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Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed

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Right now as a type Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Anton Banks, Jamie Anderson, Sam Birrell (Elektrosoul) Anderson Noise, Nitzan (Fine Art), DJ Mourad, Jamie Behan, Phillipe Caminade, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Trevor Rockcliffe, Mr Spring, Jeff Jonas, The Hacker and Orde Meikle (Slam) are just a few names of DJs/Producers supporting Nachklangmusik‘s original Cern technology EP and his other releases.

Tim Treubrodt aka Nachklangmusik has progressed a lot in the few years he has been producing and remixing with Nice & Nasty and its off shoot Dublin Xpress.

To count Garnier, Clarke and Shakir among his many growing fan base is quite the achievement; however, the interest in collaboration and remix duty for Tim’s work is intense and here Tim and Nice & Nasty have collected a superb array of remix talent to further showcase the beauty of Cern Technology.

Nasty Bobby and Tomas Jirku are part of the Nice & Nasty family and have been recently blowing up the clubs and charts with their So Long Lost and I am A Wild Party releases, respectively; Carlos Nilmmns aka Ross MacMillan (Solab) and Erell Ranson are practically second cousins to Nice & Nasty and need very little introduction; however, F.L.O is a new voice to the choir and a fellow German.

There is a preview of each mix so I wont bore you with my hyperbole and biased account of how each mix sounds. Listen to it as the music speaks for itself. Each mix is labelled techno but there is Detroit techno, Deep House, Classic Detroit, Ambient and tech house all on show.

What I will say is that there is a bonus mix on this release ‘Carlos Nilmmns rework’ that will not be released officially nor to be available beyond this promo and too good to be left in some file on a server to collect dust.


Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (Nasty Bobby Speaking in Tongues Remix)
Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (Erell Ranson 313 Old School Dub)
Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (Carlos Nilmmns Tangent Remix)
Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (Carlos Nilmmns Rework (Bonus Mix for Promo Only))
Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (Thoverstam Remix)
Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (Tomas Jirku Remix)
Nachklangmusik – Cern Technology Remixed (F.L.O Remix)