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Jazzy Eyewear – This Time

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This Time is the latest production from the prolific producer & multi instrumentalist Fabian Giannattasio AKA Jazzy Eyewear.
In the past year Fabian has been expanding his styles and exploring new avenues, from Indi to Techno and he is currently playing and producing deeply moving, emotional electronic music.
This Time shows the man behind So Sound Recordings at his best. This beautiful summery song is charged with live instrumentation, a tight groove and a deep vocal arrangement.


Kick Punch Gang – Music We Like EP (Umalu Records) (Clips)

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Umalu Recordings return with another dose of synth-based madness, this time in the shape of the Kick Punch Gang.


The Lithuanian trio, comprising Normanbase, Martin P and Paul Monroe rock the crowds at massive venues across Europe, soUmalu are delighted to have them on board.  Think Daft Punk, Chromeo, Depeche Mode and Kruder & Dorfmeister – it’s all about electronics.

1. Music We Like
2. Digig
3. Electronic Brother
4. California


Umalu Recordings’ previous releases have included tracks from the likes of Jazzy Eyewear, Autodeep, Les Loups, Toomy Disco, South West Seven, Monkey Kids and more.

Andre Detoxx – She Believed In Me (UM Records, UMR003) (Preview Clips)

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UM Records continue their impressive start with another all star, international line up of deep house talent. Andre Detoxx’s ‘She Believed In Me’ serves up two original tracks from the UK based DJ/producer, and three remixes from a decidedly French flavoured line up of YokoO, the HouseRiders (French/Canadian) and HouseRiders members Jeff Fontaine and Deep Spelle who also remix under their own names. The EP delivers a rich vein of deep, organic house with some techier edges courtesy of YokoO.

Andre Detoxx moved to London from his native Poland back in 2004 and has been steadily building his DJ/producing reputation ever since. A PointBlank music school graduate, where his tutor was Danny J Lewis (Enzyme Black, Defected, Spiritual South) the first release from this new talent surfaced in 2010 on ABP before going on to feature on Tanztone, SoundBar Records One and DeepWit Recordings.

Andre Detoxx
Title: She Believed In Me
Label: UM Records
Release date: 28-11-11

1: Nightchords
2: Redeem
3: Nightchords (HouseRiders Late Night Remix)
4: Redeem (YokoO Remix)
5: Redeem (Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Remix)

Monkey Kids – Wild Attraction! (Umalu Recordings, ULR007) (Preview Clips)

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Self-assured, ambitious, and often ingenious, the Monkey Kids’ debut EP ‘Wild Attraction!’ on the eclectic Umalu Recordings is a densely layered, proudly psychedelic delight. All four tracks are loaded with alluring hooks and lyrical snippets to grab your attention, making them strong enough to stand up to the bold (mostly synthesized) aural choices made by producers Ariel Lanfrit and Luciano Siclari, of Ciudad Feliz fame.

The EP is packed with ’80s-style dance electronics sounds, showcasing the Monkey Kids’ skillful touch, spot-on sequencing and their own distinctive sparkle. Their colorful debut is a dazzling trip through 40 years of psychedelic-pop – with a deadpan delivery that can only be described as 21st century. One for the fans of Cut Copy, MGMT, Metronomy, Alex Metric.

Artist: Monkey Kids
Title: Wild Attraction!
Label: Umalu Recordings
Release date: 18-11-11

1: Feel Fine Feel Good
2: Feel Right Now
3: Free Up The People
4: Take Me As I Am

As members of the South American based Ciudad Feliz, Ariel Lanfrit and Luciano Siclar have been DJ’d and musicians since 1998 before really being discovered during the 2000 Winter Music Conference in Miami. The pair have released tracks on labels such as 3am Recordings, Silver Network, Soundplant and more.

Umalu Recordings previous releases have included tracks from the likes of Jazzy Eyewear, Autodeep, Les Loups, Toomy Disoc, South West Seven and more.

Jazzy Eyewear – ‘No Limit To Love: Chicago'(preview)

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The second instalment of ‘No Limit To Love’ focuses on the city so instrumental in bringing house music to the world: Chicago. So Sound boss Jazzy Eyewear is once again the DJ responsible for stitching the 13-track mix together.  ‘No Limit To Love: Chicago’ represents a cross-section of what the Windy City has to offer: from a cold lazy afternoon chilling with friends, sipping coffee somewhere in Bucktown, late dinner and then ultimately in the club.

Jazzy Eyewear:
“This is a very special compilation for me, as I moved from Argentina to Chicago in 1990 and lived there for 11 years. Chicago is a vibrant city with strong music history from Jazz, Swing & Blues to Industrial & House; Indi Rock to Latin Vibes & Old School Hip Hop, and you get the full spectrum of colours which make it a fascinating place for music lovers.

“When I put this compilation together I was thinking of my early days, when I started producing house music in Chicago, in my Wicker Park apartment on Wolcott & Division. The cold weather and the city covered in snow was the perfect background for a dreamy creative journey, sampling my favourite jazz & funk records and getting into the late night sessions without even noticing.  This compilation features the brilliant work of some of the hottest new producers from around the globe – from the UK, Russia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Germany, as well as Chicago & San Francisco  – all bringing their own take on ‘Chicago House’.

Artist: Jazzy Eyewear
Title: No Limit To Love – Chicago
Label: So Sound Recordings (USA)
Genre: Soulful / Funky / Deep House
Release Date: 14th October 2011

01. Freaky Behaviour – Simple City Conversations*
02. Toomy Disco – Since I Fell In Love With You (Les Loups’ Nympho Island Remix)
03. DJ Ra Soul – Side Rail (Get On The Dance Floor)
04. Freaky Behaviour – Chunky Butt*
05. Chanson E – Chicago Kiss
06. Funkyloco – So Sweet Baby*
07. Chanson E – Tru Boy
08. Jazzy Eyewear – Fantasy Island (Kid Enigma Remix)*
09. Talavera – Jack*
10. Freaky Behaviour – Table Magic
11. Kid Enigma – Under The Weather
12. Les Loups – Side to Side (OHYEAH Remix)*
13. Kid Enigma – Fall In Love
* exclusive to this compilation

“This is also a tribute to Mark Farina, whom I met at Shelter in Chicago in 1991. Mark is the man who invented the style of house represented on this compilation – he was the one who brought all these styles together and made them all work, shuffled on top of chunky house grooves. I want to specially thank Mark Farina for being of so much inspiration for so many artists I discovered though him and his love and passion for music, for his DJ sets, for bringing to the surface the brightest new talent from around the world. For giving new talent a chance! Thank you Mark for inspiring all of us!!”

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