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Denis A -Universe part 2 incl.Celestial Rhythm (King Unique Remix)(preview)

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Denis A
1. Toliman
2. Celestial Rhythm (King Unique Remix)
(DAR) DAR023
Made in Russia
Mastered by Robert Babicz
12” Vinyl / Digital
Release: Vinyl 30/05/11 Beatport 13/06/11 General 11/07/11

Because its hard to keep this one under wraps any longer, here’s your exclusive preview of the highly anticipated ‘Part 2’ of the ‘Universe’ series from Moscow’s Denis A and his DAR label, featuring the dark-edged uplifting, brand new track ‘Toliman’ and a big room monster remix of ‘Celestial Rhythm’ by none-other than the mighty King Unique.

The brooding menace juxtaposed with melodic flourishes on ‘Toliman’ once agin show that Denis A is a producer whose undoubted skills are growing with each and every track he creates. If you haven’t already checked out ‘Universe Part 1’ (DAR022) featuring the energetic percussive intro of ‘Universe’ that builds through lush layers of melody to a grand finale, you are missing out, Denis A’s ability to produce brooding, uplifting music is turning heads worldwide. Here, ‘Toliman’ is another piece in the creative jigsaw.

Bigger than big! Larger than large! King Unique has produced a massive remix of Denis A’s ‘Celestial Rhythm’ (the original version appears on DAR022) in true KU style. Matt Thomas (aka King Unique) returned to centre stage in 2010 with a ‘cosmic techno’ sound pressing all the right melodic & psychedelic buttons and some retro-techno goodness, which found its way into the record boxes and hard-drives of DJs across the board worldwide. He kicked off his tenth year at the forefront of the British house scene with a new direction, walking the fine line that prevails between techno, house and progressive. His mega big room interpretation of ‘Celestial Rhythm’ here is undoubtedly destined for greatness.

Denis A’s ‘Celestial Rhythm’ (which appears on DAR022) takes things deeper and introduces a more melancholy atmosphere with what is becoming an emotionally charged signature by this highly creative Russian producer. Make sure you check out all this magical music from Moscow now!

Check Universe Part 1

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Ian O’Donovan – Aurora Borealis (Bed90)+ download Mix for Transitions with John Digweed on Proton Radio 11/06/2010

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Ian O’Donovan
A1 – Aurora Borealis
B1 – Horizons
B2 – Indigo Eyes
(Bedrock) Bed90

John Digweed’s Bedrock label continues its inexorable rise with yet another stunning release to follow big tunes by King Unique, Cristian Varela and Quivver. This next release showcases some great uplifting techno from one of Ireland’s fastest rising stars, Ian O’Donovan.

“Aurora Borealis” is a massive track, which is already getting big plays from Laurent Garnier, but “Horizons” and “Indigo Eyes” are also very exciting productions from this very talented young man, that shouldn’t be ignored.

After spending much of his youth listening to various styles of music, Ian came across the world of underground electronic music. It was so refreshing and different to all the formatted songs and “cheesy” dance tracks of the time, he quickly began to immerse himself in this music and the scene itself. Influenced by artists such as Steve Rachmad, Underground Resistance, Technasia and DJs like Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills and DJ Hell, Ian began DJing and seeking out the records that would go on to play an important part in defining his sound.

It wasn’t until he moved to Australia in 2005, that he began to create his own tracks, slowly teaching himself and developing his sound. After nearly four years living in Oz, Ian decided to return to Ireland in 2009 and focus more of his attention on making music, determined to help break the cycle of the boring, soulless “minimal” fad that had dominated house and techno in previous years.

With early support on many of his tracks from the likes of Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Dave Clarke, Anderson Noise, Hernan Cattaneo, Psycatron and more, the future looks bright for Ian with hot releases on Hype Muzik as well as John Digweed’s Bedrock Records.

Download Ian O’Donovan – Mix for Transitions with John Digweed on Proton Radio 11/06/2010

Marc Romboy & Rodriguez Jr. – Lac De Nivelles [Systematic]
Deetron & Seth Troxler – Each Step (Acapella) [Circus Company]
Darko Esser – Zuurkool (Chymera Old School Mix) [Wolfskuil]
Ian O’Donovan – Horizons [Bedrock]
Vince Watson – A Very Different World (Funk D’Void Remix) [Bio]
Ian O’Donovan – Aurora Borealis [Bedrock]
Francois Dubois – Tenori (Vince Watson Remix) [Urban Torque]
Till Kruger – Wrong Shirt [200]
Carl Craig – At Les (Christian Smith’s Tronic Treatment) [Tronic]
Madben – F… Track (The Soul Of Orleans Mix) [Unsigned]
Ian O’Donovan – Solaris [Hype Muzik]
Solomun – Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur Instrumental Mix) [Diynamic]
Martin Luther King – Mountain Top Speech (Extract)

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John Digweed – Structures (2xCD+DVD) (Bedrock)

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John Digweed – ‘Structures’ (Bedrock Records)
CD1 & CD2 – compiled and mixed by John Digweed
+ Bonus DVD – ‘Eye Of The Storm’ Documentary by Pablo Casacuberta
+ ‘John Digweed Live at the Vagabond’ + Slideshow & Extras
released 12th July 2010

2010 is proving to be a fantastic year for music and a great year for the ever-impressive Bedrock Records. For his latest album venture, ‘Structures’, John Digweed has selected an exceptional 33 tracks, bringing together the latest Bedrock single releases and a plethora of unreleased, exclusive tracks and remixed tracks from ‘Bedrock Eleven’, all mixed together to perfection the man himself.

The totally tuned-in, turned-on, forward thinking mix across 2xCDs, not only features the amazing music of big guns like Cristian Varela, Guy J, Christian Smith, Quivver, King Unique, Nick Warren, Mutant Clan, John Digweed & Nick Muir, but also showcases the label’s desire to push forward the rising stars of the future. A glance through the tracklist reveals the impressive talents of Rowdent, Dimitri Nakov, Marc Marzenit, Ian O`Donovan, Sian, Luis Junior and many more. The additional bonus of featuring some of the best remix work from Nic Fanciulli, Pete Heller, Psycatron and more, only confirms that John Digweed has his finger firmly on the pulse of the electronic dance scene in 2010. It’s an international showcase from this influential label that is hard to beat.

‘Structures’ is further enhanced by the inclusion of a bonus DVD featuring ‘Eye Of The Storm’, a visual masterpiece documentary, filmed on John’s last tour of South America by Pablo Casacuberta ( ). His exceptional creativity assumes that the viewing audience has a certain awareness of John Digweed’s “public persona” and hence seeks to take a glimpse his inner life, thinking processes and his imagination using visual metaphors that can illustrate them in a graphic way. It’s an approach that reinvigorates the somewhat formulaic music documentary genre, and takes it to another enthralling level. NB – You can get a further insight into the making of this documentary as Pablo Casacuberta discusses his artistic approach, below.

It seems amazing that through such an illustrious career so far, John Digweed has never had a live DJ mix made commercially available! But, ‘John Digweed Live at the Vagabond’, recorded live at the 9th Annual Bedrock/Creations Party at Vagabond Miami 27th March 2010, included here on the ‘Structures’ bonus DVD is yet another musical milestone. It’s a live mix complete with slideshow that captures the essence of this amazing Bedrock party for posterity.
’Structures’ is released 12th July 2010 on Bedrock Records.

CD 1 *New unreleased
1. Luis Junior – Colache – Sometimes Mix*
2. Alex Dolby & Santos – Babylon – John Daly Remix*
3. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is*
4. Mutant Clan – On and Amp – Vincenzo Remix*
5. Alex Dolby & Santos – No Walls – Maher Daniel Remix*
6. Dirty Mongrel – Cream – Wiretappeur Remix*
7. King Roc & Dimitri Nakov – Alameda Jau Dub*
8. Cristian Verela – Colmedream
9. Rowdent – Put It To Bed*
10. Quivver – Boom Boom
11. Cristian Verela – Perras A Tutti
12. King Unique – 2000000 Dubs*
13. King Unique – 2000000 Suns – John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix
14. Quivver – In Your Boat

CD 2 *New unreleased
1. Nick Warren – In Search Of Silver – Structures Edit*
2. Guy J – Esperanza – Umbral Aguir Remix*
3. Marc Marzenit – Unexpiritualized – Pete Heller Remix*
4. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Meteor – Beats*
5. Ian O`Donovan – Aurora Borealis 6. Marco Bailey – Jungle Laps – John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix*
7. Marc Marzenit – Neo Galaxy*
8. Saints and Sinners – Pushin’ Too Hard – Nic Fanciulli Remix
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Tangent – Marco Bailey Remix*
10. Christian Smith – Flyertalk – Wehbba Remix*
11. Mutant Clan – Persuader – Psycatron Remix*
12. Cristian Verela – Etiam
13. Sian – Dreams Are Maps*
14. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Rayavadee
15. King Unique – Feniksas
16. Luis Junior – BG – Beats*
17. Erphun & Thee O – Collusion*
18. Guy J – Esperanza – Sistema Remix*
19. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Satellite – EFX*

+ BONUS DVD‘Eye Of The Storm’ – Documentary by Pablo Casacuberta + ‘John Digweed – Live at the Vagabond’. Recorded at the Bedrock/Creations Party at Vagabond Miami 27th March 2010 + Slideshow + Documentary Slideshow + Vagabond slideshow + Bedrock Artwork Slideshow

Pablo Casacuberta talks about his ‘Eye Of The Storm’ documentary on the ‘Structures’ bonus DVD.

I started to work with musicians about twenty years ago. I was raised in a family where everyone else was a musician except me, so somehow I got used to create images following the same approach that I would use to compose music. I try to concentrate in the emotions, in the atmosphere, and to convey a sense of inner journey.

Generally, when I’m asked to direct a documentary or an interview in which the subject is a well-known musician or performer, I think that the audience already knows how the artist looks on stage, or has a certain awareness of their “public persona”. Probably because of that, it always felt more interesting to me to show a glimpse of their inner life, their thinking processes and their imagination. These are aspects of their artistic work that are not necessarily evident when they are on stage, and that can only be accessed by capturing them out of the contexts in which we are used to see them.

For that reason, when I have the chance to follow an artist for a while, I try to visualize which are those aspects of his or her personality are harder to grasp in a first glimpse, and I try then to find visual metaphors that could illustrate them in a graphic way. I want the images to tell us something we didn’t know before, so I try to convey the idea that those images we present in the documentary are like snapshots of the artist’s mental life. To do so, I have to work out those images by having conversations about how they feel, what was their history and their background. And then I try to dismantle all preconceived ideas related to their work. I somehow try to present them to the audience as if we hadn’t seen them ever before.

Working with John Digweed was a very rare opportunity, because he is an artist that doesn’t fit the general preconceptions that apply to some DJs. He doesn’t play any gimmick on stage. He is not distant, but he doesn’t pretend that he is in a state of exhilaration either. His performance is entirely about the music. It looks like choosing the right track for the right moment and for a particular crowd is for him an utter act of kindness. He is generous but patient. Popular but somehow mysterious. Both light and dark. He is central to what is happening but at the same time he is mostly away from the limelight. He likes to think of himself as somebody that can keep calm and quiet right in the eye of the storm, but also is capable to react quickly and unpredictably. For all those reasons, there was a huge space to explore his character in visual terms. I wanted to relate his interviews to images that were both very graphic and very abstract, so we could make it feel like they represent exactly what goes on in his mind. Trying to portray that sense of departure, we choose as a backdrop for the whole documentary one of his numerous tours to South America. It seemed to me that showing him walking around Rìo de Janeiro or jamming with local drummers in the streets of Montevideo would show the kind of experiences that show very vividly how far his journey has taken him. But also I wanted to depict his celebrated patience, his sense of timing and his observational abilities. And the only way to do so was through sequences that were mostly poetic. So, instead of just following him around, we also placed him in strange, almost imaginary settings, in which his adaptive and curious nature could flourish.

I’m very pleased with the results. My favourite outcome, when I shoot a series of interviews like the ones included in “Eye Of The Storm”, is when not only the audience sees the artist under a new light, but when the artist himself discovers angles and images that he finds unexpectedly accurate as a depiction of his state of mind. John was extremely collaborative, enthusiastic and humble, and went though the whole experience with a joyful sense of discovery. I hope that the final cut, however experimental, may allow his fans to feel that they have had a personal chat with him, and that by doing so they know him better.

Pablo Casacuberta

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King Unique Bootlegs & Secret Weapons +Free Download Silicone Shelter

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If you listened to Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 on Friday night you will have heard him make a very special announcement…
Thanks to Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot and of course the The xx for giving this the go ahead, the amazing “SILICONE SHELTER” (KING UNIQUE BOOTLEG MIX) can now be downloaded as a full quality 320mp3 for FREE at
or download below from Soundcloud.
Matt Thomas (aka King Unique) came up with this very cheeky idea while planning a few secret weapon edits. 2hrs of fiddling later he arrived at something that was so wrong it was right! This is HUGE!!! You may have heard it recently being played by Tong, Tiesto, and on John Digweed’s Transitions radio show, so grab it now, before its too late!
Matt has also put a whole raft of KU bootlegs past & present from the archives on to Soundcloud. :
There’s ten KU bootlegs on there including the brand new “Fatale Feeling” bootleg that Sasha & Digweed dropped at their WMC yacht party. Original tracks are Layo & Bushwacka “Femme Fatale” and Shit Robot “I Gotta Feeling”. None of these are available for download (yet…) but you can stream them and get excited!
You can check them here and Download Silicon Shelter

King Unique Bootlegs & Secret Weapons by King Unique

NEW KING UNIQUE SINGLE COMING ON BEDROCK 2 Million Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)/ Feniksas (Fergie Remix)
+Much More Check HERE

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King Unique-2 Million Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)/Feniksas (Fergie Remix) on Bedrock(Preview) +April Chart

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Bedrock – Bed86R
Release: 03 May 2010
1. 2 Million Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
2. Feniksas (Fergie Remix)

Bigger than big! Larger than large! Here are 2 massive remixes of King Unique’s recent chart topping single ‘2 Million Suns’/’Feniksas’. People are screaming to get hold of these remixes, so you’re very lucky to get them first here!
After the massive success of the original King Unique versions, Bedrock returns with a huge remix package featuring remixes from John Digweed & Nick Muir, along with Fergie. Already causing a stir from the parties at WMC and with John Digweed’s Easter Bedrock party, this is set to be another stellar release from the label that is going from strength to strength in 2010.
The mighty King Unique returned to centre stage is March 2010 with a ‘cosmic techno’ sound pressing all the right melodic & psychedelic buttons and some retro-techno goodness, which found its way into the record boxes and hard-drives of DJs across the board worldwide.
Matt Thomas (aka King Unique) kicked off his tenth year at the forefront of the British house scene with a new direction, walking the fine line that prevails between techno, house and progressive. KU’s self-dubbed ‘cosmic techno’ sound has found it’s perfect home on a favourite label – John Digweed’s Bedrock.
Now Matt’s original versions are expanded upon with two mega big room interpretations. John Digweed & Nick Muir’s rocket-fuelled remix of ‘2 Million Suns’ features a very BIG finale. Insane! No less impressive is Fergie’s irrepressible energetic remix of ‘Feniksas’. Slamming! Enjoy!

Thanks to our Friends from UKF PR we have this two massive tracks,remixes for streaming,listen via soundcloud and preorder at your record store or HERE

King Unique -2 Million Suns (John Digweed + Nick Muir Remix) Bed86R Short Edit by extramusicnew

King Unique Feniksas (Fergie Remix) Bed86R Short Edit by extramusicnew

The King Unique ‘KU Broadcast’ mix series is stuff of legend, with each instalment being snapped up by the best radio shows, podcasts and websites around the world whenever they appear. These cult radio mixes consist of one hour of all that is latest and greatest in the underground electronic scene – re-edited, remixed, dubbed out, chopped up, chewed thoroughly, and spat out by King Unique at his most inventive. We recommend you sign up for your broadcast now! Get in touch asap if you would like to use this mix?
KING UNIQUE – KU Broadcast 16 – April 2010

KING UNIQUE – APRIL CHART – ten tunes in no particular order
Marc Marzenit – “Tulku” Cocoon
Marc on Cocoon. Schumacher in a Ferrari. Fish and chips. Enough said.
King Unique – “2000000 Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)” Bedrock
When I asked John to remix 2000000 I knew it would be good – but this is spectacular. Eerie make-you-wait’ vibe that suddenly delivers you into a very loud dark place.
Spada – “Happiness” Manual Music
Huge mad record alert. Fucked-up autistic Border Community-does-donk vibes, like a Justice remix of the Pacman theme.
Mike Sheridan & Mads Langer – “Too Close (Sei A Remix)” R&S
Scandinavian emo-vocal business, given a superb, rich remix from Sei A. Echoes of Boratto and Âme in there, love it.
Triangle – “Five (King Unique Remix)” Flow Vinyl
Just wrapped this one, blissed out vocals and cosmic techno vibes. Leaked a little video clip from this session onto Facebook – big reactions.
Ante Perry & Olivier Gregoire – “Zmaul” Systematic
Anything with Olivier Gregoire involved gets my instant attention, and “Zmaul” has become my first choice set-starter. Doesn’t matter what the dj before has been playing, it resets the night and gets everybody moving and smiling.
Danny Howells vs. Solomun – “Cloud Planets (King Unique Bootleg)” CDR
A big dose of Danny’s serene “Landing On Planets” layered and cut over the Manual Tur remix of Solomun’s “Cloud Dancer”. Goosebump music.
Chemical Brothers – “Lost & Found” Parlophone
The Brothers continue their psychedelic love affair with all things electronic, piggy-backing their blissed out arpeggios on to grungey French electro. Worthy of Soulwax at their messiest.
Steve Ward – “Invisible Papercut (Jamie Stevens Rites Of Passage Remix)” Chameleon Recordings
Crushing, crunching techno beats from Australia’s greatest skinny-tie wearing tech-house don. Something almost industrial going on here that I like.
Rodriguez Jr Vs Marc Romboy “Lac De Nivelles” Systematic
Two of techno’s finest and one moody lake – result. Great summer evening vibes, but the sort of evening that promises to get horribly strange later on…