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Kleine Reise Records – KR Family EP – Volume 1

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Introducing ‘Kleine Reise Records’, a Berlin based vinyl & digital label flowering from the roots of our beloved clubs Kleine Reise & Loftus Hall; a natural progression to further share our world of sound. Life is change, tastes evolve, the only essential ingredient is for our music to have soul. Free from the shackles of any particular style or genre and from the constraints of time, we begin a journey through the sonic universe. Our first offering comes from two of Kleine Reise’s founding members Dara Drea O’Neill and Peter Power.

On the A-side we have Sun-K, composed during several sundowns at the hazy heights of last Summer. Channeling the collective spirit of the open-air arena, it offers the first glimpse into Peter’s Ufordian fantasy.

On the B-Side; Dara takes a bare-back ride through a pitched dreamscape. The constant flapping wings of a little dragon guides the journey and if you stretch out your arms it feels like flying.

Lastly with ‘Red Roses’ Peter weaves a lakeside twist. A hypnotic tale of roses and enchanted love amidst the misty, rippling waters of a wet dream.


Kleine Reise Records: KRR001
KR Family EP: Volume 1
Release Date: 21.04.2012

A1 – Peter Power – Sun K
B1 – Dara – Scribble Me This
B2 – Peter Power – Red Roses


EMN:Our Favourite track is Red Roses-Summer beach anthem 2012