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Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Accordion (Madvillain/MF Doom cover)(Video)

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A few weeks ago, Neneh Cherry & The Thing shared their excellent cover of Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream,’ one of many brilliant covers off the group’s collaborative album, The Cherry Thing, out 18th June on Smalltown Supersound. As the release date nears, they’re giving a further glimpse into the range of this project via the video for ‘Accordion,’ the MF Doom song and perhaps the most surprising cover on the album. The mask wearing MF Doom first uttered these words when he collaborated with producer Madlib on the critically acclaimed, Madvillainy (Stones Throw; 2004).


And a few words straight from Miss Neneh on making the video:

” . . . oh how i DO love to work at night!!! getting the blasted contact lenses in was an emotional thing. F**KING near killed me. you’d think it’d be easy but . . . i wasn’t gonna do the blair witch thing now was i so in they had to go! i was late turning up (as per) so we worked all night. Ted the director was full on enthusiastic and Barca were playing Real Madrid on the laptop… full on. Judy Blame came thru with the outfits & Ian Jeffries socked it BiGTiME on the hair & make up . . .  made an old biddy look like her young self again!  . . . hope Doom gets the joke with the mask…”

In addition to Suicide and MF Doom, The Cherry Thing, Neneh’s first new album in 16 years and debut release with spectacular Scandinavian jazz trio The Thing, features the music of The Stooges, MF Doom, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, and Martina Topley-Bird, plus original pieces by Neneh and The Thing’s Mats Gustafsson.

Director Ted Says  comments, “we wanted to create an atmosphere that would sit well with the unpredictable music of The Thing and be playful yet creepy. I didn’t want to restrict Neneh too much either – she had to have a platform to do her thing undisturbed. Shooting in darkness, amongst the trees with a bunch of lasers, it was then.”


Neneh Cherry & The Thing announce album release ‘The Cherry Thing’

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Swedish rapper/pop star Neneh Cherry (former singer with the Slits and Rip Rig and Panic) has joined forces with Nordic free jazz trio The Thing, to release a collaborative album ‘The Cherry Thing, due out on June 18th through Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound.

A born pioneer, Neneh Cherry fits naturally into the forefront of musical and social change, whether it’s post-punk, rap, or giving the music world a new image of female pop stars: famously, she promoted her breakthrough solo album Raw Like Sushi by getting down on British TV wearing a tight outfit – and seven months pregnant. Breakthroughs mark Cherry’s career, full of individual choices like collaborating with Senegal’s Youssou N’Dour on 7 Seconds which reached number 1 in 48 countries and was voted Song of the Century by the French public in 2000. Her next release, the torch song Woman, was sung in English and Spanish and consolidated Neneh’s respect as a conscious global role model for women and those that appreciate them. 

Sticking to your artistic guns is the code with which Neneh was raised. Her adaptive approach was molded growing up on the road with her Swedish artist mother Moki and her step-father, world/free jazz trumpet great Don Cherry. Summers were spent in the Swedish forests; with Don’s folks in Watts, L.A; the family loft in New York or with the family of her percussionist father, Amadu Jah, in Sierra Leone. Those formative influences and experiences prepared Neneh for a lifetime of creating with talents as different as they are authentic. 

Starting out by joining key punk girl band The Slits, Neneh next became the voice of renegade free-blowing post-punk bohoes Rip, Rig and Panic and their successor: Float Up, C.P. After attracting further attention with her vocals on The The’s classic Slow Train To Dawn , Neneh became part of ‘Buffalo’, the creative collective assembled by the late visionary visualizer Ray Petri, whose style so shaped the 1980s. 

Now a solo artist, Cherry hit big straight away with the worldwide hit singles Buffalo Stance, Manchild and Inna City Mamma from her debut album Raw Like Sushi. More followed, like Buddy X from the Homebrew & Man albums, which also featured Woman and 7 Seconds.After the Man album Neneh decided to step off the corporate music business tread mill preferring to collaborate with artists such as Tricky, Damon Albarn on his Gorillaz project & her own family collective cirKus.

Neneh Cherry and The Thing began collaborating in Autumn 2010, and following a performance at Strand, Stockholm in March 2011 decided to continue making music together. Aside from original material, together they play the music of such diverse artists as Ornette Coleman, Neneh’s father Don Cherry, Velvet Underground singer Nico and hip hop artist MF Doom.

The Thing was established in the spring of 2000 when the three musicians met to play several concerts and to record their first CD on the Crazy Wisdom label (brain child of Swedish left field pioneer Conny Lindström).

The album ‘The Cherry Thing’ will be released on June 18th through Smalltown Supersound.

Neneh Cherry – voice

Mats Gustafsson  – saxophones

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – double bass, electric bass

Paal Nilssen-Love – drums

The Cherry Thing tracklisting:

01 Cashback (Neneh Cherry)
02 Dream Baby Dream (Suicide)
03 Too Tough to Die (Martina Topley-Bird)
04 Sudden Movement (Mats Gustafsson)
05 Accordion (MF Doom)
06 Golden Heart (Don Cherry)
07 Dirt (The Stooges)
08 What Reason (Ornette Coleman)

Late Night Tales – MGMT (October 3rd)

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Continuing the series’ 10th anniversary, 2011’s third Late Night Tales compilation is by celebrated psychedelic rock band MGMT.

Formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York the band consists of multi-instrumentalists Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, both alumni of Wesleyan University. Their 2008 debut album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ spawned the almost ubiquitous hit singles ‘Kids’, ‘Time To Pretend’ and ‘Electric Feel’ while 2010’s follow up ‘Congratulations’ saw them embrace more of a progressive, guitar-driven sound.

The band’s Late Night Tales selection of post-punk, cult indie and counter-culture figureheads reflects the band’s multifaceted sound, and draws comparisons with contemporary dreampop/chillwave/shoegaze/folk scenes on both sides of the Atlantic.

The listener finds MGMT presiding over the playlist “after-the-after-party”; daybreak creeping through the curtains earlier than desirable, broken bodies lining the corridors, the emotionally bankrupt kept alive by timeless songs of heartache and longing.

Luminaries The Velvet Underground, Suicide and Julian Cope, although not with their most famous songs, sit alongside less familiar names such as Disco Inferno; whose ‘Can’t See It Through’ from their final ‘96 album ‘Technicolour’ opens proceedings.

MGMT’s exclusive cover of ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’ by Bauhaus sits comfortably alongside the UK post-punk-gothic band’s peers The Durutti Column, The Chills, The Jacobites and Felt’s brief but imposing instrumental ‘Red Indians’.

Paranoia strikes deep: the double header of Cheval Sombre’sTroubled Mind’  and ‘Drug Song’ by 60’s Christian folk singer Dave Bixby accentuate the hope offered by the ever penitent Spacemen 3 (MGMT’s second album ‘Congratulations’ was recorded with founder Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom), who deliver ‘Lord Can You Hear Me?’ in respect to the beautiful closer ‘Morning Splendor’, taken from Pauline Anna Strom’s rare ‘82 LP ‘Trans-Millenia Consort‘.

Putting a full stop on the selection, music journalist and Art Of Noise founder Paul Morley continues his ‘Lost For Words’ short story.

Label: Late Night Tales
Cat no: ALNCD26
Released: Monday October 3rd, 2011


  1. Disco Inferno – Can’t See Through It
  2. The Great Society – Love You Girl
  3. Suicide – Cheree
  4. Television Personalities – Stop & Smell The Roses
  5. The Velvet Underground – Ocean
  6. Felt – Red Indians
  7. Julian Cope – Laughing Boy
  8. The Durutti Column – For Belgium Friends
  9. Charlie Feathers – Mound of Clay
  10. Mark Fry – For Wilde
  11. MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Exclusive Cover Version)
  12. Cheval Sombre – Troubled Mind
  13. Dave Bixby – Drug Song
  14. The Jacobites – Hearts Are Like Flowers
  15. The Chills – Pink Frost
  16. Martin Rev – Sparks
  17. The Wake – Melancholy Man
  18. Spacemen 3 – Lord Can You Hear Me?
  19. Pauline Anna Strom – Morning Splendor
  20. Paul Morley – Lost For Words Part. 2 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

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Kris Needs pres. ‘Dirty Water: The Birth Of Punk Attitude’

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Released 6th December 2010

Legendary journalist and DJ Kris Needs compiles ‘Dirty Water: The Birth Of Punk Attitude’ – a radical look at the essence of punk music and the attitude behind it. With tracks sourced from ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and ‘60s counter-culture through to the mainstream explosion in ’77; this collection reveals Kris’ profound knowledge and passion for proper punk attitude. Although featuring names without whom no such compilation should be without, the set also highlights less likely candidates through their influence, attitude or sheer courage in the face of adversity; mavericks and rebels shooting for the stars and going against the grain.

Starting with two quintessential garage-punk bands – The Standells (whose ‘Dirty Water’ provides the snotty title track) and Seeds (covered by Needs’ own long-forgotten band 35 years ago) – Kris’s lifelong New York obsession is covered with the untouchable New York Dolls, senses-shattering electronic punks Suicide plus two of their influences in Silver Apples and vocal group The Silhouettes, and Ramones influencing The Dictators.

The album approaches the punk spirit as a way of making music or conveying a message by any means necessary which makes the 1970 hip hop template of Harlem’s Last Poets also makes them prime candidates along with David Peel and the Lower East Side delivering their stoner street anthems in Washington Square Park. The Deviants were at the forefront of UK’s ‘67 counter-cultural revolution, leading to ‘70s UK proto-punk is represented by Jook, Third World War and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The rarest tune (on CD for first time) on this compilation is the Hollywood Brats’ storming treatment of the Kinks’ ‘I Need You’.

Kris found himself reaching back into his own adolescence, hence the inclusions of Mott The Hoople, Dr Feelgood’s Peter Hammill in the Rikki Nadir incarnation, Germany’s inestimably-influential Can, T. Rex when Bolan went electric and Detroit’s incendiary MC5. The Motor City is also represented here by The Stooges, MC5 sister band Up and brilliant but overlooked black punk trio Death. Sun Ra was a profound influence on the MC5 but he’s here for his star-sailing individuality and DIY spirit of his indie-pioneering Saturn label.

The album also casts its net around the rest of America with seminal Midwest outfits Red Krayola and Rocket From The Tombs, San Francisco’s fabulous Flamin’ Groovies, unique L.A. aliens Zolar X and The Monks (American G.I.s stationed in Germany). It all ends quite perfectly in 1977 with the timeless roots prophecy of Culture’sTwo Sevens Clash’, highlighting reggae’s towering presence in all this.

Kris Needs has been a writer and DJ for 40 years, finding himself at the forefront of several major cultural movements, while eternally inspired by his late friend John Peel regarding  lacking control over his emotions when encountering any strain of great music. From being blown away by, then running the fan club for Mott The Hoople, Kris has fought for passion and honesty in music, whatever the name, but in the 70s found himself on the front line of the punk revolution while editing original fanzine Zigzag, touring with and befriending many major players. The set will be accompanied by extensive liner notes from Needs, who has also written books on The Clash, Primal Scream, Keith Richards, the New York Dolls and his own autobiography, currently being rewritten for publication in 2011.

M.I.A. – Born Free (Preview)

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She was Born Free…New Sick Track from M.I.A., new album(untitled yet) out June 29

sample from
Suicide – Ghost Rider