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Omid 16B – Alola Volume 4

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alolaTo celebrate a landmark 20 years in the music business, Omid 16B and his aLOLa label are releasing some inspiring and highly collectable music from the vaults. The re-mastered back catalogue has been made available since 2011 to all good digital stores, alongside the label’s latest brand new music from today’s respected and true artists, to show that aLOLa remains one of the most exciting and influential labels in the UK and around the globe.

A process that started two years ago with the first two instalments of aLOLa’s past, present and future mix series was followed in Summer 2013 by Mr C’s “Volume 3” presenting his favourite label selections. Now it is time for Omid 16B to finish a fantastic year off in style with this stunning selections mixed to perfection for “Volume 4”.

Various Artists – aLOLa Volume 4 – EP Sampler

1. Omid 16B – Ending To Begin (Original Mix) (aLOLa)
2. Alex George – The Illness (Spin Science Remix) (aLOLa)
3. Feroziana – Acid Wars (Omid 16B Remix) (aLOLa)
4. Pop Out & Play – Corrosive Tongue (Omid 16B Re-Edit) (aLOLa)
(aLOLa) ALOS004 Release: 2nd December 2013

Various Artists – aLOLa Volume 4 – Mixed by Omid 16B
(aLOLa) ALOD004
Release: 16th December 2013

01. Nick Stoynoff – Da Izz (Original Mix) – NEW
02. Pop Out & Play – Corrosive Tongue (Omid 16B Edit)
03. Alex George – The Illness (Spin Science Mix) – NEW
04. Eliot Tordoff – Torn (Original Mix)
05. Marco Da Mata & Matthew – Dancing With Elephants (Omid 16B Edit)
06. Feroziana – Acid Wars (Omid 16B Remix) – NEW
07. Spin Science & K Loveski – Hamsters Goosebumps (Original Mix)
08. Omid 16B – Double You (Original Mix)
09. Omid 16B – Dark Horse (Original Mix)
10. Voodoo Corporation – Inside Your Love (Original Mix)
11. Omid 16B – Escape (Driving To Heaven) (Silky & Jonny Cruz Remix)
12. Omid 16B – For T (Original Mix) – NEW
13. Omid 16B – Dark Love – NEW
14. Omid 16B – Ending To Begin – NEW
15. Spin Science & K Loveski – Annie (Original Mix) – NEW
16. Omid 16B – How To Love? (Original Mix) – NEW
17. 16B – Water Ride (O’s Sleeping All Day Mix Intro)


“I wanted to create a journey with the music and see how significant the catalogue is becoming – could the mix tell a timeless story? I had to create new tracks for different moods when I started the mix, especially when I had to a bridge a gap between different emotions so they could naturally follow in a sequence I was ultimately happy with. This way I felt the mix turned into a positive challenge with more personality, combining a few forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by the aLOLa artists.” – Omid 16B

The mix opens with a brand new track from Chicago’s Nick Stoynoff, the mellow, spacious, deep house vibes hinting at what is to come. Omid lifts the atmosphere beautifully with his own re-edit of Pop Out & Play’s “Corrosive Tongue”, before the rather tasty exclusive remix of Alex George’s stupendous “The Illness” from Estonia’s rising star, Spin Science takes over, channelling the vibes of early Chicago House firmly into a futuristic style.

As the mix flows and develops masterfully, Omid introduces the funked-up magnificent of Australia’s Eliot Tordoff, his own edit of the superbly titled and twisted “Dancing With Elephants”, and his own remix of the ferocious “Acid Wars” by mysterious newcomer Feroziana, whose “The Final Touch” on Bedrock has been a highlight in the Beatport Techno sales chart recently. The energy levels are starting to sizzle as “Hamsters Goosebumps” ushers in the first of a series of stunning productions by the master himself. The ethereal beauty of “Double You” is beyond compare whilst the clever guitar riff hook of “Dark Horse” is so distinctive that it immediately renders the track unforgettable.

The sultry female vocals of Voodoo Corporation’s “Inside Your Love” lift excitement levels even higher in a classic house style, before a new interpretation of the stone-cold classic, “Escape (Driving To Heaven)”, brings the mix to another section of exclusive new productions by Omid 16B. Acidic attitude, euphoric beauty and perfectly timed drops with lashings of atmosphere are the order of the day, as the mix becomes ever more enthralling, with Omid’s “Ending To Begin” into Spin Science & K Loveski (making their second appearance), before the mix is subtly brought down slowly to a joyous climax with the genius deep house vibes of “How To Love” and then closed with a cheeky riff from his classic “Water Ride”.

The phrase “master at work” is entirely appropriate here for Omid 16B as he has created a timeless, classic mix using purely tracks from his own aLOLa label. “Volume 4” is the perfect addition to the series of mix compilations, combining forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by aLOLa artists, and another amazing glimpse into the label’s historic brilliance.

Check for further information about all aLOLa releases.

Sounds Like Alola Vol.3 – Mr C(Preview)

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Mr C_Sounds Like Alola Vol 3_Artwork20 Years Of Alola – A Summer Of Celebrations

When I started ALOLA back in 1993 with £500 I’d borrowed from my dad, it was an outlet to release my own music and slowly, music by like-minded artists whom I admired… After 20 years it’s time for the past, present and future to fall in sync.” – Omid 16B

The re-mastered back catalogue will be available for the first time at all digital stores, alongside the label’s latest releases. This is a process that started two years ago when the first two instalments of Alola’s past, present and future were carefully handpicked and mixed to perfection by Omid 16B and Demi. Now, Mr C (who was the honoured guest at the first 20 Years Of Alola party in London recently) presents his favourite label selections.

 “Alola was a seminal deep house label that broke down the divisions between house & techno with a depth that was and still is extremely hard to parallel.” – Mr C

“Mr C was one of my mentors who introduced me to Ibiza back in in ‘99, we did the first DJ Mag ‘Face Off’ CD together, where we played a DJ set back-to-back and since then we’ve been of best friends. I signed Mr C to both Alola and SexOnWax, which led to some great singles and EPs together. I’ve always loved the fact that he has such a wide musical range and is totally from the old school but keeps pushing fresh new music with his unique vinyl only style mixing. That’s why it was an honour for us to have such a master select and mix his favourite tracks from Alola’s history on vinyl and he did it all LIVE to captures the true vibe.” – Omid 16B

Various Artists – Sounds Like Alola – Volume 3

Mixed By Mr C
(Alola) ALOD003
Digital Release: 27th May 2013 (Mix & Individual Tracks)

01. Omid 16B – Secrets (Original Mix)
02. Omid 16B – Home (Original Mix)
03. Omid 16B – As We Sleep (Original Mix)
04. NAV – Space Chase (House Mix)
05. Eli Nissan – Uplifting Blues (House Mix)
06. YMC – Endless Road (Original Mix)
07. House Of 909 – The Blandford Superfly (Original Mix)
08. OTC – The Dragon Lady (Original Mix)
09. YMC – Jazzmatic (Original Mix)
10. 16B – Why? (Original Mix)
11. Pete Moss – Right On (Original Mix)
12. Mr C – Dizzy Spell (Original Mix)
13. Mr C – Dizzy Spell (Reprise)
14. Mr C – Time Design The Dragon (Original Mix)
15. Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythm (Mr C Mix)
16. Mr C – Click (Original Mix)
17. YMC – Tears (Original Mix)

At a carefully considered, steady rate, the precious Alola 12” vinyl back catalogue is in the process of being re-mastered and introduced to the digital world, alongside new material from the label. It would be pointless to just throw it all out at once – this is music to be savoured! In a disposable world this is timeless music to be treasured for a long, long time.

Omid’s desire to present so many years of music in a coherent way led to the decision to release a series of mix compilations, combining forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by Alola artists, to add something fresh to the whole concept. Omid has approached some of his favourite DJs who have had some affiliation with the label and some who were part of the label, to contribute. Now, Mr C provides the next in a series of glimpses into the label’s historic brilliance.



Omid 16B Presents DaBilla Slap

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SexOnWax enters September with a suitably spicy new tune as that autumnal chill starts to fill the evening air and those balmy summer nights draw to a close. “Slap” is the perfect way to prepare you for the darker and chillier seasons to come, all rosy cheeked and ready to roll!

DaBILLA is a long-standing mate of Omid’s, their friendship going back almost 20 years. He would often find himself drawn to Omid and Demi’s Parsons Green studios whilst the boys were working either on their own or together in SOS mode. “Slap” is the result of a collaboration with so much spontaneous moments – such as Paolo Mojo doing a mix after hearing Omid drop it to devastating effect at a party they were both playing; Demi doing his thing in the studio and showing he isn’t just a great DJ but also a very ambitious producer in the making; and a first outing for SLP, the new boy and Omid’s studio assistant, who makes his debut remix for SexOnWax with a beautifully gentle and subtle affair.

Omid 16B Presents DaBilla Slap
1. Omid’s Dark Dub
2. Demi Remix
3. Paolo Mojo Remix
4. Omid’s Club Mix
5. SLP Remix
6. Original Mix
(SexOnWax) Sex032
Release: Beatport 17.09.12 / General Release 01/10/12

“Its always impossible to create a package of mixes that will suit everyone’s needs, but we’ve certainly tried our best to get as many varied interpretations so you guys will have at least one you drop in your sets, otherwise you can just give us a slap!” – Omid 16B

Omid 16B – Melodica (Alola)(Preview)

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Every once in a while something comes along that can compliment the art of music without isolating anything or anyone…

“Melodica” by Omid 16B is the first single from a planned collection of releases Omid will be putting out this year, whose intentions are pure and simple – raising consciousness and making people aware of the musicality that can be part of any house record and still make an impact to people across genre divides and the pop world, without any cheese or generic formulas that make up many singles today when they focus on hype and trends. “Melodica” is a piece of music with a heartbeat looping and letting emotions flow through hypnotic melodies with a twist of romance. Coming in three exotic and enticing mixes, this is something very special indeed!

Omid is an artist who isn’t just a DJ/producer, but also a songwriter and musician who has played a range of musical instruments from an early age and has spent most of his life involved in music. When you’ve been immersed in music as a life-force for so long, the whole ethos of making music tends to get deeper.

Head of the Alola, Disclosure and SexOnWax labels, he is seen as a key tastemaker across the electronic music scene. As a respected artist of high calibre, Omid has released several albums to critical acclaim and released an epic number of amazing singles and remixes over the years. He has created a distinctive style and unique expression that constantly inspires, and is nothing short of a true showman.

Omid is currently putting the finishing touches to a new 16B album that will emerge later this year.

Omid 16B
1. Original Dub Mix
2. Omid’s Jungle Fever Mix
3. Beatless Mix
(Alola) ALD003
Release: 20/08/12

Listen Clips

or at Alola Soundcloud


Omid 16B’s SexOnWax Is Back! / Paul Sparkes – Break U Down EP

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The “Break U Down EP” is a superb mixture of house and tech-house, featuring three original tracks by Paul Sparkes and two stylish remixes by Omid 16B. As Paul says of the EP…
I wanted to, quite simply, produce music that I love to play out in the clubs, tracks which can fit into DJ sets without having to be huge impact tracks, but ones that will simply do the business at the right time. I think I’ve made three tracks that are pitched down, deep and of a high quality. It’s really music by a DJ for other DJs, and I hope this EP will fit into the sets of many different people all over the world.” 
Paul Sparkes has been DJing for nearly 20 years. A native Brit, he relocated to Amsterdam in 2001 and has been responsible for promoting his own Floorplay parties in the city, bringing in the likes of Omid 16B himself and Danny Howells to play with him. This hard-working individual is all about quality, and thus he fits seamlessly into the SexOnWax label ethos. Paul has previously released tracks such as “Anorok” on Alter Image Recordings from NYC, “Weekender” on Aleph Recordings and also mixed the “11 Years Of Silver Planet Recordings” compilation. Now, in 2012, he has found his true deep house sound with this release on Omid’s SexOnWax Recordings.
Starting life in 2002, SexOnWax Recordings is a UK label synonymous with high quality house music.  The brainchild of DJ/producer Omid 16B, it has consistently released quality underground electronic music and is always seeking out hidden dancefloor gems. With over a decade of quality releases, including productions from the likes of Omid, Mr C & Tom Parris, Danny Howells, The Idiots, Solar Plexus, Sycophant Slags, and Mashtronic, under its belt, Sexonwax now presents the latest instalment, the “Break U Down EP” by Paul Sparkes.

SexOnWax is back! 
Paul Sparkes
Break U Down EP
1. Come On (Original Mix)
2. Come On (Omid’s 4am Killa Edit)
3. Come On (Omid 16B Club Edit)
4. The Look (Original Mix)
5. Break U Down (Original Mix)
(SexOnWax Recordings) Sex31
Release: 20/08/12

Listen HERE

Further Info:

Bedrock – Underground Sound Of Miami

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BEDROCK_UNDERGROUND SOUND OF MIAMI features 10 exclusive tracks from some of Bedrock’s favourite artists and some exciting new names to the Bedrock roster, in a DJ-friendly unmixed format.
We’ve been wanting to do a Miami sampler for the last few years now, showcasing some of the great artists we work with on the label, but other projects and releases got in the way of letting us do this. However, this year we have been very fortunate to be in a position where we not only had some amazing music but also some time to get this organised, so we could do it properly. I’ve also been able to road-test all the tracks at gigs since the start of January and the reactions to the music has been amazing, so it seemed perfectly apt to put a release together that we can focus on around Miami and the Bedrock showcase parties there.” - John Digweed

Release: 19.03.12
CD & Digital

01.Sirenize – Everybody
02.Stelios Vassiloudis – West
03.Robert Babicz – Echo From The Past
04.Sasse & Stelios Vassiloudis – Benedict
05.Guy J – Nightstalker
06.Maher Daniel & Casa (aka Mike Casa) – Music, Machines & Life
07.Wehbba – Motone
08.Pig&Dan, Mark Reeve and Dean Demanuele – Machines
09.Electric Rescue & Timid Boy – All Access
10.Dosem – How Do You Do It

Miami here we come!
Bedrock Showcase at Cameo
Thursday 22nd March
Featuring: John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Marco Bailey, Omid 16B, Henry Saiz, Denis A and Stelios Vassiloudis.
11th Annual Sunset Cruise – invite only event
Friday 23rd March
Featuring: John Digweed.
Bedrock and Creations Party at The Vagabond
Saturday 24th
Featuring: John Digweed extended set.
Ultra Music Festival
Sunday 25th
Featuring: John Digweed headlining the Space Ibiza Arena.

Omid 16B – The Night / Electronics(preview)

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It’s been almost a year since Omid 16B’s previous stunning release on Bedrock. “Rain” and ”Passion Of Zorro” (BEDDIGI08) were both pure examples of Omid’s musical genius: uplifting, anthemic and downright danceable to the extreme. As always with Omid, they grooved to the max, which is why his return to Bedrock is such an exciting prospect.
“The Night” and “Electronics” are both very driving tech-house cuts with a plethora of exciting peak and drops. “The Night” has a more techno feel to it, created by sonically crafted layers that build it into massive bursts of energy throughout.
“Electronics was actually made over 3 years ago and has been rigorously tested and played out by myself many times before I signed it to Bedrock. Watch out for the bass loop drop, because that definitely gets a roar from the crowd every time!” – Omid 16B
Omid is an artist who isn’t just a DJ/producer, but also a songwriter and musician who has played a range of musical instruments from an early age and has spent most of his life involved in music. Head of the SexOnWax, Disclosure and Alola labels, he is seen as a key tastemaker across the electronic music scene. As a respected artist of high calibre, Omid has released several albums to critical acclaim and released an epic number of amazing singles and remixes over the years. He has created a distinctive style and unique expression that constantly inspires, and is nothing short of a true showman. So you can understand why this new Bedrock release is going to cause a commotion!
Omid is currently putting the finishing touches to a new 16B album that will emerge later this year. Meanwhile, listen out for an exclusive guest mix coming soon on John Digweed’s “Transitions” radio show. He will also be playing for Bedrock in March at Cameo, Miami WMC.

Omid 16B
The Night
(Bedrock Digital) BEDDIGI17

Omid 16B – Electronics

Omid 16B – The Night

Further information:

John Digweed – Structures 2 (Blissed Out) at Mixcloud

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John has just uploaded the first of 3 exclusive previews of the brand new Structures 2 album to Mixcloud. For this mix – John Digweed delivers a minimix of CD1 – Blissed Out Electronica.

Check HERE

To pre-order a signed copy of the album visit :

John Digweed -Structures Two 3xCD on Bedrock,June 20th

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John Digweed
Structures Two
Bedrock Records
3xCD Complied and Mixed / Limited 12″ Vinyl / Digital Download
CD1 Blissed Out Electronica Mix
CD2 John Digweed Live @ Avalon, Los Angeles
CD3 Unmixed Bedrock Exclusives DJ Friendly
Release: June 20th 2011

After months of hard work behind the scenes, the highly anticipated second instalment of John Digweed’s Structures is finally here, following on from 2010’s debut, which was met with critical acclaim worldwide and also won the Community Choice Top DJ Mix at the Beatport Music Awards 2011.
Bedrock is synonymous with releasing the highest quality forward-thinking electronic dance music and has enjoyed a highly successful 2011 so far. This new compilation will further cement the label’s reputation around the globe.

Structures Two is a 3xCD collection: CD1 showcases exclusive remixed versions from the Bedrock catalogue in a blissed out electronica mix created by John Digweed. CD2 is a stunning snapshot, capturing the energy of John Digweed DJing at one of USA’s finest clubs, Avalon, Los Angeles. CD3 features exclusive, full-length, DJ-friendly club tracks that showcase the sound of Bedrock in 2011.

CD 1 Blissed Out Electronica Mix
01. Guy J – Easy As Can Be – Tom Middleton Beatless Mix
02. Stelios Vassiloudis – I Burn Like – Ambient Mix
03. Christian Smith & John Selway – Mistral – Ambient Mix
04. Vincenzo & Elon – Yarra Valley – Reprise
05. Quivver – In Your Boat – Reprise
06. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is – Reprise
07. Guy J – Lamur – AM Mix
08. Ian O’Donovan – Aurora Borealis – Reprise
09. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Bilder – Wiretappeur Reprise
10. King Unique & Anthony Pappa – Vamoosh – King Unique Kosmische Mix
11. King Unique – 2000000 Suns – KU Heat Death Of The Universe Mix
12. King Roc & Dimitri Nakov – Jardin Nights – From Paris & Berlin Mix
13. Robert Babicz – Pink Trees – On The Couch Journey Mix
14. Alan Fitzpatrick – Involve – Ambient Mix
15. Marco Bailey – Beaming – Downbeat Mix
16. Nick Warren – In Search Of Silver – Ambient Mix
17. Suicide Sports Club – Freaky Boy From Outside
18. Bedrock Beautiful Strange – Ambient Mix

CD1 John Digweed delves into the cinematic sound of Bedrock. Having carefully chosen a superb selection of tracks from the Bedrock catalogue and had them remixed and retouched into sublime ambient, after hours and downtempo versions, he’s blended them together to create a sublime, blissed out, electronica mix.
“I’m really happy with the outcome and hope I have created a perfect soundtrack for the long summer days ahead.” – John Digweed
Fittingly, the master of global communication, Tom Middleton, opens the proceedings with his Beatless Mix of one of the understated and atmospheric highlights from Guy J’s current album, Easy As Can Be. He’s injected it with a dose of pure chilled vibes as only he can and it’s the first of 18 amazing blissed out moments on CD1. There can be no denying that Guy J is one of the stand out electronic artists in the world today. A fact showcased further into the mix when his Lamur (AM Mix), with its beatless, soaring heavenly beauty, provides yet another moment to cherish.
As the journey takes shape through the blending of the melancholy violins and intriguing vocals of Stel’s I Burn Like, into the restrained energy of a swirling ambient Mistral courtesy of techno heavyweights Christian Smith and John Selway (the original version was released in the summer 2009 on Bedrock), through to the joyous handclaps of an outstanding hands-in-the-air reprise of former Steve Bug protégé Vincenzo’s current summer anthem Yarra Valley, you cannot fail to notice that John Digweed is thoroughly enjoying himself here. As with his DJ sets on the world’s best dancefloors, week in week out, his tracks selection, timing, ability to build and develop atmospheres seemingly effortlessly and change pace to weave a dialogue through the music, are impeccable.
As the unmistakeable chords of Quivver’s In Your Boat blend immaculately into Wiretappeur (a production partnership between Florian Kruse, Nils Nurnberg and Stel) and the mix spirals ecstatically upwards through Guy J into the stunning uplifting techno of Aurora Borealis (by one Ireland’s fastest rising stars, Ian O’Donovan) without a kick-drum in sight, the endless creative freedom of this blissed out concept is very much apparent.
The Wiretappeur reprise of Digweed & Muir single Bilder signals a plateau period in the mix, with the arrival of Matt Thomas (aka King Unique) and his “cosmic techno” sound, pressing all the right darker, melodic and scary buttons with his beatless versions of Vamoosh and massive single 2000000 Suns, before diving head-first into the bottomless chasm of King Roc & Dimitri Nakov’s Jardin Nights and emerging on a low-slung, head-nodding groove, courtesy of German creative genius Robert Babicz, with his stunning Pink Trees – On The Couch Journey Mix, which morphs seamlessly into the sublime vocal interlude of Involve by techno-meister Alan Fitzpatrick.
The down-tempo groove theme is further explored (maybe unexpectedly if you haven’t heard his recent Dragon Man album), by Belgian techno don Marco Bailey, with his Downbeat Mix of Beaming, leading into an ambient interlude by the masterful Nick Warren, which provides a superb launch pad for the downright-dirty Suicide Sports Club to bring the journey to a fitting conclusion as Freaky Boy From Outside segues into a final end sequence of blissed out ambience with Bedrock’s Beautiful Strange.

CD 2 John Digweed Live from Avalon, Los Angeles
01. King Unique & Anthony Pappa – Vamoosh – King Unique Kosmische Mix
02. Estroe – Driven – Distortion Remix 1
03. H.O.S.H feat. Mistress Barbara – Finally Mine – Gorge Remix
04. Ellen Allien – Searching – Shonky Remix
05. Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy – Telesto – Martin Buttrich Remix
06. Paneoh Feat. Maetrik – Follow
07. Lewis Ryder – Kaffee-Monster – Nathan Coles & David Coker’s Spanish Fly Mix
08. Martin Dawson – What The Fuck
09. Clément Meyer – Piece By Piece – Maetrik Remix
10. Mylo Salté – Soak
11. Maxime Dangles – Santé
12. Timo Maas – Kick 1 Kick 3 – Maetrik’s Sexy Remix
13. Philogresz – Isolated Funk Ensemble – Sarah Goldfarb Remix
14. Tom Hades – Come On
15. Ruede Hagelstein – Emergency – Super Flu’s Gentle Dental Nurse Remix
16. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar – Henrik Schwarz Remix
CD2 “This is a snapshot of a recent live mix at one of America’s best clubs. I’ve got a long established history with LA clubland and love playing there. It was a fantastic night and I think this live mix really captures the energy and emotion from the dancefloor as the party really starts to get going.” – John Digweed
Opening with the eerie tripped-out ambience of King Unique and building quickly through the warm, subtle, but at the same time energetic acidic tones of Dutch female techno star and Melkweg resident, Estroe, the mix connects the dots with the swinging house grooves of H.O.S.H. (aka Hamburg’s Holger Behn) joining forced with Mistress Barbara and the hypnotic Berlin techno of BPitch Control’s veteran star Ellen Allien. As the energy builds effortlessly, more weight and twisted melodic elements are worked into the mix with the arrival of the German production dream team of Bodzin. Romboy and Buttrich, as Telesto primes the dancefloor for the exceptional and huge Follow, courtesy of rising Argentinian star Paneo and featuring Valencia’s uniquely talented Maetrik on vocals, a memorable track for sure.
The beats are razor sharp as Nathan Coles and David Coker stamp their attitude on Lewis Ryder’s energetic Kaffe-Monster, the infectious energy boost building swiftly as Berlin based, Get Physical star, Martin Dawson (King Roc) plateaus out and explodes into What The Fuck. Maetrik makes a swift return to the proceedings on remix duty, as the mix takes a percussive breather with the self-proclaimed defender of ‘spooky house and cursed techno’, Clément Meyer, inserting a little dancefloor darkness with Piece By Piece. Rising French producer Mylo Salté continues the theme with his twisted melodic, percussive, hybrid techno style, before handing the baton to fellow Frenchman, Maxime Dangles, who adds joyous hypnotic, melodic swing and a well-timed hands-in-the-air moment in the middle of Santé.
John Digweed’s impeccable track selection continues with the re-energized underground sound of Timo Maas, as that man Maetrik (on remix duty again) unleashes dancefloor delirium with the sexy French twist of the massive Kick 1 Kick 3. The atmosphere in Avalon begins to boil with the epic breakdown of Isolated Funk Ensemble, before sometime Marco Bailey collaborator,Tom Hades, brings his soaring Come On to the party, lifting the mix to a new level before dropping towards the stupendously huuuuge Super Flu Remix of Ruede Hagelstein’s Emergency, with its ridiculously catchy lyrics and melody. The mix finale comes from award winning Sudanese musician Emmanuel Jal, whose Kuar was originally released on the Innervisions label to raise awareness of the struggle of the people of southern Sudan for independence. A track brimful of politically charged energy, showing that sometimes dance music can have a conscience too.
This totally tuned-in, forward-thinking mix live from Avalon not only features the amazing music of big guns, but also showcases John Digweed’s desire to push forward the rising stars of the future, confirming that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of the electronic dance scene in 2011. It’s a showcase mix that’s hard to beat.

CD 3 Unmixed Bedrock Exclusives
01. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Bilder – King Unique Rebild
02. Inkfish – Detroit
03. Maxime Dangles – Santé
04. Tom Hades – Come On
05. Paneoh Feat. Maetrik – Follow
06. Robert Babicz – Two Colours
07. Oliver Lieb – Parallax
08. Midnight Ramblers – Scarab
09. Dibby Dougherty & David Young – Tiger Forest – Ryan Davis Rework
10. Jimmy Van M Feat. Steve T – We Are Children
CD3 “Being head of A&R at Bedrock Records I’m privileged to get sent so much music on a weekly basis. With this 3rd disc I wanted to showcase the sound of Bedrock in 2011 with these full-length, DJ-friendly, club versions in an unmixed format.” – John Digweed
2011 is already proving to be a fantastic year for music and a great year for the ever-impressive Bedrock Records. For CD3 of Structures Two John Digweed has selected ten brand new, unreleased, exclusive tracks and remixes that showcase the diverse and ever-developing sound of Bedrock, presented in an unmixed DJ-friendly format.
Opening with King Unique’s metronomic beats and acidic overtones soaring ever upwards, pressing all the right melodic buttons, as Matt Thomas remixes Digweed & Muir’s Bilder (the original of which appeared at the end of 2010), the collection swiftly moves into stripped-back, techno influenced territory with the aptly titled Detroit by Stockholm’s Inkfish, showing that the Bedrock musical palette is always broad and open-minded.
Maxime Dangles has grown to be a key new artist in the French electronic music community and creates waves around the globe with his unabashed approach to proper club techno music. Santé (which translates as – Cheers!), with its jittery tech-beats and melodic synth hooks show an artist buzzing with creative intention and is a worthy inclusion. By the time the heavy kick and swirling atmospherics of Come On by sometime Marco Bailey collaborator Tom Hades arrives, there can be no denying that the talent on display on Structures 2 is both exceptional and more varied than some would give the Bedrock label credit for.
The dark, twisted nature of Follow by Argentinian Nicolas Abalos aka Paneoh featuring Valencia’s Maetrik on vocals (a track that works to such great effect on John Digweed’s Avalon mix), is a highlight, as is the quality of Two Colours by production and mastering-meister Robert Babicz. Having released his debut Pink Trees on Bedrock at the end of 2010, here he continues to reveal his talent and skill as one of Europe’s most essential techno producers.
Frankfurt based DJ & producer Oliver Lieb has been in the premier league of electronic producers since the late 90’s and always keeps surprising and amazing people with his extraordinary sounds and diversity of styles. He views music as an endless horizon of expressing himself and refuses to be pigeonholed in one specific genre, an attitude well suited to the Bedrock ethos. His Bedrock debut, the mighty, soaring, Parallax should not be ignored. This is a master at work.
Oliver Lieb is also involved in a co-production capacity, working with Jimmy Van M (who is credited with having helped advance electronic dance music throughout North America since back in the day, opening avenues for John Digweed, amongst others, along the way). Now based in Madrid, Jimmy Van M shows he is a force to be reckoned with in 2011 as he lets the ethereal, uplifting vibes of We Are Children, featuring the distinctive haunting vocals of New York artist Steve T, flow.
High-ranking established artists are always kept firmly on their toes by the new upcoming stars of the future and Structures 2 has not finished yet as it highlights newcomers, Midnight Ramblers, first ever release. The wonky deep-tech beats of Scarab, displays a refreshing, decidedly dub attitude, with snippets of saxophone and vocals. Tiger Forest, produced by Dibby Dougherty (one of Irelands most exciting and ground-breaking new talents) with musical side-kick David Young and reworked by Traum favourite Ryan Davis, fuses melodic trance elements and violins to a minmal groove blueprint, to great effect, showing that John Digweed has his A&R focus on the future when it comes to signing new talent.
Bedrock has got off to an amazing start in 2011 with full-length artist albums from Marco Bailey and Guy J and additional stunning singles from Sian vs Psycatron, Omid 16B, Ian O’Donovan and Vincenzo. Now, Structues 2 is another exceptional forward-thinking chapter in the label’s development.
“I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did compiling and mixing it.” – John Digweed

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Omid 16B -Rain (Stream)

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John Digweed @ Moonpark XXI, Costa Salguero 07.12.2010
Omid 16B -Rain

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