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Tokyo Prose ‘Presence’ on Samurai Music

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Tokyo Prose 'Presence' on Samurai MusicHailing all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, Tokyo Prose arrives with his debut album ‘Presence’ for August release through Samurai Music.

You may have already caught Tokyo Prose about from his debut recordings ‘Introducing Tokyo Prose’ EP in 2011 and also the beginning of this year by his Hospital Records release ‘Songbird’

‘Presence’ is a dazzling summery liquid album which features solo works, as well as a stellar ensemble of collaborative artists, that includes: Lenzman, Synkro, LSB, DRS, Riya, Fox & more.

Versa – Blues EP (preview)

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Versa - Blues EP
NR.1 Techno Promo Chart July HERE
Versa has a special something residing within his productions. A hyper-polished careful attention to detail. His tracks seem to effortlessly bring together elements of dub, techno, downtempo, electronica and ambient, to form his unique brand of deepness.

Having worked with artists like Synkro, Indigo, Hatti Vatti, Biome and Rowl in the past, his production takes clear influence from Manchester’s rising stars while sitting firmly in a league of it’s own.

Sit back and relax, while Versa takes the controls.

01 Versa – System Blues
02 Versa – Sunrise In Una
03 Versa – Atlantic Blues
04 Versa – Yard Blues


Deep Heads to release compilation ft. James Blake, SBTRKT, Sampha(Preview)

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Deep Heads to release compilation ft. James Blake, SBTRKT, SamphaDeep Heads, a label famed for its continual championing of the most exciting music from the dubstep genre, is proud to announce the release of ‘Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1‘, a 2-disc compilation to be released on 21stApril.

Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1’ is set to cement the label’s reputation for showcasing dubstep music of the highest quality. Featuring a mixture of unforgettable classics and exclusive, unreleased tracks, this compilation will both satisfy the hungriest of dubstep diehards as well as offer the perfect introduction to the genre to those less familiar with the thriving UK scene.

The compilation is mixed by George Harris, aka Geode, who is hailed as one of dubstep’s most important new producers. Geode spent his early teens experimenting with drum and bass production and has now developed a unique take on the genre; an eclectic fusion of deep-seated bass lines with jazzy riffs. A founding member of the Chord Marauders collective, the mix perfectly demonstrates the young artist’s talents as a DJ.

The dubstep that Deep Heads are representing with this release is one inspired by the UK Bass driven scene, pulling heavily on influences from UK Garage, drum and bass, grime, dub, reggae and jazz – setting it apart from the ‘faux-dubstep’ of the club-oriented scene.

The compilation is unique in its equal representation of upcoming talent, such as CongiAudialist and Jafualongside some of the genre’s most famous names, which include James Blake, SBTRKT, Sampha, Synkro, Submotion Orchestra, Numbernin6 and Biome.

As well as the almighty compilation, the CD will include a download card for all tracks to be downloaded individually as an extra thank you to fans.

Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1 – Tracklisting
CD1 Track
1 Geode Amber
2 Biome Havana VIP
3 Facta & K-Lone Voodoo
4 Jafu Dundas
5 Congi Somnium
6 Biome feat. Fox No Soul (Soulful Edit)
7 Menik & Sublok feat. Ni Foster Our Own
8 Subreachers Mental Vortex
9 Versa & Rowl Theory Of One
10 Commit Drift Away
11 Geode feat. C Tivey Ruh
12 Geode, Congi & B9 Scrumpy
13 Trashbat Ink & Pink
14 Submotion Orchestra All Night
15 Audialist Serpent
16 Geode Jade VIP
17 Numbernin6 Singularity
18 Congi Rotation
19 Audialist Dead
20 Lewis B Pinball
21 Geode Variations On A Theme
22 FybeOne Fountain
23 Biome Alternate
24 Synkro If Only
25 Synkro Back Then
26 Lou Millar Brute Heart (Matrices Remix)
27 Biome Light
28 Congi Somnium VIP

CD2 Track
1 James Blake & Airhead Pembroke
2 SBTRKT & Sampha Break Off
3 Thelem Canopy Of Concerns
4 Commit & Matrices Menehune
5 DFRNT Whup
6 Warsa Nightfall
7 Rowl Copan

Download:Irrelevant – Epitaph

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Irrelevant - Epitaph
Ahead of the release of Irrelevant’s new single ‘Little Figurines’, out on 25th November via London-based bass label Kokeshi, the gorgeous bonus album track ‘Epitaph’ is available now as an exclusive free download.

This stunning track is an exclusive bonus taken from the upcoming album ‘Little Figurines’ which is released on 16th December which follows on from the success of his 2011 debut ‘I’ll Be OK’ (which can be filed next to Burial, Four Tet and Synkro).

Irrelevant has a background as a DJ having spun tech – house for many years, before settling on his current sound. He has also done several live sets for Kokeshi in the UK and abroad. Nowadays, his sets have been described as eclectic, “With regards to Irrelevant as a DJ, I’ve never settled in one scene, one of my sets could span electronic, house, techno, garage, drum ‘n’ bass and more.”

Irrelevant feels his inspirations haven’t changed from the making of ‘I’ll be OK’, but over the past two years, upheaval in his personal life alongside the desire to develop his sound have formed a large part of the tracks on the upcoming album:

I feel more comfortable with the techniques and equipment I use now too so making the music I want to hear is an easier process

‘Little Figurines’ displays Irrelevant’s unique sound in full force, and with him being regarded as one of the building blocks of Kokeshi’s vision, he will be one to watch in coming years.

Download:Model500 – OFI (Debukas Mix) [Apollo]

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Model 500’s influence on music arguably looms larger today then ever before, with a fresh wave of fascination coming from a new generation of electronic musicians and fans alike, who’s lust for the innovative, original sounds of the first wave of Detroit Techno knows no bounds.

OFI has already received the remix treatment from two big guns of the R&S stable, Space Dimension Controller and Bullion, who both applied their unique touches to the original in the 2010 remix release, and now it’s the turn of Apollo – with five new mixes coming from Sei A, Shadowchild, Synkro, Indigo and Colonel Red respectively.

First up on the EP is the Sei A mix, in which the Glaswegian producer slows the original down to a cosmic funeral march and twists the rhythm into a futuristic piece of R&B tinged deep house, stripping things down to a simple, hypnotic rhythm track that drives along on it’s own minimal path for over seven minutes of perfectly pitched late night dancefloor action.

Download: Synkro – Last Night

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Unrelased track
Download: Synkro – Last Night

The XX – Night Time (Synkro Remix)

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