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LV ‘Routes’ (Keysound)

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LV ‘Routes’ (Keysound)
R.D. 23.05.11

Keysound present ‘Routes’, the debut album from London production trio LV. ‘Routes’ was written and recorded in intensive bursts over a 12 month period, and heavily features London vocalist Joshua Idehen, who first collaborated with LV on their 2010 Keysound 12” ‘38 EP’. The album picks up some of the themes set out in the EP – Idehen’s lyrics explore the euphoria and accompanying alienation in his relationship with the city via multiple fragmented journeys. Whereas on the ‘38 EP’ Idehen’s vocals were a focus throughout, here they are often twisted, processed and bent out of shape, assimilated or swallowed up by the sound. At other points Idehen’s performance takes centre stage as a conspiratorial witness, a ghostly accomplice, or a disarmingly frank guide through the metropolis. The music itself reflects the schizoid, unpredictable nature of these journeys, incorporating everything from restless pirate-radio rhythms to intimate twilight melancholia. ‘Routes’ is a remarkable album, characterised by freshness, wit, coherence, a sense of humour and intriguing narratives, both actual implied. LV is Will Horrocks, Simon Williams and Gerv Gordon, who have been making music together since meeting at university about 10 years ago. Between them they play a variety of instruments; they like dusty old synths and kept in perfect only-just-working-order. LV is, at the moment, a studio project not a traditional band but ‘live’ playing is still key to the sound – as is serendipity. Their first release as LV was the ‘Globetrotting’ / ‘Takeover’ 12” on Hyperdub in 2007. Although it was not something they were previously involved in, it positioned LV in the ‘dubstep’ scene – although they admit they don’t see their music as belonging to any one genre. Since then they have released three further 12”s on Hyperdub, including last-year’s kwaito-funky dancefloor phenomenon ‘Boomslang’, and have also recorded for other influential labels including Hemlock, 2nd Drop, Ramp/Brainmath, and Soul Jazz.

01. I Know
02. Tough
03. Northern Line
04. Lean Back
05. Never Tired
06. Talk Talk
07. Melt
08. Primary Colours
09. Deleted Scenes
10. Past Tense
11. Murkish Delights
12. Last Night


Download:Shed -RA.221 podcast

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The Hard Wax and Ostgut Ton man lays down an energetic, hour-long mix for this week’s RA podcast.

As far as contemporary Berlin-based house and techno producers go, you don’t get much better than René Pawlowitz. When he’s not spending his time behind the counter at the city’s legendary Hard Wax record store, he’s busy conjuring up all manner of material in his studio, taking inspiration from classic Detroit and Berlin techno while infusing elements of hardcore, breakbeat, dubstep and ambient along the way. Although the majority of his output is released under the Shed banner, Pawlowitz has diversified his sound with a number of different pseudonyms. His white label offerings as Wax and EQD have become essential selections for fans of rugged Teutonic techno, while he’s also turned his hand to 140bpm bass music with his work as The Panamax Project.

Although René has garnered a reputation for his prolific and consistent approach club-oriented 12-inch singles, he’s also proved his mettle when it comes to creating larger bodies of work. His debut album came in at the #1 spot in our top albums of 2008, with RA’s Will Lynch championing its “lustrous aesthetic, oblique rhythms and coherent diversity,” so seeing as his sophomore full-length—entitled The Traveller—is due to hit the shops later this month, so we thought that it’d be the ideal time to let Pawlowitz demonstrate his idiosyncratic vision of how techno should be.(more at RA)

Download:Shed -RA.221 podcast
Low Density Matter – Blue Steel [Keysound]
Becoming Real – Fast Motion (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix) [Ramp]
Cosmin TRG – See Other People (Falty DL Remix) [Rushhour]
Delphic – Doubt (Kyle Hall Remix)
Duncan Powell – Pushin’ (Falty DL Remix) [2nd Drop]
Andrea – Got To Forget [Daphne]
T++ – Cropped [Honest Jon’s]
Cosmin TRG – Béton Brut [Hemlock]
Screed – Side [Synthetic Catalogue]
Robert Hood – Towns That Disappeared Completely [M Plant]
Jason Fine – Many To Many (Ben Klock Remix) [Kontra]
Rok & Jonzon – Sequential Polka [International Gigolo]
Silent Phase – Fire (Rewired Mix) [R&S]
Eliphino – Let Me Love You Forever [Brownswood]
Sepalcure – Love Pressure [Hotflush]

(download) Sinden -XLR8R podcast 151

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Earlier this year, UK bass icon Sinden launched his own record label, Grizzly. The label’s discography is only a few releases deep—the most recent being WAFA’s “Ewid Disco” 12”—but it’s quickly become clear that Sinden’s A&R acumen is as potent as his talent for crafting high-quality radio broadcasts, not to mention his top-notch DJ and production skills. Speaking of the latter, he’s also got the debut album from The Count & Sinden slated for release in the near future, not to mention plenty more Grizzly releases and his usual spate of DJ gigs around the globe. Amidst all this, Sinden somehow found the time to assemble a mix for the XLR8R podcast series, and, as expected, it weaves together propulsive, low-end-heavy tunes—many of them unreleased and/or exclusive—that touch on different scenes, sounds, and continents.

(download) Sinden XLR8R podcast 151

01 WAFA & Sinden “Military” (Grizzly)
02 WAFA “Kanga” (Grizzly)
03 Hot City “Another Girl” (Moshi Moshi)
04 Mele “Mugged” (Grizzly)
05 J Bevin “When It Comes” (Deep Teknologi)
06 Breach “Fatherless (Doc Daneeka Remix)” (PTN)
07 Noise Floor Crew “How To Ruin A Train (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)” (Dust Traxx)
08 Randomer “Zabu”
09 DJs Del Futuro VIP “Fiesta by White Band”
10 The Count & Sinden feat. The Mystery Jets “Afterdark (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)” (Domino)
11 The Count & Sinden “Panther (Bambounou Remix)” (Domino)
12 Sinden & WAFA “Afrodizzier” (Grizzly)
13 Altered Natives “God Made Me” (Eye 4 Eye)
14 Felix Buxton a.k.a. Jon Giovanni “Lift Off” (Grizzly)
15 Arveene & Minsk “Mi Casa Su Casa”
16 Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce “Tripped Up (Ramadanman Re-Edit)” (Ramp)

Hackman -More Than Ever EP (PTN002) 12″ Vinyl(Preview)

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Briskly traveling from Swansea to Leeds, PTN follows Doc Daneeka’s release with an equally hyped EP of fresh material from Hackman, who along with Doc D, featured in FACT Magazine’s top 10 producers to watch for the year. Hackman is one of the exploding Funky movement’s best and brightest producers, rising fast and unleashing unstoppable rhythm after unstoppable rhythm. Profiled by the venerable and influential Blackdown in 2009 Hackman is no stranger to hype even so early in his career. But it’s not all just hype, and if anything, the hyperbole is warranted. Hackman makes music in line with other prominent Funky producers, but his productions have a certain sheen and a peculiarly humid quality that make them unmistakable. His impressive grasp of bass (see the absolutely crushing basslines in “Bodies” and “Surround” off of his EP for Well Rounded, betrays his initial foray into dubstep, and it lends his music a power both more nuanced and more visceral than many of his contemporaries.

Hackman More Than Ever EP PTN002  

a1 Hackman – More Than Ever
a2 Hackman – Nobody Minds
b1 Hackman – Gutterflower
b2 Hackman – Dusk

Listen Clips

Doc Daneeka – Deadly Rhythm EP (PTN001) – PTN (new RAMP label)Preview

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As if the kind people at RAMP don’t give you an ample amount of music, they are now gracious enough to present new label PTN. PTN will be covering a more stripped down basement sound, coming from UK Funky and House music.

First off is the long awaited debut release from Doc Daneeka with his “Deadly Rhythm” EP, featuring all the tracks which have been doing the rounds with DJ’s such as Gilles Peterson, Marcus Nasty, Sinden, Kode 9, Brackles, Oneman and Martyn over the past few months.

Briskly traveling from Swansea to Leeds, PTN follows Doc Daneeka’s release with an equally hyped EP of fresh material from Hackman, who along with Doc D, featured in FACT Magazine’s top 10 producers to watch for the year.

Look out for future releases from Iceland’s Hypno, dropping Deep House on yo ass like volcanic ash – featuring a remix from Julio Bashmore, and the ultra massive “Fatherless” from Breach!

PTN001 / Doc Daneeka – Deadly Rhythm EP – OUT MAY 24th

PTN002 / Hackman – More Than Ever EP – OUT JUNE 7th