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Rico Casazza – Flutes Liebe EP(Bearight,Brendon Moeller remixes)

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Rico Casazza’s brings out his new EP which marks the 13th release on his own
East London imprint, Release Sustain.

LABEL Release Sustain
ARTIST Rico Casazza
REMIXERS Bearight,Brendon Moeller
TITLE Flutes Liebe EP
RELEASE 22nd July 2011
STORES Beatport

This EP follows the ethos of the label, where the originals are strictly dub rooted booty-tech-house. Following the originals are remixes by dub veteran New Yorker Brendon Moeller, and a new comer Bearight.

Flutes Liebe marks where Rico’s career today; where in the past year, he’d debuted with his live performance and have been a part of his set all along.It’s a track that goes emerges from just a few simple pads into this mysterious track that gets bombed with weapons of mass dubstruction.

The Groove is heavy on the bass and the empty space is filled with a glow of not-so-in-ur-face vocals which whispers across the track. This track and style is very ‘Rico Casazza’.

Dub veteran Brendon Moeller reshapes this track in a completely inverted way; taking his elements of choice and forming his own groove in where you can hear the New York touch through his nut-grabbing analog bass line. This reshape is leaning towards house rather than techno or even tech house, with the use of rhodes chords which stables the track and work really well with the baseline.

The second original of the EP ‘Look for me’ by Rico Casazza is a more straight forward track in which the beat kicks, the drums roll, and the vocals form a certain groove. But at one point, the track gets busy with digital gremlin-like micro-laughs come in which add to the curiosity of how and why Rico chooses his sounds to make this kind of groove. The track slowly develops where a cute and distant melody sample makes its way in to lighten up the track. In one way, it’s quite the usual club banger, but on the other hand the originality comes within the millions of micro grooves rico creates to fill in the space given.

Bearight takes the original of ‘Look for me’ and slow cooks it in a pot of warm baselines, lighter live drumming, cosmic fillers, and are topped with a whispering tales companioned by the filter-phased sax. It’s a tad bit slower compared to the original, but the intricate drumming keeps you on your tiptoes and your head nodding with warm hearted feelings.