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Various Artists: 116 & Rising (Hessle Audio)

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One of the reasons ascribed to dubstep’s continuing success has been its ability to absorb influences from across the entire electronic spectrum, and no label has been more key to its continuing evolution than Hessle Audio. Started in 2007 by David Kennedy, Ben Thomson and Kevin McAuley, the label quickly became a benchmark for quality, through releases from (the then) new artists like TRG, Untold and James Blake, as well as a vehicle for their own productions.With 18 releases over the past three years, the imprint is renowned for its impeccable quality control. Kennedy is their most prolific producer, under his Ramadanman and Pearson Sound monikers, now amalgamated into his own name. Ben UFO has always stayed true to his initial love, that of DJing almost as curation: he demonstrates this biweekly on his Rinse FM radio show and at Hessle’s Fabric residency, having been one of the first to start playing with the tempo to allow for older house and garage influences in his sets. Pangaea defined his sonic palette on a self-titled EP, a landmark of 2010, with minimal rolling basslines, vocal-driven melodies and more than a nod to the music’s old school roots.

The compilation exists as a way to unite the entire Hessle roster, as well as allowing them an avenue to put out work by friends and producers they have been unable to work with so far.The first disc is all new work plus a second has a selection of choice cuts from the back catalogue.There’s also work from producers who they feel have shaped the label’s aesthetic, like D1’s ‘Sub Zero’, whose sub bass stabs were a staple of the early DMZ sets that they initially united over back in 2005. One of their close affiliates, Addison Groove is also featured, his anthem ‘Footcrab’ having done so much to bring the tough tempo of juke to the world’s dancefloors.The subtle pitch-shifting of a looping hip hop vocal and the polyrhythmic patter of rim shots and cymbals on ‘Fuk Tha 101’ are unmistakably his. Another producer previously unreleased on Hessle is synth-mad Randomer whose ‘Brunk’ features an industrial strength kick and finishes up with ghostly pads invoking musique concrete.The disc is rounded off by Bristol’s Peverelist, whose own dub-soaked productions, as well as those released on his label Punch Drunk, owe so much to that city’s rich musical traditions. On ‘Sun Dance’ synth chords bring to mind the dystopian drum n bass of DJ Krust, the track driven forwarded by paper-like hi-hats and cymbals.There’s a single claustrophobic Hammond note held through to the close alongside the echoing sounds of water dripping in a cave.

Disc one kicks off with the spritely chimes and shuffling beat of Elgato’s ‘Music’, whose muted vocal chant was used to such beautiful effect in Kennedy’s recent FABRICLIVE mix. Untold bring’s detuned chords, jangling glass and a cheeky synth line, breaking down into mutant funky house. Blawan’s ‘Potchla Vee’ reveals some unexpected instrumentation: the skittering of what sounds like the cogs of a clock gives little breathing room to the assault of tribal drums and processed grunts.The Pearson Sound track ‘Stifle’ seems to slow things down, with an adenoidal vocal snippet acting as counterfoil to the percussive snap of the drums, delicate EQing and synth washes providing characteristic texture. Once again on ‘Twice’, Joe demonstrates the effectiveness of unexpected drum sampling, with a disconnected beat cooked up out of error bleeps and the tap of a typewriter. Pangaea’s own contribution is a rave homage; oscillating between synth stabs and a filtered ragga MC sample, the track is layered with a bouncy acid bassline, creating a phantom jump up effect. Romania’s TRG was Hessle’s first release and here builds on his mutant garage template, with a reverb-soaked drum kit jostling against some analogue pads and a seagull-sounding distorted warble. James Blake, re-edits an earlier Hessle release, bringing the processed vocals to the fore much in the style of his recent album. It’s soul music that’s undecidedly electronic, the vocals screwed and chopped into the background, a virtuoso display of arrangement ordering a lacklustre pair of cowbells, a chorus of shuffles, croaks and pads into an infectious slow burner.

title:116 & Rising
label:Hessle Audio, UK. (Distributed by S. T. Holdings, UK.)
formats:3×12”, double CD & digital

CD 1
01. Elgato – Music (Bodymix)
02. Untold – Cool Story Bro
03. Blawan – Potchla Vee
04. Pearson Sound – Stifle
05. Joe – Twice
06. Randomer – Brunk
07. Pangaea – Runout
08. Cosmin TRG – Bijoux
09. D1 – Sub Zero
10. Addison Groove – Fuk Tha 101
11. James Blake – Give A Man A Rod (Second Version)
12. Peverelist – Sun Dance
CD 2
01. Pangaea – You & I
02. Untold – Test Signal
03. Blawan – Fram
04. James Blake – Buzzard & Kestrel
05. Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling
06. Joe – Rut
07. Ramadanman – Blimey
08. TRG – Put You Down
09. Joe – Level Crossing
10. Pangaea – Why
11. TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM Remix)
12. Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me


Vikings with Joe and Will Ask+Free Download Matt Walsh mix

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“Vikings” returns to The Russian Bar on March 31st.
Joe and Will Ask
With special guest – Matt Walsh

Download Matt Walsh Live @ Bugged Out 26 2 11
1. Remain – Concrete (Matt Walsh Remix)
2. Hiem – Freaky Nights (Tim Paris Remix)
3. Zombie Nation – Money
4. Green Velvet – Flash (Jamie Jones Remix)
5. Matt Walsh & Zhao – Tiger Bite (Click Box Remix)
6. Freak Seven – Nano Kids
7. Darabi – Top Drop
8. Matt Walsh – Honey Comb (Sei A & Logan Remix)
9. Simian Mobile Disco – Fugu
10. I:Cube – Operation Hypnosis
11. Matt Walsh & Zhao – Whatever
12. The Soft Metals – Hot on The Heels of Love
13. Channel X – Gate 77 (M- Ferri Remix)
14. M-Tahn – Blue
15. Jan Driver – Extra (Harry Axt Remix)

new Dubstep mix for the vast Podcast by Shape

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This is a brand new vast Podcast (#9) by resident Shape…Future Bass Heavy Dubstep tunes with African Rhythms. Don´t sleep on this one! Tracklist is promising and mix is dope. Feel free to leave some feedback

Download (right mouse-click | save target as…)

01. James Blake – Foot Notes
02. Anonymous – Black Out
03. 2562 – Love In Outer Space
04. TRG – Back In The Days
05. Joe – Level Crossing
06. Flying Lotus – Recoiled
07. Agoué – Dambala Skit
08. Blawan – Fram
09. Octa Push – Quebu Sabe
10. The Bug – Skeng (Kode 9 Remix)
11. Africa Hitech – Blen
12. Scuba – Three Sided Shape
13. Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand
14. Robot Koch – Gorom Sen
15. Zed Bias – Cosmic Minefield
16. Phokus – Inta (Wadadda Remix)
17. Unknown – Tuff Africa
18. Sbtrkt – Laika
19. Addison Groove – Footcrab
20. Ramadanman – Glut
21. Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)
22. Joe – Digest
23. A Made Up Sound – Closer
24. TRG – Since Last Night
25. Jose James – Blackmagic (Untold Remix)
26. Jose James – Warrior (Sbtrkt Remix)
27. Africa Hitech – Sound Of Tomorrow

Scuba – Scuba Remixes pt 3(Deadboy/Joe)– 12″ Vinyl

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TRI005 – Scuba – Scuba Remixes pt 3 – 12″ Vinyl
Part 3 of a limited series of 12” Vinyl taken from ‘Triangulation (Interpretations) album. the Joe made an immediate impact on the scene with his 12”s on Hessle Audio and Applepips over the past year, his rework of So You Think You’re Special has a slowly blossoming groove underpinning stuttering percussion, jangling keys and an expertly playful melody that opens out across the sparse background. Finally, South London’s Deadboy offers an understated modern jungle remix of Before with skittering hats and heavy bass that can’t fail to light up floors and faces.

Listen to sample of Scuba Remixes pt 3

a Scuba – Before (Deadboy Remix)
aa Scuba – So You Think You’re Special (Joe Remix)

(download)”Mixed Emotions by Piece of Shh…”

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To celebrate his forthcoming release(soon) on Svetlana Industries label with remixes by Zomby and Hektagon,  Piece of Shh…  is back again!Check for more  Piece of Shh… free downloads and mixes at EMN  HERE

(download) “Mixed Emotions by Piece of Shh…”
Erykah Badu – Twinkle
Kotchy – Raise Your Eyebrows
Blackpocket – Ur A Sta (DBridge Remix)
Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake rmx)
E-40 – Back in Business
Company Flow – Little Johny From The Hospital
Snowman – Street Corner
8 Bitch – G41 (Rustie rmx)
Tayo – March of The Soundbwoyz (TRG rmx)
Piece of Shh… – Bad Bwoy dub
D1 – Pitcher
Fantastic Mr. Fox – Sketchers
Rossi B And Luca (Feat. Killa P)-E10 Riddim (Police Ar Come Run)
South Rakkas – So It Go
Stagga – The Bad Dance (feat. Juakali)
Joe – Claptrap
Blawan – Iddy
Kalbata – Wallabee
LV – Early Mob
Martyn Feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Mix)
Pariah – Orpheus
Hackman – More Then Ever
Teebs & jackhigh – Comes To Mind (Josip klobucar rmx)
Stacy Epps – Floatin’
Bottom Fly – You Are So Beautiful

total time: 71:14 min

Listen at Mixcloud

Juno Dubstep 26 podcast

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Buy all tracks here or click on tracks


1. Sigha: Shake – Hotflush

2. Sexy Space Mother – Subdepth

3. Von D: Bon (Blasta remix) – Argon

4. Jools: Summa – Digital Jools

5. Headhunter: Hocus Pocus – Deca Rhythm

6. Joe: Claptrap – Hessle Audio

7. Altimeter: Vee – Pretty Neat

8. Actraiser: Lone Wolf – Haunted Audio

9. Komonazmuk: Dance Too – Apple Pips

10. Turbofresh: Gypsy Shank – Lick The Wrap

Joe-Untitled/Digest (PIPS012) out 28th June

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a) Untitled
aa) Digest

Released on 28th June 2010 on 12″ Vinyl / Digital.

With the success of our last releases getting props and plays from DJs as diverse as Erol Alkan, DJ T, Martyn, Deetron, & Rob Da Bank we are really excited to present our next slice of futuristic funk for your ears and booty from the extremely talented Joe.

With his debut, the awesome ‘Grimelight’, being released on Hessle Audio, Joe is part of a loose group of likeminded and future-thinking producers & DJs that includes Hessle Audio’s Ramadanman, Ben UFO, & Pangaea, and Untold & James Blake. Whilst they all have very individual sounds, they share a vision of dubstep, uk funky, techno & house influenced beats that seem to defy genre.

The A-side ‘Untitled’ is a huge stepping wad of funk, bringing to mind 2-step, early Skream & Benga, even stripped down grime classics like Pulse X, but with a truly contemporary twist. This tune drops hard, and has been a secret weapon of Appleblim’s for some time now – he was pleasantly surprised to see ravers of all ages go mad to it!

The flip sees Joe’s more experimental leanings come out on ‘Digest’, but he never forgets the groove and funk. With rolling percussion, steppy sub bass and shiny analogue synth stabs cutting through, it seems to us like a mixture of Mala from Digital Mystikz and Theo Parrish! High praise indeed…

DJ/Radio support coming from Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 1), Modeselektor, Peverelist, Rob Da Bank (Radio 1/Bestival), Paul Woolford, Ramadanman, Brackles, Appleblim & many more.