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Jack Dixon & Robin Card-Decade EP with remixes from Eliphino, James Fox & Colo (preview)

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Following music from Ramadanman, Bearweasel, and Spatial, amongst others, the latest release on TAKE Records is a four track EP from Jack Dixon & Robin Card, two producers with a distinct sound encompassing both the melodic influence of the Motor City and the drumplay of the UK underground.

‘Adrian’ opens the EP, fusing carefully filtered synths and unintelligible vocal snippets to create a dense sonic field. ‘Leave’ works skittering hi-hat patterns around speaker-worrying low-end, while ‘Keith’ provides the most uplifting moment on the package, with rattling snares tripping enthusiastically over both fluid and chopped melodic elements. The last of the original tracks, ‘Alone’, finds a detuned synth loop lurching awkwardly over steady 2-step drums, leaving just enough space for a detached-sounding vocal refrain.

Brownswood Recordings’ Eliphino turns in the first of the remixes, fitting ‘Keith’ with his own brand of organic percussion and paring it with twinkling arpeggios. Label mainstay James Fox, fresh from a release on Brighton’s Well Rounded, takes the core elements of ‘Leave’ and slows them to a more house-friendly tempo, adding fresh drumwork and well-marshalled pauses to complete the transition. Finally Colo, TAKE’s newest signings, rebuild ‘Alone’ as a piece of super-slow motion 4/4, replaying the original melody and bringing all manner of analogue equipment to bear on a mix that belies their age.

artist: Jack Dixon & Robin Card
title: Decade EP
label: Take Records
date: 06 June 2011

1. ‘Adrian’
2. ‘Leave’
3. ‘Keith’
4. ‘Alone’
5. ‘Keith’ (Eliphino Remix)
6. ‘Leave’ (James Fox Remix)
7. ‘Alone’ (Colo Remix