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David Morales Returns With “Golden Era ft. Roisin Murphy” – the new single from his forthcoming artist album Changes

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David Morales – the original dance music superstar – is back with his brand new single “Golden Era” featuring Roisin Murphy (Moloko) on vocals. This is the first single from Morales’ much-anticipated new artist album Changes, to be released on June 19 on Ultra Music.

“Golden Era” is a disco house hybrid that brings back the vibe of dance music’s glory days while adding a contemporary twist. The original mix matches a warm, summery bassline and Latin percussion with Roisin Murphy’s rich and bluesy tones. David Morales has been known throughout his tremendous career for his ability to write dance-oriented tracks that stand on their own as “true songs“ and not “just tracks” that work only in a club setting. “Golden Era” is dance music for the heart and soul.

“Golden Era” opens the door to a new and exciting phase in David Morales’ career. With interest in dance music now at all time high, Morales has been performing non-stop and gaining inspiration from a new generation of producers and fans. His new album, Changes, documents his transformation throughout the years while revealing that he never strayed too far from his classic sound despite an ever-changing industry…a testament to both his talent and widespread appeal.

In addition to, “Golden Era,” Changes includes the 2011 hits “You Just Don’t Love Me” (YJDLM) featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn and “Holiday” featuring Polina. Never before heard tracks include the symphonic disco-pop of “What Do You Believe?,” big room piano licks on “Planet Called Love,” the warm, Everything But The Girl-esque “Stay,” the massive steel synths on “Last Time” and the tropical thunder of “Keeper,” among others.

David Morales
Changes (album)
June 19, 2012
Ultra Music


1. David Morales and Ultra Nate – ‘I Really Love’
2. David Morales and Janice Robinson – ‘What Do You Believe In’
3. David Morales and Polina – ‘Fall In Love Tonight’
4. David Morales and Roisin Murphy – ‘Golden Era’
5. David Morales and Ultra Nate – ‘Planet Called Love’
6. David Morales and Jonathan Mendelsohn – ‘You Just Don’t Love Me’
7. David Morales and Polina – ‘Stay’
8. David Morales and Polina – ‘Holiday’
9. David Morales and Tamra Keenan – ‘I Don’t Belong Here’
10. David Morales and Tamra Keenan – ‘7 Days’
11. David Morales and Jonathan Mendelsohn – ‘Last Time’
12. David Morales and Ultra Nate – ‘Keeper’

David Morales will celebrate the release of Changes with a special release party in his hometown of New York City at Cielo on Thursday, June 14. This is a can’t miss all star event featuring music by Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero, Quentin Harris and guest of honor David Morales. There will also be live performances by Polina, Tamra Keenan, Janice Robinson and Jonathan Mendelsohn. This is a classic NYC night out!


David Morales feat. Róisín Murphy – Golden Era

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We Love… Artist Portraits 01: Mat Playford out July 18th

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An Ibiza institution and worldwide musical family, We Love… create a new introspective album series for 2011 with their newest resident, Mat Playford at the helm for episode 1. A hybrid take on the traditional album format, ‘Artist Portrait’ spans two discs with the first housing entirely original material and the second a reflection of current musical inspirations. 

The Artist Portrait series aims to exhibit the musical innovation and diversity of We Love’s artists and provide the listener with something more considered than the average compilation mix. The first in the series comes from Mat Playford, a seasoned producer known for his old school approach to production, fervent keyboard skills and deep love of all things analogue. Mat recently constructed a custom-built keyboard and effects machine to showcase his elaborate live set for We Love… an endearing statement to his dedication and enthusiasm.

Disc one features nine original productions from Mat Playford and his alternate guise, Weirdo Police, his duo formed together with co-conspirator Tom Gray. Spanning the past six years of their time in the studio, these spacey creations include star vocalists such as Crazy P’s Danielle Moore (Can’t Reach) and Shelly Poole of Alisha’s Attic fame (Pretty Thing) as well as Mercury Music Prize winner, Talvin Singh on tabla (Kung Fu). A beguiling journey into the heart of Mat’s musical vision, these productions are dreamlike and evocative and sketch out more mature and discerning shades to his infamous previously seen live shows and known material. 

We Love… Artist Portraits 01: Mat Playford

Label: We Love Recordings
Cat no: WLR01
Distribution: Prime
Released: Monday July 18th, 2011


  1. Weirdo Police – Evidence
  2. Weirdo Police featuring Talvin Singh – Kung Fu
  3. Weirdo Police – Alfredo
  4. Weirdo Police featuring Danielle Moore – Can’t Reach
  5. Mat Playford – That Experience
  6. Mat Playford – Transmoog
  7. Weirdo Police – Luca
  8. Weirdo Police featuring Shelly Poole – Pretty Thing
  9. Weirdo Police – Barbican
  10. Weirdo Police – Missed Wish (Mat Playford’s Last Meteor Mix) (Social Problem)
  11. Ford Inc. – Delirium (Throne Of Blood)
  12. Salt City Orchestra – Downtime (Paper Recordings)
  13. Luca C Brigante and Ali love – Different Morals (Mat Playford Super Moon Rework) (Southern Fried)
  14. Joe Morris – Velocity Heights (Social Problem)
  15. Kerri Chandler & Christopher McCray – Heaven (Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Dub) (Mad House)
  16. Pariah – Prism (R&S Records)
  17. Mutiny – Deep Blue / Mason feat Roisin Murphy – Bodecia (Acapella) (Animal Language)
  18. Onionz – Chasing Death (Electric Soul)
  19. Mat Playford and Tim Deluxe – Back 2 The Rocket (Skint)
  20. Mat Playford – Analogue Tear (Intimacy music) / Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Acapella) (Paper Recordings)
  21. Tim Deluxe – Face The Music (Skint)

Mat Playford is a unique entity beholding bags of charisma and a style that shimmers with disco while incorporating the otherworldly dimensions of ambient cuts as well as sharp acidic bleeps and beats. Delivering a Balearic spirit in this project, his familiar intergalactic footprint is still etched throughout. Renowned for a superior level of production, this Artist Portrait only highlights his aptitude and old pop sensibilities while remaining true to his analogue roots.

“The early synth artists Jean Michelle Jar, Giorgio Moroder, Herbie Hancock, and Paul Hardcastle have shaped me – they have so much more feeling and harmonics. The main basis of my sound in the studio is inspired by 80s synths. I have owned over 30 in my time and I´ve had this obsession since I was around 5 years old!” explains Mat of his approach to music. “I think stuff like this runs really deep into your system. They say you don´t have a conscious mind until you’re 7 years of age and up until that point your subconscious is just a sponge sucking up information and influences around you. When I was very young two of my uncles owned crazy keyboards. Also a huge influence was my mother´s dance studio in the early 80s where I actually played the music, both vinyl and tape, in her aerobic classes.”

Mat Playford makes original and frequently obscure choices for disc two including collaborations with close friends and musical peers, Paul Woolford (as Ford Inc) and Tim Deluxe.I didn’t want it to be too obvious, I’m a musical person so I always try to make more considered choices.“ Exclusive tracks on the mix include Mat’s rework of Luca C Brigante featuring Ali Love, Mutiny and Joe Morris, soon to be released on Playford’s own Social Problem label. The result is an elegant and radiant blend, rich in musicality that will stand the test of time. “The compilation came about from Mark Broadbent’s belief in me and my sets at We Love… where I needed to constantly arm myself with new music.”

“Over the past 14 years we have had an incredible amount of talent pass through the doors of We Love… Space. We have dabbled with the now generic mix CDs and ultimately felt dissatisfied with the product due to one reason or another. When Mat Playford approached us with the collection of music that he had been working on I was immediately taken aback due to the fact that the music he now presented me with had only a slight resemblance to music that I had heard him playing on the terrace at We Love… I was sold, I love music in its many different styles and genres and this ticked a few boxes for me personally and showed us a way in which we could release an album giving proper and full support to an artist we believe in.” Mark Broadbent (Musical Director of We Love..Muzic) Summer 2011

We Love… has become Ibiza’s most iconic brand. Welcoming the biggest and most exciting musical talent through the doors of Space in over a decade on the island, it now has hold of the global dance music consciousness spreading its message at some of finest nightspots and festivals of the world. The new Artist Portrait series aims to divulge the musical ethos of the artists that are closest to its heart, reflecting both their work in the studio and persona in the club. Each body of work represents rather than defines the artist’s sound, capturing the essence of that artist’s output and creativity like a portrait at the time of composition.

30th May The loft, london
4th June Throne of blood, London 
12th June We Love.. Space
17th July We Love.. Space
14th Aug Portrait showcase (secret ibiza location)  
28th August SW4 festival (mat playford live set)
11th Sept (Weirdo Police live show)
more TBA  

Toddla T – ‘Take It Back (Radio Edit)’ (Stream)

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The first single to be taken from Toddla T’s forthcoming new album is the brilliant, Soul II Soul-esque ‘Take it Back’ featuring Shola Ama and J2K.

Since the release of his debut in 2009, Toddla has been working non stop on his second album ‘Watch Me Dance’ (Aug 2011). He’s been busy writing and recording in Sheffield, London and Jamaica, slotting in sessions between his mind-numbing DJ schedule and Radio 1 DJ slots.

In ensuring ‘Watch Me Dance’ was everything Toddla envisaged it could be he’s carefully selected an impressive line up of friends, peers and musical icons to guest vocal, co-produce, remix, co-write with him on the album. Names including previous collaborator Roots Manuva, fellow DJ, producer and remixer Skream, Ms Dynamite, Ross Orton, Wayne Marshall, Donaeo, Roisin Murphy and of course Shola Ama.

Remixes of ‘Take It Back’ will come from The 2 Bears, Dillion Francis, D1, Des Demure and DJ Q. – completing the re-introduction to our boy Toddla as he prepares to stamp his mark all over summer 2011.

Released by: Ninja Tune
Release/catalogue number: ZEN12285
Release date: May 23, 2011

‘Take It Back (Radio Edit) is available now from the Ninjashop and iTunes:

Free Mini Mix From KITSUNÉ x PONYSTEP mixed by Jerry Bouthier

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KITSUNÉ x PONYSTEP mixed by Jerry Bouthier

Featuring music from:
Róisín Murphy, Two Door Cinema Club, Lindstrøm, Booka Shade and More

***Download Here***

Kitsuné x Ponystep / Album cover photo session

check for more
KITSUNÉ x PONYSTEP mixed by Jerry Bouthier out July 5
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KITSUNÉ x PONYSTEP mixed by Jerry Bouthier out July 5

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Mixed by Jerry Bouthier
July 5, 2010

Featuring music from:
Róisín Murphy, Two Door Cinema Club, Lindstrøm, Booka Shade and More

1. Róisín Murphy — Momma’s Place
2. Bag Raiders — Turbo Love (Light Year remix)
3. Munk — La Musica
4. Two Door Cinema Club — I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion remix)
5. Voltaire Twins — D.I.L. (JBAG’s hot pop remix)
6. Florrie — 911 (Beataucue remix –JBAG edit)’
7. JBAG ft Louise Prey — X Ray Sex
8. Adamski — I Dream Of You (2010version)
9. Lindstrøm — I Feel Space (Freeform5 remix / JBAG re-edit)
10. D-Pulse — Highway To Saturn (JBAG edit)
11. Jupiter — Mama Used To Say
12. Act Yo Age — La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti remix)’
13. Rainbow Arabia — Holidays In Congo (Myd remix)
14. Lo-Fi-Fnk — Steppin’ Out (Popular Computer remix / JBAG re-edit)
15. May 68 — My Ways
16. David E Sugar — Party Killer
17. Booka Shade — Regenerate
18. Bunny Lake — Army Of Lovers (JBAG’s hot pop remix)
19. Mustang — Try To Dance
20. Das Pop — Fool For Love (Aeroplaneremix)

Rays of sunshine finally kick in as the always ebullient Kitsuné teams up with London’s Ponystep for a summer mix CD ‘très mode.’ On one hand, Kitsuné, the record label extraordinaire that gave you Digitalism, La Roux and Two Door Cinema Club, is also a fashion label. Sure its ever colorful Maison compilations – almost ten of them now – have become the reference in everything that’s new and quirky in the world of pop, breaking today many of tomorrow’s important artists. It’s also an elegant – young and modern – clothing line based on quality that keeps on expanding and is soon turning into a bit of a phenomena in Japan.

On the other, Ponystep, the noted fashion-style webmag based in east London has built a global reputation for all things fashion, art and music. It also happens to throw some of the best parties around. No wonder, the man behind Ponystep is Richard Mortimer infamous for his BoomBox night, which rocked the British capital and shook fashion circles the world over. BoomBox’s sense of freedom and electro/pop party brought a breath of fresh air to clubland and attracted celebrities (Björk, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Jeremy Scott…) along with London’s fashion elite (Giles Deacon, Gareth Pugh, Henry Holland, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab…).

After Kitsuné released the BoomBox cd in 2007, an iconic snapshot of what was possibly the wildest club in the world at the time, the pairing is once more in full effect with Jerry Bouthier in the dj seat again. Bridging the Channel gap effortlessly, the Parisian relocated in London is Mortimer’s long-time musical collaborator-resident dj and also part of the Kitsuné family since early days. Sealing a vibrant appreciation based on mutual respect, Kitsuné-Ponystep – the ultimate fashion CD? – of course aims at mixing London edge to Parisian chic, two highly stylish and defined worlds yet quite apart from each other. Bouthier’s reputation as catwalk dj keeps on growing, notably since he was taken on board at Vivienne Westwood to provide the music to all her shows. He is a regular at the Fashion Weeks, season after season he produces the runway soundtracks of other fashion designers showing in London (Jonathan Saunders, Roksanda Illincic, Peter Jensen, Osman…) or Paris (Romain Kremer, JunnJ, Estrella Archs, SongZio).

Fusing pop, electro, indie, disco and more, Kitsuné- Ponystep mixes tracks and remixes from some of the hottest names around (Roisin Murphy, French Horn Rebellion, Booka Shade, Aeroplane, Lindstrom, Munk…); a truly international cast that goes as far as Sydney, Perth, NYC, Oslo, Berlin, Munich, Manchester and inevitably Paris and London. Seventy minutes designed to make you dance…and also, at times, move you. In today’s troubled times, emotion has become fashion’s latest by-word and is certainly an essential ingredient here: plenty of songs, with vocals and people playing instruments such as new Xenomania artist Florrie, Northern Ireland’s finest Two Door Cinema Club, Belgium’s Das Pop, Vienna’s Bunny Lake, Sweden’s Lo-Fi Fnk, David E Sugar… a far cry from the dull thump you often find associated with fashion soundtracks. As such Kitsuné-Ponystep is not just a dj mix, Andrea Gorgerino, Bouthier’s studio side-kick and half of their recording project JBAG (also a versatile dj unit that has remixed Ladyhawke, Kylie, Sparks and SExpress), knows like no other how to apply magic, and a bit of drama, as he does on the shows to enhance the aural experience.
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