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Around7 Soul On Wire LP

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around7Release Date: 25th Oct 2013
Around7 follows up his 7 track mini-album debut ‘Back To Basics’ from March, with the full length ‘Soul On Wire LP’.  The album features 17 tracks of the laid-back jazz, hip hop and broken beats that found him so many fans last time around.  Once again, the album is released on Robsoul Jazz, an offshoot of the well-established Robsoul Recordings house label run by Phil Weeks, and treats the art of sampling as it’s mantra.  Hip Hop influences such as J Dilla and DJ Premier are in heavy evidence, alongside the jazz of Miles Davis, Bill Evans and the legendary Blue Note Records. The ‘Soul On Wire LP’ will be released as a two part vinyl set, followed by the full digital album.

Around7 states that, “The aim of the tracks is to sound acoustic through the use of the jazz samples, but underpinned by rough old school hip hop beats.  The sample usually forms the starting point for each track.  Increasingly, I like to edit the track in a natural feeling – I think this the part that jazz has in my music, improvising with samples like a musician with his instrument.”

Hailing from ParisAround7’s music career began as a bassist and trumpet player in a jazz/funk band.  After learning to play keyboard and discovering the Akai MPC sampler and software such as Cubase, he merged all of his skills together to create his own tracks based around live instrumentation and samples.

Planet Mu to Release Tropics’ LP Parodia Flare

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Planet Mu to Release Tropics’ LP Parodia Flare
(Sept. 20, 2011)

Music in the purest, simplest form possible, offering you the chance to feel every emotion at once.” – FACT Magazine
One of the more warm and tender producers to grace Planet Mu’s extensive roster” – XLR8R

Tropics is Chris Ward, a British producer and multi-instrumentalist in his early 20s who came to our attention last year. During the time we signed and released his first single ‘Soft Vision’, his early unreleased tracks and remixes were being given attention from the likes of Pitchfork and others, so we knew we were onto something special.

Since that time things have moved on. He’s released two singles and the synth-pop of his early tracks has evolved into a more substantial and personal sound on this, his debut album. ‘Parodia Flare’ features Chris as a multi-instrumental auteur, playing drums, guitar, and a range of synths and electronic boxes, as well as singing on these songs.

Coming from a family where music was always played, it made sense as a musician for Chris to act almost as a conduit by wiring the sounds he enjoyed growing up with into his own creations. The music he makes weaves vintage sounds, the Rhodes keyboard (an instrument associated with Jazz fusion sits central to the songs on this album), alongside banks of old synths, software and guitars, live drums and electric bass. Tropics is a suitable name for Chris’s music as each song is like a warm analogue jungle of sounds, drawn into focus by Chris’ naive singing voice and his knack for a lush melody. Given that the album was recorded in a walk-in wardrobe at his house, the steamy heat that the album gives off is a testament to his imagination.

The opening short ‘Navajo’ sets the scene with atmospheric clouds of reverbed chords and electric guitar, quickly followed by recent single ‘Mouves’ with its gently sung verses disappearing into clouds of echoey Rhodes chords and floating synths with low-slung New Order-esque bass and soft drums keeping the track in shape.

Next up ‘Parodia Flare’ majestically stretches shimmering keyboard tones and a light guitar over a tight bass and drums, gently teasing out the serene atmosphere. ‘Going Back’ features a keyboard refrain borrowed from a 70’s jazz fusion track, with a low bass and Chris snowy voice cutting through the middle of phased guitars.

‘Wear Out’ is the morning after, sounding like an exhausted take on late period Beatles, with a lolloping drum beat and horns that sound like they’re drunk, interrupted by shimmering marimbas while cold keys screech in the background.

‘Celebrate’, revised for the album, is a vortex of aerial dub, with echoes and reverbs layering and looping over a very minimal drum and sub-bass, the whole track moving in glorious slow motion.

‘Figures’, meanwhile, delicately projects Chris’s whispered vocals onto a chord borrowed from late 80s Detroit techno, inside a chilly electronic atmosphere that gradually breaks into an 80’s electro funk bassline.

‘Telassar’ is a soft focus 80s synth epic, while ‘Playgrounds’ is more upbeat, with lyrics remembering the past. ‘After Visiting’ is made out of a strange airy atmosphere, full of tiny dropped-in details and smudged synths stretched over minimal drum pads borrowed from dubstep, while ‘Sapphire’ is based around a repeating piano refrain, guitar, sax and vocals.

Final track ‘On The Move’ sounds like prime Chicago post rock but with the Mizell brothers on production, it’s musical mixture that tidily bookends the album.
Parodia Flare Tracklist

Dosem- Parallel album (2xCD) (Sino)

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Artist: DOSEM
Title: PARALLEL(Album)
Label: SINO
Formats: 2xCD, 2×12″ and Digital
Release: Worldwide June 6th 2011



01- Look What You Did (Intro)
02- Silent Drop (Album Mix)
03- Dabasics
04- Diagonal
05- Analog (Interlude)
06- True Elements (Feat. Louder Bays)
07- Esnite
08- Tannhauser Gate
09- Same Process
10- Origins (Interlude)
11- 146
12- Beyond you
13- Beach Kisses (Album Mix)
14- Secret Place (Interlude)
15- Not afraid to jump
16- Costa Brava
17- Eclipse (Interlude)
18- Parallel Fate
19- Too much Cyberpunk
20- Broken Cities (Interlude)
21- Together
22- All that wasted love (Outro)


01- 146
02- From Girona
03- Six Hours
04- After The Drop
05- Distant Playgrounds
06- Children Of Yesterday
07- Your Skin
08- Changes
09- I Will Let
10- Questions
11- Maulenia
12- Vertex
13- My Secret
14- Early Reflections
15- Hero

Parallel is the bold debut album from rising star Dosem. The Catalan producer behind such hits as ‘Silent Drop’ and the sexy smash ‘Beach Kisses’ unveils his futuristic vision on a double album comprised of ‘Dosem’ and ‘Sendo’, that take listeners from Girona’s sultry shores to the throbbing heart of the world’s best dancefloors.

Officially four years in the making, Parallel is the product of a fascination with sound that stretches back to Dosem’s childhood, when he tried to capture in music the images of his favourite sci-fi films. Though his methods have matured there is a boyish sense of wonder that echoes through the album. A sense of joy and discovery underpins the glistening melodies of Parallel, taking listeners on a trip through wondrous realms of time, space and emotion.

Part one, ‘Dosem’, draws on past and present to project the listener into the future: a future where delicate yet propulsive techno tunes like ‘Tannhauser Gate’ and ‘Silent Drop’ sidle up and stir the dancefloor with a synth-plated swizzle stick. Like much of the finest electronic music of recent times, Parallel moves beyond the stereotype of machine music and boldly reclaims the heart and soul of techno. Standout track ‘True Elements’ is a textbook example, marrying a glorious female vocal to a sharp, clean almost stark skeleton of purist electronica. Elsewhere, Dosem delves into memory to recreate moments such as ‘Diagonal’ – a tuneful snapshot of a late-night walk along Barcelona’s famous Avinguda Diagonal with a girlfriend.

‘Sendo’ projects different elements of Dosem’s musical identity. It delivers a modern twist on classic-sounding ambient electronica with tracks such as the Balearic-tinged ‘Distant Playgrounds’ and fuzzily sensual offering ‘Your Skin’. Other highlights include the euphoric optimism of ‘I Will Let’ and the slinky eastern atmospherics of ‘Children of Yesterday’.

Despite the panoply of moods and sounds there is a consistent thread of emotion that runs through Parallel, drawing its listeners into a world of vision and memories. “Every track talks about a moment, a memory, or a special person,” Dosem explains. “If you go deep into each track, you suddenly find little love stories inside.”

In addition to touring this summer, Dosem will draw fans further into a Parallel world with a series of cinematic shorts to accompany the album tracks. “I want people to experience the music through art,” he says, “Each video will be a representation of the track – a mirror image, if you will.”

(Written by Cila Warncke)

Concord Dawn “The Enemy Within” LP (RISECD03)+Forever (Official Music Video)

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Nestled within what old-world Englishmen would call The Antipodes, New Zealand is truly an exceptional place. Taking huge pride in their native musicians, radio stations are bound by law to give over a fixed percentage of airtime to New Zealand artists.

This results in a rather special situation for independent dance music producers, such as Auckland raised Matthew Harvey, a.k.a. Concord Dawn. With a level playing field underground genres like drum & bass have thrived in New Zealand, with producers being lumped in alongside traditional pop stars and rock bands.

It’s no overstatement to say that Concord Dawn is an institution in NZ, proven by the presales for ‘The Enemy Within’ on iTunes New Zealand which saw the album slot in at a rather healthy #2 just between Shihad (NZ’s biggest rock band) and Maroon 5.

Featuring a selection of guest appearances, from fellow NZ D&B dons Bulletproof and Cern, to ‘80s pop star Rikki Morris ‘The Enemy Within’ provides a rich tapestry of tastes and flavours across the drum & bass spectrum that will prove to be just as popular on the world stage as it is at home.

Concord Dawn
The Enemy Within

01 Forever Ft. Rikki Morris
02 Kingdom Of Fear
03 Move Ft. JDubs
04 Burn At The Stake Ft. Cern & Bulletproof
05 One And Only Ft. Rido
06 The Enemy Within Ft. Thomas Oliver
07 The Sum Of All Things Ft. Bulletproof
08 Easy Life Ft. Nina McSweeney
09 The Space Between Us
10 This Is All There Is
11 Coda Ft. Paul McLaney

Check out this great song:Eighties Meets Drum N Bass!Hope You Like It too!
We Have now Synth -Drum N Bass?!

Concord Dawn feat. Rikki Morris – Forever – Official Music Video

Utah Jazz Presents “Vintage” LP (5th July)+Preview

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After two globe-spanning years touring his remarkable debut LP ‘IT’S A JAZZ THING’, the DJ, producer and remixer extraordinaire returns this summer with his brand new record label and long-playing masterpiece: ‘VINTAGE’.

Joined by a host of stars – including multi-million selling Royksopp vocalist CHELONIS R JONES, drum & bass legend JONNY L (XL Recordings), Soul:R’s MC DRS and jungle dons the mighty RAGGA TWINS – this matchless funk alchemist is set to break new ground once again – and give dancefloors worldwide yet another premium injection of future-funking soul.

Throwaway D&B this is not. This is fine wine matured specially for the head and the feet: rich in spice, sass and soul. Forget the alco-pops and cheap vodka: Utah Jazz deals in VINTAGE.
And now, from the man responsible for some of the finest liquid-funk in drum & bass history, comes a brand new LP of original dancefloor gold…

Ten years deep into the music and still maturing – classic track by classic track – Utah Jazz is back with his finest crop to date.

Utah Jazz

01. Comfort Zone
02. Bring Back the Love feat. Version
03. Could You Handle It feat. DRS
04. Take No More
05. Bunny Boiler
06. Avoiding Puddles feat. Chelonis R Jones
07. Relaxation Interlude
08. Skyward Bound
09. Dreaming Remix feat. Jonny L
10. Enter The Jungle feat. The Ragga Twins
11. Angels Interlude
12. NRG ‘93 feat. BMK
13. Burnt Out
14. Existence

CDLP Released 5th July 2010.
The LP will preceeded by two LP sampler 12″s:

12” Album Sampler 1 (VTG 001)
A1. Take No More
B1. Bunny Boiler
B2. Skyward Bound

12” Album Sampler 2 (VTG 002)
A1. Comfort Zone
B1. NRG ‘93 feat. BMK
B2. Could You Handle It feat. DRS

If the Drum & Bass scene’s upper reaches have a reputation for maintaining their rigid hierarchy with all the ruthless efficiency of a Stalinist accounting firm, then Utah Jazz is most certainly the kid who cracked the code…” (iDJ)

X-amount of cast-iron jungle legends can’t be wrong – and they ain’t. When Utah Jazz waves his wand, D&B invari- ably swoons…” (iDJ)

A remarkable composer… this is Drum & Bass royalty in the making…” (Knowledge) | |

Klute “Music For Prophet” LP (Commercial Suicide)on 26th July

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Klute has announced his first album in 2 years titled ‘Music for Prophet’, on his own ‘Commercial Suicide’ imprint. As on his previous albums, Klute stays true to himself with another non-commercial, yet 100% dancefloor friendly longplayer that – just like his excellent dj sets – offers the right balance of musical tunes alongside some real heavy hitters.

That was after he was in a Hardcore Punk band when he was a kid – in the 80′s, called The Stupid. They were really good at first too, but then got boring and fell apart, not after some juicy ego clashes. Anyway, Klute – Tom Withers, started back in 1994, i think when he was asked for a name to keep exclusive to Certificate 18 records when they agreed on 2 tracks to be his first single. It was there he stayed until 2000 when he delivered his 2nd final album for Cert 18 called Fear Of People. At this point in time Tom decided to make a change and realising no one else was interested in releasing his music decided to set up his own label.

With his own platform set up he realized anything was possible, he could even release music by other idiots. Which he did. Perhaps too much. An interesting fact no one knows about Tom Klute is that he is the world’s leading composer of Airport music. Most of you who’ve travelled the friendly skys will have unknowingly heard his works at one time or another. Now we come to 2010 and Klute is ready for fucking more, and more it is with his 6th album “Music for Prophet”.

All of Klute’s previous albums have been released to critical acclaim and this one will not stand behind, showing that Klute’s consistency as an artist reaches into 2010 and beyond. The album which also features a collaboration with Dom & Roland will be released as triple coloured vinyl, 2 X CD and Digital download. The additional CD & digital download package promises bonus material including techno tracks.

Music For Prophet

CD1 01 Klute – Knowing How To Get There *
CD1 02 Klute – Will You Still Love Me? *
CD1 03 Klute – Media
CD1 04 Klute – Strange Dinner *
CD1 05 Klute – Fool’s Love *
CD1 06 Klute – Interlude 1 3_1
CD1 07 Klute – Autumn Stone
CD1 08 Klute – Blackpony
CD1 09 Klute – Make It Stop *
CD1 10 Klute – Buy More Now (with Dom & Roland) *
CD1 11 Klute – Ashram
CD1 12 Klute – Always Dreaming
CD2 01 Klute – Hypocrite
CD2 02 Klute – Giv A Lil Luv
CD2 03 Klute – No Mistake
CD2 04 Klute – Avoiding People
CD2 05 Klute – Melt
CD2 06 Klute – Because You Can
CD2 07 Klute – Pancakes
CD2 08 Klute – 3rd Patch
CD2 09 Klute – Bleeding Sun
CD2 10 Klute – Son Of Sam

* Also featured on the 3×12″ Coloured Vinyl pack (SUICIDELP008).

All formats due for release on 26th July 2010.

Klute Tour dates:
11/06/2010    @ Sydney, Australia
12/06/2010    @ Rise Nightclub, Perth,  Australia
17/06/2010    @ Beat It (Flex Club), Vienna, Austria
18/06/2010    @ Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
19/06/2010    @ Bar Of Pernicious Habits, Moscow, Russia
24/06/2010    @ Star Warz (Vooruit), Ghent, Belgium
26/06/2010    @ Renegade Hardware (Area), London, UK
02/07/2010    @ Hospitality (Matter), London, UK
09/07/2010    @ Dissident (Black Swan), Bristol, UK
10/07/2010    @ We Fear Silence pres. Metalheadz (Cable), London, UK
24/07/2010    @ Lost in Nature 8 (open air), Birmensdorf, Switzerland



Watch Klute & Dom & Roland on D&BTV: