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San Fermin Announces Debut Self-Titled Album On Downtown Records+Sonsick (Stream)

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San Fermin Announces Debut Self-Titled Album On Downtown Records on September 17th
Brooklyn musician Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the songwriter and composer behind San Fermin, has announced his signing to Downtown Records and the subsequent release of his self-titled, debut album San Fermin on September 17. Ludwig-Leone, who studied music composition at Yale University, envisioned the album’s concept prior to writing the music or knowing who would perform it. Pulling inspiration from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, he conceived the album as a dialogue between an earnest, unhappy man and a cynical, elusive woman. Upon Ludwig-Leone’s graduation he traveled to the Canadian Rocky Mountains where he wrote the album over the course of six weeks. “Writing for a group of unknown musicians gave the writing process a kind of operatic scope,” Ludwig-Leone says. On his return he enlisted the help of longtime friend and vocalist Allen Tate as well as female vocalists Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe (Lucius) to give voices to the characters he developed.

A pastiche of post-rock, chamber-pop and contemporary classical composition, San Fermin is strongly influenced by Ludwig-Leone’s unique background in classical music, and the album fittingly features instrumentalists from the likes of Bon Iver, yMusic, and Asphalt Orchestra. A composer of instrumental music as well, Ludwig-Leone recently finished a ballet score for BalletCollective (comprised of New York City Ballet members), to be premiered by ACME at the Joyce Theater this summer, and is currently arranging a piece with Sonic Youth‘s Lee Ranaldo for the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop. He is an assistant to the composer Nico Muhly.


1.   Renaissance!
2.   Crueler Kind
3.   Lament for V.G.
4.   Casanova
5.   Sonsick
6.   Methuselah
7.   At Sea
8.   Torero
9.   At Night, True Love
10. The Count
11.  Bar
12.  In Waiting
13.  True Love, Asleep
14.  Oh, Darling
15.  In The Morning
16.  Daedalus (What We Have)
17.  Altogether Changed

Download:Zero One – Night at the Roxy

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Download Our favorite track Night at the Roxy from album The Fortunate for free

More info HERE

Album The Fortunate OUT NOW ON ADDICTECH

Mr G – State Of Flux on Rekids July 23rd

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Back and cooking up more funk and flavor with his second album for Rekids, Mr G proves he’s still the king of rhythm with ‘State Of Flux’.

Packing more history than most of the top current producers put together, Mr G has been fine-tuning his breed of music for two decades. Described by the man himself as “it’s all about a bassline”, his music takes the formula of a ballad and the movement of reggae.

As with his debut ‘State Of Flux’ packs a punch in its eleven-track journey that takes in an unexpected array of styles, reinventing itself for the final climax.

Mr G says of it, “This album means a lot to me as it came from the pain of losing my spar Lev Van Delden jnr. It’s me looking at every thing through different grown up eyes and really going deep into the groove! I think this is a really great body of work and unveils new shades of the G sound. I am finally understanding it!”

Taking techno to new levels of power ‘G’s Riddem’ opens the battlefield for an epic onslaught. Mr G’s colourful past working together with the greats such as Jeff Mills can be heard in the echoing high hats of ‘One Year Later’ and ‘Remember This!’ whose vocal is reminiscent of classic Mr Fingers or Frankie Knuckles material. His busy mind reflective in the music, always in full throttle making subtle gear changes to hypnotise. This is mind control in full effect.

Synths and sequences begin to become more haunting and alive as the album reaches its centre. ‘Dark Thoughts? (The Afterworld)’ strange and captivating energies and ‘Absurd Beatz No 4’ dextrously cut beats demonstrate how a master moves.

But then Mr G takes a breathe for ‘Pause For Thought ‘With You”’ featuring Garfield King talking of our time and age of consciousness and the dubby textures of ‘Bill’s January Blues’ and psychedelic ‘New Life’lead us to the close of this inspiring body of work.

A legend that continues to re-emerge, Mr G’s early experiences being part of KCC and the infamous Confusion/Melange parties in London where the likes of Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May they would play on a reggae soundsystem for 80 quid every Sunday night shaped the landscape of music as we know it. “You can´t really imagine that early techno stuff played on a system like that. I remember one party where we nearly took out the power of an entire city block!”

His fusion together with Cisco Ferreira as the ground-breaking techno outfit Advent led him to evolve from being solely a DJ to a top producer, although he did still breakdance on the stage for the performances.

Nowadays he doesn’t DJ but prefers to throw in down live and only produce, but takes inspiration from the old as much as the new with Motor City Drum Ensemble, Kyle Hall, 6th Borough Project and Rekids’ own Radio Slave being current muses. This led Rekids to be the home for his last two albums, his greatest works to date and long awaited introduction to the album market after numerous releases with the likes of Skint / Loaded, Defected, Duty Free, Moods and Grooves USA and his own Phoenix G.

Label: Rekids
Cat no: REKIDS011CD
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday July 23rd, 2012


  1. G’s Riddem
  2. One Year Later
  3. Clearing Space
  4. Pumped Up
  5. Dark Thoughts (The Afterworld)
  6. Remember This!
  7. Absurd Beatz No.4
  8. Pause 4 Thought With You feat. Garfield King
  9. Mango Came Round…..
  10. Bill’s January Blues
  11. New Life (E_S_P)

Whatever he dreams up next, one thing is for sure, Mr G is a permanent fixture in the music horizon, his output still making an impact twenty years on.

23 june Balans Beach party, Scheveningen, NL
30 june fabric, London
7 july rotte sonne, munich
20 july robert johnson, frankfurt
9 august Gipsy bar moscow
11 august panorama bar

Digitalism share ‘So Totally Good’ from their Forthcoming DJ Kicks Album

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(UK & ROW 25.06.12 / US 10.07.12)

Digitalism has lovingly created a mix for !K7’s legendary DJ-Kicks series. For these two young Germans, Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi, joining the ranks of contributors to the series was nothing short of a dream come true. Twelve years ago, the duo met as two record store workers in Hamburg, admiringly selling the DJ-Kicks series to their customers, and appreciating the dexterity of the mixes and range of artists who assembled each mix. Their favourite contributions include Tiga’s mix (“his mix was the essence of edgy and cold electro-techno.”), the Playgroup mix (“more really playful stuff.)” and Erlend Oye’s mix (“cause he sung over a lot of stuff and had some favorites like Jürgen Paape, the collaboration with Morgan Geist and Avenue D (2D2F) on it.”).

Summer 2012 is Digitalism’s time; a statement for which the mix they have created is as compelling an argument as any. Impetuous, full of attitude, and just a bit cocky, the sounds shift challengingly between electro rock and synth-pop, new wave and trance, techno and disco punk and pop glamour. The backbone of the mix is a healthy portion of new exclusive Digitalism material, fleshed out with choice tracks by Optimo, Alex Gopher, WhoMadeWho, Vitalic, The Rapture, and many more.

Moelle and Tüfekçi wanted to represent their history as DJs, their “sonic universe” as they call it, and thereby the journey they’ve travelled over the last years along with friends like Justice, 2Many DJ´s, Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize and Pedro Winter. The goal was to unite new Digitalism music and “timeless pieces that describe us and our sound. It shouldn’t be just another contemporary (see, there’s the word “temporary”) DJ mix.”

Many of the group’s favourite DJ-Kicks mixes feature exclusive tracks, remixes, etc. from the contributing artist. Digitalism kept this in mind as inspiration, and decided to go a step further and include quite a lot of new material – in the final mix we find six new tracks as well as a treasure trove of brand new edits and remixes custom made by Moelle and Tüfekçi.

“Whenever we do something for too long (in our eyes), we tend to do the opposite next. We did the full concert thing (including live drums etc) last year, and our last album was very song-based, so it was natural for us to make a few new dancier tracks. There was no concept behind the new songs, we just jammed around. Once they were done, we loved them so much that there was no way around putting them on the next possible release. People out there shouldn’t have to wait too long.” To top their generosity concerning new material the duo also decided to give public birth to two custom “club weapons” (“Simply Dead” and “The Pictures”) which have appeared in their sets for ages but have yet to see an official release.

Much of the other music on the mix comes courtesy of friendly associated labels and producers, cleverly mixed up with tracks by models of the past. The resulting mix is perfect for “a sundowner drink” as they say themselves. “We can imagine this running around late afternoon/sundown. By the time it gets dark, you can dive deeper into the music.”

Fans won’t have to wait long to hear the new material in its proper state: blasting from stage sound systems worldwide. Moelle and Tüfekçi have firmly established their new live incarnation as THE BAND DIGITALISM, which they built up step by step from the early bedroom-producer-set-up. Accordingly, seeing Digitalism live in 2012 is be more akin to a rock concert than a regular club gig: a sweaty, rock-lusture experience, where distortion meets discomania.

The band is confirmed for performances at festivals like Sonne Mond Sterne, Berlin Festival, Balaton Sound, Terraneo… and, without want to betray too much of their surprises, rumour has it that a new live show was conceived during their California writing and producing exile. Recent reports from audiences in Italy, France and Australia, where the new live show debuted, have suggested the experience as nothing short of “mindblowing.”

CD Tracklist:

03. HEY TODAY! – 83
05. TWR72 – SUMMER
* = DJ-Kicks exclusive

LP Tracklist:





2012 marks the 27th anniversary of !K7 Records. The label will be celebrating with a series of live events, releases, and special projects incorporating music and artists from past, present and future of the label, and the DJ-Kicks series.

William Welt – More Than Minimal EP (22 Digit Records, 22DIGIT031) (Preview Clips)

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Artist: William Welt
Title: More Than Minimal EP
Remixers: Ekkohaus, Ricardo Jefferson, Heisenburg
Label: 22 Digit Records
Genre: Deep/Tech House

Following outings on the Eminor Binary, Freaky Vibes and Join Our Club imprints,22 Digit label boss William Welt releases his first solo original tracks for his own label with the ‘More Than Minimal EP’.  His three tracks cover warm, deep house (Vibe & Soal), bass heavy moodiness(Nightingale) and off-kilter techy sounds(Seaside Samba).  An equally varied line up of remixers includes Ekkohaus (2020 Vision/Systematic/Morris Audio), long-time 22 Digit collaborator Ricardo Jefferson(Third Ear) and fellow Newcastle producerHeisenburg.

Filterwolf feat. Jimmy Edgar & Altered Natives Remixes – Brooklyn Via Montmartre

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Filterwolf releases the first single from his upcoming third album ‘Viva La Rave’, entitled ‘Brooklyn Via Montmartre‘. This single is intervowen with three state-of-the-art remixes from Jimmy Edgar (Warp, Hotflush), Altered Natives (Hyperdub, 3024) and Eduardo D’Alirio (International DJ Gigolos,Filigran).

The original track is nothing short of future house anthem with an elegant and catchy piano melody reminiscent of Detroit hit ‘Strings Of Life’, finest jazz percussions and vocoder action, which all serve to catapult this track into the new sonic spheres.
Jimmy Edgar, a wayward star producer from Detroit, now residing in Berlin, brings his new found club-oriented futuristic sleaze into his rework of the track, making it a giant dancefloor burner guaranteed to clock in over 10 minutes.
Altered Natives, a celebrated producer from London, whose last album was on many top ten lists of 2011, makes a rough and tumble remix, with grimy sub basses and incredible intensity in his original interpratation of the UK Funky style.
And finally, Eduardo D’Alirio adds new sophisticated layers and playful details layered on top of the original track, making it a perfect summer manifesto.

Guy Gerber -fabric 64 out June 25th

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Guy Gerber takes an exceptional approach to the latest edition of the fabric series, producing sixteen new tracks, including collaborations with some other talented producers, to carefully craft his own story.

Guy Gerber is notorious in electronic music for being a maverick. Both within genres and musical collectives, the Israeli likes to keep his toes in many musical worlds. From his mysterious 11:11 project to his adventurous and high kudos Supplement Facts label, Gerber’s greatest fear would be to be pigeonholed. Equipped with a sound that is dreamy and layered with emotion, his productions take in his early rock influences such as Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine and his live set was voted one of Resident Advisor´s top 10 acts of the year. Since albums on Cocoonand Bedrock his own productions have become rarer as his tour schedule fills up. So this collection of new material is much anticipated and freshly made over the past two months exclusively for fabric.

“The first time I played fabric was around 10 years ago. The nature of the room make you play much deeper that you would play in any other place. For me it´s a club with one of the best sound systems and it’s run by people that really make an effort to keep the best line ups for so many years, every single week. I´m proud to be part of this legacy.”

The project features collaborations with artists that share Gerber’s poignant spirit such as Deniz Kurtel (ahead of her album on Wolf + Lambthis summer) and Clarian North from the band Footprintz (ahead of their album on Visionquest later this year). These labels and artists are weaved into Gerber’s own current story as his closest peers and co-conspirators. The mix itself is in many ways what you expect from Gerber – driving and emotive – yet in others it builds a new dimension to his style. His use of ethereal vocals in tracks like ‘The Rhythm’ and ‘The Golden Sun and The Silver Moon’ create more resonance and the subtle builds climb higher that he has gone before, soul searching in rolling melodies and echoing drums.

“I always wanted to make an album that is one long composition, kind of like what Steve Reich was doing, and this was an opportunity for me to make the effort and actually try to create it. During this time I´ve been going through some personal changes in my life and I just transferred everything that I felt into this mix. The most important thing to me was to try and create something unique, and to show that sometimes with a change of only one note in the harmony, the whole mood changes. Hopefully I achieved it.”

Label: Fabric
Cat no: fabric126
Distribution: PIAS
Released: Monday June 25th, 2012


  1. Store-House Consciousness
  2. The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon
  3. Shady Triangle
  4. The Naked Hairdresser
  5. Ribbons Turn To Chains
  6. The Rhythm
  7. A Blade Through My Piano
  8. One Day In May
  9. Howling Moon feat. Clarian North
  10. Running Through The Night feat. Clarian North
  11. Lady Falkor feat. Lady Falkor
  12. The Money Shot
  13. Moon Blur
  14. My Medicine
  15. Human Raft
  16. Just Wanna See You Happy feat. Deniz Kurtel

Guy Gerber will appear at the launch party for fabric 64 at fabric on Saturday, 21st July

Bara Bröst -“Elephancycle” Remixes Part 2

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“Bara Bröst” (literally “just breasts”) is the name of a cultural movement of Swedish feminists, pleading for women to be allowed topless in public. Up-and-coming Berlin based producer duo Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer love the movement so much that they chose to endorse it by adapting the name for their production team.
The two have been friends since school and have shared an apartment in the Neukölln district in Berlin for over two years now. They converted their living room into a studio and office space. “That way, we can meet up any time we are inspired by the Muses with no effort.” This intense partnership enabled them to develop their very own vision and understanding of sound. Their music is a combination of funky House and Berlin influenced Minimal-Techno. The distinct trademark of a Bara Bröst beat is the soft but deep kick, the rolling House-Groove just around 124 bpm combined with very heavy Dub- ! Bass-Lines.
“We found our common ground in House because we appreciate and respect the high standard of present productions. We grew up with all sorts of different styles like Funk, Break-Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz and stuff that we stumbled across in our fathers’ record collections. Hence, the main criteria for our music is that it must be entertaining. It should touch you on an emotional level, no matter what tempo it is based on or how clever a sound was created. Otherwise producing tunes would become as mundane as working the assembly-line.“ Bara Bröst tracks are by no means hasty one-timers.
After the successful release of their debut-album “Elephancycle” on BBE Records in 2010 they did numerous remixes and single releases on a bunch of new labels. On special occasions Bara Bröst form an outstanding electronic live act showcase together with their singers and vocalists Conan Kowalski (Sick City) and Capey Cash (Bar25).
This summer they are back on BBE with more remixes of tracks! from th eir debut album “Elephancycle” and their second album “KOKOLORES”.!/bbemusic

Acid Pauli – ‘Mst’ (Clown & Sunset (CS009))

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The first time I met Acid Pauli, I didn’t know it. I was in search of a lighter outside of the Salon Zur Wilden Renate, a bar in Berlin. It was quite late (or early, depending on how you look at it). I had been living in Germany for less than a week.

I approached a man that had been moving some equipment nearby. He didn’t smoke, he explained, but he produced a book of matches—- almost out of thin air. He had excited, Romanesque features that threatened to overwhelm his face as he spoke. He introduced himself as Martin.

I moved to Berlin after quitting my job as a journalist covering culture for an inconsequential (albeit progressive) Middle Eastern magazine. Days after I left the region, the first protests began in Tunisia.

I visited Renate that week because Nicolas Jaar recommended it when we met in London around Christmas time. When I mentioned that I might move to Germany, he brought up Acid Pauli– which is how I first found out about his Johnny Cash interpretation, “I See a Darkness,” and some of his other projects with The Notwist.

A few nights later, I returned to Renate, observing from afar as Acid gently wrangled th­e dance floor. His set activated a space that was both free flowing and eclectic– the opposite of what I had expected (however ignorantly) to find in Berlin.

I tracked Acid down after he finished playing and introduced myself properly this time. Eventually, he explained that he had just completed an album for Clown & Sunset. He called it Mst. After pleading with him to let me listen, he handed over a miniature mirror that doubled as a USB drive.

It was an appropriate medium for an album that acts reflexively. Each of the nine tracks coaxes your attention, and then plays with it like the hall of mirrors in a funhouse. Songs accelerate or breakdown without warning, before leaping right back into the rhythm or alternating into a new one. Acid Pauli’s voice never appears, and so you substitute your own internal monologue—- whether you’re waltzing to “(La voz) tan tierna” or weeping to “Eulogy to Eunice.”

I saw Acid Pauli a handful more times that spring before he began touring with Nico. And despite our conversations about the album, it was not until months later that I realized Acid isn’t trying to tell stories with his work. His aim is more holistic than that. Mst extends the atmospherics past the dance floor, refracting the idiosyncrasies of our existence back into our everyday lives. (Lola Marie-Saint,New York,December, 2011)

Label: Clown & Sunset
Cat no: CS009
Released: Monday June 18th, 2012


  1. Open
  2. A Clone Is A Clone
  3. Palomitastep
  4. Equation of Time
  5. (La Voz) tan Tierna
  6. Requiem for a Loop
  7. Mutron Melody
  8. Eulogy to Eunice
  9. Close


May 28, GER-Konstanz, Kantine

June 6th, GER, Munich, Rote Sonne

June 8th, PT, Lisbon, Lux

June 12th GER, Berlin (Kater Holzig) (with Nu)

June 15th ES, Barcelona, Moog

June 17th ES, Barcelona, tbc

June 30th I-Torino, Movement Festival

July 6th  GER, Munich, Rote Sonne

July 12th GER, Berlin, Kater Holzig

July 20th CH-Zurich, Zukunft

July 22nd GER-Berlin, Nation of Gondwana (with Nu)

July 28th NL-Amsterdam, Welcome to the future (with Nu)

For more info  visit:

Jamie Jones -Tracks From The Crypt

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Jamie Jones rise to the top has been a steady climb. The young Welshman was always respected from fellow peers and artists through early releases on Freak n’Chic, Cocoon, Get Physical and a debut artist album on Crosstown Rebels, but now is deeply admired as the best in the game.

In ‘Tracks From The Crypt’ Jamie finally sets some of the best-loved dancefloor bombs of the past five years loose from the vaults of his infamous studio. Tracks such as the bouncing infectious grooves of ‘Somewhere’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Frequencies’ are infamous from Jamie’s live recordings, and others such as the electro-clash influenced ‘City At Night’, ‘Mari 2d Underground’ a future dancefloor anthem and ‘Tonight In Tokyo’ featuring Luca C are as yet unheard and offer a glimpse of the future. Closing with the leisurely pace of ‘The Lows’, Jamie shows he can stretch the capabilities of house music and has formulated his own new breed.

Jamie explains: “This is a collection of my favourite unreleased secret weapons from the last 5 years plus some brand new tunes that I´m hammering on the dancefloor right now. Looking back in the vaults, I found some killers that people have been trying to get their hands on for ages and decided to make my second album a combination of these.”

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD018
Distribution: Above Board Distribution
Released: Monday June 25th, 2012


  1. Somewhere
  2. City At Night featuring Surveillance Party
  3. Tonight In Tokyo featuring Luca C
  4. Special Effect
  5. Mari 2D Underground
  6. Our Time In Liberty featuring Art Department
  7. Stems From Hackney
  8. Frequencies
  9. Over Each Other featuring Livia Giammaria
  10. Paradise
  11. Havana Good Time
  12. The Lows

Mari 2d Underground [Clip] 

The past few years have seen Jamie launch his own pioneering label and brand, Hot Creations and production outfit Hot Natured, forging his own path with a highly original sound as both a solo artist, and with various collaborations. His remixes of Azari III and Green Velvet were among the biggest tracks of 2011 and he has the rare ability to appeal to many diverse styles of electronic music, championed by Pete TongAnnie Macas well as Gilles Peterson.

Named Best Deep House DJ and remix of 2011 in DJ Awards IbizaBest DJand remix by DJ Mag UK and Best DJ from Mixmag UK as well as Resident AdvisoNo 1 DJ of the year, Jamie Jones and his label Hot Creations are amongst the biggest names in dance music right now. Imitated the world over they got there by infusing a new originality into a tiring style of dance music – injecting energy through basslines and spirit through vocals and samples.


May 16 Showcase, Paris
May 18 – 24 USA
May 25 Life Festival, Detroit
May 26 – 28 Detroit
June 1 Rock In Rio, Lisbon
June 3 Love Saves The Day, Bristol
June 8 Serendipity, Foligno
June 9 Il Muretto, Jesolo
June 28-30 Hideout, Croatia