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Pillow Talk Announce Debut LP Je Ne Sais Quoi on Wolf + Lamb

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Pillow Talk Announce Debut LPSan Francisco threepiece live band PillowTalk are surprising dance music treasures. Manipulating pop melodies, classic R&B, soul and boogie into the loose rhythms of house music and performing live on stages in nightclub settings across the world, they have bridged an impossible gulf between worlds and created new expectations for electronic producers and live musicians alike.

Their success is twofold, for not only are they stand out performers capturing the stage with Sammy D’s bold and sultry vocals, multiinstrumentalist Ryan Williams’ dextrous guitar and keys and Mikey Tello’s fluid synth work (not to mention their matching classic black tie attire) they are also musical chameleons. As comfortable creating the upbeat 80sinspired synthpop heard in lead single ‘Lullaby’, as the psychedelic funk of ‘We All Have Rhythm’ and the classic rock and roll of ‘Devil’s Run’, PillowTalk also adeptly deliver slow electronic ballads (‘Naive’) and house driven anthems (‘If I Try’) for their eloquent debut LP, ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ on their home label Wolf + Lamb. A soundtrack to long nights, lazy days and the hazy space between sleeping and waking, the record spans everything you want from the band: sunsplashed jams, peaktime party tunes and lowlit moments of intimacy.

Pillow Talk – Je Ne Sais Quoi
Format:Artist Album
Label:Wolf + Lamb
Catalog No:WLM35
Release Date:March 17th, 2014

01. Intro
02. We All Have Rhythm
03. Devil’s Run a
04. Slim’s Night Out
05. Lullaby t
06. Meet Me In The Dark
07. The Night I Met Luther
08. If I Try s
09. Homesick
10. Naive
11. 4 Walls
12. LA To The Bay
13. The Outcast