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Luke Slater releases album as L.B. Dub Corp on Ostgut Ton

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L.B.DUB CORP - UNKNOWN ORIGINOstgut Ton presents “Unknown Origin” the debut album from Luke Slater’s L.B. Dub Corp moniker. The ten tracks recorded at Spacestation Ø form a hymnal intent on transporting you back to the roots. Digging deep into the history of dance music, “Unknown Origin” dares to ask the big questions and offers no easy answers. Instead, deep spiritual dubs are side- by-side with slices of piano house, and handsome slabs of techno contrast with the words of the silver- tongued poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

In L.B. Dub Corp’s capable hands this examination of what has gone before is in absolutely no way nostalgic. These are tracks informed by the past and rooted firmly in the present. The euphoric early days of house make themselves apparent on “Turner’s House” and the jubilant “Nearly Africa”. They are also the key to the building piano line on “Ever and Forever”. But house’s ability to sooth a mournful soul is far from forgotten and “No Trouble in Paradise” should be kept close when everything’s far from blissful.

Artist L.B. Dub Corp
Title Unknown Origin
Label OstGut Ton
Release Date 11-Nov-2013
Format Vinyl, CD & Digital

Tracklist CD

01. Take a Ride feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
02. Nearly Africa
03. Ever and Forever
04. L.B’s Dub
05. No Trouble in Paradise
06. I Have a Dream feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
07. Turner’s House
08. Generation To Generation
09. Any time will be OK
10. Roller feat. Function


Planetary Assault Systems- Function 4 (Remixes Episode 2 )

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Mote030 is the second remix package to reinterpret Planetary Assault Systems’ seminal record ‘Function 4’. Originally released on the influential Peacefrog label in 2000, Luke Slater now hosts ‘Function 4’ on his Mote-Evolver imprint and invites three of the finest minds in electronic music to tease the original apart and reconfigure it anew: Lucy, Marcel Dettmann and Shifted.

Lucy opens the record with a structural re-imagination of ‘Function 4’ where the beats become broken and the layers dense. Amid hisses and snarls Lucy skilfully reweights the elements and splinters the vocal, giving rise to a stunning, hypnotic atmosphere.

Marcel Dettmann, who appeared on the first episode of the remix package, is back with a new agenda. His ‘Base Dub Remix’ revels in swung beats, taking the material and submerging it into a space that is deep and aqueous, with euphoric results.

In Shifted’s hands ‘Function 4’ becomes galvanised. Shifted takes it hard, ratcheting the pace up-a-gear and accelerating into industrial terrain. Persistent and pernicious, this track sounds less like it was made by human hands and more like the product of a complex industrial process.

The record closes with Lucy once again rethinking ‘Function 4’. He mines the twisted beats of the original and moves them into hybrid dub territory. And in spite of the pounding bass line, the track manages to reach out into the realms of ecstatic ambience.

This package sees Lucy, Marcel Dettmann and Shifted highlighting the disparate facets of ‘Function 4’. The EP contains industrial, broken beat, dub and ambient elements; a multiplicity of ideas to move not just the body but also to provoke the mind.

LABEL Mote Evolver
ARTIST Planetary Assault Systems
REMIXERS Lucy,Marcel Dettmann,Shifted
TITLE Function 4 – Remixes Episode 2
RELEASE 9th July 2012