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Hackman -More Than Ever EP (PTN002) 12″ Vinyl(Preview)

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Briskly traveling from Swansea to Leeds, PTN follows Doc Daneeka’s release with an equally hyped EP of fresh material from Hackman, who along with Doc D, featured in FACT Magazine’s top 10 producers to watch for the year. Hackman is one of the exploding Funky movement’s best and brightest producers, rising fast and unleashing unstoppable rhythm after unstoppable rhythm. Profiled by the venerable and influential Blackdown in 2009 Hackman is no stranger to hype even so early in his career. But it’s not all just hype, and if anything, the hyperbole is warranted. Hackman makes music in line with other prominent Funky producers, but his productions have a certain sheen and a peculiarly humid quality that make them unmistakable. His impressive grasp of bass (see the absolutely crushing basslines in “Bodies” and “Surround” off of his EP for Well Rounded, betrays his initial foray into dubstep, and it lends his music a power both more nuanced and more visceral than many of his contemporaries.

Hackman More Than Ever EP PTN002  

a1 Hackman – More Than Ever
a2 Hackman – Nobody Minds
b1 Hackman – Gutterflower
b2 Hackman – Dusk

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