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Loungery Day ‘When It Breaks’ ft. Artifact & Latcha remixes

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Loungery_Day_When_It_Breaks_EP_artwork_web_smPointé Records present Loungery Day’s ‘When It Breaks’ EP, his second release for the label. Counting the likes of Artful Dodger,MJ ColeSBTRKTDark Sky and T.Williams as his influences, theMontreal based producer’s signing came about via meetings with the Pointé Records crew at DJ sets around Montreal and the famous Blizzarts venue.

‘Peace of Mind’ kicks off with swirling pads that soon make room for a shuffling garage rhythm, vocal stabs and an ever-present bassline. ‘Keep It Simple’ is an upfront track led by a recognisable vocal hook, over a grounded 4×4 rhythm.

Rising UK producer Artifact adds his distinct stylings to the remix of ‘Keep It Simple’, mangling the clean vocal lines under his hard hitting beats. Latcha takes things up a notch while French newcomer D.L:T.A. strips back the elements to make a clean, funky take on the original. Canadian producer KwikFikscompletes the package with his take on ‘Peace of Mind’, subduing the floating nature of the original and moving it into darker territory.

Music is always evolving and it’s interesting to capture the moment where you are allow to incorporate new styles. I remember when dubstep was a huge thing in Montreal, lots of producers and DJs were getting sick of it and so they tried new things. For some it fails because they were too iconic to the scene and fans felt betrayed, but for others it was a success. That’s how you recognize great artists, because they can adapt to their time.”Loungery Day

Release date: 17th June 2013
Format: 12” / Digital

01. Peace Of Mind (Original Mix)
02. Peace Of Mind (KwikFiks Remix)
03. Keep It Simple (Original Mix)
04. Keep It Simple (Artifact Remix)
05. Keep It Simple (Latcha Remix)
06. Keep It Simple (D.L:T.A Remix)


Download:Rosie Gaines – ‘Closer Than Close’ (Codec remix) Bootleg

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codecSince their debut EP ‘Be Yourself’ was released on esteemed underground label Black Butter in January as part of their ‘Spread Love’ series, DJ duo Codec have effortlessly held their spot at the top of multiple charts and show no signs of moving yet. ‘What You Need’ reached #1 in Juno’s Bass bestsellers while ‘Be Yourself’ made its way to #1 in Track It Down’s dubstep bestsellers this week, and they remain comfortably high up in the charts as we move into February. Codec already have championing support from the likes of T.williams, Foamo, Gorgon City, Rack’n’Ruin, Rudimental, Laurent Garnier, Woz, and Breach.

Featuring on a recent mix the duo laid down for i-D magazine, Codec are now giving their new and growing fanbase a free download of their bootleg remix of Rosie Gaines’ classic 90s record ‘Closer than Close’. With their sound and style rapidly becoming distinctive, Codec’s remix is full of big garage swing and tough bass. Now based in London, the pair have fully immersed themselves in the thriving scene and are being welcomed with open arms… Including UKF/Subsoul who have supported from start and quickly snapped the guys up to play at their new ‘SubSoul Sessions’ event next month.

Download:Codec – Closer Than Close (Rosie Gaines Bootleg)

i-Dj: Codec


For more information on Codec, visit:
Facebook –

T.Williams premieres new track ‘Moving Fast’ from the ‘Pain & Love’ EP

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Vanguard London producer T Williams uses his first outing on PMR to flex production skills and musical instincts honed over 15 years in the game. Pain & Love is a four track EP that runs the gamut from height of the night banger to last track of the night ballad.

Moving Fast is all edgy synth stabs, snares and claps and an acapella that harks back to old nineties garage dubplates. Can’t Get Enough comes with a mammoth hook that just won’t let go which, combined with Himal’s vocals, is classic rewind material. Quote on Quote Bass is a heavyweight nod to T’s roots in the Grime scene, layering crunching bass over a classic funk breakbeat – devastatingly simple and built to slay dance floors, while by contrast, Think of You is straight lovers rock, with Tendai’s soulful voice riding a sensual 110bpm groove. The perfect closer to an effortlessly versatile set.

Download: FACT mix 193 – Tom Kerridge

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This Friday’s FACT session is packed with exclusives, and comes mixed by the more than able hands of RAMP Recordings boss Tom Kerridge.

The label debuted mid-way through the last decade, releasing leftfield hip-hop from the likes of Count Bass D and Kankick. 2008 saw the label hit second gear in terms of productivity, and with it, a shift in focus to the UK’s underground dance music spectrum, with releases arriving from Zomby, FaltyDL, 2562 and Taz Buckfaster.

2009 was marked by a Zomby album, One Foot Ahead of the Other, alongside singles from Shortstuff, Hot City and Flying Lotus, while 2010 has seen Ramp enter its album stage proper, with P.U.D.G.E’s Idiot Box, Maxmillion Dunbar’s Cool Water and Shortstuff’s Summer of Shortstuff 10” project. Kerridge doesn’t just run Ramp of course, he also handles the few-more-shady BRAiNMATH label, which has spent the last few years peddling one-sided, limited vinyl releases from the likes of Untold, Airhead, James Blake and Bakongo, while his newest venture, PTN, sees him indulge his love of house music, with releases so far from Breach, Hackman, Doc Daneeka and Hypno.

As you might expect, more full-length offerings are pencilled in for 2011; read our interview with Kerridge over the page for an insight into what the label has on the horizon. And while you’re doing that, download his FACT mix, which features unreleased cuts from Brackles, DJ Dom, Hackman, T. Williams and more alongside classics from Two Lone Swordsmen and Pepe Braddock.

Download: FACT mix 193 – Tom Kerridge
(Available for three weeks)


1. NOCHEXXX – Vapour Cruz [forthcoming RAMP Recordings]
2. Computer Jay – ZapBack (feat. AliBaBa) [forthcoming RAMP Recordings]
3. DJ Dom – Sunshowers [forthcoming Blunted Robots]
4. Two Lone Swordsmen – Glide By Shooting [Emissions Audio Output]
5. Nick Høppner – Brush Me Down [Ostgut-Ton]
6. Pepe Bradock – C. U. @ Minna & Lafayette [Atavisme]
7. DJ Dom – Computer Love [forthcoming PTN]
8. Braiden – The Alps [forthcoming Doldrums]
9. Aramac – Hurt Inside [CD-R]
10. Shortstuff – Bumpy Chuckles [CD-R]
11. Brackles – Blo [!K7]
12. Hackman – Daylight Fires, Buzzin’ [forthcoming PTN]
13. T. Williams – People’s Choice [forthcoming PTN]
14. Brackles – Earphone Memories [CD-R]