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Arkist & Komonazmuk – Outbreak / Until Next Time – 12″ Vinyl(ISP005)(preview)

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Ever-versatile, Komonazmuk has seen varied releases on labels including Combat Recordings and Apple Pips, as well as a number of legendary remixes alongside Appleblim, including Brian Eno and Bonobo. His hotly anticipated album is due out on H.E.N.C.H in 2011. Arkist is a fresh face with a fresh sound straight out of Bristol’s creative melting-pot. Newly released from beneath the mentoring wings of Komonazmuk and Appleblim, his slick productions have already been slated for release on DecaRhythm, Apple Pips and Subdepth Records. A. Arkist & Komonazmuk – ‘Outbreak’ – Is it a bird, is it a plane? Arkist & Komonazmuk’s collaborative effort sticks to ISP’s ‘it’s-impossible-to-pin-down’ mantra, dipping its beak into the waters of electro, robo-funk, dubstep… possibly even harking back to a long-forgotten time when breakbeat was interesting. Straight up, no messing, ‘Outbreak’ comes with its weighty, synthesised beats from the go. After the drop the bassline strolls along playfully below a mirror of the same in light-footed melody. Around the halfway mark the ghosts of former rave stabs and an acid synth line add to an already eclectic sound. Watch out for the growling switch-up in the second drop. DJ support from: Appleblim, the Foreign Beggars, HENCH, Maryanne Hobbs etc AA. Arkist – ‘Until Next Time’ – The spikey breakbeats and spliced vocals of the intro give little warning of the rich sonics and warm compression of the track that follows the drop. It’s dubstep Jim, but not as we know it… not a wobble in sight but smooth sub-bass pulses position this track firmly on the dancefloor, while a fluid, saturdated melody and glistening top end show exactly why Arkist’s production standards have been turning heads in the scene recently. Never one to sit back and ride the loop, ‘Until Next Time’ is no different, with Arkist repeatedly shifting through gears of sub-heavy groove. If Ibiza was built for bass-heads, this track would be wearing the needles out at the Cafe del Mar. DJ Support from: Scuba, Headhunter, Appleblim etc.

Listen to sample of Outbreak / Until Next Time

A Arkist & Komonazmuk – Outbreak
AA Arkist – Until Next Time


Juno Dubstep 26 podcast

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Buy all tracks here or click on tracks


1. Sigha: Shake – Hotflush

2. Sexy Space Mother – Subdepth

3. Von D: Bon (Blasta remix) – Argon

4. Jools: Summa – Digital Jools

5. Headhunter: Hocus Pocus – Deca Rhythm

6. Joe: Claptrap – Hessle Audio

7. Altimeter: Vee – Pretty Neat

8. Actraiser: Lone Wolf – Haunted Audio

9. Komonazmuk: Dance Too – Apple Pips

10. Turbofresh: Gypsy Shank – Lick The Wrap

Free Appleblim mix Live

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Free mix from Appleblim to promote the upcoming FWD/Rinse takeover of matter on April 30.

 The Bristol-based producer co-runs Skull Disco with Shackleton, and in the past 12 months has shown the breadth of his musical tastes with remixes which touch on dubstep, deep house, techno and 90s-style garage, alongside production buddies Komonazmuk and Al Tourettes.

The set was recorded live at matter on Friday 29th January 2010.

You can download or stream it right here.

You can buy tickets for FWD>> + Rinse at matter on April 30th here.