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My Panda Shall Fly & Benjamin Jackson-Let’s Vibrate Together

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Released: 12th March 2012
Format: 12″ / Digital

“…A couple of emails later, we were sending each other sounds and loops of all sorts to kind of see what we were both feeling, and felt we could use. Soon enough we started making more progress until we began to see there were some really good ideas forming. We kept this up for weeks, working on stuff and sending it back and forth whenever we found time. Within a month or so. We had some interesting material that we were both really pleased with, and it was only then that we actually met in person for the first time.”

This is the collaborative project from rising star of sonic soundpieces My Panda Shall Fly, and drummer turned analogue-electro head Benjamin Jackson. Recording the bulk of the EP without having even met, the music melds the percussive audio collage and unbridled creativity of MPSF to Benjamin Jackson’s instinct for the beat and knowledge of synthesisers. The result is an immersive, textured sound full of steppy tension, drawing in a range of influences and juxtaposing analogue warmth with abrasive beats and stabs.

Having no musical background or formal teaching, My Panda Shall Fly aka Suren Seneviratne has gone through many an incarnation until he found where he was comfortable – from shoe-gaze, post-punk rock in his early teens to sound manipulation and experimentation in his later years. Following on from releases on Dam Mantle’s Growing Records & the mighty Wichita Recordings he has been busy in the studio finishing collaborations & solo material, of which this is the first you’ll hear in 2012.

Suren met Benjamin Jackson via a mutual friend. Starting his musical career as a drummer, Ben moved towards new technologies without this background ever being far removed from his very rhythmical creative process.. He has been exploring analogue mediums of sound and art via releases on his own label, ‘Thanqu’.

Launch party: 17th March @ Shacklewell Arms


Lone “Galaxy Garden” on R&S Records,May 7th

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Over the past couple of years, Manchester-based producer Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) has become a fully fledged reinvention of his former self. Leaving behind the hip-hop seasoned abstraction and hazy beatscapes of his notable Ecstasy & Friends and Lemurian albums for a quicker-paced sound that draws on a much heavier Chicago house / Detroit Techno and early 90’s London rave/hardcore sound. With his last album proper Emerald Fantasy Tracks & last year’s R&S debut Coreshine Voodoo, we saw a honing of these styles. Continuing his ethereal journey through space and time where these previous two outings left off, new album Galaxy Garden – that you will hopefully have in your ears right now – is without doubt his most complete body of work to date.

Artist: Lone
Title: Galaxy Garden
Label: R&S Records
Release: 07.05.2012

01 New Colour
02 The Animal Pattern
03 As A Child (With Machinedrum)
04 Lying In The Reeds
05 Dragon Blue Eyes
06 Crystal Caverns 1991
07 Raindance
08 Dream Girl / Sky Surfer
09 Earth’s Lungs
10 Cthulhu (With Machinedrum)
11 Stands Tidal Waves
12 Spirals (With Anneka)

The varied excursions on display unearth new corners to the wunderkind, whilst maintaining his signature sound and cinematic overtones. Opener New Colour lays down the album’s mandate with layers of symbiotic sound-scapes. On into The Animal Pattern, a rolling 8-bit bastardisation where visions of Out Run’s Splash Wave come flooding back again. Nomrex label head machine drum makes an appearance on two tracks adding his hazy vocals to As A Child & Cthulhu. The latter evolving into a mid tempo broken roller with key stabs which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Japan record.

Thing of beauty, Lying in the Reeds finds Cutler in one of his more melodic, melancholic and reflective moods. This gives way to the ambient drone of Dragon Blue Eyes and through to Crystal Caverns 91; revival stabs, hardcore remnants, a frenetic cadence and we’re already half way through the album. Two uptempo, blissed out stuttered motion bangers – proceed in the form of Raindance & Dream & Girl/Sky Surfer. It’s Raindance and the incredible Earth’s Lungs where he wears his love of Aphex Twin and Warp most prominently, all the time maintaining a very Lone take on it. The album closes this Lone chapter with vocalist Anneka – who’s worked with the likes of Falty DL, Starkey, Ital Tek, Vex’d – and the track Spirals, which is the closest you’ll get to Cutler writing a pop song.

A rollercoaster ride of playful nods to a plethora of scenes and influences past, present and future, a residency at Manchester hot-spot Hoya:Hoya, upcoming shows all over the place, support for his tracks from the likes of Caribou, Diplo, Kode 9, Dark Sky, Rustie, James Holden, Martyn, Joy Orbison – to name just a few – remixes for Radiohead, Tensnake & Underworld already under his belt; it’s going to be quite a year for Lone. Cutler ended 2010 with his tracks Pineapple Crush and Once In A While featured in every respectable ‘Best of 2010’ roundup (Resident Advisor, Phonica, Juno & Fact Magazine). This an album to be treasured and one that will no doubt, end up in even more polls come the end of twenty twelve.

The Chain – Lostwithiel EP (Preview)

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The Chain
Lostwithiel EP

A1 Lostwithiel
A2 Lostwithiel Dub
B Maje

Another R&S amazing EP,Lostwithiel if you like mellow vibes, Maje 100% Club Killer Track

Blawan-Bohla EP on R & S

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R&S welcome another newcomer to the family. With only one release behind him on Hessle Audio and a wicked remix for Warp (The Hundred In The Hands) Blawan finds his new tracks in demand from the likes of James Blake, Jackmaster, Untold, Ben UFO, Ramadanman and Pariah.

The title track is already creating a bit of a stir from its inclusion in a few high profile dj sets, but all three tracks raise the game for this young producer. The whole ep is filled with an honest, infectious energy, just like his dj sets.

You can’t pigeonhole this as ‘post’ anything, its pure, stripped down, club music. Sometimes drums, bass and acid is all you need.

Artist: Blawan

Title: Bohla EP

Label: R & S

Format: Vinyl & Digital

Release: Vinyl – 28/2/11 & Digital – 14/3/11

01. Bohla
02. Kaz
03. Lavender

James Blake debut album “James Blake” on February 7

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James Blake has announced the tracklisting for his self-titled debut album.

The album, which will be released on February 7 next year, features Blake’s cover of Feist’s ‘Limit To Your Love’.

The 22 year-old was recently named in the BBC Sound of 2011 Poll shortlist and came second to Jessie J in the Brits Critics’ Choice Award rundown.

The tracklisting of ‘James Blake’ is:
‘The Wilhelm Scream’
‘I Never Learnt To Share’
‘Lindisfarne I’
‘Lindisfarne II’
‘Limit To Your Love’
‘Give Me My Month’
‘To Care (Like You)’
‘Why Don’t You Call Me’
‘I Mind’

(NME report)

Download:Space Dimension Controller-RA.231

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The time-traveling producer brings out a funk-filled selection for the RA podcast.

Space Dimension Controller was born sometime in the 24th century. Lucky for us, then, that he traveled back in time, crashed his Electropod and has been stuck here for just long enough to release some of the finest and funkiest electro-tinged records of 2010. (That, or he’s Jack Hamill, a young Belfast producer obsessed with hardware.) SDC’s sound may be retro-tinged, but it has excited everyone from Kyle Hall (who remixed SDC on Clone’s Royal Oak) to Josh Wink to the brains behind legendary techno label R&S.

Download:Space Dimension Controller-RA.231

Published / 01 November 2010
Filesize / 107.91 MB
Length / 01:29:53

more at RA

Untold – Stereo Freeze R&S Records 12″ Vinyl(RS1009)(preview)

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R&S follow the massive singles from Pariah, James Blake, Model 500 and Space Dimension Controller with the debut release on the label by Untold. One of the leading lights of the scene, his Hemlock label continues to blur the boundaries between, dubstep, house and techno and also provides a home for likeminded souls James Blake and Ramadanman. When not running and recording for Hemlock he also records for Hessle and Hotflush, remixes for the likes of Planet Mu and Bpitch, and also has a debut album on the horizon. His music makes total sense on R&S, taking inspiration from the classic house, techno, jungle and rave that made the label what it is. Put this all together with the finesse and skill of one of the most hyped UK producers around and it’s a no brainer that it’s another essential slab of wax from the truly back on form label. ‘Stereo Freeze’ is aimed directly at the dancefloor and updates the classic Detroit electro sound for 2010. It’s going to unite the old school R&S heads who can file it with their dusty Dopplereffekt and Model 500 vinyl, and the young enthusiasts who have discovered the label through James Blake and Pariah. Play Loud! ‘Mass Dreams Of The Future’ mixes muted rave stabs and more electro basslines over some shuffling future house beats and deft sub bass, and perfectly accompanies the lairier a-side. With both producer and label having the utmost respect for each other, this was always going to be a release worth waiting for.

1 stereo freeze

2 Mass Dreams Of The Future

Click on track for previews or HERE

R & S continues to pick up talented UK producers,Respect !!!R & S vs Untold’s new style ,cant be better!

Preorder at Clone