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Nozinja Shares New Song/Video “Tsekeleke” (South African ‘Shangaan Electro’)(Video)

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Nozinja TsekelekeNozinja shares his first track for Warp Records “Tsekeleke.” It comes with an accompanying video filmed in Johannesburg and directed by Chris Saunders. The new track will also feature on a 12” due out later this year.


Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa (Honest Jon’s Records) – videos and MP3 samples

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Shangaan Electro. This is blatantly the best new genre I’ve heard in a while.

in the words of Boomkat:

‘Ask us about Shangaan Electro a week ago and we’d ask you to speak slower. Ask us this week and we’ll rave about one of the most astounding records we’ve heard this year. The erstwhile and intrepid ears of Honest Jon’s Mark Ainley and Hardwax/Basic Channel legend Mark Ernestus have been following this niche style from Soweto, SA, for a hot minute, long enough anyway to pick out twelve extraordinary examples of 180bpm, marimba-laden, afro-dance diamonds hewn from rickety drum machines and keyboards shaped into dazzling fillips of pure dance energy. We almost couldn’t believe our ears on first listen, or the tenth.

It was perhaps only when we witnessed the accompanying videos on youtube that it started to settle into place, watching liquid hipped Shangaan dancers scuttle and stomp like folk possessed by something untold but completely comprehendible.

To be fair, this music is still a totally niche prospect, but initial reactions from friends we would never expect to like it have been as immediate as the music itself and there’s no denying this will be one of the years most lauded albums among adventurous listeners. This is genuinely some of the most exciting music you’ll hear this year, and alongside the Footwork/Juke craze currently taking hold, you’ll have heard little like it before.’

It’s on the Honest Jon’s label, which has supplied some of the best records of the year via the Actress longplayer, and T++, so you know it’s quality.

1. BBC – Ngunyuta Dance (MP3 sample)
2. Tshetsha Boys – Nwa Pfundla (MP3 sample)
3. Mancingelani – Vana Vasesi (MP3 sample)
4. Zinja Hlungwani – Ntombi Ya Mugaza (MP3 sample)
5. Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani My Love (MP3 sample)
6. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Vanghoma (MP3 sample)
7. BBC – Ngozi (MP3 sample)
8. Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani (MP3 sample)
9. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Na Xaniseka (MP3 sample)
10. Tshetsha Boys – Uya Kwihi Ka Rose (MP3 sample)
11. Nkata Mawewe – Khulumani (MP3 sample)
12. Zinja Hlungwani – Thula (MP3 sample)

Video MP4’s to watch/download:
* nwa pfundla
* khulumani
* vana vasesi
* na xaniseka
* uya kwihi ka rose
* vanghoma
* nwa gezani my love (my personal favourite)

buy it here