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extra music new TOP 10 Albums- May 2010

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TOP 10
Albums May 2010
Must Have!
NR.1 Guido and Lorn


1.Guido- Anidea +Lorn -Nothing Else
2. MonoPoly – Paramatma Listen/BUY
3. Eleven Tigers – Clouds Are Mountains MORE
4.OnraLP-Long Distance MORE(free promo dld,listen,buy)
5.Flying Lotus -Cosmogramma MORE+ Listen/BUY
6.Altered Natives – Tenement Yard Volume One Listen/BUY
7. Rude Kid – Are You Ready Listen/BUY
8. Clubroot II – MMX MORE
9.Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here Listen/BUY
10.Trentemoller – Into The Great Wide Yonder MORE, Listen/BUY

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Clubroot II : MMX

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For many a discerning listener, memories of the summer of 2009 will carry in the mind a soundtrack of Clubroot, who’s eponymous debut album seeped gently across the low-end underground with its stately and beautiful interpretation of bass music’s more etherial qualities. For the artist, events and experiences since then have co-mingled to catalyse a new series of graceful objects of sound to be emitted.

Visits to such disparate locales as Turkey and Poland became parts of the cinematic ambience that is the new Clubroot album, a record with no “official” title save for the ‘II : MMX’ date-mark adorning the front cover. This most inspired producer has created a series of audio-images, distilled to a previously unheard refinement within his chosen genre, and with a nature and overall shape and scope that largely transcends any style one could attempt to ascribe it to. It is still electronic music, yet it all sounds so absolutely married to its accompanying elements that it seems as if it was unearthed in complete form as opposed to constructed by deliberate process. ‘II : MMX’ possesses some of the most pronounced and arresting basslines ever heard, yet is delivered musically in a language that shares dialectic origins with fellow stratospheric travellers like Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, or Muslimgauze.

In this sense, and taken as a whole, the thread of pronounced themes and dramatic moments passing through the 11 pieces of ‘II : MMX’ combine and develop to create something almost magisterial in scope and effect. An early report on The Quietus website speaks of “another, if not richer, exploration of that whole wistful garage sound Burial made so prevalent”, and much more effusive praised is promised for what will surely be welcomed as one of the most elegaic and transporting albums of the year, either within out without the low-frequency firmament. Comparisons with Burial will continue to abound, yet with this release Clubroot is emphatically establishing his own markedly individual vision of the music of the spheres. ‘II : MMX’ will be available initially in three distinct formats : standard 11 track CD, 500 copy numbered edition double CD containing bonus disc of three previously unavaliable Clubroot remixes packaged in hand-made letterpress box, and limited eight track double LP set in vinyl-plus artwork jacket with uncased copy of the standard 11 track CD included.
II : MMX Limited 2CD
Format: CD Album
Catalogue Number: LODUBSD10001CDLTD
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Lo Dubs
Release Date: 3 May 2010
Clubroot II : MMX Limited 2CD

Track Listing
Disc 1 :

Dry Cured
Toe To Toe
Whistles & Horns
Running On Empty
Dust Storm
Cherubs Cry

Disc 2 : Limited 2CD :

Solar Flares
Remember Me

Format: Vinyl LP
Catalogue Number: LODUBSL10001LP
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Lo Dubs
Release Date: 3 May 2010
Track Listing
A1 ‘Orbiting’
A2 ‘Waterways’
B1 ‘Dry Cured’
B2 ‘Whistles & Horns’
C1 ‘Physicality’
C2 ‘Dust Storm’
D1 ‘Closure’
D2 ‘Cherubs Cry’