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Deepchord -Sommer

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Following on from the dark intensity of Hash Bar Loops, Deepchord has continued to innovate and diversify his output. Traces of the previous album remain on this record but here, there is a lighter more ethereal feel.

Deepchord’s characteristic manipulation of space and time is still intact and is an integral part of Sommer’s soundscape. Modulating textures, sliding tempos, shifting rhythmic elements, and electroacoustics create a constantly evolving, vaporous sonic-tapestry.
Artist: Deepchord
Title: Sommer
Catalog#: SOMACD099
Label: Soma Quality Recordings
Format: CD/ Digital

1. Glow
2. Aquatic
3. Cruising Towards Dawn
4. The Universe as a Hologram
5. Beneteau
6. Fourier
7. Aeronautics
8. Flow-Induced Vibrations
9. Spring Mist
10. Amber
11. Alfama
12. Gliding
13. Wind Farm

Rich field recordings and proprietary processing methods (developed over 20 years of making such recordings) provide an impactful, living, organic element with flecks of percussion and bass pulsing from the soundfield. Atmospheric warmth and engrossing layers are expertly woven, many of the source-recordings were made on a beach near the artist’s home. Wind chimes, circulating air, and a marine sounds give this album a distinct identity rarely experienced in the sphere of digital music. A rare amalgamation of deep organic-atmospherics and dance music. A living breathing organism, quite unlike anything else. Light and aquatic feeling, with a few darker introspective moments later in the album, but it never gets foreboding or overly heavy. The overall mood here is evocative of warm summer evenings, and is equally effective on a PA with a crowd, as it is on the beachside with headphones alone.

An August release date coincides perfectly with the album’s themes and will be a powerful addition when played out over the summer and on into the autumn as part of Deepchord’s thoughtful, expansive sets, which should be plentiful in the coming months.