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Raffertie – Visual Acuity

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Raffertie releases his first EP for Ninja Tune and it instantly establishes this young producer as a name to watch in electronic music. Not for Raffertie the arid choices of “post-dubstep” (how to sell out and when?). A young music producer of exceptional confidence and rigour, Raffertie instead makes electronic music to explore the boundaries of the possible. The “Visual Acuity” EP displays newfound maturity whilst keeping the nuances and character that mark him out as a true individual.

Both intensely cerebral and stupidly banging, “Visual Acuity” may fake being an aural equivalent of ADHD, but there is purpose to every twist and turn in this huge tune, the way that Raffertie pulls the music in and out of focus givng rise to its title. “You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That” is more visceral than the opener, shot through with unexpected emotion. “Twitch” needs to played on very large speakers to be fully appreciated, Raffertie claiming that it is a piece “to be felt as much as heard.” Despite its name, “Mimetic” copies nothing, instead creating a feeling very much like being in the head of a reveller as she waits for The Drop.

Benjamin Stefanski aka Raffertie has never been one to be tied down to any particular genre or scene. He has experimented with numerous styles, displaying the depth and sophistication of his production skill across releases for Planet Mu, Black Acre and Super for which he has received accolades from the likes of Simon Reynolds, Huw Stephens and Mary Anne Hobbes, who first championed Raffertie on her BBC Radio 1 Experimental show in 2008. Recognised both as an innovative producer and stand out DJ, the young talent has a reputation for performances filled with his typical dynamic energy that has seen him play across Europe; from Fabric to Space, Ibiza.

Graduating in 2010 with a degree in Classical Music Composition Raffertie spent the summer refining the next stage in his continuing stylistic progression. He will release his debut artist album on Ninja Tune in early 2012.
Tracklisting :
01. Visual Acuity 5:35
02. You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That 4:50
03. Twitch (It Grows & Grows) 14:00
04. Mimetic 4:52

Links :
Raffertie : official | blog | discogs | facebook | label | myspace | soundcloud | twitter
Ninja Tune : official | facebook | french promo agency | myspace | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Roots Manuva – 4everevolution (September 26th on Big Dada)

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On September 26th (in the UK and Europe, October 11th in the USA) Roots Manuva will release a brand new studio album, ‘4everevolution,’ via Big Dada/Banana Klan. The album is just a few seconds under an hour long, consists of seventeen tracks and covers every style from wonky reggae through pop-funk, street spitting, straight up hip hop, sung ballads and epic death-disco. We think it’s his very best work since “Run Come Save Me.” We’re wondering (whisper it) whether it might be his best album… (sshh) ever.

The album mainly revolves around Roots’ own production and voice, with contributions from Banana Klan stalwarts including Ricky Ranking, DJ MK and Daddy Kope. In addition, on three tracks Mr Manuva introduces talented young singer Rokhsan. Other guests include Skin and Cass Lewis from Skunk Anansie, Elan Tamara and Spikey T. Production, meanwhile, comes from as far afield as Australia, Rodney Smith’s travels allowing him to meet beatmakers and producers all over the world.

Overall, though, the vision remains that of one man. Roots Manuva has honed his craft across four previous studio albums, picking up a MOBO, plus Brit and Mercury nominations along the way. This record, though, represents some of his freshest, most urgent work. Whether castigating politicians or himself, joking about girls or men in love with their computers, ruminating on the void at the heart of “urban” music or bigging himself up, crooning an apology or growling about “loins,” Roots Manuva remains one of the foremost lyricists and musicians of his generation.

The first taste from this epic is already out and about in the form of “Watch Me Dance”. A dirty little funk ditty with its origins in Ricky Ranking’s earliest live performances with the Manuva band, Rodney demoed the track 18 months or so ago and then gave the parts to Toddla T to see what he could do with them. They both agreed that the results sounded more like a Toddla T track than a Roots Manuva track, so that version gave Toddla’s new album its name, but Rodney’s own version is also out and about. To get the world at large in the mood for the record to follow, we’re offering the chance to download Roots Manuva’s version of “Watch Me Dance” for free. The download link is here:

Is “Watch Me Dance” typical of the album that follows? No, it isn’t. This record is so varied that we couldn’t really pick a track to represent it. Just treat is as representing one facet of the many facets of a great recording artist…


Tracklisting :
01. First Growth
02. Here We Go Again
03. Skid Valley
04. Who Goes There?
05. Watch Me Dance
06. Revelation
07. Wha’ Mek?
08. Takes Time To
09. Beyond This World
10. Go Champ
11. Get The Get
12. Crow Bars
13. In The Throes Of It
14. Noddy
15. Much Too Plush
16. The Path
17. Banana Skank

Links :
Roots Manuva : official | facebook | myspace | twitter | wikipedia

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Tokimonsta – Creature Dreams EP (May 16th on Brainfeeder)

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Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA prefers to work late – or early, depending on how you look at it. Most of her music is made between two and seven in the morning, because at that time of night “my mind works in strange and mysterious ways.” Hence the title of this EP, a series of warm but decidedly woozy pieces of music, the soundtrack to the oddest, most beautiful dreams you’ve ever had.

From the bouncing bass-beds of “Bright Shadows,” the Cocteau’s-meet-LA-Beat of “Darkest (Dim)” (like “Little Pleasures,” featuring the exquisite vocals of Gavin Turek), on into “Moving Forward” (which sounds like the music R2D2 makes love to), the driving, relentless beat of “Day Job,” this is an EP suffused with both warmth and creativity.(via parisdj)
Tracklisting :
01. Fallen Arches
02. Little Pleasures feat. Gavin Turek
03. Bright Shadows
04. Moving Forward
05. Stigmatizing Sex
06. Darkest (Dim) feat. Gavin Turek
07. Day Job

Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album – out early summer 2011 on Brainfeeder

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Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album – out early summer 2011 on Brainfeeder

Tracklisting :
01. Escape
02. Bedtime
03. Pressure
04. Bricks
05. Already
06. Frosting Packets
07. Kitties
08. Where Am I
09. Cushion
10. Turtles
11. My Buddy
12. No Dinner
13. Understanding
14. Wonton Special
15. Taco Delay
16. Lifesized Stuffed Animal
17. Sometimes

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Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears EP

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December 13th on Ninja Tune
Dorian Concept – ‘Her Tears Taste Like Pears’ (PREVIEW EDIT) by Ninja Tune XX
Tracklisting :
A1. Her Tears Taste Like Pears
A2. My Face Needs Food
B1. Toe Games Made Her Giggle
B2. Thank You All The Time Forever

Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite / Almost In Profile (Ninja Tune, December 6th)

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Ninja Tune are very proud to announce that the first record by the hotly tipped Floating Points Ensemble will be released by the label on december 6th. The double-A ten inch single features two tracks by the full Ensemble recorded and mixed at the legendary Abbey Road Studios for the Ninja Tune XX twentieth anniversary celebration.

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points has been wowing th electronic music world since his self-released debut 7″ single came out early in 2009. Releasing predominantly on Eglo records (which he runs alongside Rinse Fm’s Alexander Nut) as well as Planet Mu and R2, Shepherd’s productions have earned him the support of such luminaries as Theo Parrish, Kyle Hall, Benji B, Ramadanman, Four Tet, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbs. What’s less well known, perhaps, is that Shepherd is also classically trained, an aspect of his character which is allowed full rein when writing, composing and arranging for the Floating Points Ensemble. The 16 piece group led by Shepherd recently won last year’s ‘Best Maida Vale Session’ at Gilles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide Awards’ and this spring spent a week at Abbey Road recording the music contained on this release.

The results are sumptuous and soulful, Fatima Bramme Sey’s voice literally floating above massed strings, percussion and Shepherd’s interventions on Fender Rhodes. A beautiful suite of music which confirms Sam Shepherd’s role as a key player in modern British music.

Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite / Almost In Profile
(Promo CD/10″) Ninja Tune ZENCDS278P/ZEN10278, 2010-12-06

Tracklisting :
A1. Post Suite
B1. Almost In Profile

Violin: Qian Wu & Charlotte Bonneton
Viola: Matt Kettle
Cello: Magda Pietraszewska
Flute: Renate Sokolovska
Saxophone: James Gardiner-Bateman
Trumpet: Freddie Gavita
Bass/ARP Odyssey: Olly Buxton
Guitar: Billy Adamson
Percussion: Chris Marshall
Drums: Joshua Blackmore
Vocals: Fatima Bramme Sey
Fender Rhodes/Sequential Pro One & Prophet: Sam Shepherd
Written & Arranged by Sam Shepherd

Biography :
Manchester Born, London based 24 year old producer/dj/composer Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points has quickly become one of the most respected and sort after musicians in modern music. Debuting in February 2009 with the limited 7 inch ‘For You/Radiality’ (Eglo records) he has gone on to establish himself as one the forerunners of today’s new dance music movement, earning the respect of his peers and contemporaries such as Theo Parrish, Kyle Hall, Benji B, Ramadanman, Four Tet, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbes. Releasing predominantly on Eglo records (which he runs alongside Rinse Fm’s Alexander Nut) as well as Planet Mu, R2, Ninja Tune and notching up remixes and features for the likes of Domino, Ubiquity, XL, Fabric and Rinse.

The name Floating Points holds just much weight within the Dj world as its does in production, song writing and arrangement. In a short space of time Shepherd has won over crowds around the world with his strictly vinyl club sessions, spanning, house, techno, soul and disco, steadily climbing the ranks of the globes most impressive Dj’s, fuelling an indulgent record habit that regularly leads him on trips to both Chicago and Detroit.

Outside of his studio based productions and crate breaking dj sets Shepherd makes use of his classical music training, writing, composing and arranging for the Floating Points Ensemble. The 16 piece group, led by Shepherd recently won the ‘Best Maida Vale Session’ at Gilles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide Awards’. With big plans for 2011 the future is future is looking bright for Floating Points. When not writing, recording or playing music Sam Shepherd can be found in the laboratories of UCL, where is currently studying a PHD in “The Neuroscience.Of Pain”.

Discography :
For You (7″) / Eglo Records, 2009
J&W Beat / Planet Mu, 2009
Love Me Like This / R2 Records, 2009
Vacuum EP (EP) / Eglo Records, 2009
People’s Potential / Eglo Records, 2010

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Ensemble Remix) / Ubiquity Records, 2009
Sebastien Tellier – L’Amour Et La Violence / L’Amour Et La Violence… / Lucky Number, 2009
Bonobo – Eyesdown / Ninja Tune, 2010
Basement Jaxx – My Feelings (Floating Points Remix) / XL Recordings, 2010
Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Remix) / Domino Recording Company Ltd., 2010

Paris Suit Yourself – My Main Shitstain – january 31st 2011 on Big Dada

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Paris Suit Yourself – My Main Shitstain
(LP/CD/Download) Big Dada BD175/BDCD175/BDDNL175, 2011-01-31

Free MP3 download on
Press Release :
What do you want from the ideal debut album? That it excites you, intrigues you, sometimes confuses you? That it takes risks, is hard to place in terms of the records you already know, that it’s short and sharp and bursting with energy and ideas and even hooks? That it makes you laugh, or cry, or has your jaw occasionally scraping along the floor? That it sets out its stall with utter confidence and no reference to what’s going on around it? That it’s delivered with total conviction? That it fits into no pre-defined “trend” or “scene” and instead creates its own space by force of will? If even a few of those are what you’re looking for then “My Main Shitstain” by Paris Suit Yourself could just be your new favourite record.

The three core members of Paris Suit Yourself are all originally from Bordeaux although singer Luvinsky Atche only met Marie Boye (bass and vox) and Victor Tricard (guitar, keys and vox) when they were all mingling with the uptight snobs of the capital city which gave them their name. But it was when the band relocated to Berlin and recruited Arkansas drum-lunatic, death metal nut and contemporary classical composer Joe Heffernan that the alchemy was made complete. They went into a broken down studio back in France and laid down “My Main Shitstain” – a forty five minute album over whom the guiding spirits of Keith Levene, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Fela Kuti and Ari Up hover, laughing, shouting and egging the band on.

From Luvinsky’s incredible voice, which moves from angry or ecstatic screams to fragile crooning in both English and French, from Marie Boye’s rock-solid bass and deranged backing vox, through Victor Tricard’s all-out guitar riffology and effortless way with a Korg, to Joe Heffernan’s pedal-to-the-metal polyrhythmic drumming, this is a record you won’t forget in a hurry. It’s also packed with enough hooks for a Justin Timberlake record (but with none of the cynicism).

So there you have it. Maybe the less we say, the better. Sit back, press play. And be careful with that jaw…

Biography :
A French-US collective, Paris Suit Yourself are the first “rock” band ever to be signed to Big Dada. Combining razor-edged Keith Levene-like guitar, crazed polyrhythmic drums and the free-associating lyrics of lead singer Luvinsky Atche, their sound has been honed in the clubs, squat parties and illegal warehouse happenings of Berlin. Agggressive, funny and disturbing, PSY combine the aesthetics of Public Enemy with the melodies of mid-period Bowie and the race politics of Frantz Fanon.

Luvinsky Atche – vocals
Marie Boye – bass, vocals
Victor Tricard – guitar, keys, vocals
Joe Bombastik – Drums

Paris Suit Yourself – ‘Craig Machinsky’