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Elina Duni new album “Muza e zezë”

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Elina Duni Muza e Zeze“Muza e zezë” is Elina Duni’s eighth album, but the first one where she presents herself as a singer-songwriter. Songs of impossibility, of irony or childhood that reflect life and all it’s colors.
These are contemporary tunes mixed with an interesting accoustic sound and are part of nowadays spirit .
This project is a bridge between the two Albanian capitals, Tirana and Prishtina as the musicians that perfom are from these two cities. Armend Xhaferi on bass and guitar, Enes Bajramliqi on the drums from Prishtina and Gent Rushi and Ermal Rodi from Tirana.
We believe that the album represents a novelty in the music scene and opens new ways and sounds for the Albanian music and art culture.

Bio Elina Duni

Born in Tirana, Albania, in 1981, in an artist family, Elina Duni makes her first steps on stage as a singer at the age of five and sings for the National Radio and Television.
In 1991 after the fall of the communist regime, she arrives in Switzerland and settles in Geneva together with her mother where she starts the classical piano and discovers jazz.

Between 2001 and 2009 she releases four albums in collaboration with different artists:
« Live in Tirana » with Gent Rushi (2001) « Harpatic » Extrangers in the noise (2003)
« Lakuriq » (2004) and « I kalter » (2009) with the band Retrovizorja.
and has film and theater projects like Yllka (2001), Three farces from Tchekhov (2001)
La preuve du contraire (2003).

Between 2004-2008, she studies singing and composition at the Hochschule der Künste Bern, in the jazz department.

During this time she develops the Elina Duni Quartet – which represents a return to her musical sources, a combination of Balkan folk songs and jazz and releases three Albums «Baresha» (2008) “Lume Lume” (2010) and «Matanë Malit» (2012). With her quartet she tours since 2008 succesfully in Europe and the US.

In 2014 she presents her first solo album: « Muza e zezë » as a singer-songwriter.

TOP 15 World Promo Chart March 2014

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habib koite
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TOP 15 World/Etno/Jazz… Promo Chart March 2014

1. Habib Koite – Bolo Mala (4:21)
2. Thomas Blondet – Dil Da Jani Feat Tina M (4:21)
3. Sayfi Mohamed Tahar -Man Gave Names To All The Animals (6:56)
4. Alejandro Almenares – El Son De Vicentico (4:19)
5. Badi Assad – Quarto Da Rainha (2:51)
6. Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (4:53)
7. Danny Rivera & Nelson González – Camanitas de Cristal (4:23)
8. Gypsy Dreams Featuring Ferenc Illenyi – Bulerias (3:51)
9. Jarabe De Palo – 09 Lo que te voy a decir (3:36)
10. Kevin Connor Swingtet – Changüí Para Ti (5:08)
11. Pedro Luis Ferrer – Reiteración (2:58)
12. Mehmet Ali Sanlikol – whatsnext? (5:07)
13. Sheela Bringi – The Three-Eyed One (3:15)
14. Dudu Tassa – Isherb Kassah weTahana (5:00)
15. Burma Orchestra Saing Waing – I Want You (3:05)

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El Pres Beats – Fly Dutchman (Robsoul Jazz)

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EL PRES BEATSEl Pres Beats drops his debut album Fly Dutchman for Robsoul Jazz on 21st March and continues a story which has seen him bubbling under for the last few years. The producer, from Leeuwarden Holland but currently based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, has previously scored with Glenwood Hostel EP, which became popular in underground Hip Hop circles and caught the attention of Robsoul Jazz boss Phil Weeks. In keeping with previous Robsoul Jazz releases, both from Parisian Around7, Fly Dutchman focuses on the instrumental side of Hip Hop, with head nodding beats and Jazz, Soul and Funk samples chopped and stitched together in perfection.

When speaking to in 2013 El Pres Beats commented, “Sampling is the backbone of my style. 99% of the samples I use come from vinyl though – no sample packs or anything. Every sound you hear on my beats was found by me listening to the actual vinyl. I hold the art of diggin’ in the crates for samples up high.” -

Submotion Orchestra -Damn Hot (Stream)

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With two incredibly successful albums under their belt Submotion Orchestra bring their latest five track EP to UK independent Circus Records. The seven-piece group that formed in 2009 have forged a large loyal fan base with their blend of Electronica, Jazz, Dub and Soul, music that has been described as ‘stunning’ by The Guardian and ‘seductive’ by The Times.
Following a chance meeting in London with Circus co-founder Flux Pavilion who declared his love for the band, SubMo promptly signed to the label reaffirming the notion that Circus have always sought to release only the highest quality music, regardless of genre. Flux Pavilion says“to release Submo on Circus is amazing, I’ve always been a big fan of their music.”
The new EP 1968 is a masterclass in ethereal, soulful vocals that sit astride shuffling drums as on ‘Broken World’ or ‘Breathe It In’. Lead singer Ruby’s voice echoes early pop Janet Jackson on ‘Damn Hot’ whilst title track ‘1968’ is smooth and subtle: echoing piano keys gliding beneath intricate layers of sound. Stream the first single, ‘1968 HERE.

Louie Vega/Elements Of Life new album on Fania

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Louie Vega And Elements Of Life Featuring Josh Milan, Anané, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle Ursula Rucker, Luisito Quintero, Oveous Maximus




Fania Records announced today the release of Elements Of Life ‘Eclipse,’ a 2-disc album from Louie Vega’s critically acclaimed live orchestral project.  The album is set for a worldwide release date of March 19, 2013, and is the first new artist album Fania is releasing in years.  The first disc showcases 17 brand new tracks from Elements Of Life that tastefully traverse the sounds ofAfrobeat, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Gospel, Soul, Blues, Brazilian and World Music all woven with the golden touch of Grammy Award winning Producer/Artist/DJ Louie Vega.  The second disc includes “EOL Soulfrito” an homage to Fania Records through interpretations and remixes of classic Fania songs performed by the Elements Of Life in a 33-minute sound collage as well as six more bonus tracks.  Louie Vega connected with the legendary Fania Records after doing the smash club remix of his uncle Hector Lavoe’s “Mi Gente” track back in 2008.  Louie elaborates, “At that time I started working on my new Elements Of Life album. Fania was already aware of my previous E.O.L. albums and when they got wind, they wanted to hear it. Once they heard it, they were very interested in signing it. I was in awe of the idea. Things really would go full cycle being on Fania Records.”




Around 7 Back To Basics(preview)

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Around7_BackToBasics_ArtworkBack To Basic
s is the debut album from Around 7 and the first release on new label Robsoul Jazz, an offshoot of the well-established Robsoul Recordings house label run by Phil Weeks.  The album and new label focus on laid-back jazz, hip hop and broken beats, and also reflect the art of sampling.  Hip Hop influences such as J Dilla and DJ Premier are in heavy evidence, alongside the jazz of Miles Davis, Bill Evans and the legendary Blue Note Records.

Around 7 is the Parisian based Sébastien Guertau whose music career began as a bassist and trumpet player in a jazz/funk band.  After learning to play keyboard and discovering the Akai MPC sampler and software like Cubase, Sébastien merged everything together to create his own tracks based around live instrumentation and samples.

The result is the music on Back To Basics. Initially a bunch of separate tracks, Sébastien played them to his friend Phil Weeks who, in typical decisive fashion, declared’ “That’s dope.  I’m going to start a new label with you are the first artist.”

The aim of the tracks was to sound acoustic through the use of the jazz samples, but underpinned by rough old school hip hop beats.  The sample usually forms the starting point for each track, as Sébastien explains, “Like for The 7th Sin, I cut it in little pieces to do something different. It makes new melodies or harmonies and I build around it. For other tracks like Butter & Fly I started with the groove because the beat with the little voice in the back was the main ingredient.  Increasingly, I like to edit the track in a natural feeling – I think this the part that jazz has in my music, improvising with samples like a musician with his instrument.”

Artist: Around 7
Title: Back To Basics
Label: Robsoul Jazz (France)
Genre: Jazz / Hip-Hop / Broken Beat
Format: Ltd Edition Vinyl / Digital Download
Release Date: 29th March 2013

The Tracks
1. Welcome To Basics
2. The 7th Sin
3. Bro’
4. Butter & Fly
5. I Love BBQ
6. Kick It
7. Runaway


Random Soul – Live For The Moment(album preview)

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Random Soul - Live For The Moment‘Live For The Moment’ is the debut album from Random Soul, the Australian house duo of Yogi & Husky. The pair have made a big impression in recent years with releases for labels including Strictly Rhythm, Bargrooves, Salted and Large.  The album, released on their own label Random Soul Recordings, presents an effortless journey through 15 tracks that cement their position amongst the most established names in Deep and Soulful House circles, while also showcasing their talent in creating Soul, Jazz and Funk gems.

‘Live For The Moment’ incorporates everything from floating vocals and laidback soulful grooves riddled with live instrumentation, through to bumping, funky club tracks.  The album also highlights Random Soul’s talent as songwriters with a string of captivating vocals featuring strong hooks, often performed by Yogi. Six vocal collaborators include well-known West Coast USA artists Chuck Love and Joshua Heath, as well as Kristen Pearson, Kyla Sexton, Natalie Conway and Louis Hale.  All are close friends of Yogi & Husky, and the chemistry of the relationships shines through: “Working with friends always makes the job seem more fun too, so doing tracks with people like Joshua Heath and Chuck Love, usually meant more jokes and laughing than “work” per say. We enjoy getting other people in the studio as it creates such a different dynamic.”

Listening to these collaborations and the album in full it’s clear to hear where many of Random Soul’s influences lie, with the house sounds of Miguel Migs, Joey Negro, Grant Nelson and Groove Armada providing a strong focus, alongside funk and soul artists such as Rae & Christian and Smoove & Turrell.

The first single taken from the album is ‘Mysterious’ and will feature a Richard Earnshaw remix to be released late January / early February 2013.

Release Date:
4th Mar 2013

Piano Interrupted – Two By Four

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Piano Interrupted is the project of London-based pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic producer Franz Kirmann.

Piano Interrupted’s creative process starts from the digital manipulation of musical phrases played by piano and other instruments…

“Two By Four” is some kind of musical summation of the evolution of Piano Interrupted over the past 3 years, from an exclusively studio project (centred around the manipulation of Tom’s piano by Franz computer) to a fully fledged live band with the addition of Greg Hall on the cello and Eric Young on percussion.
Some of the tracks on the album have appeared in various forms on previous releases, but the spirit of the band is one of exploration, mutation, recycling and reinventing and the album documents this journey and how the music has evolved though the years.
“Etude” and ” London Waltz” are more representative of the early days of Piano Interrupted. Recorded as a duo, they are a blend of subtle electronica, skewed rhythms and unusual time signatures, the sonics arguably more cold and the electronic arrangements more prominent.
The rest of the material on the record is played as a quartet, and reflects the progressive change the compositions have undergone through the live concerts and studio experiments.
Three of the tracks (Hedi, Hobi, Bulbus) have a distinctly Tunisian feel as Piano Interrupted were asked to write the score to ‘Papa Hedi’- a intimate documentary film about the life and times of Hedi Jouni, the ‘Frank Sinatra’ of Tunisia, as told by his grand-daughter.
They had access to Hédi Jouni’s original recordings, and samples of his music were used as starting point for the compositions.

Mastering the whole album with Nils Frahm in Berlin was an important decision Tom and Franz made: “ We wanted to finish the record with someone we felt close to in terms of sensibility and who is not only a technician but a great musician and artist- we knew it would give a great coherence to the record.”

With cinematic piano, dreamy soundscapes, fragile and broken melodies colliding over complex rhythm structures, it’s difficult to categorise the musical style of Piano Interrupted. It seems to vary from EP to EP, gig to gig, track to track, even from bar to bar. There are nods to minimalism, film scores and cinematic soundscapes, glitch and ambient, post-rock, neo-classical piano and jazz… The eclectic list goes on but to them in the end, it is unimportant:
“What is important is that whenever we meet, we always try to make music that we believe in.”

Piano Interrupted will play a live date at Radial System in Berlin on December 2nd for the launch of the album.

More on Piano Interrupted:

Bryan Ferry presents ‘The Jazz Age’ + Teaser

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If there was ever a musical icon and a decade destined to come together it is Bryan Ferry and the Roaring Twenties. The artist as creative powerhouse with a dazzling career of endless surprise, delight and innovation, and the decade – a time of modernity, decadence and bright young things – all driven on by the thrill of it all.

So to celebrate and mark the 40th year anniversary of his incredible career both as a solo artist and as the creator of Roxy Music, Ferry has re-recorded some of his own compositions, performed by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra in the style of the 1920s.

Driven by his fascination for that time between the wars known as ‘The Jazz Age’, Ferry has recorded the songs as instrumentals. “I started my musical journey listening to a fair bit of jazz, mainly instrumental, and from diverse and contrasting periods” explains Ferry. “I loved the way the great soloists would pick up a tune and shake it up – go somewhere completely different – and then return gracefully back to the melody, as if nothing had happened. This seemed to me to reach a sublime peak with the music of Charlie Parker, and later Ornette Colman. More recently, I have been drawn back to the roots, to the weird and wonderful music of the 1920s – the decade that became known as The Jazz Age”

“After forty years of making records, both in and out of Roxy Music, I thought now might be an interesting moment to revisit some of these songs, and approach them as instrumentals in the style of that magical period. I would like to thank Colin Good and the other outstanding musicians featured on this record (most of who played on his earlier tribute to the 1930s, the album ‘As Time Goes By’) for bringing a new and different life to these songs – a life without words”.

‘The Jazz Age’ is an intoxicating collection of timeless songs awakening the spirits of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Seven, Bix Beiderbecke’s Wolverines and the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. From the thundering cascade of ‘Virginia Plain’ to the timeless weave of ‘Slave To Love’, ‘Avalon’ and ‘Reason or Rhyme’ – no shade from Ferry’s palette of musical styles is omitted. ‘The Bogus Man’, which made its debut on 1973′s For Your Pleasure, revives the heady sounds of Duke Ellington’s Cotton Club band, while the arrangement of ‘Don’t Stop the Dance’ might have come from the pen of the great Don Redman. Ferry has created a soundtrack for those endless champagne-fuelled parties documented by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and for a whole new generation -‘The Jazz Age’ is pure Gatsbyesque bliss.


1. Do The Strand. 8. This Is Tomorrow.
2. Love Is The Drug. 9. The Only Face.
3. Don’t Stop The Dance. 10. I Thought.
4. Just Like You. 11. Reason Or Rhyme
5. Avalon. 12. Virginia Plain.
6. The Bogus Man. 13. This Island Earth.
7. Slave To Love.

Produced by Bryan Ferry and Rhett Davies, ‘The Jazz Age’ will be released on November 26th on 10″ Vinyl Folio Edition, 12″ Vinyl, CD and Digital editions – all on BMG Rights Management.

Bara Bröst -“Elephancycle” Remixes Part 2

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“Bara Bröst” (literally “just breasts”) is the name of a cultural movement of Swedish feminists, pleading for women to be allowed topless in public. Up-and-coming Berlin based producer duo Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer love the movement so much that they chose to endorse it by adapting the name for their production team.
The two have been friends since school and have shared an apartment in the Neukölln district in Berlin for over two years now. They converted their living room into a studio and office space. “That way, we can meet up any time we are inspired by the Muses with no effort.” This intense partnership enabled them to develop their very own vision and understanding of sound. Their music is a combination of funky House and Berlin influenced Minimal-Techno. The distinct trademark of a Bara Bröst beat is the soft but deep kick, the rolling House-Groove just around 124 bpm combined with very heavy Dub- ! Bass-Lines.
“We found our common ground in House because we appreciate and respect the high standard of present productions. We grew up with all sorts of different styles like Funk, Break-Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz and stuff that we stumbled across in our fathers’ record collections. Hence, the main criteria for our music is that it must be entertaining. It should touch you on an emotional level, no matter what tempo it is based on or how clever a sound was created. Otherwise producing tunes would become as mundane as working the assembly-line.“ Bara Bröst tracks are by no means hasty one-timers.
After the successful release of their debut-album “Elephancycle” on BBE Records in 2010 they did numerous remixes and single releases on a bunch of new labels. On special occasions Bara Bröst form an outstanding electronic live act showcase together with their singers and vocalists Conan Kowalski (Sick City) and Capey Cash (Bar25).
This summer they are back on BBE with more remixes of tracks! from th eir debut album “Elephancycle” and their second album “KOKOLORES”.!/bbemusic


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