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King L Man x Mighty Zulu Nation [LV Remix] // Out 27th May

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King L Man 'Vultures' Bazaar'Set up by D.WattsRiot, Ear Conditioning is a new label that started life as a radio program only to mutate into an entity representing local and international artists including Gonjasufi, Mutamassik, Socos Dúo, Grenouille and King L Man – who features on the A-side of the label’s first release.

Featuring the soulful vocal talent of Earl 16 (Studio One, Leftfield, Dreadzone), ‘Vultures Bazaar’ dives head first into the “current(cy) situation“, the globalitarian power-play of economics presented as ‘democracy’. A world where the fattest cats get fatter and fatter still, while poverty could be eliminated at the push of an ‘enter’ key.

The AA side features a 2013 update by LV of ‘Abantu’ by The Mighty Zulu Nation, a choir from Durban, South Africa. LV’s afro-futurist ‘Sebenza’ (Hyperdub) album’s vocal content was based around South African MCs and this joyful excursion provides a great foundation for the majestic vocals of this 12 piece group.

2013 will see Ear Conditioning releasing albums by Socos Dúo, Grenouille and King L Man.

Release Date: 27th May 2013
Format 10” Vinyl 
Cat No. EARV001

A: King L Man: ‘Vultures’ Bazaar’ featuring Earl 16
AA: The Mighty Zulu Nation ‘Abantu’ – Remixed by LV


Petite Noir – Till We Ghosts(Video)

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Yannick Ilunga is a 21 year old South African making some of the most beautiful and original electronic music we’ve heard in a long time.
Till We Ghosts is the stunning debut single on Bad Life from Capetown based producer Yannick Ilunga aka Petite Noir. He crafts his innovative sound alone with live instruments and electronics; his remarkable voice underpinned by forward thinking production.

A unique concoction of influences, Petite Noir is able to seamlessly fuse intricate contemporary electronics with his stirring, soulful vocal and African shuffles that echo is homeland.

Real Mad- “Come”(MAL015)+Free Download “Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye”

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MalLabel Music Presents:
REAL MAD – Come  (MAL015)
RELEASE DATE: March 22nd, 2011
01   Come
02 Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye (Free Download 320)

Real Mad is a brand new artist hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. His release for San Francisco’s MalLabel Music, “Come” is an attention grabbing debut recording for the young producer that bridges the gap between the growing US dubstep scene and the emerging movement in Africa. While Real Mad just started making tracks during the summer of 2010, there is a real maturity found on this collection that belies his rookie status.
 The title track “Come” starts off with a slight pop feel complete with Autotuned vocal snippets before the big bass drop reminds listeners that this is a dubstep track. It makes for an excellent balance, as Real Mad balances restraint and sheen against a tough bass line with whooshing drops. The percussion is again finally chopped setting off polyrhythms galore that make this track a solid tune worth seeking out.
 “Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye” fuses a heavy hip-hop downbeat with head banging drumstep percussion that pounds ominously. The melodies are a tasty mix of 8 bit sounds, rave stabs, and twisted synth lines overdriven to the point of fuzziness layered in to give the track an epic feel without being overly dark. The bass wobbles and pitches in all the right places and builds to an explosive saw tooth wave breakdown that sounds like chainsaws tearing through phone books.
Getting into electronic music was a natural progression for Real Mad who first started off his music career performing in local bands. He then became a well-known sound engineer and producer in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa. Spending many days in the studio he began exploring the world of electronic music. Testing the waters in the next style he was trying to take on he eventually found his niche in dubstep.  It was natural progression for him after years of working the studio. He learned all he could about the genre, invested in the proper gear, and began making tracks in July 2010. In November, he began shopping his creations online and made contact with Mal Harper of San Francisco’s premier dubstep imprint – MalLabel Music – which led to the release of his debut EP “Come” in the Spring of 2011. With the strength of the release he is planning follow-up recordings and an eventual tour in the near future.

Radioclit Present: The Sound Of Club Secousse (African Dance Music Anthems)+free download

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Crammed Discs is proud to release Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse, a hand-picked compilation of some of Radioclit’s favorite African dance music. The compilation will be released worldwide on October 19, 2010 on Crammed Discs.

 You can grab the first single from the compilation,
“Angonde” (Remix) by the The Very Best ft. Mo Laudi HERE
A full tracklisting is below.
The Very Best feat. Mo Laudi – Angonde (Remix) by extramusicnew
Radioclit are definitely on the rise, both as remixers/Djs (with their Secousse club nights in London & Paris) and as two-thirds of acclaimed Afro-electronic band The Very Best, who are currently on tour with Vampire Weekend. For this compilation, they hand-picked their favorite tracks among the wealth of hot electronic dance music which is being produced all across the African continent, from Angola to South Africa to the Ivory Coast and more.

Etienne Tron, the French half of the duo alongside his Swedish accomplice Johan Hugo, on the story of how Club Secousse was born:

“We launched our Club Night Secousse in 2008 with a simple challenge in mind: to bring people together and promote worldwide ghetto culture. It felt like nightlife was getting more and more segregated everywhere we went, with less and less connections between the Afro scene, the gay scene, the hipsters… Mainstream music culture was becoming an oppressive and stagnant machine, dance music was stuck and our interest in hip hop was quickly fading out. We were thirsty for exotic sounds, and started exploring as many local ghetto scenes as we could.

“All the tracks on this compilation have won their title of ‘Club Secousse Anthem’ by getting played again and again in London, Paris, New York, Stockholm, São Paulo, Moscow and everywhere else we travelled to. They never fail to get people moving. They represent everything we love about ghetto culture: the ability to create something with nothing, the energy, the positivity… who said it was all about crime, drugs and violence???”

“The Sound Of Club Secousse” track-by-track
(descriptions by Etienne/Radioclit)

1. Bab Lee ‘Sous les cocotiers’ (Ivory Coast)
One of the biggest instrumental anthems of the whole Coupé Décalé movement, this track has been rinsed in bars clubs and house parties all over West Africa for the last few years.

2. Batida feat. Bras Firmino  ‘Nufeko Disole’ (Portugal/ Angola)
A great new band based in Lisbon and blending influences from all Portuguese-speaking African countries like Angola and Cape Verde.
3. The Very Best feat. Mo Laudi  ‘Angonde’ (Remix) (Malawi / South Africa / Sweden)
Since this compilation is all about what we play at Secousse, it felt logical to feature one of Radioclit’s own productions, featuring Malawi’s biggest export since the beginning of times, Esau Mwamwaya, and his South African hypeman Mo Laudi.

4. Janka Nabay ‘To Ma Ya’ (Sierra Leone)
The original creator of bubu music in the nineties. A living legend in Sierra Leone now exiled in NYC who is enjoying a big career revival after struggling for a decade working in a chicken shop in the Philadelphia suburbs. This song was recorded in the middle of a civil war. Ghetto music at its best.

5. Lutchiana ‘Eki Bis’ (Congo)
Congolese soukous music of the purest kind, from the nineties. Who is this guy?  Where is he now? Who knows.

6. Luky Gomes ‘Zézé e Toto’ (Remix) (Angola)
A good example of a solid kuduro track from a few years ago, when the sound was a bit more musical and less crazy hardcore than these days.

7. Magic System ‘Petit Pompier’ (Ivory Coast)
Straight from Ivory Coast, the giants of Coupe Decale, famous all over the world for their first hit ‘Premier Gaou’ and tons of others after. They can fill up stadiums and are always number one in the charts in France. This little-known track is from a few years ago and was never properly released as a single, but when played in a club it always devastates the dancefloor.

8. DJ Serpent Noir ‘La Go Attoto’ (Ivory Coast)
Anaconda DJ Serpent Noir : he looks like a snake, on the mic he spits like a snake, and on the decks he’s a king… a massively underrated ghetto talent.

9. Puto Prata ‘Zuata Zuata’ (Angola)
Classic tune from one of the biggest names of the infamous kuduro scene from Luanda, Angola.

10. Jusa Dementor  ‘African Air Horn Dance’ (Zimbabwe)
A new talent out of Zimbabwe who is making waves in England these days. Taking that big UK funky sound and spicing it up with afro-tribal vibes.

11. DJ Vielo, DJ Anielson And Patcho Debenq ‘Decale Mon Afrique’ (Cabo Verde / France)
Inspired by Angolan kuduro, a track created by three of the most in-demand DJs in the French Afro-club scene

12. Naty Kid ‘Sereia’ (Cabo Verde)
This is a great example of funana, an insane traditional party music out of Capo Verde that heavily features accordions on top of uptempo beats. It sounds like small village riot music for older generations… definitely one of the most bonkers song we’ve ever heard.

13. Ize ‘Tronku Di Mundo’ (Cabo Verde / France)
A new talent from the French / Cape Verde scene, with a track that draws from Angolan kuduro and Cape Verde’s funana.

14. Tshetsha Boys feat. Vuyelwa ‘Mosemana Wa Dikgomo’  (South Africa)
More traditional tsonga disco or shangaan disco is represented on the compilation by the great Thomas Chauke, who pretty much invented and ruled the genre for decades. This is the sound of the new school, now refered to as shangaan electro. Look at the recent compilation on Honest Jons.

15. Kaysha feat. Anofela & Top One Frisson ‘On est ensemble’ (Congo)
Kaysha has a big following in the zouk scene, and is especially popular with the ladies for his syrupy love tracks. Once in a while, however, he gets busy with creating monstrous afro-rave anthems like this one. 

16. Thomas Chauke ‘Xipereta’ (South Africa)
A Grammy Award winner and true giant of South African music, Thomas Chauke has made records involving all his family members since the eighties, and has released around 30 records, most of which have gone platinum. A true pioneer of that shangaan disco sound, sometimes also know as ‘tsonga’.

17. Skeat ‘Dumelang’  (South Africa)
An up-and-coming artist from South Africa who just released his first album on Akwaabaa Records. This was the underground hit that got him signed.
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!

Spoek Mathambo – Mshini Wam (Video)

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Spoek Mathambo’s album Mshini Wam will be released on BBE on 30th August, 2010.

Director – Teddi Don Pierrot
Camera/DOP – Rene Othudi
Editing & Designs — DRO & PYRO (

More Spoek Mathambo at EMN HERE

Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa (Honest Jon’s Records) – videos and MP3 samples

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Shangaan Electro. This is blatantly the best new genre I’ve heard in a while.

in the words of Boomkat:

‘Ask us about Shangaan Electro a week ago and we’d ask you to speak slower. Ask us this week and we’ll rave about one of the most astounding records we’ve heard this year. The erstwhile and intrepid ears of Honest Jon’s Mark Ainley and Hardwax/Basic Channel legend Mark Ernestus have been following this niche style from Soweto, SA, for a hot minute, long enough anyway to pick out twelve extraordinary examples of 180bpm, marimba-laden, afro-dance diamonds hewn from rickety drum machines and keyboards shaped into dazzling fillips of pure dance energy. We almost couldn’t believe our ears on first listen, or the tenth.

It was perhaps only when we witnessed the accompanying videos on youtube that it started to settle into place, watching liquid hipped Shangaan dancers scuttle and stomp like folk possessed by something untold but completely comprehendible.

To be fair, this music is still a totally niche prospect, but initial reactions from friends we would never expect to like it have been as immediate as the music itself and there’s no denying this will be one of the years most lauded albums among adventurous listeners. This is genuinely some of the most exciting music you’ll hear this year, and alongside the Footwork/Juke craze currently taking hold, you’ll have heard little like it before.’

It’s on the Honest Jon’s label, which has supplied some of the best records of the year via the Actress longplayer, and T++, so you know it’s quality.

1. BBC – Ngunyuta Dance (MP3 sample)
2. Tshetsha Boys – Nwa Pfundla (MP3 sample)
3. Mancingelani – Vana Vasesi (MP3 sample)
4. Zinja Hlungwani – Ntombi Ya Mugaza (MP3 sample)
5. Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani My Love (MP3 sample)
6. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Vanghoma (MP3 sample)
7. BBC – Ngozi (MP3 sample)
8. Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani (MP3 sample)
9. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Na Xaniseka (MP3 sample)
10. Tshetsha Boys – Uya Kwihi Ka Rose (MP3 sample)
11. Nkata Mawewe – Khulumani (MP3 sample)
12. Zinja Hlungwani – Thula (MP3 sample)

Video MP4’s to watch/download:
* nwa pfundla
* khulumani
* vana vasesi
* na xaniseka
* uya kwihi ka rose
* vanghoma
* nwa gezani my love (my personal favourite)

buy it here

(download) Techno Remix -Vuvuzela(The most annoying sound in the world?)

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download Vuvuzela +Techno Remix