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London Electronic presents Nicolas Jaar Live (Wed 30th Mar)

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Line Up
Nicolas Jaar (Live)
Date: Wed 30th Mar, 2011
Time: 8pm – 1am
Location: Fabric, 77A Charterhouse St City of London EC1M 3HN
Price: Tickets £10 – £12.50

It’s hard to be sure what has made Nicolas Jaar stir up more excitement than most producers over the past decade, but he certainly eclipses the concept of true musicianship and embodies a pure spirit of the unexpected.
In the past year Resident Advisor voted his as no 2 live sets of the year and praise has poured in from the likes of The Guardian (“One feels drawn into a fully-formed, self-contained world of his making”), Dazed & Confused (“Nicolas Jaar has achieved something that few electronic musicians have achieved before – bringing geeky techno fiends, jazz lovers and chav ravers into an unholy union”) and his debut artist album was recently awarded album of the month in DJ mag and Mojo Electronica.
The 21 year old Ivy League student has now graduated – at least from the trappings of any young electronic music producer (his graduation from Brown University is 18 months away) and his solo live show has evolved into a full instrumental band. London Electronic is pleased to announce the debut UK show for this new outfit on Wednesday 30th March at the country’s finest venue, fabric. London Electronic is a new formula aspiring to bring electronic music onto the mainstream stage, away from the weekend and in a new live setting. Staging irregular events through the year at fabric, the institution for quality and pioneering sound, London Electronic reaches out to people who truly care about music.
Few are the producers of any age with the cohones to ride a sub-100-bpm tempo at peak time in the techno mecca of Berlin, and fewer still are those who receive an ecstatic hands-in-the-air response for their precocious efforts. It is precisely this sense of risk that elevates Nicolas Jaar beyond the realm of crossover dance music oddity, defying categorisation and captivating audiences at every turn.
Four years after his debut on the Brooklyn boutique label Wolf + Lamb, and the much lauded follow up ‘A Time for Us’, who’s glacial slow-jams sent journalists scrambling for adjectives, the New Yorker by way of Chile has unmasked an uncompromising manifesto, embodying traces of the past, love lost, and specters of the future.
Nicolas Jaar’s debut artist album ‘Space Is Only Noise’ is out on Circus Company.


Deniz Kurtel-Music Watching Over Me on Crosstown Rebels March 14th, 2011

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Deniz Kurtel
Music Watching Over Me

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD013
Distribution: Above Board Distribution
Released: Monday March 14th, 2011


  1. Music Watching Over Me
  2. Makyaj
  3. My Ass
  4. Best Of
  5. The L Word
  6. Vagabond
  7. Trust
  8. Equilibrium
  9. One Chance At Happiness
  10. My Heart
  11. Make Me Feel
  12. Yeah (album version)

Every so often a new artist emerges and immediately sets the electronic world alight with a fresh and unique take on music, Deniz Kurtel is burning down the house with her debut album on Crosstown Rebels.

Deniz Kurtel’s debut artist album, ‘Music Watching Over Me’ moves her firmly to the front of the consciousness of the electronic music movement, masterminding a mystical and distinctive style of house music, with body-moving highlights from this stunning sonic ride such as ‘The L Word’ and ‘Best Of’ effortlessly creating swirling rhythmic fusions of dancefloor magic.  

Deniz Kurtel identifies herself foremost as an audio-visual artist, developing a deep love and connection to the sentiments of electronic music during her studies in the USA. An accomplished interactive sculptor, she quickly made a name for herself in the experimental art scene combining the use of sophisticated computerized LED arrays and mirrors.  

Her work has appeared in various art festivals and exhibitions such as Burning Man, Communikey, Horizons, Love´s Secret Domain, and Rabbit Hole and has been the centerpiece of countless Wolf + Lamb parties in Brooklyn, where she used to reside. She took her LED light show on tour with her for the Rebel Rave tour of 2010, wowing the crowds of London’s Fabric and many US cities with the interactive show and documenting her sensory creativity and finite attention to detail.

Deniz has a concrete craft and understanding of rhythm throughout this sometimes obscure, and always dream-like concoction. She easily steps from ghostly dubstep, ‘Trust’, to rock-infused electro, ‘Vagabond’, but escapes categorization through an original and fluid approach. The sonic pulsations of the title track slowly envelop the senses as ‘Music Watching Over Me’ gets underway, warm breathes of vocal sung over its hypnotizing bassline. Digging into her roots, ‘Makyaj’ tackles rattling percussive beats and the slow sensations of ‘My Ass’ form an electric current layered over the robotic cries that “heaven is music”.

It’s impossible not to be swept away by the enchanting dancefloor weapons of ‘Best Of’ and ‘The L Word’, thrilling for their simplicity as much as their fairy-tale vocals. At times Deniz showers us in sounds overpowering the senses, ‘Equlibrium’, and others she strips back to bear the soul of the music, ‘One Chance At Happiness’, consistently crafting a strong emotional current leaving you powerless but to surrender to its aural pleasures.

I´m always trying out different outlets for my creativity and music has certainly been one of the most exciting ones so far,” said Deniz of her decision to make music, “I was inspired by my friends Wolf + Lamb to start producing about two years ago and have been completely sucked into it ever since.” One of the core members of the Wolf + Lamb family, she has helped steer their journey to conquer the electronic music horizon over the past two years, and remains a driving female force in their vision. Also strongly supported by luminaries such as Seth Troxler, Nicolas Jaar and Jamie Jones, her future seems destined to be entwined with music.

In a time where female electronic producers are still a rarity, Deniz Kurtel and a handful of women such as Cassy, Shinedoe, Maya Jane Coles, Maayan Nidam, Magda, Anja Schneider and Dinky are illustrating how to breathe new energy into a tired sound. Constructing beauty through simple techniques, their role as nurturers is cultivating a magnetic vision.

Crosstown Rebels have come into a renaissance period in 2010, championing some of the most exciting new music in the underground scene. Artists such as Art Department, Maceo Plex and Deniz are set to follow in the footsteps of Jamie Jones and Glimpse, given the freedom to let loose their creative sounds within artist albums in 2011. “I was lucky to connect with a label that really appreciated my style and my creative journey at such an early stage,” said Deniz of her partnership with the label. 

A tale of diversity and culture, ‘Music Watching Over Me’ unveils Deniz’s roots and inspirations, “My motivation as an artist is to constantly grow and evolve, and make music that excites me, hoping it excites others too.” We hope to share her personal journey, of which this is only the start.

EMN Favorite Track :BEST OF

Future Disco Vol 4: Neon Nights(NEEDCD004)February 21st, 2011

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Future Disco continue to creep further into the conscious heart of the discerning music lover as it moves onto its fourth episode in the award-winning defining series with ‘Neon Nights’.

Label: Needwant
Cat no: NEEDCD004
Distribution: Under The Shade
Released: Monday February 21st, 2011

In a time where the compilation market is saturated and stale, Future Disco has achieved a cult following across the worlds of music and fashion over its three years of releases. Awarded iTunes album of the year 2009, they have crafted a winning formula exploring the boundaries of contemporary house and disco music achieved through each creative mix. 

  1. Escort – Cocaine (Greg Wilson Version)
  2. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)
  3. Stefano e Bene feat. Hard Ton – Why Your Love feat. Hard Ton (Katzbatz Remix)
  4. Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)
  5. 2020 Soundsystem – Ocean (Ray Mang Remix)
  6. Bad Rabbits – Shes Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)
  7. Hannulerauri – Zombie Tropicana
  8. Bonar Bradberry – Siula Grande (Pete Herbert Remix)
  9. Storm Queen – Look Right Through
  10. Hot Chip – Hand Me Down Your Love (Wild Geese Remix)
  11. Tape to Tape – Pure & Easy
  12. Mario Basanov – Up
  13. The Revenge – Just Be Good To Mario
  14. Filipsson – Escape From New York
  15. Kaine feat. Kathy Diamond – Love Saves the Day (Soul Clap Remix)
  16. Kaine feat. Kathy Diamond – Love Saves the Day (Original Mix)
  17. The C90s – Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)

The fourth edition ‘Neon nights’ is more mystifying and seductive than its older siblings, giving heavy nods to the inspirational eras of the 80’s and early nineties as well as the glamour of New York, handpicking a handful of current East coast stars including Escort, Jacques Renault, Storm Queen and Holy Ghost.

Moving forward from the earlier investigation of the funk of the 70s, Future Disco illustrates a present desire for the sounds of the last two decades. Synth lines and pianos are the order of the day as sultry boogie and early dance beats are thrown into the spotlight.

Some old hands join new faces for ‘Neon Nights’, with leading figures Hot Chip, The Revenge and 2020Soundsystem laid alongside exclusive tracks from Mario Basanov and Bonar Bradberry, both tipped for big things in 2011. Future Disco was one of the first to give recognition to global success stories such as Tensnake and Aeroplane and continues to discover new talents and trends through each episode.

Standout tracks appear from Storm QueenLook Right Through’, an exclusive to Future Disco from Morgan Geist of Metro Area and the glamorous Midnight MagicBeam Me up (Jacques Renault remix)’, whose peak disco sound has found love from everyone from Erol Alkan to Optimo and Faze Action.

Reinventing the meaning of a disco anthem, ‘She’s Bad’ from Bad Rabbits made a big impact earlier this summer on limited release on (one half of Wolf + Lamb) Gadi Mizrahi’s Double Standard records, and appears as a treat for those yet to discover it. Kaine feat Kathy Diamond’s Balearic inspired ‘Love Saves The Day’ brings the closing moments to life with a fusion of its original and the sublime Soul Clap remix, a great conclusion to this seamless mix of musical fruits.

Since the inception of Future Disco, the audience for its sound has spread to the far reaches of the globe, with artists such as Wolf + Lamb in New York, Soul Clap in Boston and The Revenge in the UK enjoying praise from all camps of musical persuasion. As the sound moves from the back room to the main dancefloor, Future Disco has forged a global identity, identifying and defining these musical trends.

The Future Disco global series of events continues to broaden their horizons, completing a strong summer residency at Space in Ibiza, a special ADE event in Amsterdam and continuing bi-monthly at London’s notorious Ministry Of Sound 103, Events in Singapore, Dubai, Belfast and many others are penned for 2011 with a world tour scheduled to coincide with this album release.

Carefully re-edited and mixed by Sean Brosnan, each episode comes into creation through the skilled cutting, splicing, extension and arrangement of some of the finest hand-picked records from the past, present and future, resulting in a completely unique mix. Released on Needwant records, an imprint that has established itself as a pioneer of cutting edge house and disco grooves and will be showcasing a wonderful array of new talent in 2011.

Pursuing more of an uptempo house vibe in this edition, Future Disco still taps firmly at the heart of disco and its fusion with contemporary underground dancefloor music.

Maceo Plex -Life Index out February 7th, 2011 on Crosstown Rebels

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Take a deep breath as Maceo Plex invites us to join his ‘Life Index’ and Crosstown Rebels unleash a new house music maestro.

Maceo Plex
Life Index

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD012
Distribution: Above Board Distribution
Released: Monday February 7th, 2011


  1. Im A Metaphor
  2. Gravy Train
  3. Sleazy E
  4. The Feelin
  5. Silo
  6. You & Me
  7. Vibe Your Love
  8. Your Style
  9. Arise
  10. Love You Mama
  11. Dexters Flight
  12. Bring It Back

The first of a string of albums set to appear of Crosstown Rebels from a new generation of exciting producers, ‘Life Index’ chronicles Maceo´s life long transformation into the soulful ball of energy he is today.  Eric Estornel AKA Maceo Plex began his musical evolutionary process in 1993. Since this time he has taken on many forms such as Maetrik and Mariel Ito and unveiled a plethora of musical delights on labels such as Cocoon, Audiomatique, Mothership, Dumb Unit and many others.

Maceo Plex was born from a need for feeling, and a yearning quest for funk. “Life Index is my baby. It´s all the soul music I´ve been holding inside and have been wanting to write,” explains Maceo, As he began to strip back some of his robotic body armor known as Maetrik, a more musical and groove based approach was exposed, a side that the world has not yet seen or heard from this talented artist.
A sumptuous taste of Maceo Plex’s new alien form is shaped through ‘Life Index’, one that is edgy, sleek and leaves you wanting more. Opening with the futuristic robotic ramblings of ‘I’m A Methaphor’ the album begins with the tasty, deep, and rich, g-funk soaked house of ‘Gravy Train’, a superb opening gambit that set´s the stage for the sublime, string driven odyssey of ‘Sleazy E’, a true masterpiece.

Other highlights include the excellent lead single ‘Vibe Your Love’ (featuring Peter King’s vocal version of a classic Stevie Wonder record), the funk driven monster, ‘The Feeling’ bringing sharp flashes of soul to this great groove. Also, the floor stomping energy of ´You & Me´, the Detroit techno influence ´Dexter´s Flight´, the future dancefloor smash, ´Your Style´ (featuring Maceo on vocals) and the mid-tempo song of beauty and joy,  ‘Love Your Mama’ (a collaboration with Maceo’s old friend, Fabel).

The album closes with Maceo´s plea to ´Bring It Back´ in the closing track, and with ‘Life Index’ he succeeds implicitly, eagerly forging a contemporary body moving sound throughout. The album will be released as a continuous mix stream on CD and as separate tracks on the digital and vinyl versions.

Maceo had specific goals for this project, “I wanted it to be very versatile with varied moods. Sexy futuristic music spread over 12 totally different tracks.  Kind of like a 12 page excerpt out of a Kama Sutra book but set to beats!“

This willed direction led to deep and rhythmic works of audible engineering and resulted in something unique and surprising. The outcome is named ‘Life Index’ and made exclusively for the pioneering label, Crosstown Rebels.

The profound evolution of Maceo Plex is also due to a relocation from a complex and dark life in America, to his current homebase of Valencia, Spain.  The sunny and relaxed atmosphere has been instrumental in the formation of Maceo Plex, and can be heard in the lengthy inward journey apparent in his music.

Whereas before he was heavily influenced by the sounds of other modern funk theorists such as Model 500, Kenny Larkin, Idjut Boyz, and Convextion, this new retreat has led him to the sounds of Parliament, Funkadelic, Moodymann, Atjazz, Isolee, and Luomo. Here Maceo finally completed his transformation and is shining brighter than the star Sirius. His newest musical output reflects his radiation in a variety of beautiful colors.

Once experienced, ‘Life Index’ will make it abundantly clear the level of versatility Maceo Plex possesses among his many auditory shells, and the world will understand his pristine vision of house music and beyond.

Crosstown Rebels has artist albums penned and scheduled from Deniz Kurtel, Art Department, Jamie Jones as well as this project from Maceo Plex for 2011. A global pioneer for electronic music, these projects promise to deliver some of the finest house and techno music to the table and cement their reputation as one of the best record labels on the planet.


12-11 Glasgow@ Sub Club
19-11 Geneva @ The Zoo
20-11 Ravensburg @ Douala
27-11 Hasselt @ Zoo Club
07-12 Alicante @ Metro Club
11-12 Hamburg @ DumbUnit party
25-12 Milan @ Amnesia
30-12 Paris @ Rex
01-01 Valencia @ Spook
08-01 Zurich @ Hive Club
14-01 San francisco @ Compound
15-01 NYC @ Resolute party
21-01 Miami @ Electric Pickle
22-01 Detroit @ Vain
28-01 Montreal @ Espace
29-01 Vancouver @ B Street Studios

Daniel Steinberg -‘Shut Up’ FRMCD003 out January 24th, 2011

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After over 15 years mastering his art of production, Daniel Steinberg steps out of the shadows to unveil his debut artist album ‘Shut Up’ on Made To Play, a scathing, yet very eloquent, message to the all too often meaningless noise and communication of the digital age, the uninspired, the shallow and the generic.

Daniel Steinberg has always shied away from press attention, instead preferring to craft his music shrouded from ego and hype. His productions are in favour with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Claude Vonstroke and Richie Hawtin and he is very much an unsung hero of the scene.

As Berlin’s underground throbbed with minimal beats and stripped down house, Steinberg seemed to reach into the concreted shadows and caverns and emerge with something shimmering with real heart and feeling. Dicing Brazilian samples with killer beats and laying on the glitch to heavy effect, this type of behaviour is definitely exercised to stunning effect across the LP.

Title track ‘Shut Up’ is an entangled backdrop of resonant percussion grooves, softly lifted and driven forwards the hypnotic, cynical vocals and unfolding to reveal a myriad of aberrant soundscapes.

Latin American flavoured ‘Attension’ delivers sliced and warped piano lines that build and fall with each mesmeric pass as Samba rhythms and percussion stutter, cut and break away. While ‘Time Is Not Forever’ provides a unique take on futuristic disco; nodding to the early psychedelic disco sounds of 60‘s and 70’s and fusing them with modern production techniques, tweaking and toying with the track parts as if they were instruments.

From the killer disco grooves of ‘Time Is Not Forever’ to the jacking house of ‘Gimme’ or the dream like undercurrent of ‘Save My Darling’, Steinberg’s production breathes something deeply accomplished and enormously creative across the album while retaining a definite dance floor sensibility.

A veritable chameleon of Berlin’s musical landscape since he first started producing his colourful vision of house and techno back in 1994, a time when Berlin’s sound was stripped back and very distinctive, Steinberg was already thriving outside this box, experimenting with exotic world samples and having fun fusing elements together to make a cohesive whole that was always greater than the sum of its parts.

Before long his productions were brought permanently to the attention of Front Room label boss Jesse Rose, a guy with a very similar ethos on the flexibility of house music and a kindred penchant for delving into samples of the past to transmogrify their best elements. Daniel’s talent of drawing on vintage and tropical elements to bring soul, warmth and, sometimes the completely unexpected, to modern house was enough to persuade Jesse this guy needed to be signed…for the long term.

‘Shut Up’ is a dazzlingly unique take on modern house music to say the least.

Label: Frontroom
Cat no: FRMCD003
Distribution: Word & Sound
Released: Monday January 24th, 2011


  1. Shut Up
  2. Chintonic    
  3. On The Train
  4. Save My Darling               
  5. Attencion (feat Idvet)   
  6. Gimme         
  7. Patchways  
  8. Time Is Not Forever           

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Nicolas Jaar’s label Clown & Sunset pres.-‘Inés’ out December 6th, 2010

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Nicolas Jaar’s label Clown & Sunset houses a refreshing array of leftfield musical artifacts in ‘inés’ LP, packaged on a special limited edition USB media stick. Nothing short of genius, this treasure features new faces Nikita Quasim, Soul Keita and the young prodigy Nicolas Jaar himself.

Nicolas Jaar is breaking all the rules and providing a new soundtrack to late nights and early mornings. He has quickly attained a collective wave of respect and admiration in recent times for his quirky, downtempo take on electronic music. Finding favour with everyone from the Guardian newspaper to Resident Advisor, its hard to find many who aren’t salivating for his ‘musical’ take on the genre.

‘Inés’ LP preempts Nico’s debut artist album (out January 2011 on Circus Company) as a home for some of his most eclectic and wonderful live recordings. The number of productions he has created out number ten times his 20 years and this project is a personal quest of which he holds full control, introducing some young and gifted voices in the package from far-flung corners of the globe. Sold in the rare format of a USB media stick as well as digitally, ‘Inés’ is brought to the world on his own flourishing Clown & Sunset label, which has since only released original productions from Jaar.

The LP has an organic nature with hints of mysticism within its rumbling embryonic textures – passionate and often defiant in its predisposition to awaken the senses. Ripe with sentiment, ‘Inés’ has an innate hunger to challenge the view that electronic music is void of emotion.

This collection is an accessible and pioneering take on contemporary dancefloor music, from the fizzing embers of Nico’s ‘Dubliners’ to the jagged reverberations of Nikita’s ‘Freshmen Year’ and the raw harmonies of Soul Keita’s ‘Dusties N 808s’, through to inspiring collaborations from this revolutionary collective. A fearless and intuitive voice forms through the LP, concocting new light in its approach.

Nikita Quasim started making music on the day of her mother’s 40th birthday.  She was only 11 years old. Not knowing what to give her, she recorded the sound of her laundry machine with imovie, unable to find any other program that could layer sounds. She ended up creating a dense 10 minute weaving of household chaos. Of Russian and Afghan descent came this Cagian prodigy, who is now only 19 years old and ‘Inés’ is her voyage of discovery.

Soul Keita is only 17 years old and resides in his hometown of Addis Ababa. This Ethiopian national considers Mulatu Astatke his spiritual father. He works solely with a dusty 808 and traditional Ethiopian instruments in order to create melancholic folk house.

Nicolas Jaar was born in NY but quickly relocated to Santiago de Chile in the 90s only to come back to his birth place as a teenager. Haunted by Mulatu Astatke and Erik Satie, Nico started to make organic electronic music in 2004 at the age of 14. Now 20, studying Comparative Literature at Brown University, Nico has released on Circus Company, Wolf + Lamb, Bpitch, Get Physical and on his own label, Clown and Sunset, of which he is the owner and founder.

Label: Clown & Sunset
Cat no:
Distribution: USBs from Phonica / various digital stores
Released: Monday December 6th, 2010


01. Nicolas Jaar – Tribute to My Mother
02. Nikita Quasim – Freshmen Year
03. Nicolas Jaar – Dubliners
04. Soul + Nico feat. Nicolas Jaar – Goin’ Bad 
05. Soul Keita – Dusties n 808s
06. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype
07. Nikita Quasim – Can’t Go to Cuba
08. Clown n’ Sunset Collective – Her String
09. Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose again
10. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype

Nicolas Jaar Tour Dates
10.12.10        london, uk / camp
11.12.10        paris, fr          rex
16.12.10        tel aviv – is TBC
18.12.10        brussels, be
19.12.10        manchester, uk / spektrum
29.01.11        amsterdam, nl / trouw
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Ernesto Ferreyra -La Paraiso De Las Tortugas(CADCD07) November 29th, 2010

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Ernesto Ferreyra -La Paraiso De Las Tortugas

Label: Cadenza
Cat no: CADCD07
Released: Monday November 29th, 2010

Ernesto Ferrerya contemplates ‘El Paraiso De Las Tortugas’ (literally translated as ‘The Paradise of The Turtles’) in his debut artist album set for release on Luciano’s Cadenza label this winter. 

In this age of the Easyjet set, 24/7 wireless connections, and the resulting barrage of tweets, blogs, and increasingly asinine answers to the question “whatʼs on your mind?”, the notion of home can be a difficult one to pin down for many of us. Indeed, if we were to except the prevalent marketing speak, the very idea of going home for the holidays would seem out dated. Why go to the trouble when you can give the family a little face time on iChat or Skype whether you’re in Boston or Bangladesh? We are all citizens of the world now, or so were told. But how does one digitize the smell of a home cooked meal or the light of a sunset seen so many times as to blur the memory into a single nostalgic quickening of the heart? For Ernesto Ferreyra, the answers to these questions and many more are to be found in the infinite wisdom of turtles.

A company looking for a poster boy for their new globalista product launch could do a lot worse than Ernesto. Born in Cordoba, Argentina, he has since called such diverse locations as Mexico City, Montreal, Berlin, and Ibiza home at one time or another over the past decade. His performance schedule in the last few years alone both as a DJ, solo live act, and as half of the celebrated duo Chic Miniature with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont has been hectic enough to make mere mortals give up in disgust just trying to determine their current time zone. Things aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon with Luciano increasingly wanting Ernesto at his side to open or close his own epic sets.

Yet despite all these comings and goings, he has somehow, over the last year, managed to craft an album that sounds less the soundtrack to some lonely wandering vagabundo’s tale, then that of a wise and well-travelled man reflecting on the diverse experiences and places that have shaped him, anchored by an ever present ass moving low end pulse. For Ernesto, ‘El paraíso de las tortugas’ is a paradise of the mind you see, and what good would paradise be without a little dancing to forget your troubles here and there?

From the swirling aerial disco maneuvers of the album’s opening and closing (‘Mil y una noches’, ‘El comienzo de todo lo demás)’, heart wrenching laments to chronic pain and a father lost along with 30 000 others to the Argentinian dictatorship (‘Back Pain’, ‘Acequia’), shuffling deep pocket house (‘Letting go’, ‘I wont forget’), the peak time bass acrobatics at the album’s core (‘Cenote Trip’, ‘Perdido’), through the psychedelic jazz meanderings of the title track, Ernesto proves himself to be a master craftsman of both moods and grooves as diverse as the experiences he has lived. If this is what the turtles are partying to in paradise, we’d all do well to find a shell.


01. Mil y una Noches 
02. Los Domingos Vuelo a Casa 
03. The Mystery Is Gone 
04. Back Pain 
05. Cenote Trip 
06. Lost 
07. Letting Go 
08. El Paraíso De Las Tortugas 
09. Acequia (Nos Salvamos) 
10. I Won’t Froget 
11. Coin Sainte Cath’ 
12. El Comienzo de todo lo Demas


15.10.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Rioma, Mexico City, Mexico
16.10.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Cervantino Festival,Mexico
30.10.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany
31.10.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Movement Festival, Torino, Italy
06.11.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Fabric, London, UK
13.11.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ (Ah)Demia, Pescara, Italy
19.11.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Vagabundos @ Arma 17, Moscow, Russia
11.12.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Fuse, Bruxelles, Belgium
18.12.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Cadenza Showcase @ Amnesia, Milano, Italy
25.12.2010 : Ernesto Ferreyra @ Byblos, Pescara, Italy