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Pantamuzik celebrates 10 years with compilation feat Jay Haze, Argenis Brito, Monopolar, Razz out December 26th+free download

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Pantamuzik proudly presents…
Various – 10 Years of Pantamuzik EP
Featuring Jay Haze, Argenis Brito, Monopolar, Signal Deluxe, Pablo Decoder, and more!

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: 10 Years of Pantamuzik EP
LABEL: Pantamuzik
RELEASE DATE: December 26th, 2010

Free download of “Miguel Toro’s ‘Kurduca (Piek Remix)'”

Miguel Toro-Kurduca (Piek Remix) by extramusicnew
Humberto Polar (Pantamuzik founder, member of Monopolar):
‘When I started Pantamuzik, back in 2000, no digital music downloads were sold at all, vinyl distribution was an insane investment in Latin America (still is) and nobody djed with CDs.
So, if you were a musician as I was, trying to establish an ethos about creating a real Latin-American breed of electronic music that didn’t sound like an idiot putting some congas on top of some loops, you had to be really patient and in good terms with your own suicidal tendencies, financially speaking.

Maybe Argentina and Chile had a bit more presence in the alternative dancefloors due to talented musicians and DJs that made a name in Europe such as Franco Cinelli, Pier Bucci or Ricardo Villalobos. But if you were a Peruvian, living in Colombia and heading to Mexico as I was, things looked much tougher.
But here we are. As we said in the very beginning, the world doesn’t need another dance music label, especially the Third World. But we did it anyway.

Eight CDs and 15 digital releases in a decade are not a lot, but they speak clearly about how carefully we choose the music we release. Whenever we believe in an artist or a track, we support that music with all our heart, playing it, spreading it no matter how difficult that is nowadays, in a polytonal world where everybody is able to make himself heard, for the good or the bad.

Now we live in Mexico City. Razz, another ex-pat, from Argentina joined me a couple of years ago and we spend long hours listening to demos from Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela… sometimes we DJ our catalog in clubs in the city, the country, the continent – and we can’t help smiling when we realize that hundreds of people dance frenetically to this music we Latin-Americans love and understand. It’s very likely that no German or UK label would ever listened to the dudes we release, maybe yes… anyway, we are here for the love of our music and our culture and we hope we can survive many more years doing exactly the same.

01 Razz – Altiplano (Argenis Brito Remix)
02 Monopolar – Me Preocupan Otras Cosas (Original Mix)
03 Miguel Toro – Kurduca (Piek Remix)
04 Israel Vich & Miki Gonzalez – Los Boras (Original Mix)
05 Jay Haze & Guajira – Guajira (Special Edit)
06 Signal Deluxe & Donovan – More Love & Sweet Divine (Original Mix)
07 Pablo Decoder & Capo – Imposible (Club Edit)


Blaq closes out 2010 with massive Obsidian comp due December 14th feat Stewart Walker, Derek Marin, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, more+Free Download

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Blaq proudly presents…

Various- Obsidian compilation
46 track collection feat. Stewart Walker, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, Derek Marin, and more.

ARTIST: Various

TITLE: Obsidian

RELEASE DATE: December 14th, 2010
 Free download of Sishi Roesch’s “Slow Dance”
Sishi-Rosh Slow-Dance (BLAQ049) by extramusicnew
Obsidian is a black rock that represents Mexico, its culture, its tradition, its crafts. This rock has many stories to tell. Ours is one of music, unity, collaboration, friendship, love and support. A journey into new ways of expressing life through sound, such an abstract form of art, simply beautiful and impossible to put into words.

The Obsidian compilation has lots of amazing music from around the world, you could easily drop a nice little set with just these tracks, we have all the usual Blaq records suspects sharing their love: Itzone, Dromme, Ocelli, No2, Mild Bang, Betacaroteno, Soundspace, Lila D., and Signal Deluxe.

Blaq’s close friends and family: Big Bully, Jordan Lieb, Giovanni Verga, Sishi Rosh, Inkzvolte, Vazik, Sergio Soroa, Razz, Monopolar, Dany Dior, Modulador B, Donovan, Lui Diago, Pistol Pete, Seizemorism, Milos, Funk- Shuei.

For this compilation we also have lots of amazing artists having their debut on Blaq: Stewart Walker via Derek Marin remix, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, Letkoben, Odnu, Noone, Dubdummies,
Tommi Bass, Gog, Nahutek, Mathias Springer & Spektakulära System

 Obsidian is a worldwide review of the sound of NOW, via Blaq Records from Juarez to Bratislava, Palermo to Argentina, New York to Russia, Cancun to Berlin, lots of Swedish love on this one too, and of course the beautiful city of Guadalajara is represented big time. There are no boundaries here only love!
Melted down and distilled in Mexico City.

01 Trankeelo (Derek Marin remix) – Stewart Walker
02 Gripping – Jeff Bennett
03 Prenzlauer Berg Shuffle – Tommi Bass & Mokujin
04 Slow Dance – Sishi Roesch
05 Jungle Love – Sishi Roesch
06 Final Answer – Yuri Levitas
07 Pacific Queen – Lila D.
08 A P i p Herra – Itzone
09 Aerospock – Pistol Pete
10 Architainment Field – Derek Marin
11 Butterheadz – Giovanni Verga
12 Despacio – Monopolar
13 Cat Skills – Big Bully & Jordan Lieb
14 Come to Me – Signal Deluxe & Donovan
15 Comes and Goes – Ocelli
16 Muchas Dimensones (Muchos Botones) – Dub Dummies
17 Estela Quimica – Signal Deluxe & Lui D
18 Expresion de Dos – Modulador B
19 Forward Rewind – Betacaroteno
20 Nautilius – Funk Shuei
21 Disco Freak – Soundspace
22 Hondo – Razz
23 Morning Deficit – Inkzvolte
24 Disco Blaw – Jubilee
25 Keyboardcowboys – Spektakulära System
26 Papuans – Letkolben
27 Kratom – Soundspace
28 Phosphor – Matthias Springer
29 Elements – Mild Bang
30 A Nervous Giggle – Gog
31 Like Tigers in the Backseat of My Car – Eric Ebleulel
32 Last Five Days by the Ocean – Milos
33 Motorcycle Club – Dromme
34 Pata de Elefante – Odnu
35 Bahamas – Pistol Pete & Sizemoreism
36 It’s Dark at Night – Sergio Soroa
37 Baby Making Music – Sizemoreism
38 Tierra Roja (Signal Deluxe remix) – Guajira
39 Trucos en la Mente – Ocelli
40 Tongue Tail – Vazik
41 Veneno – No2
42 Vimos a Saturno – Itzone
43 Where are you – Adrian Molinar aka Nahutek
44 Transparencia (Signal Deluxe remix) – Alexis Zua
45 Field of Joy – Danny Dior
46 Keep the calm – Splatter

Monopolar ‘Camila’ on Pantamuzik +free download

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Pantamuzik proudly presents… Monopolar- Camila EP [PNTMZK 010], a three track techno extravaganza!

Monopolar – Camila EP

Free download of  “Camila”

Pantamuzik is happy to introduce the new release of one of its biggest artists, Monopolar. After a busy year producing other musicians and working with his dubstep band, Guajira, Humberto Polar returns to the dancefloor with this EP.
Camila (PNTMZK 010) is a clear statement of the constant evolution and hard work of this multifacetic artist. A hypnotic, deep vibe runs across the three tracks.

Camila, the title track, is inspired on his young daughter and the happiness of partying. A killer bassline keeps the groove all along the way and a myriad of tiny microsounds builds a subtle landscape.
Enanos is a stripped down, lean piece of techno. Again, the deepest bass groove acts as the vehicle for a ghostly melody with hypnotic effects.
The last track, Lobo, features a voice sample by the hip hop mexican star Eric El Niño and builds on great rhytmic latin patterns that evolve

Pantamuzik bio:

Pantamuzik is a tribute name to Pantaleón Pantoja, Humberto Polar’s childhood dachshund dog. He lived 20 years and refused to die though everyone wanted him dead and buried. That’s attitude!!!

In 1999 we started Pantamuzik in Bogota, Colombia. Our first album was made for Peru. It was called “Delahouse” Vol. 1 and 2 and it had a 25,000 copies release. Yeah!!! It was mixed by H. Polar, founder and for a while the only member of Pantamuzik.

We released three more albums in Bogota: “Musica de Panta”, a compilation featuring colombian musicians, “Electrodaca” and “Corte Unisex”, all of them DJ mixes by Mono & Camila (La Sala Club´s resident DJs).

From the very start, we focused on finding great house and techno music produced by latin-american musicians, that reflects the vast cultural heritage that we enjoy in this part of the world as well as the best influences of quality dance music.

Then H. Polar moved to México. México City is our home since 2003.

In 2006 H. Polar released his “Micrometrías” EP, under the ST42 moniker. Around that time, Pantamuzik started producing the ALTEREGO parties, having H. Polar as resident DJ and many first-class guests: Matt Nee, from Kompute Music Chicago; Richie Hawtin: Bill Patrick, from Robots New York; the great Diego Ro-k, one of the true pionners and finest techno & tech-house DJs in Argentina, and Samim.

It was good to know the meaning of “success” from the very beginning, just to tell the difference between the simpler cooler “well-being”.

Summarizing, we produce and deliver original latin american dance music. We make remixes. Eventually, we do some parties. We DJ. We live for the music, and we make our living through the music. Music is what we really love, the music that stays in our hearts when we go to sleep and is still there when we wake up.

What we like: everything that is done honestly. Everything that respects the fact that music is an ART form and a CRAFT as well. Music has to be well done, showing respect to thousands of great musicians that preceded us. We love house music. We love techno. We love good sense of proportion. We love to party. We love electronic boldness. For the dance floor or the concert hall, or the bedroom.

For more info on Pantamuzik:
Monopolar on tour video
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!