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Torgny – Oil Panic

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TorgnyGrowing up in Oslo, Torgny Amdam was exposed to the second wave of hip hop and hardcore music early on in life (Public Enemy, Gunshot, Youth Of Today, Fugazi etc). After paying dues as a singer in one of Europe’s first straight edge bands Onward (16-20 years), he went on to form the hardcore outfit Amulet who put out several albums. After the split in 2007 Amdam worked for Ny Musikk – an organization for contemporary music where he was exposed to everything from John Cage and Stockhausen to Whitehouse. In 2010 Amdam went solo with his debutChameleon Days. Since then he has continued to develop as an electronic singer-songwriter, releasing music through his own imprint Telemachus, composing for film and performing.

Torgny’s new album, Oil Panic, is a nine-song burst of blaring beats, hypnotic vocals and creative, unpredictable melodies. On three tracks he is joined by the mesmerizing Maria Due. These songs reflect his more introspective and existentialist leanings, resonant with the mood of 2012’s Trilogy EP. Torgny’s take on sound is both uniquely gritty and immediately accessible – seemingly influenced by a mix of his street skating background, inner demons and the euphoria of the club. The music on Oil Panic dialogues with Top 40 pop but also with experimental rawness – it packs many surprises. Oil Panic seems inspired by the kind of attitude you would find in New York in the early 80s, when disco met punk met hip-hop. Torgny runs wild with a free-spirited vibe where anything flies as long as it feels relevant and serves the cause of the song.

King Fantastic- “Death Of Summer” EP + Free MP3

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Eclectic and menacing, the group’s big beat vitriol was born in Venice Beach and Playa del Rey in 2010, perhaps a surprise to those used to name checking Compton, Oakland and Long Beach in their hip-hop history discussions. But if the tracks from their 2010 debut, “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps,” or their forthcoming EP, “Death of Summer,” tell us anything, it’s that King Fantastic proudly represents its ZIP Code.”
-The Los Angeles Times
“We want to bring Dope back to hip hop” -Troublemaker quoted in Thrasher

King Fantastic is not your ordinary musical duo from LA, but then again nothing is ordinary about their music. We’re living in an era where hip-hop progressively feasts itself upon electronic beats and King Fantastic delves head first into both arenas. Given the diverse upbringings of both producer and internationally known DJ, Troublemaker and Rapper/lyricist Killer Reese One (who is one half of LA underground rap duo Bleu Collar) one would safely say that it’s karma how they united. And the musical climate seems fit to release their new EP “Death of Summer” on August 30th 2011.

Death Of Summer EP Track Listing:

Locals Only
?Cual es mi Nombre, Nina? (Daddy Baby)
Break His Motherfucking Back
Locals Only (Knight Riderz Remix)

Download Locals Only

“Death of Summer” follows the duo’s groundbreaking and critically acclaimed 2010 debut LP “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps “ which spawned the wildly scandalous- “Why? Where? What?” video that is nearing 1 million plays on vimeo

With that release, the duo achieved global digital underground success in both the electronic and hip hop cultures. While they made news headlines in the likes of The Los Angeles Times, they also found themselves booked on electronic savvy festivals such as Audiotistic and producing remixes from a diverse group of artists including Linkin Park, The Glitch Mob, The Bird and The Bee and Bassnectar.

King Fantastic’s music is nostalgic for the level of skill, originality and authenticity of the underground LA hip hop culture of the late 90s. The freestyle independence from Emcees and musical styles of that era coupled with today’s progressive bass driven dubstep and Drum and Bass scenes gave birth to “Westcoastsynthesizerbeach bumgangstermusic” a term tagged by King Fantastic.

On the one hand, Troublemaker’s influences range from hip hop to drum & bass, dubstep and electronic music – and when he first saw Killer Reese One perform at the Roxy he knew he was the man to rap over his beats. In a recent LA Times feature, Killer Reese One takes note “I’m not a bluesey rapper, my beats have to come a lot harder. Troublemaker’s beats are super bass-heavy and gangster without even a word recorded on it.”

And while Troublemaker was honing his skills as an engineer and producer, Killer Reese One’s former life plays a huge part in his creative process as a rapper. Raised in both Venice Beach and Compton – KRO’s childhood was as diverse as any artist’s palate. His raps are reality and he certainly has an interesting well of experiences to pull from which makes him both a great entertainer and prolific lyricist. Growing up the pair also listened to everyone from Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, NIN, Mo’Wax, Megadeth, Metalheadz, Slayer, NWA ,The Clash and A Tribe called Quest. However they both cite Ice-T and DJ Quik as main players, both who have a heavy dose of synth music in their tracks.

What to expect to hear on Death of Summer? According to Troublemaker,”When we set out to work on this new project, we did not have any particular direction in mind, although we were both in a dark place as humans. As a result, the music is much darker and harder than anything on our previous album, and Reese’s lyrics are a continuation of that.” He adds, “While our album is minimal in production and has a variety of styles, this EP is super full and is serious bass music.” In a recent interview with Acclaim magazine, What would you like people to come away with after listening to the new EP?: KRO responds “Euphoric fear.”

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PeteStrume​ntals – 10th Anniversar​y Expanded & Limited Edition by Pete Rock

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Released: 2011-05-10

Best known for his work with CL Smooth, and his remixes for Public
Enemy, House of Pain, Mary J Blige and Mick Jagger to mention a few.
Hailing from the little town of Mt. Vernon, NY, right next to the
Bronx, Pete Rock & CL Smooth pretty much got together in their local high school when Pete noticed  CLs dope and unique voice. After high school,
Pete hooked up a weekend hip-hop show on WBLS-FM and was considered one of NYs premier DJs during his four year stint on the show. All Souled Out was Pete & CLs debut EP, it was the phenomenal production by Pete Rock which really drew people to this EP. If the legendary DJ Mark The 45 King was the first producer to incorporate horns, Pete Rock was the first to really perfect this new style of production with his trademark echoing horns laced throughout his music. This was done very nicely on two of the cuts off the EP, Creator and Mecca & The Sou! l Brother, and people were taking notice in a big way.
After the solid Mecca/Creator 12 inch, the duo unleashed one of those all-time classic LPs every MC dreams of having, Mecca & The Soul Brother featuring the monumental: They Reminisce Over You, Straighten It Out, Ghettos Of The Mind, and Lots Of Lovin. Songs to make you cry – damn, they were playing  TROY at funerals everywhere. One of the greatest hip hop records ever made …it never leads my box man…- (Tim Westwood)

Pete Rock on hip hop: Hip hop to me today is still important but we are going through a phase right now. Hip Hop as been injected by a virus, and right now weve got to find a cure to this. Which brings along myself. (Frank 151)

The Press

…from downtempo, funkdified sounds to hypnotic hip–hop beats,
this is a wonderfully crafted album – (BPM July 2001)
This hypnotic … album represents hip hops incredible a! bility to morph and manipulate a hodgepodge of sounds to creat! e someth ing unique…although the sound is now industrial, electronic and everything but natural Pete’s
version of hip hop will remain a classy affair that merges the elements of an orchestra, the roots of black music and the cacophony of the streets. – (Mass Appeal July 2001)

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cult series, Beat Generation, B BE are re-releasing a re-mastered, expanded and limited version of  ”Petestrumentals” on CD and digital.