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Audion returns with new single, ‘Motormouth’(Stream)

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Audion - Motormouth
Matthew Dear’s dark alter ego Audion first stormed the electronic-music scene in 2004, unveiling a trilogy of pulverizing singles that would ultimately re-align today’s techno sound. In 2006, Audion followed the series with the breakthrough club anthem “Mouth To Mouth,” a constantly ascending work of art that has captured the imagination of DJs and fans in all club genres worldwide. In 2009, Audion re-emerged with a load of new boundary-pushing material and a hypnotic, highly detailed live show which were powerful experiments in chaos and hypnotic depth, tearing down the walls of the live electronic-music experience.

Audion’s four-year silence now comes to an end with “Motormouth”

“Motormouth” is also one of two new tracks on the upcoming career-spanning Audion retrospective called Audion X, set for release December 10th on Spectral Sound. After nearly a decade in which Matthew Dear has exorcised his dancefloor demons through sometimes heavy, occasionally dirty, always ecstatic techno—a collection like this is not only deserved, it’s welcome. Audion X culls only the best tracks from Audion’s singularly reckless mind: the swarm-of-bees climax of the DEMF-defining “Mouth to Mouth” and the stair-step hook of “Look at the Moon”; the serrated mayhem of 2004′s “Kisses” and 2005′s Suckfish full-length, the mischievous sensuality of 2009′s singles series.

And with a new Audion full-length (and accompanying A/V tour) on the horizon in 2014, Audion X wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse into the future: the relentless new singles “Motormouth” and “Sky”.

Tiga vs Audion ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ (Full version STREAM)

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Tiga Vs Audion - Let's Go Dancing

Forged in the fire of recent studio sessions for Tiga’s next artist album, ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ is the collaboration between the Canadian producer and Audion aka Matthew Dear. An epic in all senses of the word (the full version clocks in at 9 minutes), ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ is a brilliant piece of hypnotic, primal techno.

Tiga’s new album, of which Matthew is the lead producer, will be released in 2014. The as yet untitled album follows 2009’s ‘Ciao!’ the fruit of 15 months of collaborations with Soulwax, Jesper Dahlback, Gonzales, Jori Hulkonnen, Jake Shears and James Murphy.
Rave survivor, electro upstart and someone who appreciates a good mascara, Tiga is musical evolution personified. Over the past few years, Tiga has repeatedly toured the globe and further bolstered the international reputation of his record label, Turbo. In November 2012, Tiga unleashed a brand new mix LP ‘Tiga Non-Stop’, that featured three original tracks ‘The Picture’ – released on Crosstown Rebels for their anniversary / 100th release – ‘Track City Bitch’ and his last single, ‘Plush’. Remix-wise, he’s reworked Depeche Mode, the xx, Jamie Lidell, Alter Ego, Fever Ray, Moby and most recently, Duke Dumont.

Matthew Dear (aka Audion) is an electronic-music innovator, DJ and live performer, and the founder of label Spectral Sound (sister imprint to Ghostly International). Dear’s dark alter ego Audion first emerged in 2004, unveiling a trilogy of singles that would ultimately re-align today’s techno sound. In 2006, Audion followed the series with the breakthrough club anthem ‘Mouth To Mouth’, a constantly ascending work of art that has captured the imagination of DJs and fans in all club genres worldwide. 2013 has seen the return of the Audion sound, with new material forthcoming.


Beacon – “The Ways We Separate”

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Beacon - The Ways We SeparateBeacon are back with their debut full-length record, The Ways We Separate, to be released on April 29th, 2013 on Ghostly International.

Having previously put out two well-received EPs, No Body and the Ghostly-released For Now, Beacon’s new album deals primarily with the ideas and themes of separation, with the complexity of how we separate from others at the heart of the record.

The first single from the album, “Bring You Back,” can be heard now at FADER, who note how it “opens with a gorgeous harp-thing hitting not exactly when you expect it, then rolls out crunchy kicks and pleading singing that sounds not unlike Thom Yorke.” DUMMY describe the “shimmering ballad” as “something like ‘I Wish’ without the customary R. Kelly pomp or theatrics. It’s lovely.”

Having toured with How To Dress Well, Matthew Dear and Gold Panda in 2012, Beacon will play at SXSW this March with additional North American dates to be announced shortly.

Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, aka Brooklyn duo Beacon, introduced themselves to the world with the No Body and For Now EPs, both released last year on Ghostly International. The EPs were united by minimalist, R&B-influenced instrumentation, and also by a lyrical theme, with both serving as meditations on the darkness that underpins the most intense of human emotions: love.

The duo’s debut album The Ways We Separate both consolidates and develops these ideas. The album focuses, as the title suggests, on the idea of separation — both within the context of relationships and in a more intimate, psychological sense. As Mullarney explains, “The narrative contained inside The Ways We Separate deals with two kinds of separation: one where two entities grow apart, and the other where we grow apart from ourselves. Over the course of a relationship, the two sometimes happen together, one being the result of the other.”

Desires, passions and regrets are central to the songs on The Ways We Separate, which take a variety of perspectives to construct a nuanced reflection on the album’s central theme. ‘Between the Waves’ draws a clever analogy between relationships and soundwaves falling out of phase: “I know all the ways we separate/ Where we start to fade at different frequencies.” ‘Overseer’ catalogues a parting of the ways with discomfiting clarity: “Isn’t it fine?/ Taking it slow?/ Watching you watch me walk out your door.” And album closer ‘Split in Two’ explores how the extremes of love and loss can take you far away from being the person you thought you were, making explicit the connection between the two ideas of separation: “What I’d do for you?”, sings Thomas Mullarney, “Split myself in half/ Divided into two.”

Musically, The Ways We Separate finds Beacon working with a richer sonic palette than ever before —as Gossett says, “The production on this album is much more expansive than anything thing we’ve done thus far. We spent a lot of time exploring new gear and experimenting with how to pull a wide range of sound out of various instruments. Some of the key sonics that shaped this LP are analogue synthesis, lots of heavily processed guitar work, and vocal layering/processing.” While the abiding mood remains that of late-night introspection, the production draws from elements of hip hop and a wide gamut of electronic music, marrying intricate beats and subtle textures to honeyed pop melodies that belie the album’s conceptual depth. Rarely has bleakness sounded so pretty — this is a record that’s deceptively, compellingly beautiful, an exploration of a place both discomfiting and darkly seductive.

Release date: Monday, 29/April/2013
Track list:
1. Bring You Back
2. Feeling’s Gone
3. Between The Waves
4. Drive
5. Overseer
6. Late November
7. Studio Audience
8. Headlights
9. Anthem
10. Split In Two

Matthew Dear – album teaser, Poolside remix Download

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M ss ng p eces in collaboration with Matthew Dear present the Beams album trailer. You will find a dancer, a poet, a trumpet player and mainstay Ghostly visual artist and designer Michael Cina painting Dear’s portrait for the cover of Beams. This is the third time Matthew Dear and m ss ng p eces have joined forces.

Meanwhile, “Her Fantasy,” the highly praised lead single from Beams continues to be embraced. Recently, director Tommy O’Haver shared his self-described “mash-up” homage to Avant Garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger in his video for “Her Fantasy”. Poolside now slows “Her Fantasy” down to a cool breeze with their tantalizing remix.

Matthew is also confirmed to appear for Boiler Room in their breakfast show, next Tuesday 8th August. Tune in live at 10am to watch his set.

Beams is available August 27th (Worldwide) & 28th (North America).

Download:Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix)

Matthew Dear – “Her Fantasy” (Official Video)

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Download:Matthew Dear – Crimewaves

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Matthew Dear new Album “Beams”
Released on 27th August (Ghostly International)
Check For More HERE
Matthew Dear – Crimewaves

Matthew Dear announces new album ‘Beams’; debuts new track(Stream)

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Matthew Dear Announces Details for Upcoming Album, Beams;
Offers Lead Track “Her Fantasy”

Released on 27th August (Ghostly International)

Matthew Dear, the relentless songwriter, producer and collaborator, offered an early taste of what to expect from Beams with the well-received EP, Headcage, in January of this year. The highlights were working with other producers (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid) and vocalists (Johnny from The Drums) which lent Headcage an openness and poise.

Recorded in Dear’s home studio and mixed at Nicolas Vernhes’ Rare Book Room studios in Brooklyn, Beams evokes a day-lit dreamworld at once strange and familiar. While the album’s dancefloor-ready tempos, major keys, and sun-warmed synths signal Beams as the lighter, brighter response to its predecessor, closer inspection reveals a squirming mass of oddball details. Dear’s latest productions creak and groan like anxious organisms, with slivers of guitar, electric bass, and drum kit darting in and out among the synths and samples.

Early on in Matthew Dear’s Beams— the New York-based artist’s fourth full-length, his first since 2010’s shadowy masterpiece Black City— something strange happens. A thick-fingered electric bass gallops in atop a driving backbeat as Dear sneers, “It’s alright to be someone else sometimes.” It may be odd to hear former techno-wunderkind Matthew Dear playing rock music, but the manic punk pulse of “Earthforms” is just one facet of Beams’ kaleidoscopic journey. Shot through with equal parts optimism and uneasiness, Beams is the latest transmission from one of pop music’s most fascinating creative minds.

Beams’ lyrics, meanwhile, are deeply personal, expressing vulnerability and confusion in startlingly immediate ways. “Do I feel love like all of the others or is this feeling only mine?” Dear sings on the strutting lead-off single “Her Fantasy“, later wondering “Am I one heartbeat away from receiving a damaging shock to my life?” Dear has grown into his songwriting voice, and he wears his current lyrical perspective—that of a man with something to lose—with an impressive grace.

When all is said and done, the central tension in Matthew Dear’s Beams— musical mischief vs. lyrical maturity—may not be a tension at all. After all, growing up involves learning to integrate all of one’s disparate selves. “I’m about 4 to 5 different people at any given time,” Dear says. “By allowing all of those different personalities to exist… the most pure and direct self can come through in the music. [The songs] may still be cryptic, and full of contradictions—but in my opinion, that is pure, unadulterated thought in musical form. They are direct lines to the center.”

In other words, Beams. Beams is slated for an August 27th (EU/UK) & 28th (North America) release date.

Today, Matthew offers “Her Fantasy”—the celebratory lead single from said album. If Beams is the sound of Matthew Dear waking up after the long, dark night of Black City, then “Her Fantasy” is the sun’s first rays, peaking over the horizon.  Opening with a head-turning whistle-and-cowbell rhythm, “Her Fantasy” signals Beams’ queasy optimism in classic Matthew Dear avant-pop form—that is, without verses and choruses per se, but by hustling through a series of wickedly catchy sections whose twisted internal logic becomes clear as the song progresses. The track builds to an ecstatic climax, in which Dear’s exhortation to “Sit where you stand / hand on your heart / hand on your man” is gradually engulfed in a cloud of treble-tickling distortion.


01. Her Fantasy
02. Earthforms
03. Headcage
04. Fighting Is Futile
05. Up & Out
06. Overtime
07. Get The Rhyme Right
08. Ahead of Myself
09. Do The Right Thing
10. Shake Me
11. Temptation | |

Face + heel debut EP release for Warm . The Boiler Room live set . Matthew Dear support date announced

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* Upcoming London live date – April 30 supporting Matthew Dear *

* The Boiler Room live performance now streaming *

Artist: Face + heel
No Stars EP
Release date: 
May 7th
Warm Records
Digital download & limited 10” vinyl


Cardiff / Bristol based newcomers, Face + heel announce the release of their debut EP, ‘No Stars’, the inaugural release forWarm Records.

The label is but the latest extension of Warm, which has been a mainstay on the London club scene for many years now with a residency at Plastic People as well as a booking agency. The agency, which has recently merged with Elastic Artists, looks after the likes of Dixon, Lapalux and Tensnake to name a few.
Face + heel are Luke Taylor and Sinead McMillan. The duo has been causing quite a stir since FACT Magazine posted a live video of the EPs title track. Since then, they have picked up Radio 1 airplay, were invited to play at the recent Sunday Best party, secured support slots with Blondes, and played live on The Boiler Room – London’s seminal U-stream party.
Watch The Boiler Room LIVE show

With further shows upcoming supporting the likes of Matthew Dear and Mylo, as well as appearances at this year’s Loveboxand Great Escape festivals, the pair’s delicate electronic sound and expert song-craft is clearly picking them up a slew of tastemaker support already.

Supporting the release, celebrated arts visual director, Hans Lo will be producing the band a very special promo video, lined up to surface mid-May.

Warm will be releasing two further Face + heel EPs this year.

Catch Face + heel supporting Matthew Dear on 30th April at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in Shoreditch and on 12th May atCanavans in Peckham for their EP release party.

Body Language Vol 11 mixed by Nôze

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Between earthy livesets and albums rich in influences and musicality (as Dring, their fourth album, came to remind us of that last year), we would have almost forgotten that Nôze(Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezéchiel Pailhes) could also give to the feverish mix. Well-judged then from M.A.N.D.Y., Get Physicalbosses and Body Languagecompilation investigators, who asked Nico, the DJ from the duo, to take a close look at the eleventh opus of this cult series which already hosted some very gifted artists.

After Dj T., Jesse Rose, Dixon, Château Flight, Junior Boys, Matthew Dear, Modeselektor, Dj Hell and M.A.N.D.Y. twice, it is now the turn of the co-creator of the appealing ‘When Tiger Smoked’ and ‘Kitchen’ (and co-founder of Parisian label Circus Company) to make our eager bodies sweat. The result: an almost 75 minute eclectic love declaration where most of the musical obsessions of the French duo are gathered.

Label: Get Physical

Cat no: GPMCD049
Distribution: Rough Trade
Released: Friday May 18th, 2012


  1. Hemingway / HMG 2
  2. Ian Simmonds / The Esel (Dave Aju Rmx)
  3. JC Freaks / Dub Praise (The Revenge Rmx)
  4. Oliver Koletzki & Fran / Arrow And Bow (Marek Hemann Rmx)
  5. Alejandro Mosso / Pampa
  6. Nicolas Jaar / Russian Dolls
  7. Zanini / Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas
  8. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham / A Drumstick And A Light Future (original mix)
  9. Alex Niggemann / Black Rose
  10. Ruede Hagelstein / Embezzle Me (Tiefschwarz Remix)
  11. Makossa & Megablast feat. Hubert Tubbs / Coming Home
  12. Dixie Yure / By defection
  13. Lump / Feeling
  14. Nico from Nôze / Amor Do Olinda
  15. Dop / No More Daddy (Ame Rmx)
  16. Siopis / Really Love You
  17. Ornette / Crazy (Noze Rmx)

Mar. 8 : Tel Aviv (IL) : Nôze, The Block
Mar. 9 : Kharkov (UA) : Nôze, Opium party bar
Mar. 10 : Chamonix (FR) : Nôze, L´Amnesia
Mar. 17 : Corato (IT) : Nôze, Public
Mar. 23 : Munich (DE) : Nôze, Rote Sonne
Mar. 24 : Ingolstadt (DE) : Nôze, Batterie94
Mar. 31 : Basel (CH) : Nôze, Das Schiff
Apr. 7 : Lecce (IT) : Nôze, Ciak
Apr. 13 : Geneva (CH) : Nôze, L´Usine
Apr. 30 : Berlin (DE) : Nôze, Katerholzig
May. 12 : Hamburg (DE) : Nôze, Docks
May. 26 : Cisternino (IT) : Nôze, Mavù
May. 27 : Amsterdam (NL) : Nôze, Amsterdam Open Air
Jun. 10 : Aigues-Mortes (FR) : Nôze, La Churascaïa
Jun. 14 : Vienna (AT) : Nôze, Pratersauna
Jul. 31 : Basel (CH) : Nôze, Hinterhof
Sep. 22 : Erfurt (DE) : Nôze, Cosmopolar
Apr. 14: Bratislava (SLO): Nico From Nôze Dj Set @ Nu Spirit
Apr. 20 : Belgrade (SER) : Nico From Nôze Dj Set @ Club Plastic

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Announces Lineup

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Featuring Matthew Dear (LIVE), Diamond Rings, Four Tet (DJ Set) & Over 40 More In 5+ Venues Friday and Saturday November 11th and 12th On North 6th Street In Williamsburg, Brooklyn;
Full Lineup & Details Coming Soon

Get Tickets Here


“Everyone just lost their sh*t. Everyone just let go. Everyone was just together.”- Rolling Stone

MeanRed, the premiere Brooklyn-based production, marketing and music company, is pleased to announce the lineup for the 4th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) which includes the iconic Matthew Dear (LIVE), 2011 breakout Diamond Rings and over 40 others on November 11-12, 2011. This fall, BEMF will double its capacity and take over five notable venues across Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 4pm – 4am: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Public Assembly, The Cove, Cameo, Zablotskys and more to be announced.

You can purchase a $45 pass valid for both days of the event at Ticketfly. Age restrictions are 21+ at The Cove, Cameo, Zablotsky’s, Brooklyn Bowl and Public Assembly; 18+ at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Join us for a pre-BEMF dance session at Dark Disco feat. L-Vis 1990, going down November 5 at a soon-to-be-announced location in Chinatown. English visionary L-Vis 1990 has been called a “true phenomenon”…with releases on Mad Decent and Sound Pellegrino, L-Vis 1990 start receiving his well-deserved recognition for changing the face of underground club music. Musical stylings of Dan Wender will also be in effect…this Dark Disco veteran never leaves you dissatisfied.

The location will be revealed the week of the event, happening November 5 from 11PM – 4AM for a 21 and older crown. There are limited $10 advanced tickets available, $15 advanced until sold out, and a $10 BEMF discount for attendees. Get your tickets here.

MeanRed, acclaimed most recently for their New York based Food Truck series PARKED! Adds to the expansion of BEMF with a Food Truck Lot featuring NYC’s most-coveted fare directly across the street from Music Hall of Williamsburg. The lot will feature favorite trucks as well as street art projections and art installations by local Brooklyn experiential artists.

Since it’s inception in 2008, BEMF has established itself as Brooklyn’s most influential genre bending musical event by bringing together over 5000 attendees to celebrate the city’s electronic musical landscape proudly featuring both emerging and established artists from the Boroughs and beyond sharing the same stage.

Past headliners have included The Juan McLean, Kid Sister, Azari + III, Javelin and many more. A list of select performances is listed below. Details and more acts to be announced shortly.

BEMF 2011:
Diamond Rings
Matthew Dear (LIVE)
Four Tet (DJ Set)
Hudson Mohawke
Reggie Watts
Schlachthofbronx (First ever NYC appearance)
Eclectic Method
Dubbel Dutch
Treehouse DJ’s
Dominique Keegan
Stretch Armstrong
More Announced Soon…

Website :


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