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Quiet Village – Remixed with love by Maxxi & Zeus

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Since their highly anticipated and widely acclaimed 2008 debut album ´Silent Movie´, Quiet Village, aka Matt Edwards and Joel Martin have been exploring other music avenues under their Maxxi & Zeus moniker. Now they are back, with ´Too High To Move´ a compilation of their most inspiring and sought after remixes to date, stitched together with love.

Quiet Village are the infamous duo comprising of Matt Edwards AKA Radio Slave and Joel Martin. Their debut album on !K7 caught the attention of the likes of Q, NME and Vice magazine for its Balearic style spiked with reggae, Motown and slow funk. A strange concoction though it sounded it won them high profile performances at Sonar by Day, Barcelona, Glastonbury and the Big Chill festival in the UK and as far as Hong Kong and quickly gained wide from extreme ends of music listening tastes.

Then they disappeared and regrouped as Maxxi & Zeus, releasing obscure and highly treasured cuts on seminal label International Feel. Now it’s time for the original whimsical musical outlet to reignite and blaze on Rekids subsidiary, Pyramid Of Mars. It’s almost like a rebirth but not quite, its Quiet Village back to life, perhaps better than before.

Sounding like a soundtrack to Easy Rider or some vintage flick you develop an unhealthy obsession with, ‘Too High To Move’ takes its title from a track from the original album but is in fact a collection of their best and most sought after remixes. Its obscure and tasteful selection is one that shows revered taste only an extended period of serious record collecting could adhere to.

The movie itself takes a number of twists and turns of action and suspense until the closing moments from Black Devil Disco Club. Long infusions, gentle repetitions and subtle shifts from the jungle to the seaside linger long enough to shine light into the murky waters of the duo’s mind. Their adventures begin with a cruising speed of around 50mph taking in krautrock cult heroes Allez Allez and the spellbinding enigma, Muddbefore pushing the foot down for some raw 4/4 heroes in the form of Francois K and Mark E. Featuring cameos from Grandad Bob and Rekids’ own lovechild Toby Tobias and Bubble Club, the Quiet Village version shoots a cult classic with surround sound and HD quality experience.    

Label: Pyramid Of Mars
Cat no: POMCD001
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday June 25th, 2012


  1. Allez Allez – African Queen (Quiet Village Dub)
  2. Mudd – Speilplatz (Quiet Village Unreleased Instrumental Remix)
  3. Francois K – The Road Of Life (Quiet Village Unreleased Dub)
  4. Ronny & Renzo – Uniqorns (Quiet Village Remix)
  5. Luger E-Go – A Trader In Furs (Quiet Village Remix)
  6. Mark E & Dragon – Good Times (Quiet Village Remix)
  7. Toby Tobias – Dave’s Sex Bits (Quiet Village Remix)
  8. Grandad Bob – Pictures (Quiet Village Remix)
  9. Bubble Club – The Goddess (Quiet Village Remix)
  10. Black Devil Disco Club – I Regret The Flower Power (Quiet Village Remix)


Quiet Village reappear as the genreless state reemerges and begins to fill up a sea of writhing creatures melting within the current pot. As hypnotic as the rotation of a disco ball, this is pretty body-conscious stuff. Quiet Village sounds like the name of a place glimpsed in a film, or perhaps a dream largely due to the duo’s addiction to archiving. Both self-confessed record nerds that are intent upon forging a shimmering totality from their sagging shelves of vinyl.

The group consists of Joel Martin, a longtime record collector, curator, DJ and music supervisor, and Matt Edwards, best known as Radio Slave an acclaimed producer of high-octane house and techno, tapped for remixes by the likes of X-Press 2, Tiga, Kylie, Hell, Booka Shade, Moby, Trentemøller and more. The two met in the early ’90s in the town of Catford, England, southeast of London, where they bonded over a shared love of old disco, acid house and carboot sales. Their music is inspired by classic soundtracks, vintage TV adverts and long-forgotten BBC programs, triggering an emotional response so deep-seated it’s practically subliminal. They’ve since done remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, François K, and Cosmo Vitelli and ‘Too High To Move’ is a testament to their skill in the process.

Released on the new Pyramid Of Mars label, a new subsidiary of Rekids that will focus on more experimental and leftfield projects including forthcoming projects from Quiet Village, Vince Watson, The Machine v´s Joe Clausell and A&Red by Matt Edwards.