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Articulation a Free EP from Parallel Thought

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Parallel Thought – Art Of Sound

(LP|DL , July 24th , 2012 Parallel Thought LTD.)

DOWNLOAD FREE EP: Parallel Thought  “Articulation”

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A precursor to their upcoming instrumental album “Art Of Sound”Parallel Thoughtpresents “Articulation” their debut group EP introducing Caness on the mic.  Its free by the way!

Parallel Thought – Art Of Sound+Free Download

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Parallel Thought – Art Of Sound

(LP|DL , July 24th , 2012 Parallel Thought LTD.)
DOWNLOAD FIRST SINGLE: Parallel Thought  “Right Now”

Fresh off their latest album Attractive Sin with Del the Funky Homosapien, Parallel Thought  releases their first true solo effort, Art of Sound.  This full-length project is produced by all three members Drum, Knowledge, and Caness, who doubles as the groups main emcee. Art of Sound is a sound museum curating lush landscapes that not only stays true to, but also builds upon the integrity of Parallel Thoughts earlier works, featuring “classic sounds with rich layers of funk, soul, jazz, blues and rock sampling that honor the genre-bending experimentation prevalent in ’80s and early-’90s hip-hop” .
Though the album is almost entirely instrumental, highlighting the group’s progression of production skills,  emcees Breeze Brewin from the Juggaknots, Alabama’s Gene the Southern Child, and Caness make guest appearances. Art of Sound will accompanied by Parallel Thought’s free EP Articulation as well as Gene the Southern Child’s,  A Ride with the Southern Child. With this bundled release Parallel Thought builds upon the foundation of their previous catalogue and sets the tone for future works.
1. Right Now feat. Caness, BE & Frantic RP
2. Polyrythmatic
3. Suspended Animation
4. July24th
5. The Canopy
6. Ice Cold feat. Breeze Brewin ( Juggaknots)
7. Splathouse
8. Swamper
9. No Silence
10. Made To Get Paid feat. Gene The Southern Child
11. May Something
12. Moment In Time
13. Untitled
14. Please Love PT. 1
15. Purple Onion
16. Currency
Artwork by Kevin Vitella 

Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought – Attractive Sin

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Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought – Attractive Sin

CD|LP|DL , June 19th , 2012 Parallel Thought LTD.)

Artwork by Kevin Vitella

 Over the past two decades, Del the Funky Homosapien has been establishing himself in the world of Hip-Hop. From his early 90’s Elektra releases to his cult classic Deltron 3030, Del the Funky Homosapien has proven his place in Rap History.While awaiting the release of his upcoming album Deltron 2, Del the
Funky Homosapien has once again teamed up with Parallel Thought to produce Attractive Sin, a follow up to their 2010 collaboration Parallel Uni-Verses, which Billboard Magazine described as having “classic sounds with rich layers of funk… that honor the genre-bending experimentation prevalent in 80’s and early 90’s
Attractive Sin is the latest blend of Parallel Thought’s East Coast production and Del’s legendary West Coast style. Parallel Thought, a group that has been quietly releasing music for the past ten years with emcee notables such as Tame One, C-Rayz Walz, M.F. Doom, and most recently, the Alabama group G-Side, pays tribute to the likes of Ice Cube and The Bomb Squad’s Amerikka’s Most Wanted with the prolific Sir DZL’s Attractive Sin.

1. On Momma’s House
2. Ownership
3. Different Guidelines
4. Charlie Brown
5. Activated Sludge
6. Apply It & See
7. 1520 Sedgewick
8. Get To Drillin
9. Blow Your Mind
10. Shows Over
11. Front Like You Know

Download: 3:33 – The First Thousand Days

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3:33  – The First Thousand Days (June 21st , 2011 Parallel Thought LTD)

Full Album Stream (Soundcloud)
Download Album Promo  ( Bandcamp)
Download First Single A1  (Mediafire)

The art of Storytelling is as ancient and universal as humanity itself. Here begins
3:33’s own tale of Creation. Throughout history, our need to understand where we come from has been evidenced in hieroglyphics, mythology, fairy tales, folklore, and religion. With The First Thousand Days, 3:33 explores this mystery of existence and leads us down its enchanted yet haunting path. If EP-1 was an introduction to 3;33, this is the prequel taking the listener to the beginning of time, to the birth of 3;33.

With The First Thousand Days 3:33 has created yet another intensely experiential album. On this journey, you will encounter, hooded figures, invisible trap doors opening and snapping shut. You will find yourself in the midst of  a drum circle and watch your inner being twisting, bending in half, head banging,folding into itself and finally blossoming with relief. You will step into new worlds,into icy lands, cold and windy with flickering lights, an eerie woman in the shadows warning you not to enter.” Those that do, may find themselves on the edge of a cliff, vultures circling above.

When the music hits the listener, there is an undeniable alchemy. A communion
is formed leaving listeners lost in percussive rituals and atmospheric ceremonies.
The music serves as a guide, leading you through growling gates and into the
dark wooded depths of your mind. The journey taken is unique to each listener
and his/her own imagination; in the end, they become the storyteller. The group describes the album as the beginnings of a tapestry. The First Thousand Days is a story told by the sounds of 3:33, what they call “an entrance into the past by exiting from the future”.
1. A1
2. B2      
3. C3
4. G4
5. D5
6. S6
7. U7
8. V8
9. P9

MF DOOM X 3:33-Preview +Download

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3:33 – 333EP-1 (April 5th , 2011 Parallel Thought LTD/Alpha Pup)

Heres something to hold you over until Madvillian 2 or any other new DOOM project. Some of you might be familiar with the 2006 MF DOOM & Parallel Thought single “Vomit”. Others might remember DOOM’s slightly altered version which appeared on the classic MM.. FOOD. In celebration of 3:33’s inaugural release (Tomorrow!), Parallel Thought let the guys rework the DOOM vocals once again for the exclusive digital bonus track ( 7′ version coming soon!).

Download Vomit Instrumental Alternate Take (Soundcloud) (Mediafire)


Download:Deconstruc​ting Sounds From 3:33

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3:33  – 333EP-1 (April 5th , 2011 Parallel Thought LTD/Alpha Pup)

More deconstructing sounds from 3:33’s upcoming debut.”333n4″a eerie breakbeat twisting track inspired by the sounds of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, turning into a disturbing display of boom-bap.  Bonus vocal version featurings the acid tab dipped vocals of Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One.
Download Second Single 333N4 (Soundcloud) (Mediafire)
 Cheap Thrills feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One (Soundcloud) (Mediafire)

 Artwork by Kevin Vitella

 Download First Single 333EP1

3:33 – 333EP-1 (April 5th , 2011 Parallel Thought LTD/Alpha Pup)+Free Download

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Download First Single 333EP1
(Soundcloud) (Mediafire)
Too frequently, experimental music has automatically fallen under the generic label of “new” or “different”. Perhaps what is needed is a return to primitive principles, a devolution of sorts. 3:33 is a group that looks to do just that. Evolving from the groundwork of Musique Concrete composers like Pierre Shaeffer andJohn Cage, their music is tense and fiercely experiential; a roller coaster ride through moody beats, haunting jangles, and shrieks that will disquiet the soul. Their sounds are other-worldly, guttural, deeply primal, and sometimes mad; 3:33masterfully brings this motley of noises into communion, and the listener is transported into a world of dark imaginings. Whether entrancing the listener with bone rocking percussion or sending shivers down the spine, the music spins itself seamlessly together into a masterpiece of purposeful chaos. Spinning wild tales, opening trap doors, and shedding light into dark recesses of the soul, the soundscape ultimately leaves the listener with a sense of unnamable disquietude.

3:33 shrouds its identity in mystery, letting the music speak for itself. The group is currently working with Parallel Thought, which has created a solid reputation over the past decade for their work with underground hip-hop notables such as MF Doom, Aesop Rock, and most recently Del the Funky Homosapien.Parallel Thought believes 3:33 will introduce the world to a new style of music altogether, pushing the boundaries of experimentation by sending their audience into an abyss of musical discord.

1. 333N3
2. 333EP1
3. 333EP2
4. 333N5
5. 333N4
6. 333EP3
7. 333DIRT