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Etch ‘Old School Methods’ (Keysound Recordings)

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Etch 'Old School Methods' (Keysound Recordings)Following the intense chromatography of the well-received E.m.m.a. longplayer, Keysound Recordings returns to the shadows with the label’s first full EP from newcomer Etch. While recent releases from Beneath, Visionist, Wen and Logos have brought a fresh and edgy new approach in the emerging 130bpm space, 21-year-old Etch arrives at a similar location from an original angle.

If Beneath brought 2004 halfstep dubstep’s dark underbelly to UK funky’s rhythmic pulse and Wen, Visionist and Logos twisted grime from darker, more abstracted vantage points, then Etch brings a jungle flavour to the dance.

Not exclusively of course: his collaboration “Sounds” with Wen-mentor J-One sits somewhere between 2step garage and Mala’s more meditative moments. First featured in a mix by Keysound family Grievous Angel, the haunting refrain “when we hear sounds we are not the same, we are… changed” lingers; its cadence adding devastating nuance for anyone who’s life has ever been irrevocably altered by intense musical revelation.

Release date: 23rd September 2013
Format: 12” vinyl and digital
Cat No: LDN040

A1 Hybrid
A2 Sounds ft J-One
B1 Sphynx
B2 Lost Methods


E.m.m.a. ‘Blue Gardens’ (Keysound Recordings)

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e m m a blue gardensConey Island, Delia Derbyshire, Baroque tonality, “Victorian grime,” Microsoft’s forgotten Encarta ‘96 encyclopaedia, Rebel MC and alternative time signatures: welcome to just a few of the colourful sonic landmarks in E.m.m.a.’s world and her debut album ‘Blue Gardens’.

To the outsider it’s perhaps not immediately apparent the connections between say, Coney Island and Rebel MC, or Encarta ‘96 and Delia Derbyshire but as you immerse yourself into E.m.m.a.’s vivid sound palette they begin to lead you down a winding path of fantastic vistas. Her story begins several years back: around ’05 she was mostly absorbed in the US rap of Big Pun, Fabolous and Jadakiss before having a “what the…?!” epiphany with Skream’s “Midnight Request Line.” “I realised that there was something going on that I wanted to be a part of,” she says.

But from fairly well trodden beginnings her story quickly diverts into unexpected realms. She met Sully and began sending him the grime she’d been making, albeit with her own twist: “I thought if I made it funny and did more historical references to eras from the past, such as a Victorian highwayman rather than a south London rudeboy, people wouldn’t necessarily be able to criticise me because I was taking the piss.” While her interest a quasi-humorous “Victorian grime” style would wane, a pattern of musical creativity driven by a vivid inspiration sources was emerging.

“American Nostalgia, Point Break, American high schools, bubble gum, picture houses, Coney Island, Hollywood, proms, Long Island, picket fences, boardwalks, Baroque tonality, Wendy Carlos, Delia Derbyshire, Jeff Wayne, Westerns, sci fi, spaghetti western soundtracks, Encarta ’96: genuinely these are in my mind,” she explains. “I just think the idea of the monopoly the Encarta encyclopaedia had on knowledge is ridiculous in the context of the present day. I’m not ashamed to say it’s my muse.”

A few key happenings helped E.m.m.a. on her journey. Firstly by ’08 she became baffled by the lack of melody in bass music, though she connected strongly with a small cluster of purple synth experiments from Rustie, Starkey, Zomby and Joker. Secondly a guy called Adam heard her music at a party, and would then go on to encourage her production. His name was Adam Tinley, best known as Adamski. He in turn introduced her to Rebel MC and legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood, who now all live on the south coast. E.m.m.a. went down to visit. Adamski’s impact would be to empower her to write in strange time signatures, such as 3/4 on ‘Dream Phone VIP’. With Rebel MC she would collaborate with on ‘Jahovia’.” E.m.m.a’s sound was beginning to emerge.

A 12” of ‘Dream Phone’, a key contribution to Keysound’s flagship ‘This Is How We Roll’ compilation, a 7” of ‘Jahovia’ ft Rebel MC replete with a dub mix co-written with Wil from LV, not to mention her DJ debut at Fabric leads us to her debut album ‘Blue Gardens’ featuring an exquisite collaboration with Sully. It positions her at the forefront of the emerging new wave of 130 bpm producers and yet also as a highly individualistic fresh new talent for 2013.

01. Intro
02. Dream Phone VIP
03. Cherry Favour
04. Jahovia ft Rebel MC
05. Marina
06. Nostrum ft Sully
07. Green Light
08. Shoot The Curl
09. Mood Ring
10. At Sea
11. Outro

E.M.M.A. ‘Jahovia’ ft Rebel MC (Keysound Recordings)

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E.M.M.A. 'Jahovia' ft Rebel MC (Keysound Recordings)
Release date: 1st July 2013
Format: 7″ Vinyl / Digital
Following on from her contribution to the flagship “This Is How We Roll” compilation, E.M.M.A. makes her full debut for Keysound with the label’s first ever 7”.
It’s fitting that the occasion is marked by a collaboration with UK underground legend, Rebel MC, who’s best known for his ‘89 rave hit “Street Tuff” as part of Double Trouble (whose members included Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown) and his celebrated militant jungle productions as Congo Natty.
“Jahovia” is sun-kissed blend of peach synths and Rastafarian vibes; consistently catchy without ever revisiting one central hook. It weaves together ancient organic sound sources with modern inorganic FX.
On the flip finds the classic 7” “dub” mix format reconsidered by E.M.M.A. and Wil LV (Keysound/Hyperdub), deploying rolling, filtered vocal loops that provide a completely parallel, more linear sense of hook to the a-side. This is E.M.M.A.’s third release, following “Peridot” on “This Is How We Roll” and 2012’s “Dream Phone/Rainbow Dust pt II” 12” and suggests she has much more to say in 2013.

Keysound Allstars Vol 2 (Keysound Recordings) out May 27th

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Keysound Allstars Vol 2 (Keysound Recordings)

Release date: 27th May 2013

Format: 12” vinyl and digital
Cat No: LDN037

Building from the impact of their debut compilation “This Is How We Roll”, Keysound Recordings proudly present the second volume of their 12″ series “Keysound Allstars Volume 2”. Following on from where the compilation left off, the EP presents four fresh tracks from this emerging collection of new producers.

Leading off the EP is the first release on Keysound from Etch. Pitched somewhere between garage and dubstep, “Scatta” draws from the elastic b-lines of mid 90s jump up jungle, littered with touches of Metalheadz’ noir city-soundscapes. It looks backwards to go forward. Like  – but distinct from – Wen, Visionist and Beneath on Keysound before him, Etch has seemingly found a new dark flex to explore.

Equally looking one way to go another is Walton’s “Homage”, except this time the Hyperdub protege has found deadly deep subs in a different context: the skippy swung funk of 2step garage – with a deft nod to hardcore.

After his contributions to “This is how we roll”, Visionist returns to Keysound with perhaps his most developed creation, “From a Place”. Like much of his work, “From a…” rethinks grime from an increasingly abstracted position, blending noir textures with threatening vocal missives, only to litter it with traces of bitter-sweet melodies. The inclusion of a Visionist track on Kode9’s forthcoming Rinse FM mix CD suggests he’s moving in the right direction.

Finally the 12″ is concluded by a longtime Keysound fave, “Sunblazed” by Fresh Paul. Alongside track “Blaster” on “This Is How We Roll”, Fresh Paul shows a completely different take on grime to say, Visionist or Wen. Characterised by neon, synth-lead colour and ripples of emotional waves, Fresh Paul’s sound hints at the bright future that awaits him.

The 12″ is released on Keysound Recordings on May 27th.

A1 Etch ‘Scattah’
A2 Walton ‘Homage’
B1 Visionist ‘From a Place’
B2 Fresh Paul ‘Sunblazed’

LHF ‘Keepers Of The Light’ (Keysound Recordings)+Akashic Visions(Video)

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LHF ‘Keepers Of The Light’ (Keysound Recordings)
Release date: 2nd April 2012
Format: 2 x CD / Digital
Keysound Recordings announce the release of ‘Keepers Of The Light’, the long awaited debut album by LHF. The album follows and absorbs their three official Keysound releases to date: EP1 ‘Enter in Silence’, EP2 ‘The Line Path’ and EP3 ‘Cities of Technology’.

LHF – EP 3: Cities Of Technology(Keysound Recordings)

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LHF ‘EP 3: Cities Of Technology’ (Keysound Recordings)
Release date: 20th February 2012
Format: 12″ / Digital

“Are LHF dubstep’s great hopes? The shadowy London collective could well be the most interesting artists to emerge in the genre for several years, and on February 20 they’ll release their third EP, Cities of Technlogy, for Keysound. Next up, apparently, is the group’s debut album; until then, enjoy this piece of typically sample-heavy ruffage from Cities, its opening track ‘Supreme Architecture’.”Fact (listen)