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Track of The Day:IOSHI -Black Dog

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What if dub hero King Tubby had the chance to manipulate the tapes containing Burial’s tracks?
Such question pushed IOSHI and Paolo Baldini on an imaginary journey which now comes real. IOSHI’s first release is an ode to his musical hero. With the great help from Paolo Baldini, bringing in his own musical idol, the two Italian musicians use the “Tune/Dub Version” formula to show us that the time gap between dub music and the latest electronica frontiers is not as broad, but that the two genres live in symbiosis instead.

EMN Exclusive STREAM Black Dog

Black Dog Ep
1.Black Dog 03:35
2.Black Dog DUB 03:58
3.Hoota 03:18
4.Hoota DUB 04:27
5.Lotus 03:51
6.Lotus DUB 03:58

New Jon Convex Single & Label(Preview EP “With You”)

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DIGI001-1400xAs an artist who is equally at home creating Chicago tinged house, tough tearing techno and atmospheric alternative soundscapes, it should come as no surprise to find that Jon Convex, with the debut release for his Convex Digital imprint, is now confidently straying into more popular waters on his cosmic tinged vocal number ‘With You.’
Without doubt, With You was influenced by Jon’s travels to more exotic sun drenched locations. “I visited Hawaii and Australia, hitting the beach and drinking cocktails in the sun. When I returned to the UK it was summer here too, so you can definitely the feel that warmth in the track… Mixed with some 80’s synth work of course.

The remix sees Jon return with an old but most welcome alias and sound. As Kid Drama and one half of the hugely innovative DnB outfit Instra:mental, Jon was credited with breathing new life back into the then stagnant scene and sound. Now, watching the return and current trend for 170bpm productions already steering into predictable and watered down territory Jon has decided to revisit the innovative ‘Autonomic’ sound for which Kid Drama and dBridge became so known.
Its took a while to return to the 170 tempo but i’ve been experimenting again and have a lot of new material in the pipeline.” – Jon Convex
(Kid Drama Remix)
Convex Digi
Release Date – 02/09/13

onlyjoe – Wicked Land (Previews)

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onlyjoe - Wicked Land (Previews)London based reggae outfit onyljoe are releasing their highly anticipated third EP, Wicked Land.

Their last single, Revolution, garnered support from some of the scenes most prestigious names, and Wicked Land promises to me no different, with remixes from Polish Dubstep titan Radikal Guru, as well as one of the UK’s most respected dub producers, Russ Disciples, and rising star Sleepy Time Ghost all adding to the incredible original to make up an undeniable release in the build up to the bands highly anticipated debut album.


Cosmin TRG will release the second artist album, Gordian on 50 Weapons

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gordian cosmin trgTwo years after his debut full length on the label, Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons will release the second artist album, Gordian, by Romanian Cosmin TRG on April 26th. Since that debut, the now Berlin based Cosmin has toured the globe, taking his rusted techno frequencies to places like Fabric, Berghain and Sonar, at the same time as releasing more essential EPs on Rush Hour and 50 Weapons.

The new album marks something of a new direction for Cosmin, however – it’s a much more intricate affair that deals in plenty of fuzzy texture, percussive energy and his trademark skimming bottom ends, but looks outside the techno world for its influences.

“Gordian is as much a document of my past year as it is the beginning of a conversation.The title references an ancient myth, but describes the very contemporary, impossible task of discerning between real and replicated, authentic and contrived. Coping with facts, objects and bodies, the necessity of ‘making it’, fear of failure, fear of ‘not being happy’ are today’s topics, and Gordian is my attempt at an exploration of those issues.”

Starting with the deep, alien laced ambience of ‘New Structures For Living’ its clear from the off Cosmin’s production has continued to improve and evolve since Simulat.Abstract yet heartfelt, it’s followed by the more implosive snare rattles and crossing synth lines of the title track ‘Gordian’ that sounds like a factory gone feral.

Opposing light with dark, density with space, tracks like ‘Desire is Sovereign’ manages to be both propulsive and cerebral. One thing that ties the album to Cosmin’s nuanced back catalogue is the gauziness of tracks like ‘Divided By Design’ where the distant hum of radio frequencies turn your thoughts to Cold War era transmissions lost in blizzards of snow.

Though the heads down surges of tracks like ‘Semipresent’ sure will work on the floor, there’s an underlying narrative that makes this album as suitable for listening on headphones. Non-standard melodies, otherworldly blips and a ruined intergalactic energy seem to course throughout, truly transporting you to another world entirely.

Artist Cosmin TRG
Title Gordian
Label 50 Weapons
Release Date 26-April-2013
Format CD, Download, 2xLP, Limited 2xLP (Heavy Vinyl Edition)

01. New Structures For Loving
02. Gordian
03. Desire is Sovereign
04. Deafeated Hearts Club
05. Divided By Design
06. Semipresent
07. Epsilon, Epsilon
08. Noise Code
09. To Touch Is to Divert
10. Vertigo
11. Terminus Abrupt

Taz & Akka ‘Synergy EP’ (Rwina Records)

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Taz & Akka 'Synergy EP'Release date: 1st April 2013
Format: 12” / Digital
Rwina Records kick off 2013 with the ‘Synergy’ EP, a collaborative release from Taz & Akka. Glasgow’s Taz makes his fourth appearance on the label, while Akka (aka label head and mastermind Akkachar) finally steps over to the artist side. The pair have been collaborating for three years, with this first release compiling four tracks from the extensive amount of material the two have accumulated in that time.
‘Illusory’ combines euphoric synths, a flair for hooks and hands in the air escapism. ‘Mobius’ takes its inspiration from video games, grime, cartoons and hip hop, throwing everything into a blender and pouring the results all over the dancefloor. ‘Paul Is Dead’ switches up the tempo for a deeper take on the footwork sound, with a vocal snippet name checking one of the most famous “Paul”s in history and ‘Trapped In ’82’ closes proceedings by taking things back to the duo’s youth, unashamedly celebrating the musical excesses of the 80s.
Rwina has a strong back catalogue from artists such as Starkey, EPROM, Terror Danjah, Swindle and support from DJ Shadow, SBTRKT, Flying Lotus, Diplo, Mary Anne Hobbs, Skream, Oneman, Ben UFO, Machinedrum and many more.
1. Illusory
2. Mobius
3. Paul Is Dead
4. Trapped In ’82

Pangaea – Release (from FABRIC LIVE 67: BEN UFO)(Stream)

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artist: Ben UFO
release: FABRICLIVE 67
label: Fabric Records
date: 21.1.2013 (USA: 12.2.2013)
More Info HERE

Pearson Sound – Clutch (from FABRIC LIVE 67: BEN UFO)(Stream)

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artist: Ben UFO
release: FABRICLIVE 67
label: Fabric Records
date: 21.1.2013 (USA: 12.2.2013)
More Info HERE