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Addison Groove “I Go Boom / DJ Rashad & Doc Daneeka Remixes” (preview)

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50WEAPONSRMX02 follows the much sought after Shackleton, T++ and Headhunter Remixes of Moderat, released as well as a hand stamped white label on 50 Weapons in summer 2009. 3 years later comes only the second remix record on Modeselektor’s rapidly expanding 50 Weapons empire.

Addison Groove’s “I Go Boom”, taken from his recently released “Adventures In Rainbow Country” EP, get’s reworked by Chicago’s finest Juke producer DJ Rashad, as well as Swansea house ambassador and Ten Thousand Yen owner Doc Daneeka.
Release date: Nov 9, 2012


Actress – R.I.P.

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South London producer Darren Cunningham’s new album, R.I.P, underlines Actress’s reputation as one of the most eloquent voices to emerge from the sub-bass nexus of London dance music. His intuitive and original grasp of beats, textures and rhythm puts him on a parallel path to dance music innovators such as Drexciya, T++, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Burial and Basic Channel. Absolutely essential release by one of the most exciting producers of the 21st century.

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preorder at clone

Mute announce the launch of a new label, Liberation Technologies

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label: Liberation Technologies
artist: King Felix
title: EP 1 – Spring
date: 19th March 2012
format: 12″ / digital


Mute is proud to announce the launch of a brand new label, Liberation Technologies. Following on from Mute’s long tradition of working with innovative artists, Liberation Technologies plans to extend that freedom and vision. Within this remit the label will work with highly distinctive and pioneering electronic musicians, some established, some new.

Citing reference from Mute’s original and continuing statement of intent, the label exists to give space to and encourage artists to experiment and challenge themselves, anonymously if they choose.

Liberation Technologies is headed by A & R man Patrick O’Neill, whose list of associates previous to joining Mute include Actress, T++, Moritz Von Oswald, Joy Orbison, Darkstar and Zomby. As important as the music itself, will be statement design, a commitment to vinyl product and inventive methods of releasing each work. There are also plans to branch out into live happenings in 2012.

The first release on the new label will be the ‘Spring EP’ by King Felix, a producer from Ann Arbor, Michigan who lives in Brooklyn and has also released music as Laurel Halo. ‘Spring EP’ is released on download and vinyl on 19 March 2012.

Says Daniel Miller, “Electronic music is part of Mute’s DNA and history, and this label is the latest expression of that.”

About Mute
Mute was founded by Daniel Miller in 1978, and since then has signed and developed some of the world’s most influential recording artists – including Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yazoo, Goldfrapp and Erasure – and become home to a crop of emerging talent and recent signings including Apparat and S.C.U.M.

Whilst maintaining a firmly eclectic roster, from the earliest days of The Normal, Fad Gadget and DAF through to the techno era with artists such as Plastikman / Richie Hawtin and Speedy J, and to the present day with hybrid electronic artists such as Yeasayer and Liars.

Mute also looks after a catalogue of seminal artists such as Can and Cabaret Voltaire.

Download:Shed -RA.221 podcast

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The Hard Wax and Ostgut Ton man lays down an energetic, hour-long mix for this week’s RA podcast.

As far as contemporary Berlin-based house and techno producers go, you don’t get much better than René Pawlowitz. When he’s not spending his time behind the counter at the city’s legendary Hard Wax record store, he’s busy conjuring up all manner of material in his studio, taking inspiration from classic Detroit and Berlin techno while infusing elements of hardcore, breakbeat, dubstep and ambient along the way. Although the majority of his output is released under the Shed banner, Pawlowitz has diversified his sound with a number of different pseudonyms. His white label offerings as Wax and EQD have become essential selections for fans of rugged Teutonic techno, while he’s also turned his hand to 140bpm bass music with his work as The Panamax Project.

Although René has garnered a reputation for his prolific and consistent approach club-oriented 12-inch singles, he’s also proved his mettle when it comes to creating larger bodies of work. His debut album came in at the #1 spot in our top albums of 2008, with RA’s Will Lynch championing its “lustrous aesthetic, oblique rhythms and coherent diversity,” so seeing as his sophomore full-length—entitled The Traveller—is due to hit the shops later this month, so we thought that it’d be the ideal time to let Pawlowitz demonstrate his idiosyncratic vision of how techno should be.(more at RA)

Download:Shed -RA.221 podcast
Low Density Matter – Blue Steel [Keysound]
Becoming Real – Fast Motion (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix) [Ramp]
Cosmin TRG – See Other People (Falty DL Remix) [Rushhour]
Delphic – Doubt (Kyle Hall Remix)
Duncan Powell – Pushin’ (Falty DL Remix) [2nd Drop]
Andrea – Got To Forget [Daphne]
T++ – Cropped [Honest Jon’s]
Cosmin TRG – Béton Brut [Hemlock]
Screed – Side [Synthetic Catalogue]
Robert Hood – Towns That Disappeared Completely [M Plant]
Jason Fine – Many To Many (Ben Klock Remix) [Kontra]
Rok & Jonzon – Sequential Polka [International Gigolo]
Silent Phase – Fire (Rewired Mix) [R&S]
Eliphino – Let Me Love You Forever [Brownswood]
Sepalcure – Love Pressure [Hotflush]

Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa (Honest Jon’s Records) – videos and MP3 samples

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Shangaan Electro. This is blatantly the best new genre I’ve heard in a while.

in the words of Boomkat:

‘Ask us about Shangaan Electro a week ago and we’d ask you to speak slower. Ask us this week and we’ll rave about one of the most astounding records we’ve heard this year. The erstwhile and intrepid ears of Honest Jon’s Mark Ainley and Hardwax/Basic Channel legend Mark Ernestus have been following this niche style from Soweto, SA, for a hot minute, long enough anyway to pick out twelve extraordinary examples of 180bpm, marimba-laden, afro-dance diamonds hewn from rickety drum machines and keyboards shaped into dazzling fillips of pure dance energy. We almost couldn’t believe our ears on first listen, or the tenth.

It was perhaps only when we witnessed the accompanying videos on youtube that it started to settle into place, watching liquid hipped Shangaan dancers scuttle and stomp like folk possessed by something untold but completely comprehendible.

To be fair, this music is still a totally niche prospect, but initial reactions from friends we would never expect to like it have been as immediate as the music itself and there’s no denying this will be one of the years most lauded albums among adventurous listeners. This is genuinely some of the most exciting music you’ll hear this year, and alongside the Footwork/Juke craze currently taking hold, you’ll have heard little like it before.’

It’s on the Honest Jon’s label, which has supplied some of the best records of the year via the Actress longplayer, and T++, so you know it’s quality.

1. BBC – Ngunyuta Dance (MP3 sample)
2. Tshetsha Boys – Nwa Pfundla (MP3 sample)
3. Mancingelani – Vana Vasesi (MP3 sample)
4. Zinja Hlungwani – Ntombi Ya Mugaza (MP3 sample)
5. Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani My Love (MP3 sample)
6. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Vanghoma (MP3 sample)
7. BBC – Ngozi (MP3 sample)
8. Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani (MP3 sample)
9. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Na Xaniseka (MP3 sample)
10. Tshetsha Boys – Uya Kwihi Ka Rose (MP3 sample)
11. Nkata Mawewe – Khulumani (MP3 sample)
12. Zinja Hlungwani – Thula (MP3 sample)

Video MP4’s to watch/download:
* nwa pfundla
* khulumani
* vana vasesi
* na xaniseka
* uya kwihi ka rose
* vanghoma
* nwa gezani my love (my personal favourite)

buy it here

Juno Podcast: Dubstep 23

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The latest Juno dubstep podcast kicks off with the jaw droppingly good “Cropped” by T++, followed by a host of cutting edge tracks from the likes of VVV, Quest and Flatmate.

Stream,Click on tracks to Buy at JUNO

Released by:
Release/catalogue number: juno dubstep 23
Release date: Apr 22, 2010


1. T++: Cropped – Honest Jon’s

2. Bakir & DZ: Into The Fog – Brap Dem! Recordings  check at emn free exclusive dz from ep

3. Lysergene: Sub Ritual – Area Recordings

4. GDX: Over & Done – Phlox

5. Quest: Deep Inside – Deep Medi Musik

6. TKR: Dangerous (original mix) – Carbon Logic

7. VVV: Project X – Fortified Audio

8. Flatmate: Cheyenne – Airflex Labs France

9. The Builder: Vertigo – Crossroads

10. Biome: Don’t Leave – Sub Pressure