “Bilateral” are the soundtrack of today’s Tokyo underground, the sound of a city of light and obscurity, stability and disequilibrium, stagnancy and full speed, the past, the present and the future. Press play and enter the world of one of the most creative composers of this generation.

Download:ENA – Mule Mouth (Extended Version) 


Dogtanion – Japan

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Following the successful introductory single ‘ISLAM’, Dogtanion returns this August with his debut album ‘JAPAN’ on Tape Club Records.

Dogtanion is the musical guise of Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, a musician, filmmaker and artist based in London.

Matthew’s musical roots stem from a variety of musical styles and genres, encompassing UK Garage, Electronica and folk. Matthew’s diverse scope has resulted in him producing a unique approach to Folk music and has led to him performing alongside Lil Silva, Elijah & Skilliam and Anneka at The Nest in London last month.

After studying Fine Art at Northumbria University, Dogtanion was invited to play at Glastonbury festival. More recently, Matthew has been working with the Red Bull Studios London and recently completed a mix for their ‘Introducing’ series, as well as rehearsing at their studio in preparation for his live shows.

As a debut album, ‘JAPAN’ is steeped in creativity. Opener ‘Beast And The Boots’ ebbs qualities reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, whilst ‘Bastard Son’ reveals Matthew’s more experimental electronic side. ‘Islam’ tells the true story of a girl who thought, “Islam was a country”.

As an artist, Matthew is part of the ARKA Group, an arts collective working in film and installation. Having made films for Ideastap and Cornerhouse, Matthew is currently working on a short film to be screened later this year.

Get lost in the surreal world of this modern day poet and take a journey to ‘Japan’ when Dogtanion releases his debut album on Monday 6th August through Tape Club Records.

Imugem Orihasam – Exude (SFV15)

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Imugem Orihasam is one of Japan’s most exciting and driven electronic music composers. With a slew of releases on the likes of Ilian Tape, Sistrum and New Kanada, to name but a few, he is clearly a man on a mission. He started out making hip hop beats in 1997 but by 2000 exposure to Jeff Mills by a close friend ignited a fire that burns deep and blue.
artist: Imugem Orihasam
title: Exude
Label:Steadfast Records
format: Vinyl
release date
Vinyl: 30th July 2012
digital: 30th July 2012

vinyl tracklisting:
A1: 10 minutes ago
A2: exude
B1: 1 PM

Upon listening to these four tracks two things becomes clear, Imugem’s unique vision as well as his immaculate sound design and production sensibility. The tracks are deep but propulsive, futuristic yet filled with emotion. Dive in.

Makoto – What Do You Want / Different Rhyhthm [7EVEN22] 7even Recordings(Preview)

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With a musical career including album and single releases on LTJ Bukem’s legendary Good Looking Records imprint, Creative Source, Eastside Records, Innerground Records as well as his own label Human Elements, and musical collaborations with producers such as Zinc, A-Sides, DJ Marky, Greg Packer, vocalists Deeizm or MC Conrad to name but a few, Makoto is a leading figure of the underground scene in Japan and has gone on to be one of the most highly respected artists in the Drum & Bass genre, pushing his unique blend of fast breaks and soul drenched music to every corner of the globe as both a DJ and a producer. Makoto released his highly acclaimed ‘Souled Out’ album at the end of 2011 on Human Elements. The album features many talented vocalists and session musicians and explores various tempos, breakbeats and musical worlds. ‘Souled Out’ is a culmination of the breadth of experience and talent Makoto brings to each track which credits his name. With his first 12” on 7even Recordings, Makoto opens again new musical perspectives, infusing the Amen Break to a 135bpm flex on ‘Different Rhythm’ and his unique soulful treatment to the massive ‘What Do You Want’.

Released by: 7even Recordings
Release/catalogue number: 7EVEN22
Release date: Jan 30, 2012

Goth-Trad – Babylon Fall Feat. Max Romeo

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It’s been a long time coming but finally Deep Medi are proud to present, Japan’s biggest Dubstep export V’s arguably one of Jamaica’s all-time biggest stars Max Romeo to bring you ‘Babylon Fall’. This is Goth-Trad’s latest release and last before his album expected November 2011.

The EP leads with ‘Babylon Fall’ featuring Max Romeo. Max Romeo is best known for his album ‘War In A Babylon” produced by Lee Scratch Perry at the Black Art Studios featuring classics, ‘One Step Forward’, ‘War In A Babylon’ and the Reggae anthem ‘Chase the Devil’. Goth-Trad lays down a trademark bass heavy, rumbling rhythm with Max Romeo still showing after all these years that his vocal is still standing strong and lyrical content bringing positive vibes in these troubled times.

‘Falling Leaf’ and ‘Sublimation’ see Goth-Trad in a deep techno mood. ‘Falling Leaf’ is a relentless barrage of sub bass and industrial dub mechanics whilst Sublimation is more stealth like with its late night inner city running’s, think Japan via Detroit touching down in the UK. With ‘Itinerant Priest’ we have saved the biggest dance-floor destruction till last, from the opening chimes, organ drone and intense rave stabs through to the fierce pulsating bass you know this has got pure, unadulterated mayhem written all over it.

Artist: Goth-Trad
Title: Babylon Fall Feat. Max Romeo
Release: 26.09.11

1. Babylon Fall Feat. Max Romeo
2. Falling Leaf
3. Itinerant Priest
4. Sublimation

Red Dot Relief – rebuilding Japan Together

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The current situation of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear plants is in a way the most severe crisis in the 65 years since World War II.” Naoto Kan, Japanese Prime Minister

What is Red Dot Relief?
It is a group of artists and supporters of the dance music community who are asking YOU to compare those factors mentioned above and to make magic happen!! Red Dot Relief is a call to action across the dance music community in a bid to raise money and spread awareness of the disaster stricken regions of Japan. Spearheaded by Visionquest (Seth Troxler) & Friends alongside the Tuning Spork Efforts Team we are trying to influence others to follow and donate whatever they can to the disaster fund by involving not only artists but the wider community in this cause including event organisers, promoters, club owners, clubbers, agencies, music labels and the supporting press.

For our Red Dot Relief proposal and full details please click here

How can you help?
If you are an artist
– Help us promote this effort via your social networking websites, mailing lists and most importantly word of mouth (talking has been proven to still be the most effective way to exchange ideas and turn them into reality).
– We would then ask you to donate a part of your artist fee from a particular event (to take part in this effort we suggest a minimum donation of 10% of your average fee).

If you are a promoter or venue/club/lounge…
– We would like to ask you to allow a team of volunteers to spread fund collection buckets around your venue/party.
– Clearly display the Red Dot around your venue to show that you support this effort.
-Suggest to your artists and their agents prior to the event participating and donating to the cause (minimum of 10% as previously suggested).
– All promotional material related to the event should bear the red dot for this cause to spread awareness about this project and maximise exposure to your audience which is key to making the project more successful.

If you are a label/agency/clubber
– There are many ways of getting involved such as making a direct donation as a business or as a civilian; influence your friends and family to do the same and get involved by helping spread the word via all communication means available to you.

Music is life and love is the answer. Let’s make this happen!!

Current participating members of the dance music community

Jay Haze, Visionquest, Cesar Merveille, Mr.C, Leif, Chris Lattner, Julietta,Claus Voigtmann, Clive Henry, Dan Ghenacia, Damian Lazarus, Deniz Kurtel, Craig Richards, Droog, Dyed Soundorom, Tiefschwarz, Kiki, Guti, Dubshape Jamie Jones, jozif, Konrad Black, Lee Foss, Maceo Plex, Matt Tolfrey, Move D,Richy Ahmed, Robert James, Russ Yallop, Solomun, Soul Clap, Subb-an, Superfreq,Sud Electronic, Tuning Spork, Toi.Toi.Musik,

Crosstown Rebels, lo*kee, Fabric, Exstatic Sounds, Colourful Sessions, Freak Farm,Simmer London, Colours In Music, maouris pr, Bullitt Bookings, Elysium Lounge, Flawless Sound, Verboten, Autobrennt, Plexi pr,, Feelbookings

Japan’s Kodo celebrates 30 years with a new album Akatsuki and North American tour

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The preeminent Japanese taiko drumming group Kodo is celebrating their 30th Anniversary with the release of a new album and 2-month North American tour. Akatsuki will release January 22, 2011, just in time for the tour to kick off on January 26th, where they’ll feature four new and innovative pieces.

Sacred Trees, Demon Dances, and a Bold Beat:
Japan’s Kodo Comes to North America with Innovative New Pieces and Staging, January-March 2011

Drums did more than make music in Japanese tradition. They were valuable tools found at every shrine. They marked the physical and metaphorical edge of a village: If you could hear them beat, you were part of the community.

Kodo , Japan’s preeminent performing artsensemble, has lived this principle for thirty years, using thundering, soothing sounds that turn audiences into one big village from Asia to South America. Known for its unique interweaving of committed lifestyle, musical mastery, and vibrant traditions, the group returns to North America in January through March 2011,with four fresh pieces, a brand new recording, and the pulse of ancient festivals.

Kodo unites high-energy percussion, elegant music, dance, and the striking physical prowess needed to sustain a precise yet powerful sound. Along with four pieces new to North America, the 2011 One Earth tour will see the debut of the youthful Kenta Nakagome on the group’s hallmark giant drum, the almost 900-pound o-daiko – a challenging, show-stopping instrument that demands both strength and tenderness.

This contrast of bold and delicate runs throughout Kodo’s new album,Akatsuki (Otodaiku; January 22, 2011). The CD and bonus video chronicling the group and the landscapes that inspire it act as companions to Kodo’s dynamic live shows. Shamisen, koto, and kokyu (traditional Japanese fiddle) complement the percussive force, revealing the versatility of Japanese tradition and the performers who long to honor it. For several of the group’s newer compositions, featured both on tour and on the album, Kodo brings out different facets, creating unique arrangements for both live and recorded performance.

Innovation is deeply rooted for the group, however, and constantly refers back to Kodo’s unique grasp of Japanese traditional arts. The group has nurtured a new approach to staging and set design, which brings the spirit of Kodo’s wooden rehearsal hall to the world’s stages. Instead of hiding drums until needed, most of the group’s instruments remain in view, much as they do in the wooden, ship-like hall where the group creates its pieces. It brings a fresh vigor to the performance, highlighting the simple but beautiful forms created by drum, musician, and empty space and drawing the audience into the Kodo community.

The world-premiere original work that will open Kodo’s North American performances evokes the poignant bond between the ensemble and its home on the remote cultural treasure trove of Japan’s Sado Island. “Sakaki,” composed by Kodo member Masaru Tsuji, takes its name from a sacred tree used in Shinto purification rituals. Yet its origins are strictly Sado: the solo male dancer and the rhythms invoke Sado’s Onidaiko (demon drumming) dances, when villagers in fearsome masks are transformed into dancing demons. With crimson jaws and wild flowing hair, dancers force misfortune to turn tail, protecting crops, animals, and families for the year to come.

Tsuji reframes this bold and colorful display as a pensive moment, a coming to stillness before the great burst of taiko energy. But he, like others in the younger generation of Kodo artists, learned the heart of the piece from Sado locals, instilling deeper trust and understanding between artistic newcomers to the community and salt-of-the-earth islanders. “Pieces like ‘Sakaki’ show our profound commitment to the island,” explains Kodo member Jun Akimoto. “This dance piece is a token of thanks and appreciation from the younger generation of Kodo to the islanders who taught them traditional arts.”

Kodo’s uniquely intertwined communal life and commitment to art owes more than just this piece to Sado, an island the size of Okinawa off Japan’s northwest coast. The island saw an influx of new inhabitants when gold was discovered during the Edo period, and saw several centuries of artists and intellectuals in exile, extraordinary men banished by Japan’s rulers for political reasons. “Many cultures in turn came to Sado on thousands of ships from all over Japan. That made the island’s culture very complex and interesting,” explains Akimoto, who has worked with the group for over a decade.

In post-war Japan, Sado Island became a haven for artists seeking a different, more communal approach to creativity and tradition. The organic blend of cosmopolitan and folk, of new and old, makes Kodo’s repertoire feel constantly fresh, even as the group has developed its own way of life, trained hundreds of apprentices, built a remarkable arts village, and toured the world tirelessly for decades, setting the benchmark for all taiko that has followed since.

Yet relations between Sado Islanders and the newcomers were complicated at first, explains Akimoto: “Most of the Kodo members are from elsewhere, but we moved to Sado and live communally. For the first few years, some thought we were suspicious. We would run seven miles down the coast every morning, even in rain and snow. They thought this was crazy,” he laughs. “Nowadays, they are more welcoming and try to have us as a part of the community.”

This close tie to Sado doesn’t mean Kodo only finds inspiration in Japanese traditions and forms. Several pieces new to North America-including “Sora” and “Stride”-show how taiko can find common ground between unexpected musical territories. Kodo composers draw on the Irish beats they heard on a European tour or the samba reggae that caught their ear in Northeastern Brazil.

Kodo’s unifying beat extends the global village of the drum to unsuspecting and skeptical listeners. A recent tour in Europe provided a vivid example. Kodo came to Naples, where they played the prestigious Real Teatro di San Carlo, the world’s oldest continually operating opera house. The audience, decked out in formal attire, jewels, and furs, didn’t quite know what to make of Kodo’s unwavering energy. “During the first half, there was little applause. Nobody spoke, and there was total silence,” Akimoto recalls. “But by intermission, we could tell they were getting excited. They eventually went crazy. I never thought that would happen. They eventually all stood up and applauded.”

Kodo’s percussive fireworks and unexpected lifestyle reflect the ancient, complex traditions of the Japanese drum-and how Kodo judiciously harnesses its power to create something more than music.

“The drum is a ritual tool in Japan, played whenever a community needed to come together. If you can hear the sound of the drum, that means you are part of the community,” Akimoto recounts. “We would like to rephrase this story. If Kodo can bring drums and travel around the world and deliver the sound of drums there, we can unite the people who hear the sound and make them part of a community.”

Kodo 2011 Tour Schedule

01/26/2011, Wed Spokane, WA Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox
01/28/2011, Fri Vancouver, BC Queen Elizabeth Theatre
01/30/2011, Sun Olympia, WA Washington Center for the Performing Arts
02/01/2011, Tue Arcata, CA Humboldt State University – Van Duzer Theater
02/03/2011, Thu Berkeley, CA UC Berkeley – Zellerbach Hall
02/04/2011, Fri Berkeley, CA UC Berkeley – Zellerbach Hall
02/05/2011, Sat San Rafael, CA Marin Center – Memorial Auditorium
02/07/2011, Mon Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
02/10/2011, Thu Los Angeles, CA Walt Disney Concert Hall
02/11/2011, Fri San Diego, CA Balboa Theatre
02/13/2011, Sun Tucson, AZ University of Arizona – Centennial Hall
02/16/2011, Wed Austin, TX Paramount Theatre
02/17/2011, Thu Dallas, TX Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House
02/19/2011, Sat Catoosa, OK Hard Rock Casino
02/21/2011, Mon Chicago, IL Symphony Center
02/23/2011, Wed Ann Arbor, MI Hill Auditiorium
02/25/2011, Fri Bloomington, IN Indiana University Auditorium
02/27/2011, Sun Indianapolis, IN Clowes Memorial Hall
03/01/2011, Tue Pittsburgh, PA Byham Theater
03/02/2011, Wed Pittsburgh, PA Byham Theater
03/04/2011, Fri Montreal, QC Canada Place des Arts
03/07/2011, Mon Ottawa, ON Canada National Arts Centre
03/09/2011, Wed Kingston, ON Canada Grand Theatre
03/11/2011, Fri Toronto, ON Canada Sony Centre
03/13/2011, Sun Boston, MA Symphony Hall
03/17/2011, Thu Richmond, VA Landmark Theater
03/19/2011, Sat Morristown, NJ Community Theater
03/20/2011, Sun New York, NY Avery Fisher Hall
03/22/2011, Tue Utica, NY New Stanley Theater