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TOP 35 Techno Promo Chart – July 2014

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Versa - Blues EP
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TOP 35 Techno Promo Chart – July 2014

1. Versa – Sunrise In Una (9:52) INFO
2. Scuba – Aphids (4:27)
3. Blackhall & Bookless – Kevins Spacey (Original Mix) (7:48)
4. El Gato #9 Serfdom EP – Serfdom (Max Gardner Remix) (6:30)
5. Nadja Lind & Brendon Moeller – Saharan Night (6:01)
6. Harem Tone – Loser Groove (6:03)
7. Giuliano Rodrigues – Deep Dynamism (6:33)
8. Maan – Burn (5:48)
9. Energun – Resolution (7:18)
10. Beat Movement – Not simple guys (6:50)
11. DEAS feat Roland Clark – Let It Go (Secret Room Records) (7:11)
12. Nikola Gala – Cadence (Attemporal Remix) (5:33)
13. Luis Ruiz – Burney Relief (Oscar Mulero Remix) (5:35)
14. Leathal -Dynamic Friction (9:30)
15. idr – Heart made of stone (6:06)
16. Nadja Lind – Nightliner (6:59)
17. Sebastian Mulleart – Recapturing the Radical Self (10:27)
18. Leav – Naga – 12-3 Recordings (6:32)
19. Tim Green – Halftone (Avatism Remix) (5:32)
20. Mick Finesse – Mick Finesse – A Shiver For Koku (Modkopf Remix) (3:35)
21. Patrick Krieger – Elephants Trunk Nebula (7:00)
22. The Smiling Buddahs – Altipiani (5:19)
23. vy Vol.1 & Vol.2 – Dragon Head (6:51)
24. Fictive – Too Much Fi and Not Enough Sci (Original Mix) (6:20)
25. Plane Shifter – Badlands (Andrei Morant Remix) (7:44)
26. All gods of man-D (5:46)
27. Gramophonedzie – Kobra (7:45)
28. Reelow – Step by Step (Original Mix) (7:57)
29. Codebase – Down For The Count (Deepchild Dub Mix) (7:23)
30. Paul Nazca – Pose (6:58)
31. Thinkfreak – Forte (Billy Dalessandro Remix) (7:31)
32. JGarrett – Fuel Core Recovery (Original Mix) (5:25)
33. Conrad Van Orton – Captivity Archives (7:14)
34. Lex Gorrie – Constant Struggle (7:37)
35. Juras Lietus – Dark Frank (7:40)

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Scuba – Phenix 1 (PNX001)

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scuba phenixPaul Rose’s Scuba project has seen him make some of the most pertinent and exciting music of the past few years, and through his legendary Hotflush imprint he continues to push innovative, exploratory new club music in every way he sees fit. From winning a coveted DJ Mag award for ‘Best Live Act’ to the release of ‘Update’, a collection of tracks exploring his rich and diverse back catalogue, Scuba enjoyed a remarkable 2013. Now back with ‘Phenix 1’, his first new material since 2012’s acclaimed Hardbody single, expect him to enjoy an equally successful year this time around.

‘Phenix 1’ is the first in a series of three releases that represent a bold new chapter in an already diverse career. “After ‘Triangulation’ I made a conscious effort to do the opposite thing that people expected of me”, Scuba himself explains, “..which is obvious in the contrast between that album and the ‘Adrenalin’ EP, the ‘Personality’ album and then the ‘Talk Torque’ and ‘Hardbody’ singles – those two tracks especially were the furthest I could push that approach. I feel like it’s time to move on now and the Phenix series is quite a large step away from that sound and that approach to things.”

Having originally made his name as a pioneering dubstep producer in the genre’s formative period, Scuba has since gone on to develop a distinctive sound incorporating elements of house, techno and even disco. Inspired (though not defined) by a move in 2007 to Berlin and close ties to it’s revered Berghain club, he has continually set the benchmark for others to follow in the world of underground electronic music. Now intent on exhibiting a different sonic approach to that which made him a fixture in top clubs across the globe, Scuba is ready to make waves with the first installment of the Phenix series.

“There’s still a strong dance floor element to it all but with a much greater emphasis on mood and atmospherics”, Scuba himself says of the EP. “There are elements of all the different stages my production work has taken in previously too, but the result is a bit different to all of them.”

Full to the brim with ingenuity and underpinned by a firm desire to tread it’s own path, Scuba’s ‘Phenix 1’ ranks as some of the most intriguing work of his career to date.

A1. Throb
A2. Cyanide
B1. Time Relentless Time
B2. Curious Paradox

Release date: April 14th, 2014

Grum ‘Everytime’ (Stream)

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grum_everytimeGRUM ‘EVERYTIME’
Beatport Release: April 29th, 2013
Full Release:  MAY 13th, 2013
3 years on from the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Grum is back with a new single, Everytime. Receiving its debut play on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, Everytimeis the first track to be released from Grum’s forthcoming new album, Human Touch, and comes backed with remixes from two of the dance world’s most exciting producers Ejeca,Mia Dora and Andre Crom.

Alice Russell – Heartbreaker (Falty DL Remix)(Stream)

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TRU270With only weeks away from the release of her 5th album ‘To Dust‘ (4/30 on Tru Thoughts/Caroline) and the commencement of her US tour,  Alice Russell delivers a remix from one of the most in demand remixers out; Falty DL, a favorite of Radiohead’s Thom YorkFalty DL has opened for the likes of RadioheadDJ ShadowJames BlakeSBTRKT,Squarepusher and has crafted remixers for The xx, Seun Kuti (son of Fela Kuti), Mount KimbieScubaPhotekAnthony Shake Shakir and others.


Falty DL’s rework of Alice Russell’s “Heartbreaker” is an intoxicating blend of 2-step influenced vibes with Alice’s piercingly haunting vocals.


Download Alice Russell “Twin Peaks” HERE

The video for the original “Heartbreaker” is directed by Steve Glashier (Fatboy SlimJuliette Lewis) and stars long-time Alice fan Harry Shearer, the Hollywood actor and cult comedy hero known for roles including Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls, many voices in The Simpsons, and for his long running radio show on LA’s KCRW.



CLOSE -Getting Closer

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Within the world of electronic music, Will Saul is perhaps best known for Aus Music and Simple Records, the labels he set up and has A&Red for over a decade. Between them there have been over 100 vinyl releases from the influential likes of Joy Orbison, Carl Craig, Pearson Sound, Scuba and Actress, as well as EPs that helped to break upcoming talents like Bicep, Dusky, Midland and George FitzGerald. As well as releasing a constant stream of on-point remixes and 12”s throughout his career, Will is also an experienced DJ who honed his trade as resident for 3 years at London’s legendary The End before it closed in 2009. Since then, he has continued to play across the globe at influential night spots like fabric in London, Club Eleven in Tokyo, Chinese Laundry in Australia and Berlin’s famed Berghain.

Getting Closer will be Will’s first full-length album since Space Between, released under his given name back in 2005. He has slowly and anonymously leaked CLOSE material into the public sphere over the last 12 months; including remixes of Fink, Little Dragon and Hotflush boss Scuba. The alias was initially conceived in order to release music that would be judged on merit alone, rather than on the name to which it was attached, but following great reactions was increasingly difficult to keep secret. Proceeded mid April by first single ‘Beam Me Up’ Feat. Charlene Soraia and Scuba (with remixes by George FitzGerald, Hercules and Love Affair and Scuba) the album marks a big evolution in Saul’s sound, leaning away from bass and house and more toward a world of dark yet idyllic pop.

Artist: CLOSE
Titel: Getting Closer
Label: !K7
Cat No: K7309CD
Format: CD & Digital
Release Date: 03.06.2013

01 I DIED 1000 TIMES feat. Charlene Soraia & October
03 MY WAY feat. Joe Dukie (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands Remix)
05 BORN IN A ROLLING BARREL feat. Tikiman, October & Appleblim
07 WALLFLOWER feat. Fink
09 BEAM ME UP feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba

CLOSE ‘Beam Me Up’ Feat Charlene Soraia & Scuba(Stream)

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CLOSE 'Beam Me Up' Feat Charlene Soraia & Scuba!K7 are proud to announce the forthcoming release of the debut album from Will Saul under his new CLOSE alias. Entitled ‘Getting Closer’, it will land in June 2013 and is preceded by lead single ‘Beam Me Up’ due for release on April 22nd.

‘Beam Me Up’ features the vocals of Charlene Soraia and production assistance from Berlin based producer Scuba. It is a clear statement of intent that, in Saul’s ideal world, would be exactly how pop music sounds. Having immersed himself in the world of house and techno for the last ten years, the production on ‘Beam Me Up’ inevitably echoes Saul’s sentiments on the genre. However, with the addition of soaring, shimmering melodies and Soraia’s vocals – that are as heart swelling as they are crystal clear, as catchy as they are cerebral – CLOSE has taken Saul in a remarkable new direction.

The single gets a range of floor facing remixes from George FitzGerald, Hercules & Love Affair and Scuba.

Look out for Will’s Radio 1 Essential mix that will be airing on the 27th April. /

Scuba-Fact Mix+ live show at The Forum, Sat 27th April 2013

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Scuba1304_F04YLWScuba Live
@ The Forum
Sat 27th April 2013
+ Special Guests

As one of the most important new figureheads to emerge in electronic music in recent years, SJM Concerts and Lock N Load Events are delighted to present the return to London of Scuba, for an exclusive showcase of his outstanding live show. Taking place on Saturday 27th April at The Forum in Kentish Town, Scuba will be joined by some of the most talented, forward-thinking artists currently residing in the scene.

Having released some of the most influential and experimental music of the past few years, Scuba has been instrumental in shaping London and Berlin’s musical landscape. 2012 witnessed the Hotflush label boss develop his innately devastating sound yet further, producing some of the biggest tracks of the year such as ‘The Hope’, ‘Hardbody’ and ‘Talk Torque’. Scuba was also responsible for numerous stand-out performances, including Berghain, The Warehouse Project, Space Ibiza, Fabric, Bestival, Dimensions and Outlook to name a few.


Whilst his Hotflush imprint has blossomed into one of the leading labels in electronic music, Scuba has also stretched his legs into new sounds with an arsenal of rich synths and melodies. Representing a new chapter in Scuba’s unstoppable ascent to the highest echelons of electronic music, his live performance at The Forum will again illustrate his exceptional ability to blow people away by his superlative talent.
The Forum, 9-17 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town NW5 1JY
Open from 9.00pm – 2.00am
Nearest Tube: Kentish Town (Northern Line – High Barnet branch)

1. Sigha – Suspension (Hotflush)
2. South London Ordnance – Revolver (Hotflush)
3. Locked Groove – Firefall (Hotflush)
4. Jessie Ware – No To Love (George FitzGerald remix) (PMR)
5. Dense & Pika – 31 (Hotflush)
6. Sigha – Puritan (Hotflush)
7. Locked Groove – Dream Within A Dream (Hotflush)
8. Duke Dumont – The Giver (Locked Groove remix) (Turbo)
9. Machinedrum – Part Of Me (Hotflush)
10. Scuba – Too Strong (Hotflush)
11. Dense & Pika – Crispy Duck (Hotflush)
12. George FitzGerald – Needs You (Hypercolour)
13. Machinedrum – Torso (Hotflush)
14. Scuba – Talk Torque
15. Sigha – Brood (Hotflush)
16. Scuba – Untitled (Hotflush)
17. Locked Groove – Lost (Hotflush)
18. SCB – Dissipate (Nonplus)
19. Joy Orbison – BRTHDTT! (Hinge Finger)
20. Locked Groove – Heartbreaker (Hotflush)