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TOP 100 Promo Chart – October 2013

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Vapor City machinedrum
Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
If you want your music at our promo charts-send your music!
Use Search for more info:stream,free downloads,tour…

1. Machinedrum – Dont 1 2 Lose U (4:17) INFO
2. DARKSIDE – 1120 (11:20) INFO
3. Samuel – Falling Star (1:48) INFO
4. Olaf Stuut – Equilibre (7:09)INFO
5. Around7 – Let’s Cook Betty (3:40) INFO
6. Renato Ratier – MIDNIGHT SUN (4:52) INFO
7. Alice Rose – Shadow princess (3:45) INFO
8. Arts The Beatdoctor – IL404 (5:15) INFO
9. Masia One and ill.Gates – Warriors Tongue (ill.Gates Remix) (4:18) INFO
10. Persian Empire & Ariel Camusso – Time (123Mrk Remix) (4:23) INFO
11. Guy j – Seven (9:13)
12. Raffertie – Rain (Teebs Remix) (4:06)
13. thundercat/Ruslan – Hiroshi Yamauchi (R.I.P) (3:28)
14. Incognito – Black Magic (Philth remix) (5:47)
15. RALPH MYERZ – Friday Night feat. Nicki Noelle (3:02)
16. Dionysus – Cherry Blossom (9:41)
17. Daniele Stella – Emi (Original Mix) (5:58)
18. Keys N Krates – I Just Can’t Deny | Dim Mak DM488 (4:00)
19. Wareika – After Berlin (7:43)
20. Protohype – Fly (feat. Alina Renae) (Isqa Remix) (4:41)
21. onlyjoe – Play With Fire [DJ Madd – Remix] (4:44)
22. Anna Lunoe – Anna Lunoe – Breathe (Extended) (5:42)
23. Shiva – Noctilucent (6:47)
24. Noisia – Gutterpump (AFFKT remix) (7:44)
25. Felix Cartal – After Dark feat. Koko LaRoo (Ex Boyfriend Remix)Dim Mak DM505 (3:20)
26. Codec – No More (1998) (5:36)
27. Ritzi Lee – 7th Contact (Fuse Mix) (6:38)
28. Man With No Shadow – Sinus (6:43)
29. Trampa – Catch That (6:10)
30. Alan de Laniere – Breaking Dawn (Deep Mix) (6:17)
31. Shed – 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) (3:49)
32. Break & Xtrah Feat. DRS – Always New (5:07)
33. Ian Metty – You MSTR (6:31)
34. Dejan Dex – Vinyl Orchestra (Original Mix) (5:27)
35. Lorna Dune – Miamisphere (Terekke Remix) (6:16)
36. NZ Shapeshifter – Gravity (Lenzman Remix) (5:40)
37. Daft Punk – Get Funcky (Benji Boko Remix) (3:57)
38. Pixel82 – Untitled Love (Original Mix) (8:31)
39. Off The Cuff – The Natural Feel (Colin John Remix) (7:03)
40. Miguel – Sure Thing (Phazz Remix) (3:00)
41. Iltoro – one chilom one song (4:40)
42. Bottin – Plastic (In Flagranti Remix) (6:15)
43. Yuuki Sakai – Cigarette (Original Mix) (6:12)
44. Mike La Funk Feat. Max C – Don’t Wanna Be Alone (Jason Chance Remix) (6:17)
45. DJ Puzzle – Brain Machine (Werk It) (3:06)
46. King – SOFL (Air Stegosaurus Remix) (4:02)
47. Electric Rescue – Non Exchangable (8:32)
48. Audrio – Dreaming Wide Awake (Daniel Beasley remix) (6:28)
49. Headhunterz ft. Tatu – Colors (Extended Mix) (5:45)
50. Euclio – Late Night Walk (4:26)
51. Hannu Ikola – Black Ingrained Dust (7:33)
52. Tin Man – Hack (7:12)
53. Sebjak & Mike Hawkins – Let’s Go (Ultra) (5:25)
54. Tuomas Rantanen – Morning In Madagascar(8:07)
55. Climbers – It’s All I Need (Original Mix) (6:41)
56. DJ T. & Mia Lucci – How It’s Gonna Be (Dub) (8:31)
57. Christian Smith & Wehbba – Werk (Passion Over Fashion 2.3) (7:03)
58. Donny Marano – Mosca (Marcos Carnaval Remix) (8:11)
59. Fabian Dresens feat. Quartz Clocks – Know You (John Barera remix) (6:26)
60. Yohan Esprada – Mahajanga (Mick Verma Remix) (5:08)
61. Silver City and Patriarca – Streets Are Like (Julian Sanza Cminito Remix) (6:19)
62. Carlo Astuti Feat. Evan Mellows – Stare Into The Stars (Original Mix) (6:31)
63. Phil Weeks – JB’s Theme (6:21)
64. Patrick Bateman – Club Queen (Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio Remix) (6:55)
65. UZB – Crome (6:04)
66. Baishe Kings Like (3:07)
67. Sick Individuals & Axwell ft. Taylr Renee – I AM (Original Mix) (6:30)
68. Jack Eye Jones – Jack Eye Jones – AU (4:57)
69. SION – Make You Do (6:49)
70. OL-047 – Verde Bottiglia (Deadbeat Remix) (8:00)
71. Ludowick – Get It Off (Moodymanc’s Dubble Dub) (6:50)
72. William Welt – Vibe & Soal (Melos + Kyber Remix) (7:32)
73. Christian Hornbostel – Twerking (Backstage Twerking) (8:23)
74. Pink Skull – Only Yoo (6:28)
75. Tony Dee – Enygma (Original Mix) (8:00)
76. Carlos Lamar – PAN005 03 Carlos Lamar – One Day We Fly (Dub Version) (8:36)
77. Spherical Coordinates – scjkn-06 (Original Mix) (6:05)
78. DiscoSocks – I’ll Be Getting Down (4:11)
79. Don Diablo & Matt Nash – Starlight (Could You Be Mine) (Otto Knows Remix) (6:22)
80. Elmar Strathe – Background Athmos (4:36)
81. Andrea Perini – Realtime (A.D.M. & Simone Cristini Remix) (6:42)
82. Markus Mehta – Side Effect (Hermanez Remix) (6:47)
83. Anton Kuertz – The Jungle Issue (ME.N.U. Remix) (10:29)
84. Rafiki & Draize (feat. GK) – Clockwork (5:15)
85. HI@ST – Yellow Rays (Original Mix) copy (6:48)
86. Sander Young & Pieter Steijger – Denial (mastered) (6:52)
87. Hooved – TMLSS1 (Thomas Brinkmann Remix) (7:40)
88. Monomood – The Siren (6:04)
89. El Bandidos – Ribbon (6:47)
90. Joe Bellingham – Our Reflection Blues (Ghosts on Tape Remix) (7:03)
91. Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio – Isolator (9:17)
92. George Morel – Keep It Rolling (Morel’s Acid Mix) (6:00)
93. Kama – El Guapo (Art Level Perspective Remix) (7:17)
94. Pedro.Martins – Cosmic Hooker (BLOT! Redlight Disco Remix) (7:03)
95. Raoul09 Gregorythme 1 Born Again (8:16)
96. Martinez – Projections (9:38)
97. Norman Doray – TroubleMaker (5:41)
98. Daddy’s Groove ft. Mindshake – Surrender (Extended Mix) (6:07)
99. WLF – Pierre (7:11)
100. Ruben Brundell – Movement And Ambition (5:49)

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Pursuit Grooves new Frantically Hopeful EPK

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Pursuit Grooves will be releasing her solo LP “Frantically Hopeful” in June on Pinch operated Tectonic Recordings. It is guaranteed to be a stand out album for 2011 with early buzz play by Brackles and AlexNut of RinseFM and Anthony Valadez of KCRW

stream “Peace Talks”

and “Transformation of Consciousness”

The LP continues rhythmically where last year’s ‘Fox Trot Mannerisms’ EP left off but launches into a different head space with lyrics touching on current affairs and technological dependency.

Juggling all angles from production, songwriting, MCing and singing, Pursuit Grooves continues what she does best, fusing elements of electronic, hip hop, house and broken beats with sensual melodies and vocals. ‘Frantically Hopeful’ challenges conversations and feet alike, offering a true backdrop to the world we live in today.

Pursuit Grooves has 4 albums under her belt plus numerous live gigs performed in the UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia and beyond. Having received kudos from Gilles Peterson, IDJ, DJ Magazine, Fact Mag, Boomkat etc for last years EP “Fox Trot Mannerisms”, Vanese Smith is one of the few producers in the eclectic beat scene who is also an energetic and skilled vocalist/MC who also mainly uses a hardware sampler when performing live. She is also a 2008 Redbull Music Academy alum which also included Onra, Teebs, Dorian Concept, Lukid, Cardopusher and Fatima. Providing sounds that are equal parts soul, house, and broken beat, Pursuit Grooves always DELIVERS!
© Tectonic Recordings

Nosaj Thing -Drift Remixed

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Nosaj Thing
Drift Remixed
Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Nov-02-2010
Alpha Pup Records is proud to announce the release of Drift Remixed, the companion piece to Nosaj Thing’s breakout debut, Drift. Featuring contributions from trendsetting luminaries and contemporaries alike, Drift Remixed brings together an impressive roster of electronic musicÕs finest to reimagine the otherworldly compositions of Drift.

Released in June of 2009 by Alpha Pup Records, Drift was greeted with unanimous global acclaim. Pitchfork awarded an excellent 7.9 rating, calling the album “gorgeously haunted… sonic Easter Eggs for a thousand listens.” Since then, Nosaj Thing has remixed artists such as The xx and Charlotte Gainsbourg, while his synced visual show has created a buzz worldwide. Next month Nosaj Thing will be touring his visual show for the first time in North America, a celebration of sorts for the release of Drift Remixed.

1. Quest (Low Limit Remix)
2. Voices (Dorian Concept Remix)
3. Us (Dntel Remix)
4. Caves (Teebs Remix)
5. Fog (Jamie xx Remix)
6. Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)
7. Coat of Arms (Daedelus Remix)
8. Light #1 (Take Remix)
Nosaj Thing “Coat of Arms”

Teebs free downloads from debut album ‘Ardour’

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Teebs ‘Why Like This’, from the forthcoming debut album ‘Ardour’. Get a FREE download of this track at FACT magazine.

Teebs – ‘Arthur’s Birds’

Taken from the forthcoming Teebs album ‘Ardour’, released on Brainfeeder on 11 October. Free download of this track at LA Times.

“Teebs has such a unique and tender magic, as an artist, as a producer and as a human being…He’s a gifted and rare kind…”
– Mary Anne Hobbs

“Everything he does is gold, he does HIS thing, always has and I suspect, always will.”
– Dimlite

As music from the Los Angeles area thrives and swells across the globe, one of it’s most beloved and deeply rooted members steps out with an LP full of infectious melodies, subtle hip-hop and a kaleidoscope of sound. Music for the imagination.

Ardour is the debut album by long time running My Hollow Drum, Dublab, and recent Brainfeeder artist, Teebs. Born in New York to Malawi and Barbados origins, Mtendere (pronounced “ten-
de-ra”) (Chichewa for “Peace”) Mandowa, is a 23 year-old producer who bounced around the East Coast before finally planting his feet in the Southern California suburb of Chino Hills.

A city known for it’s rolling hills and FBI ranking of one of the safest in the United States, Teebs developed his artistry right outside Los Angeles’ county line and just south of the Orange County beach community. Music may have come by accident, literally. A skateboard injury sidelined Teebs, which led to a concentration on art.

Through great focus and vision, Teebs made a name for himself as a skilled painter. His artwork found on canvases of all form, from walls to record covers, become imbued with vibrant color, energy, and shape.

From paint and brush, Teebs slowly found himself in the world of music making.

Early in his musical pursuits, Teebs joined a group of like-minded friends and producers who went by the name ‘My Hollow Drum’. Within this crew, he was able to build new ideas, share works and perfect his production craft. Intrigued with what was going on in Los Angeles’ evolving electronic scene, he never expected to fall directly into it.

He began interning for the acclaimed online radio stream, Dublab. This sparked his self-expression, spirit and growth as an artist. Being around music, art and a creative atmosphere while brushing shoulders with the artists he admired from the area.

Teebs was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy for their 2008 edition in Barcelona, Spain. Upon arrival back home, Teebs became even more focused on his music and art. A chance meeting with Flying Lotus led to his involvement and joining of the newly founded Brainfeeder collective. Having previously heard from local producers and DJs about this new up and comer, Lotus didn’t hesitate to take Teebs under his wing after hearing some of his earliest beats. Ardour began to bloom.

Ardour was made during two major periods of his life. Having just lost his job and with little to no money, Teebs moved into the same apartment complex as Flying Lotus and shared living quarters with another Brainfeeder affiliate, Samiyam. It was here that the beginning stages and one-half of Ardour were created. Before Teebs was aware his album was showing itself, his father who had been terminally ill, passed away. He moved back home and stopped making music.

Back home, Teebs finished were he left off.

Ardour, two years in the making, is the result of Teebs’ journey thus far. More than the music, it’s the feeling he wants to convey. The idea of hearing something you really love, the moment you know something is really special. Flying Lotus said, “Teebs music sounds like an island vacation…The way Avatar looks.” What’s often said about Teebs’ sound is the warmth it has on the listener. It’s only fitting that a title like Ardour, which is defined as “great intensity and warmth” is used to represent this essential chapter to the ever-growing puzzle of Los Angeles.

Released by: BRAINFEEDER
Release/catalogue number: BFDNL011
Release date: Oct 4, 2010


More Teebs at EMN Free Downloads
All City pres. Daedelus / Teebs – LA 6+free download
(download)Teebs-Svetlana Shortcast vol.1
(donwload)Teebs: XLR8R Podcast 140
SVET002:Teebs & Jackhigh – The Tropics EP+free download

All City pres. Daedelus / Teebs – LA 6+free download

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rel date: 10 vinyl 20 sept / digital 28th sept 

 Daedelus ‘Fates Say’  free download HERE!

For the sixth 10 of the series we have lined up one of LA’s old guard and one of the hardest working – Daedelus (Plug Research/Brainfeeder) alongside new comer Teebs (Brainfeeder/Poobah). A founding member of LA’s Dublab internet radio station and with a discography spanning over 10 years not to mention multiple genres, Daedelus’s rep as one of the godfathers of the current beat scene is well earned. His side here reads as one continuous stream of music in six parts. Seamlessly flowing the best it builds right to the last track – Vous Ites Stereo – a fantastic Stereolab flip. On the other side Teebs, who already designed the Knxwledge cover for us earlier this year, comes with 4 lush tracks. One of the privileged few who can post fix his name with the word ‘Brainfeeder’ expect to hear more from him in the future.

  1. Fates Say Listen Now
  2. Youve Heard Listen Now
  3. Old Hearts Listen Now
  4. Youve Known Listen Now
  5. Strange Days Listen Now
  6. Vous Ites Stereo Listen Now
  7. Archipelago Listen Now
  8. Flower Drum Song Listen Now
  9. Anchor Steam Listen Now
  10. Untitled 4 Listen Now

preorder HERE

Coming soon Martyn and Mike Slott

Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!

Teebs – Ardour album on Brainfeeder October 18th

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This October, Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint will release the first album by Mtendere Mandowa, AKA Teebs.

Mandowa is the latest young artist Flying Lotus has taken under his wing, following Lorn and Ras G, both of whom released debut albums on Brainfeeder over the past two years. Born in New York to Malawi and Barbadian parents, the 23-year-old producer was primarily a visual artist until he moved to LA and fell in with a collective called My Hollow Drum, who turned him onto the city’s electronic music scene. Since his debut a few years ago, he has put out an EP on Svetlana Industries, landed a track on Mary Anne Hobbs’s Wild Angels compilation and attended the 2008 Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. Soon he crossed paths with Flying Lotus, who liked the feel of his early tracks and brought him into the Brainfeeder stable.

Musically, Teebs is an easy fit for Brainfeeder: his tracks are loose, hip-hop inspired and described by Flying Lotus as sounding “the way Avatar looks.” Ardour features 18 new productions by Teebs, plus cover art painted by the man himself.

01. You’ve Changed
02. Bound Ball
03. Double Fifths
04. While You Doooo
05. Moments
06. Burner
07. Wind Loop
08. Lakeshore Ave.
09. Arthur’s Birds
10. Gordon
11. Bern Rhythm
12. Felt Tip
13. King Bathtub
14. My Whole Life
15. Long Distance feat. Gaby Hernandez
16. Why Like This
17. Humming Birds
18. Autumn Antique

Brainfeeder will release Teeb’s Ardour on October 18th, 2010.


(download)Teebs-Svetlana Shortcast vol.1

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More Good News and Music From Svetlana,brand new shortcast arrived from TEEBS,for more info read below,New album on our favorite Label Brainfeeder soon+new ep !
New mixes from svetlana from Coco Bryce, Lukid, Hovatron, Dem Hunger, Jar Moff from Greece soon,whatch this space!

Svetlana Press
We could think of no one better to launch our series than California beatmaker, painter, rising star and Svetlana recording artist Teebs.

Teebs has been building a considerable reputation in his own quiet way.

A member of the LA-based Brainfeeder collective, he was first featured on Mary Anne Hobbs’ “Wild Angels” compilation, before releasing the collaborative Tropics EP with Jackhigh on Svetlana in April 2010.

He’s built a reputation as much as a painter as a musician, producing the artwork for The Tropics EP as well as a series of limited handpainted covers. He’s also produced commissioned artwork for a range of other artists and exhibits regularly in and around Los Angeles.

His music is distinctive in being both abstract and emotional at the same time, with an almost jazz-like ambiguity to its mood.

As of July 2010 he is currently touring the USA with Shlohmo and will release his debut album shortly on Brainfeeder’s own label.
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!