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Rustie – Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1 — 7th April 2012)(Stream)

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With the release of his debut album Glass Swords last year, Rustie went from being an underground treasure in the UK to the face of an entire musical movement. When asking what a Rustie song sounds like, no explanation will contain less then 6 genres referenced and 5 emotions evoked. And it is this complex composition of sounds that has led critics to place Rustie at the forefront of the “maximalist” movement in electronic music.


The Friends of Distinction – Impressions (Dialogue)
Rustie – Gilded Jewel Case
Dreams – Bloodsport
The Blessings – Whoopi
Hudson Mohawke – Gooo
Rick Ross – MMG The World is Ours
Rustie – All Nite (Demo Version)
Clams Casino – Im God
Obey City – Work Move
Love Shy – That First Kiss
Xcuse – All Right (Shiftee Remix)
Asap Twelvy – Our World
Rustie – Eyezz
S-Type – Billboard
Surkin – Gold Island – (Bok Bok & L-vis 1990 Remix)
Kavsrave – No More (Slow Jams)
Lunice – Cant Wait To
Nightwave – Night Bird
Rustie – City Star (vip)
Baauer – Harlam Shake
Hudson Mohawke – Push
My Dry Wet Mess – When We Were Wrong
Skeletone 3
Rustie – Reflector
Lone – Dream Ache
Rustie – Love Frequency
Surkin – White Knight (Jackson & His Computer Band Remix)
Fox Gut Daata – Throb Black Map
Rustie – Crakk Squirrel
Rustie – Prizm
Mirror Maru – Swag5
Destinys Child – Get on the Bus
Rustie – Shifft
Lucky Bears – Shake Your Nipples
Krystal Klear – Pistol Chauffeur
Obey City – Fallin
Cid Rim – JazzJazzJazz (Dorian Concept Remix)
Big Sean – Marvin & Chardonay
Manix! – Feel Reel Good
Heezy Baby – Logobi Heezy International
Cassie – King of Hearts (Kanye West Remix)
Rustie – Hover Traps
Wiz Khalifa – Guilty Conscience
Rustie – Mint Lotus
Rustie – Gold Likk
Danny Brown – Witit
Rustie – Frazzle
Rustie – Ooompa
Rustie – Cat Nip
Rustie – Sawdust
Drake – Lord Knows
Tnght – R U Ready
Baauer – Dumdum
Nicki Minaj – I Am Your Leader
Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
Dorian Concept – Toothbrush
Rustie – Teen Souls Burning
Rustie – 444Sure
The Friends of Distinction – Impressions (Dialogue)

North America Tour Dates
5/15 @ Santos Partyhouse (Shortcuts Party) – New York, NY
5/18 @ Pyramid Eclipse Festival – Pyramid Lake, NV
5/19 @ Electric Owl – Vancouver, BC
5/20 @ Smog Sundays/Dim Mak Studios – Los Angeles, CA
5/22 @ Cervantes – Denver, CO
Rustie – Surph feat. Nightwave


SVET005: Nightwave – The Feel EP

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The Belgrade, Serbia based label Svetlana Industries today announced it will release it’s fourth vinyl EP on Monday 27th June 2011, with digital to follow on 3 July 2011.
The label announced some time ago it was working with Maya Medvesek, the artist known as Nightwave, and formerly known as 8Bitch, who is perhaps best known for her 12” with Starkey’s label Slit Jockey, but as label head Toby explains, the end product is quite different from what they first envisaged: “probably about last summer we came up with a tracklist, but Maya kept writing new tunes and sending them through and every time she did we responded ‘this has to go on the record’. In the end, I called her up and said ‘okay, enough is enough, I’m going in to cut the master tomorrow morning’ and she said ‘I’m actually expecting a remix from Unknown to the Unknown [a.k.a. DJ Haus from Hot City] right now and I think it’s big’. It came through some time in the middle of the night, I got up and downloaded it, told Maya “this is huge, it has got to go on the record”, she instantly agreed, and so I turned up late for the mastering session saying ‘sorry, it’s now a 5 track EP, please don’t put the price up.’” In this way a record is born.
Perhaps one reason for the huge evolution in Maya’s sound – the same thing that may have led her to change her artist name at the same time – is the fact that she’s started to become a fixture on London’s club scene, playing warm up to her heroes Drexciya (in their Dopplereffekt guise) as well as forming part of the line-up of London’s booming warehouse scene. This experience of playing to a hot sweaty dancefloor seems to have injected a tougher element to her IDM and techno fixations, and the results are something new. Maybe, as Aphex Twin’s Rephlex Records used to say, it’s Braindance.
Title track Feel is breathless builder at a dancefloor friendly 135bpm, taking techno architecture and giving it a UK bass interpretation, while Night Bird takes equal measures of heavy Detroit techno and more modern footwork sounds, layering a sweet melodic top onto a tense and hyperactive base to bake a very new kind of pie, joyous and uncertain in equal measure.
While Maya’s leftfield take on the dancefloor dominates the X side, the flip takes us back to the IDM of the 90s, reminiscent of Warp masters like the Black Dog: cinematic and grand, an aerial taxi ride in an anti-gravity car. This is all about creating new spaces in your headphones.
That is, until, like running into a brick wall, you hit the remix of Night Bird by Unknown To The Unknown, the alter ego under which Hot City’s DJ Haus has been establishing a new sound, adding a dread tech menace to the sounds of contemporary Chicago. From the first note this remix kicks, you know it’s big, coming on like the midpoint of DJ Rashad, Diplo and Chicago house.
The EP has attracted more dancefloor attention that any previous Svetlana release, with support from SBTRKT, Addison Groove, Brackles, Jackmaster and Bok Bok among others, and we specially selected techno specialists Curved Studios in London to give a heavy and saturated dancefloor sound to the vinyl.
The artwork sums up the headlong journey to encapsulated in the record and comes from original Svetlana visual masterminds Nous Sommes Des Soleils, based in Stuttgart, Germany, and one of the famous Svetlana tee shirts is shortly to follow.
Dropping just in time for a heavy summer of clubbing, The Feel EP is the coming of age of a much tipped young artist and something of a new a flavour for Svetlana at the same time.

Nightwave – The Feel EP(Preview)+Video

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Nightwave – The Feel EP

X1. Feel
X2. Night Bird

Y1. You Are My High
Y2. Bit Pony
Y3. Night Bird (Unknown To The Unknown drunk mix)

Two bangers, two chillers and a monster remix from Unknown To The Unknown, a.k.a. DJ Haus of Hot City.
Out on vinyl 27th June 2011 and digital one week later.