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Back On Track / Nicholas: Nu Groove

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Young but with a classic touch, the young Italian Nicholas is the perfect culprit to rewind the past two decades of Nu Groove and put them ‘Back On Track’.

Back On Track’ takes a snapshot of a time when house music was putting down roots, its earthy textures raw and engulfing. Nu Groove was at the forefront at that moment in time, pledging its allegiance to a new type of music. Now Needwant revisits its zenith asking the young luminary Nicholas to give his own interpretation on Nu Groove’s classic releases. The sound is intuitive, eager and highly satisfying encompassing the early throws of garage and deep and primal elements of vintage house. Featuring mysterious artists such as Lisa Lee, Equation, and Roqui, names that lack a current identity and have been lost to the vaults of time… until now.

There are few record labels that manage to leave a lasting imprint on the musical landscape and deserve celebration some twenty years on. Then, Nu Groove is unlike other record labels. A record label and musical institution based in New York, Nu Groove was created in the early throws of house music’s birth, 1988 and closing up sometime in 1992. In those four short years the label went on to give the world over one hundred releases. The output was unpredictable, the styling simple and the sound the pure cream of the underground. Never trying to please or adhere to one sound, the music crossed genres like they didn’t exist. It was everything a record label should and shouldn’t have been.

Behind the seminal imprint were two talented twins, Ronnie & Rheji Burrell, who left behind a pop career to join the label and become the creators of the majority of Nu Groove’s catalogue. These two producers almost singlehandedly produced nearly one hundred releases on the label, a task almost unheard of today and another testament to just how different the Nu Groove concept was.

Fast forward to the present and there is a resurgence of the sounds from this time. Classic house music is being replayed by a cross section of new rising contemporary artists from across the board such as Jamie Jones and Julio Bashmore. A younger and fresher audience are finding inspiration from this period, searching back to the era where the sound was simpler. One label keeps emerging in this pursuit is Nu Groove.

‘Back On Track’ is an interpretation on the back catalogue of Nu Groove brought up to date the young Italian native, Nicholas. These tracks are Nicholas’s choices, not driven by rarities (though many are). This is a time capsule, an introduction and an exploration via the ears of Nicholas.

Needwant first discovered the 26 year old Nicholas through his own self styled edits reinventing the classic sounds of the nineties. His innovative use working with the early dawns of house music have led to countless remixes and reedits on many labels. Highlights include the Robert Owens and Mario Basanov remixes for Needwant. His emphasis is on content not technology. Diva samples commanding soul and warm inviting synthesizers breath heavily in his tracks. His track construction gives life to the forgotten energy of the classic house sound and he has slowly but surely been making a deep impression on the current electronic music movement.

Nicolas was inspired by the likes of Romanthony, Pal Joey, Kerri Chandler, Chez & Trent’s Prescription and Nu Groove Records so was an ideal choice for this project. It’s rare for such a young DJ to develop a clearly deep love for classic house music but this comes down to the Red Zone Club in Perugia, Italy, the place where Nicholas first became aware of this music and developed his love for the style.

Nicholas presents the forgotten records from the Nu Groove catalogue on‘Back On Track’ like only he knows how, telling his own story of the early days of house music and keeping the spirit alive for a genre that continues to heavily influence dance music today.


Label: Needwant
Cat no: NEEDCD006
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday November 28th, 2011


  1. Lisa Lee – When Can I Call You (Nicholas Dirty Dub Remix)
  2. Bäs Noir – I’m Glad You Came To Me (Nicholas Garage Dub Mix)
  3. N.Y. House’n Authority – Apt1A (Nicholas Witness Remix)
  4. Emjay – Come ‘N Get It (Nicholas Vocal Remix)
  5. Tech Trax Inc. – Tech Trax Inc. (Nicholas House Keys Remix)
  6. K.A.T.O – The Booty Dance (Nicholas Raw Interpretation)
  7. Roqui – I’ve Just Begun To Love You (Nicholas Love Re-Edit)
  8. Basil Hardhaus 2 featuring Burrell – Black Man (Nicholas Black & Proud Mix)
  9. Equation – Domm Domm, Yeah, mm hmm (Nicholas Basement Remix)
  10. Roqui – Set Me Free (Nicholas Vocal Remix)
  11. Houz’ Neegroz – How Do You Love A Black Woman? (Nicholas Fierce Beats Remix)

Album launch party Saturday 12th November at Basing House, London with Nicholas, Robert Owens & Sean Brosnan